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Back Catalogue: Disco/Reediciones

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  1. Alan Mooney's Edits - "By My Side" (7:55)
  2. Vincenzo De Bull - "Don't Tell Me Tell Her" (6:56)
  3. Napoleon - "Gotta Keep Moving" (6:46)
  4. Queen & Disco - "Satisfied" (7:35)
Review: Almost 18 months in the making; Derry doyens Q&D return with another beautifully detailed four track edit collection that's limited to 500 presses. Alan Mooney starts with bus with less of an edit and more of a stunning lesson in samplecraft as the ghost of Jacko creeps in and out of the filters. Vincenzo De Bull ups the tempo ante with a big loopy disco house gem while Napoleon conquers any dance with an edit of a Costa Rican disco delight. Finally the whole crew wind the EP with instantly distinctive strings and a thundering diva-drenched groove. You won't be able to stop yourselves...
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Cat: SE 1012. Rel: 05 Aug 19
  1. World Gruuv (7:14)
  2. Profesora (9:15)
Review: Having previously blessed us with "Ocean Side" two years back, Benedek and Tom Noble return to Superior Elevation with two more Balearic gems. One for the night time, one for sunrise; "World Gruuv" hits the boogie spot with spiralling keys wandering freely up and down a tight shimmering synth-bass led groove. Meanwhile "Profesora" on the B brings us back into reality softly with its addictive percussive hook, aquatic backing and totally tropical taste. Imagine Art Of Noise on Claremont 56 and you're on the right route.
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  1. Findlay Brown - "Losing The Will To Survive" (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve reanimation)
  2. Nick Nicely - "On The Beach"
  3. Glass Candy - "Rolling Down The Hills" (demo)
  4. Parker Lewis - "Coming Up For Air"
  5. Bostro Pesopeo - "Bisogna"
Review: "Permanent Vacation EP 2 Sampler" is a limited five track vinyl sampler with some of the highlights of Permanent Vacation's second mix CD compilation. The tracks have been handpicked by Benji Frohlich and Tom Bioly.
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DID 019 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: DID 019. Rel: 09 Sep 19
  1. Bubbles The Pimp - "Winterunamerican" (5:48)
  2. Nelly Wilson - "Trapped & Confused" (4:47)
  3. Pierre Pressure - "Love & Beyond" (5:58)
Review: The Dessert Island Discs series continues with yet more arch remixes from across the disco and boogie spectrum. Bubbles The Pimp kicks off the A side with a tasteful treatment of Gil Scott Heron's "Winter In America," which gets rustled up into a sweet and sassy house number with a cheeky acid b-line underneath. Nelly Wilson whips up a storm on the tightly clipped, peak time-oriented "Trapped & Confused". Pierre Pressure's "Love & Beyond" takes it easy on the B side with plenty of fluttering synth wobbles to offset the choppy funk of the guitar - it's a cosmically enhanced floor burner to get you all astral under the collar.
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Intérprete: LEGO EDIT
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Cat: GRWB 1202. Rel: 09 Jul 18
  1. Love Has Come Around (7:51)
  2. I Feel Like Loving You Today (6:51)
Review: Taken from Donald's 1981 album Love Byrd, these alluring cuts were produced by Isaac Hayes and you can really feel it. Smooth, soulful but loaded with deep dancefloor drive; "Love Has Come Around" is a cult soul boogie classic with its layers of honeyed vocals, insistent almost proto house riff and emphatic message while "I Feel Like Loving You Today" takes a more seductive, slower tact with seriously smouldering results. Feel the love.
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Cat: HOBO 008. Rel: 15 Jan 18
  1. Cherushii - "The Industrial City" (7:56)
  2. Nackt - "Next" (5:47)
  3. Roche - "One For Cherushii" (8:01)
  4. David Last - "All That's Left" (feat Lavender - dance mix) (5:51)
Review: Besides its inimitable name, Hobo Camp has had a pretty unbeatable first few years in the game, switching up the electro sound with shades of loopy house and techno. These guys have released over two dozen EPs since 2016, and are showing no signs of stopping if this new collaborative release is anything to by! Pumping the vibes through with utter ease, Run The Length Of Your Wilderness is a daring, rip-roaring amalgamation of tech-driven sounds that span just about every quality corner of the game. "The Industrial City", from Cherushii, moans and weeps with a fragile acid bassline over broken percussion beats, while Nackt's "Next" floats at a house tempo, driven forwards by a winding bass from the darkest corners of the 4/4 game. On the flip, Roche's "One For Cherushii" bigs up his counterpart with a deep, aqueous house chugger, and David Last's "All That's Left" drops a clean, sparkly prog house groover for the lovers.
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Good Things EP (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BC 003. Rel: 27 Feb 15
  1. Chezz - "Good Things" (5:39)
  2. Newman - "Here With Me" (5:28)
  3. Childs & More - "Low Key Disco" (6:28)
Review: Three releases deep and every move has been matchless; Bristol-affiliated Boogie Cafe are making a very impressive name for themselves right here. Here the label rep their wider family circle with each artist making their debut; Chezz lays down a cowbell homage with lush dreamy chords and a vocal snippet that will instantly raise a steady eyebrow. Newman follows and gets his jazz on in a similar way to Mark Farina when he's deep in his Mushroom Jazz persona; all vibraphones and stretchy elastic bass. Finally Childs & Moore's "Low Key Disco" conjures feelings of Moodymann at his most cosmic. Tasty.
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  1. Deep Space Orchestra - "Louisville Slugger"
  2. Andy Ash - "Dime Piece"
  3. Nicholas - "Where I've Been"
Review: The second sampler to precede Hometaping's forthcoming CD compilation snappily entitled Hometaping Is Fun has our stamp of approval thanks to the mammoth contribution from Deep Space Orchestra. "Louisville Slugger" is a truly epic future techno composition that ripples through various movements as its struts through the ten minutes that hog the A Side. The duo have impressed already with drops on Kirk's ART imprint and FOTO but "Louisville Slugger" has elevated them to a new level in the production stakes. On the flip Andy Ash delivers an icy punch of a track in the deep groove dynamics of "Dime Piece" whilst Italy's finest Nicholas continues his gravitation towards a pure house sound on rough bump of "Where I've Been".
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Cat: RR 014. Rel: 14 Dec 16
  1. Inergy (6:27)
  2. Mister Cheryl (6:36)
  3. Music For Your Lose (6:57)
  4. Powa (6:04)
Review: Neil Diablo's To Rack & Ruin edit series has been on fire of late, delivering killer reworks by The Rejected, Phil Gerus, and Que Sakamoto & NT. Volume 13 contains a quartet of collaborative reworks by Italian pals DJ Rocca and N2B. First up is "Inergy", a dirty and full-throttle disco workout that contains a fantastic extended percussion break midway through. Rocca and N2B reach for the disco delays on the super-sweet shuffler "Mister Cheryl", before whipping their shirts off for a muscular disco-funk hoedown (the sax-laden stomp that is "Music For Your Lose"). Finally, the tape delays return on the dense, disco-goes-proto-house closer "Powa", which may well be our pick of the bunch.
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  1. Eddie C - "O Ye"
  2. Noema - "The Shake"
  3. Bayaya (Axel Boman re-rub)
  4. Disco Maschine (Soft Rocks edit)
Review: The Africa Shakedown label coined one of last year's surprise hits with it's debut release, and the label's second release is likely to prove just as popular. Noema features once more and the Salon Zur Wilden Renate resident has collared contributions from Eddie C, Axel Boman and the Soft Rocks crew. Eddie C is first up with the irresistibly groovy "O Ye" which wouldn't look out of place on a Red Motorbike 45 dinker, whilst Noema conjures up the spirit of Bill Laswell on the dubby, scratchy production "The Shake". Studio Barnhus co-founder Boman is probably the biggest draw here and his rerub of the uncredited "Bayaya" should be familiar to anyone that's caught a DJ set from the fun loving Swede. Soft Rocks bring it home with the heavily delayed jammer "Disco Machine". Strong moves all round here sir.
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Desire (12")
Cat: WET 1017. Rel: 28 Jun 11
  1. Desire (original mix)
  2. Desire (Beg To Differ mix)
Review: Big twelve from the Wurst imprint which pairs NYC underground hero Eli Escobar with the sultry tones of Jessica6 icon Nomi Ruiz. Armed with a knowledge of music that is positively enviable and a raft of releases for the likes of Plant and Money $tudies, it's strange that Escobar isn't on the receiving end of wider recognition. Whilst "Desire" is unlikely to turn him into an overnight sensation, it is a devilishly good record for the dancefloor - splaying uptempo disco rhythms over a beat reminiscent of Strafe's "Set It Off". Within all this are intricate electro arpeggios which are ridden with ease by the diva tones of Ruiz. The final echo chamber refrain is quite thrilling! On the flip Wurst boss Royston Dank dons his Beg to Differ costume with cohort Nick Chacona for a remix that swerves towards the deeper end of the house spectrum with natural aplomb.
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  1. Fantastic Man - "Robotic Temptation"
  2. Turkish Prison - "Overboard"
  3. Bell Towers - "After Party At Jackson's House"
  4. Ara Koufax - "Brenda"
  5. No Zu - "Raw Vis Vision"
Review: It would be fair to say that 2014 has been a vintage year for Melborune's rapidly expanding music scene, with a veritable brigade of producers from the Australian city making their mark. It's fitting, then, that local indie-dance heroes Cut Copy have decided to celebrate the city's scene with the Oceans Apart CD. This second vinyl sampler delivers more thrills, from the bongo-laden, horn-heavy boogie-funk revivalism of No Zu's "Raw Vis Vision" and the broken deep house beauty of Fantastic Man's "Robotic Temptation", to the curious analogue throb of Bell Towers' "After Party at Jackson's House", and the piano-laden Balearic blast of Ara Koufax's "Brenda".
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Elaste (12")
Cat: ELASTE 1. Rel: 26 Oct 07
  1. Fashion - "Mutant Dance"
  2. Kiss Air - "Change Of Attention"
  3. Kindergarten - "Interference"
  4. Now Generation - "Panama"
Review: "Elaste" is a limited edition compilation of rare eighties disco.
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  1. Vamos Pintar (Let's Paint)
  2. Vamos Pintar (Let's Paint) (Max Essa Slo Mo Bubble dub)
  3. Vamos Pintar (Let's Paint) (Max Essa extended club mix)
  4. Vamos Pintar (Let's Paint) (Paradise 90 dub)
Review: Faze Action teams up with Nina Miranda for the jazzy disco tones of "Vamos Pintar", and the results are magic. This is unabashedly joyous, flamboyant dance music rich with vibraphone licks, synth stabs and a catchy vocal hook about painting, which Max Essa then slows down to a Balearic strut on his "Slo Mo Bubble Dub" mix before offering up a more energetic "Extended Club Mix". The real gem on the record comes on the B2 "Paradise 90 Dub", which faithfully champions the Larry Levan school of party music, and everyone knows that means guaranteed club heat.
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PNP 001 (limited 12")
Cat: PNP 001. Rel: 07 Jul 17
  1. Fede Lng - "Inside Your Love" (edit) (4:28)
  2. Jessu Bru - "Don't You Know" (909 edit) (5:23)
  3. Deejay Astral - "Say Yes" (4:57)
  4. Nostalgia - "Cant Let You Go" (5:09)
Review: PNP is a new sub-label from the Axe on Wax family, with this first 12" single offering "re-edits of classic tunes" by a quartet of production talents. First to the plate is Fede LNG, who magically transforms a familiar chunk of dewy-eyed, loved-up soul into a crunchy chunk of party-starting deep house. Jessu Bru impresses with the brilliantly tactile and stomping "Don't You Know (909 edit)", where killer disco loops and a thickset synth bassline are underpinned by thrusting TR-909 beats, before Deejay Astral delivers the sound of summer in the shape of "Say Yes", an impeccable fusion of smooth R&B vocals and deep house nous. Finally, Nostalgia doffs a cap to Tiger & Woods via a sparkling, loop-funk rework of an eighties soul era gem.
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  1. Tiger Stripes
  2. Tiger Stripes (extended version)
  3. You Can't Hold Me Down
  4. You Can't Hold Me Down (extended version)
Review: Arthur Russell and Nicky Siano... You'd donate a crucial limb to be in the studio when these were conjured, right? Expertly extended with full emphasis on the groove, Sleeping Bag have treated the heritage with the utmost respect. The guitar and horn noodles and dynamics of "Tiger Stripes" are given heaps of space to do their thing while the percussive groove takes on an even more hypnotic edge. Meanwhile on "You Can't Hold Me Down", the scratchy, unrelenting guitar rhythmic backbone remains the main focus while more attention has been paid to the drums, most notably the weightier kicks. A very respectful revisitation.
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Cat: PLUMAGE 04. Rel: 23 Sep 15
  1. Paxton Fettel - "Ambling Waves In Eternity" (5:26)
  2. Paxton Fettel - "Marble Street" (5:37)
  3. Norm De Plume - "Rhythm & Sound" (7:33)
  4. Norm De Plume - "Step In Time" (8:34)
Review: In a bid to expand the horizons of his Plumage label, Norm De Plume has begun recruiting like-minded producers. For this split EP, he's recruited Greta Cottage Workshop regular Paxton Fettel. The Copenhagen-based producer delivers some deceptively atmospheric goodness on the A, first travelling into deep space ambient house territory with the shuffling "Ambling Waves In Eternity", before effortlessly joining the dots between sultry jazz-funk and languid deep house on "Marble Street". As for Norm De Plume, he delivers a wonderfully rich and loose chunk of piano-laden jazz-house ("Rhythm & Sound"), before enhancing his deep disco-house credentials with the loopy "Step In Time".
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The Roundup Part II (heavyweight vinyl 12" + 10")
Cat: HEIST 013. Rel: 11 Nov 15
  1. Fouk - "Lefty's Bar" (Brame & Hamo remix) (6:09)
  2. Brame & Hamo - "Hotshot" (Fouk remix) (5:09)
  3. Nachtbraker - "You're Out Of Your Element" (Detroit Swindle remix) (7:02)
  4. Detroit Swindle - "Alright We'll Be" (M Ono remix) (7:17)
  5. M Ono - "Delaware State Route" (Nachtbraker remix) (6:10)
Review: Detroit Swindle's Heist Recordings serve up a bunch of sweet remixes for proper house heads. Irish lads Brame & Hamo remix Fouk's "Lefty's Bar", its a sweet slice of slow-mo house that's worth a listen. Fouk then returns the favour, remixing their track "Hotshot", giving it a sleazy deep funk flavour that's unashamedly indebted to KDJ. On the flip are label head honchos Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets giving Nachtbraker's "You'e Out Of Your Element" a deep trippy tech house makeover that's perfect to use as your pre-peak time track. Oh, their track "Alright We'll Be" gets a sultry and adrenalised rework by Leipzig's M.ono. The confusion all ends in spectacular fashion with Maurits Verwoerd aka Nachtbraker's turn at a remix. He gives M.ono's "Delaware State Route" a tracky and percussive house remodel that could have equally been at home on Sascha Dive's Deep Vibes imprint.
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The Do Over Vol 3 (lavender marbled vinyl 10" + inserts)
Cat: DOVR 003. Rel: 27 Oct 11
  1. Great Weekend - "Let's Do It Again (Over & Over)"
  2. Great Weekend - "Let's Do It Again (Do It Yourself)"
  3. Noelle Scaggs - "Cherry Pie"
  4. Noelle Scaggs - "Cherry Pie" (instrumental)
Review: Easily winning the imaginary award for sleeve design of the week is the third volume of The Do Over's highly prized 10" series - and the music is just as impressive! Housed inside the 3D package that comes with red and blue acetate inserts is a custom printed inner sleeve that keeps the purple marble wax nice and snug. The ten inch itself sees Wurst act Great Weekend share sides with The Rebirth's Noelle Scaggs. The former's "Let's Do It Again (Over & Over)" is the kind of vitamin D infused disco funk associated with The Do Over and demands repeat listen. On the flip, Scaggs' "Cherry Pie" sounds like a sex starved Grace Jones covering "Tainted Love".
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Princesa (12" in screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: CPG 005. Rel: 05 Apr 16
  1. Princesa (6:14)
  2. MRK (6:55)
  3. Princesa (Ruf Dug remix) (5:11)
  4. MRK (Jonathan Krisp remix) (4:46)
Review: Cosmic Pint Glass, a Norwich imprint with the best label name ever, now tap Slovenian duo Ichisan & Nakova for some truly adorable nu disco goodness on the "Princesa EP. The title track's electronic piano solo above a funky bass and a cheesy yet infectious arpeggio totally rules! But it's the Ruf Dug remix which really gets a groove on, with the addition of those 80's FM synth xylophone presets: nice touch. The Jonathan Krisp remix of "MRK" is a smooth and emotive groove with some razor sharp synths and bleepy bass. Nice one!
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  1. Jeancy - "Reservation" (5:53)
  2. Karizma - "Will You Dance With Me" (3:59)
  3. Makonde - "Manzara" (3:52)
  4. Marion Javius - "Waiting In The Wings" (2:55)
  5. Neo Experience - "Human" (3:26)
Review: As with its' 12 predecessors, the latest compilation style EP from publicity-shy French diggers Unlimited Love gathers together an impressive selection of sought-after gems. This time round, many of the cuts are taken from eye-wateringly expensive and hard-to-find private press records. Check, for example, the fizzing 1982 boogie of Jeancy's "Reservation", the sweet breeziness of Karizma's "Will You Dance With Me" (an original 7" copy of which would set you back around L300) and the skewed, orchestra-smothered quirkiness of Marion Javius's "Waiting in the Wings". Elsewhere, Makonde's "Manzara" is a heavy chunk of psychedelic-minded Afro-funk, while Neo Experience's sumptuous "Human" is a lesser-known chunk of Philly soul bliss.
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Intérprete: Superbreak, Tomasz Guiddo
 in stock $10.21
  1. Yta Jourias - "Adome Nyueto" (Bosq rework) (8:10)
  2. Roger Damawuzan - "Loxo Nye" (Pushin Wood remix) (5:39)
  3. Napo De Mi Amor - "Cacatchoule "Berceuse Bassari"" (3:04)
  4. Sewavi Jacintho - "Miade Dua" (5:35)
Review: Hot Casa's latest must-have release is a veritable smorgasbord of Togolese treats. It focuses specifically on obscure soul music made in Togo in the 1970s, with two hard-to-find original cuts being joined by two contemporary re-edits of similarly obscure classics. The EP opens with Bosq's smooth, dancefloor-focused tweal of Yta Jourias's breezy, horn-heavy tropical soul workout "Adome Nyueto", before Pushin Wood takes over and adds a little contemporary electronic bounce - and some particularly colourful synths - to Roger Damawuzan's "Loxo Nye". Over on side B, Napo De Mi Amor's "Cacatchoule Berceuse Bassari" is a fuzzy soul shuffler rich in bright, Juju style guitar solos, hazy vocals and Hammond organ stabs, while Sewavi Jacintho's "Miade Dua" is a sweatier and heavier concoction powered by loose-limbed drumming and sun-kissed instrumentation.
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Cat: LSR 1004. Rel: 10 Apr 12
  1. King Ludd - "Beautiful Neoteny"
  2. King Ludd - "Bucket Brigades"
  3. Night Manager - "The Sound Of Sound"
  4. Night Manager - "Squitty, Meet Squilly"
Review: Nominally a second volume of the recent Lectric Sounds 12" sampler exploring New York's synth wave scene, the kind of 100% Silkish saturated aesthetic there has been eschewed in favour of allowing the two production entities that make up Zoovox, responsible for the label's best work in it's fledgling life so far. King Ludd calls shot gun and opens with the lolloping synth experimentation of "Beautiful Neoteny" which brings to mind the quite excellent Philippe Laurent LP for Minimal Wave last year. It's complemented by the uber slow "Bucket Brigades", which sounds like carousel music stretched over itself and aligned with a thick syrupy groove. Night Manager counters with two equally idiosyncratic productions, demonstrating how to utilise space between sounds on the epically expansive "The Sound Of Sound", whilst "Squitty, Meet Squilly" is a beatless, supremely angelic exercise in incandescent synth tonality.
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out of stock $9.66
Cat: COMP 231-1. Rel: 08 Nov 06
  1. Circus Bells (Technucada mix)
  2. Circus Bells (Spacemuffin dub)
  3. The Deep End
Review: TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos are new producers/DJs from the Netherlands, inspired and influenced by music as diverse as (early) house, minimal, Latin, electro, disco & ambient. This 3 track EP comes with a fantastic cover of Robert Armani's early 90s acid classic "Circus Bells". TJ Kong is a new producer and DJ to emerge from the south of the Netherlands. He has been building himself a solid reputation during the last few years. But while he already played a lot of his own tracks, mixes and edits in the club, he had never thought about releasing his music on wax. Until, early 2006, he played back to back with the talented DJ Nuno Dos Santos (born in Portugal, raised in the Netherlands) who also had been making himself quite a name in The Netherlands: he played every major club, has his own night @ 11 (Amsterdam's number one club) and in October 2005 was voted "talent of the year" by a panel of 50 top names from the Dutch dance scene. They both immediately clicked on a personal and musical level and decided to produce some tunes together. A few weeks later the "Circus Bells EP" was finished! And it won't be their last collaboration, a follow-up is already almost finished. So better watch out for TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos...
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Cat: PLUMAGE 03. Rel: 22 Apr 15
  1. Norm De Plume - "Roll On" (6:06)
  2. Ben La Desh - "Lotion" (Norm De Plume remix) (7:06)
  3. Ben La Desh - "Lotion" (8:07)
  4. Norm De Plume - "Roll On" (Ben La Desh remix) (7:27)
Review: Founded back in 2010, Norm De Plume's label Plumage really hasn't delivered the volume of records it's artfully punned name deserves with this 12" featuring the man himself alongside Ben La Desh only the third release. Perhaps the Plume is more about quality than quantity, and there is certainly plenty of the former on display across the four tracks on Give To Receive. As you might expect from the title, both Norm and Ben contribute an original production and both also remix each other's original production, making for a unique twist on the collaborative approach. Norm's production skills have developed some now, so there is no cut and loop tactics present on "Roll On", it's all his own work and the funk is still very much there whilst Ben La Desh's "Lotion" really shows off his mastery for toying with vocal loops - nice old school bell sample too! For the remixes, Norm goes sparse and deep on Ben whilst the opposing tweak offers a more tropical vibe.
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out of stock $8.59
Death Is King (remixes) (Black Vinyl 12")
Cat: PYLON 029. Rel: 05 Nov 12
  1. Death Is King (Soulrider Love Is King remix)
  2. Taken (DJ Spun & Jonah Sharp Rong music mix)
Review: For anyone who considers themselves knowledgeable on electronic music's past, seeing the words Nitzer Ebb should flash up vivid memories of pounding, visceral early Mute classics like "Join In The Chant". Founding member Douglas J McCarthy is on the verge of dropping Kill Your Friends, a long overdue debut solo album for the Pylon Records imprint, and the label whet many a veteran EBMer's appetite with this intriguing 12" issue. The A Side sees "Death Is King" remixed by Soulrider, a rarely used alias of Tampa born producer Omar Torres, which results in a strangely infectious deep house number permeated by thick synth waves and swooping harmonies. It's the flip that finds particular favour here, with Rong's DJ Spun teaming up Jonah Sharp for a killer cut n paste refix of "Taken" that really keeps the industrial spirit of McCarthy's work with Nitzer Ebb alive.
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out of stock $9.66
Cat: ROGUE 008. Rel: 03 Dec 14
  1. Runaway Bay
  2. Runaway Bay (Location 141 remix)
  3. Runaway Bay (Soft Rocks remix)
Review: Some two years after their Rogue Cat bow, the superbly named No Stress Express roll back into town to show everyone how it's done with Runaway Bay. It sounds like they might have pop music's no 1 villain in crimes against the steel pan (Jamie xx) in their sights too, with the original rendition featuring a smattering of the misused percussive instrument amidst the kind of blinding '80s disco not disco groove you might expect from the Idjut Boys. Complementing this original are remixes from Location 141 and Soft Rocks with the latter's dark Balearic journey quite special.
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out of stock $8.59
  1. Mistura - "Do You Love Me?" (feat Angela Johnson - Joey Negro Disco Blend) (6:20)
  2. Sylvester - "I Need You" (Opolopo remix) (7:55)
  3. Neapolitan Soul - "Welcome To The Dub" (11:44)
  4. Raquel Rodriguez - "We Go Together" (Joey Negro club mix) (6:21)
Review: Over the years, Z Records' "Attack The Dancefloor" series has proved to be a serious source of tried-and-tested club cuts in a disco-centric style. Volume 13 is full to bursting with must-have tracks too. Label boss Dave Lee sets the tone, donning his famous Joey Negro alias to deliver a sumptuously summery "Disco Blend" of Mistura's Angela Johnson-voiced "Do You Love Me?" before Opolopo steals the show by turning Sylvester's surging disco anthem "I Need You" into a synth-sporting chunk of revivalist disco-boogie. Neapolitan Soul's "Welcome To The Dub" is a punchy chunk of disco-house laden in percussion and cute instrumental touches, while Lee's Joey Negro Club mix of Raquel Rodriguez's "We Go Together" is a sweet and seductive fusion of jazz-funk instrumentation and celebratory disco grunt.
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 in stock $10.74
  1. Jiro (Prins Thomas Miks part 1)
  2. Jiro (Prins Thomas Miks part 2)
Review: To complement the 123villa 34 minute epic rendition of Moebius & Neumeier, Endless Flight enlist the equally hirsute Prins Thomas to deliver two remixes of "Jiro" from the highly sought after Zero Set II album. Clearly opting to retain the kraut leanings of the source material, the A Side remix from the Full Pupp boss is distinguished by a bassline that accrues several layers of feedback fuzz as the track progresses, driven by an insistent tom-filled groove that bubbles with acidic intent. At just over five minutes long it feels like the remix finishes before it has a chance to find its natural strut, something that is remedied on the flipside rendition. Twice as long, this remix adds several layers of crisp percussion which imbue the groove with more intensity as Thomas fully unfurls kaleidoscopic swirls of synthesized hypnosis. The gurgles of acid that were mere hints on the shorter mix expands and becomes entangled with the increasingly cavernous drum rolls as the track arrives at its final destination.
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out of stock $9.66
  1. Mango Solo (Moebius 123 remix 2 part 1)
  2. Mango Solo (Moebius remix 2 part 2)
Review: Following his recent appearance on DFA, Ricardo Villalobos turns in a suitably epic remix for Endless Flight in the first of two Moebius & Neumeier retweak twelve inches from the Japanese label. To set the scene, Dieter .Cluster' Moebius & Manfred .Guru Guru' Neumeier collaborated with Kraftwerk drummer Conny Plank in 1983 on Zero Set, an album of lean electronic experimentalism. A subsequent Zero Set album from Moebius & Neumeier was recorded in 2007 as tribute to Plank who had passed away some 20 years earlier. And whilst the first album has been treated to several reissues over the years, a blanket of rarity cloaks the second album, with it not being readily available outside of Japan, thus rendering a comparison of the album version of "Mango Solo" and Villalobos' epic reworking somewhat impossible. Clocking in at nearly 34 minutes over two sides of vinyl, this is classic Villalobos built around fluttering percussion, breathy discordant textures and the repetition of "one, two, three".
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Moon Unit (12")
Cat: SSREC 0046. Rel: 14 Jun 07
  1. Moon Unit (Part 1)
  2. Moon Unit (Part 2)
Review: "Moon Unit", by Moog and Naudascher, is an epic 12", clocking in at a very self-confident 22 minutes, with just two tracks, plainly called "Part 1" and "Part 2". From simple catchy krautrock synthlines to claustrophobically intense sawtooth pads, passing by a disco-fuelled midsection and climaxing into an over the top Berlin 70's meets Detroit 90's stab anthem, "Part 1" is truly a stunning sonic journey that feels like a space odyssey. "Part 2", on the other hand, is a touch deeper, darker and even more hypnotic. A captivating harmonic progression driven by sequencer lines, sloppy claps and detroit-ish pads leads into a warped breakdown with earthshaking 808 bassdrums flying across the room.
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Hamam House 4 (12" reeditado)
Cat: HAMAMHOUSE 04. Rel: 05 Nov 19
  1. Turkish Delight (7:17)
  2. Disco Boulette (6:36)
  3. Marmaris (7:42)
  4. Berka Beat (5:48)
Review: Gassed up on the most cosmic of eastern sweets, N Gynn got our motors running with this immense four-tracker before the summer. It's been so well received this is the second run and it still sounds just as delicious. Each cut packing bulbous basslines, all polished up with rich mystic sheens, we kick off with the technicolour whirligig that is "Turkish Delight" where things get juicier and juicier the more the bassline cuts through. The same can be said for "Disco Boulette" where the groove takes even more of a cosmic turn. Flip for more rhythm based tracks as "Marmaris" layers up the drum machines amid the dusky textures and "Berka Beat" goes all out acid b-boy. Delightful.
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Cat: NJ 002. Rel: 01 Feb 13
  1. Cimmerian Funk
  2. Nubian West Coast
  3. Glide To Xanadu
  4. Falcon Cruise
Review: Keeping up with Legowelt's productions is one thing, whereas keeping up with his aliases is another. Danny Wolfer's steady flow of Nacho Patrol releases continues, and this time it's via Mike Simonetti's fledgling label New Jersey. The opener and title track, "Cimmerian Funk", sounds something like a demented version of the Doctor Who theme meeting the funk drums of The Stone Roses' "Fools Gold". Squealing Dr. Dre synths may have been some of the inspiration behind "Nubian West Coast", while the housiest track on the record goes to "Glide To Xanadu". The Wuka-wuka funk of "Falcon Cruise" maintains an electric pace and its night time drive motif is something French producer Kavinksy could only dream of, all that is missing is a cheeky "Shaft" vocal.
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Cat: MDIV 007. Rel: 25 Mar 11
  1. Stars Over Africa
  2. Salambo Dance
  3. Fuzz Party
  4. No Angry People
  5. Ghetto Compressor
  6. Solomonic Dynasty
Review: The woolly jumper wearing don known as Legowelt (real name Danny Wolfers) turns to his Nacho Patrol alias for the Africa Jet Band Experience on M Division. Here we are treated to six tracks of hazy analogue disco, with the dense gurgling chaos of "Fuzz Party" our pick of the A-Side offerings. It's a tougher call on the flip, with the frantic lo-fi antics of "No Angry People" and "Ghetto Compressor" both getting frequent play on the Juno office 1210. We shouldn't be surprised when Wolfers drops such an excellent array of tracks on us; he has one of the best collections of analogue kit on earth, and, importantly, knows how to use it - but once again he's left us gazing adoringly at his work. This serves as the perfect vinyl-shaped addendum to the full Africa Jet Band Experience album, which hit the CD shelves this week.
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Cat: DB 08. Rel: 18 Jan 16
  1. Join The Fookin Party ! (6:08)
  2. Hold On Castro (8:56)
Review: REPRESS ALERT: Bastedos returns hosting two disco objects lovingly versioned by Nad. One side features the vocal talents of a mystery man with low riding balls imploring those gathered to hear him to 'join his party'...if you look at his backside, so to speak, you will head off down to sunny rainbow filled Castro for a happy sing along and dancing tune versioned from vaults of Moby Dick.
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Cat: DH 007. Rel: 06 Sep 16
  1. Ready Set Go (5:52)
  2. Ready Set Go (Saturn Memories Tahini mix) (6:45)
  3. 10K From Essaouira (5:06)
  4. The Race For A Handshake (8:29)
Review: Tel Aviv groove ambassador Naduve gets his sweat on as he pegs it to the first hairy palm he can find... And crosses it with pure cosmic silver. "Ready Set Go" is a star-gazing web of twinkles over a slow-and-low drum arrangement while the Saturn Memories remix takes us into much more unforgiving aluminium territories. "10k From Essaouira" adds more fuel to his creative fire with a tech-edged groove lightly sugared with Tuvan throat singing. Finally, the in-demand Israeli gets the shake of his dreams as we strut steadily into a deep filtered loopy experience that sparkles in all the right places. Magic, as with everything else from Disco Halal.
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A Trip In Tel Aviv (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CDA 010. Rel: 18 Apr 16
  1. No Good News
  2. A Trip In Tel Aviv
  3. A Trip In Tel Aviv (Man Power remix)
Review: This promising Israeli talent delivers two slow burning tracks oozing with eastern influence and informed by the modern sounds of dance. Part of the 84% Creativity crew, Naduve presents his second release with Cocktail d'Amore in the form of a two track EP which revels in it's dark and seductive energy. "No Good News" builds over it's 7-minute run layering mystic vocal synths and coupling them with splashing hats and tight shakers to give just enough beat driven energy to keep a crowd to attention. The flying guitars and staccato synths of "A Trip In Tel Aviv" slither over half beat percussive structures to give this track a sinister feel ideal for late, late, late nights. Wunderkind Man Power drops a tab on "A Trip..." giving it a fresh take perfect for psychedelically inclined moments.
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The Paolo Rossi EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ROTHMANS 9. Rel: 11 May 15
  1. Naduve - "Miracles From Edrine" (feat Gilad Weiss) (5:56)
  2. Naduve & Katzele - "Nein" (Man Power remix) (7:42)
  3. Naduve & Katzele - "Nein" (6:53)
  4. Naduve & Katzele - "Nein" (The Claydermans Oh Nein remix) (7:25)
Review: Rothmans are back with release 9 of their ever growing vinyl only, retro football themed label and this time paying homage to the silky smoth Italian Maestro Paolo Rossi we have Berlin based Israli outfit Naduve. The debut release from this Naduve & friends finds Rothmans bringing another new dimension to their already beautifully diverse rosta with another unique record. 2 original tracks and in support on remix duties they welcome Manpower & The Claydermans to the Rothmans family. The first track Miracles From Erdine sees the guys bringing that slowed down chuggy sound that Rothmans are well renowned for whilst Nein ups the tempo a little more with a fat italo beat whilst both remaining to bring with them a unique sound oozes the Tel Aviv vibe. Bringing up the rear we have Manpower doing his thing the only way he knows how with a classic Manpower take on the track that enevatibley ends up kicking as hard as a Paolo Rossi penalty, and The Claydermans finish off the record with what can only be described as an absolute banger. If anyone wondered what the connection is between Tel Aviv & Berlin then I dont think you will hear a record this year that exemplifies it better than this . Rothmans score the winner yet again!
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Spacetak (12")
Cat: CRE 052. Rel: 12 Jun 18
  1. Spacetak (6:47)
  2. Spacetak (Tronik Youth remix) (7:07)
  3. Sun (5:57)
  4. Sun (Jonny Sender remix) (6:05)
  5. Sun (Jonny bonus beat) (3:26)
Review: NYC-based Japanese groove guru Takuya returns with two alluring, highly cosmic funkers and a whole stash of dope remixes. "Spacetak" lives up to its name in every possible way. Big juicy synths that flap and fold over a nicely slouched groove; this will aid and abet many people looking to lose their minds this summer. "Sun" is also fittingly titled thanks to its premium vibrancy and latent feels (not to mention a wry bit of slap bass) Remix-wise Tronik Youth get all dubbed out on "Spacetak" while Jonny Sender whips us back to early 2000s City Rockers vibes with some superb use of the trumpet elements. Talk time is over.
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Naughty (12")
Cat: FASS 001. Rel: 30 Apr 13
  1. Naughty (original mix)
  2. Naughty (Cameo Culture remix)
  3. Naughty (Axel Boman remix)
Review: Brooklyn label Free Association arrives with the following label mantra; "The importance of Free Association is that the members speak for themselves, rather than repeating the ideas of others; they work through their own material, rather than parroting anothers." Their debut release sets a tone of quality with which Free Association will hopefully maintain, pairing original material from Stockholm trio Name In Lights with remixes from celebrated compatriot Axel Boman and Brooklyn newcomer Cameo Culture. Operating at a chunky sounding midtempo pace, "Naughty" sees Name In Lights spread incandescence across the channels with some star reaching synth patterns that tease out the inner glee from a chopped up soul vocal; it's an unashamedly happy track that the more considered selectors will consider a secret weapon over the summer months. Boman's remix is a typically eccentric take on house music, displaying a dizzying degree of musicality as it builds which will probably feel as equally ecstatic as the original when employed at the right moment. Cameo Culture's remix is a much more straight forward proposition, maintaining the original's chunky feel but adapting it to a bouncy deep house template
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Cat: UTS 029. Rel: 13 Sep 11
  1. Disco Touchdown (original mix)
  2. Disco Touchdown (Dr Dunks remix)
  3. Touch The Sky (E Track)
  4. Touch The Sky (Eddie Mars remix)
Review: Those who keep an eye on the more discerning end of the disco spectrum will know the Stockholm trio Name In Lights for their fine work on the FEED imprint, as well as gracing the good ship Wurst with a remix of Nick Chacona late last year. The latter should act as a beacon of taste, as does this full release for the always solid Under The Shade label which should see the trio gain wider appreciation. There's an undeniable quality to the deftness that lead track "Disco Touchdown" switches from the opening chunky disco groove into an even more substantial house bump replete with an all encompassing piano hook. Dr Dunks arrives next on remix duties and retains the originals' conceptual switch, growing from glistening dubby disco into something wholly more euphoric once the rising arpeggio pulse pushes its way to the fore. On the flip "Touch The Sky (E Track)" is a leaner groove, filled with expansive melodic touches that suddenly burst into a loose disco jaunt with a delightful vocal hook. Brooklynite Eddie Mars adds some nice electronic bass bounce to the track on a nicely paced cosmic shuffler of a remix.
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Cat: KALITA 12006/CC12001. Rel: 26 Oct 18
  1. Sikyi Medley
  2. M'Anu Me Ho
  3. Asamando
  4. Jesus
Review: Kalita Records and CC:EDITIONS (a new venture by Australia's CC:DISCO) come together to release a 12" EP containing four of Nana Tuffour's greatest electronic burger highlife tracks (including the massive 'Sikyi Medley' and 'Asamando'), accompanied by interview-based liner notes.

Big support so far from Gilles Peterson, Hunee, Antal, Norman Jay, Palms Trax, Alexander Nut, Dan Shake & Bradley Zero!
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Sudden Edit 001 (limited 7")
Cat: SUDDEN 001. Rel: 16 Mar 15
  1. Napoleon - "Cosmic Cheetah" (5:19)
  2. Hristo - "Deja Vu" (5:13)
Review: According to the brief press blurb accompanying this first 7" release from the Sudden Edits imprint, Napoleon is the chosen moniker of a previously unheralded Costa Rican disco digger. This may or may not be true, of course, but there's much to suggest that the mysterious producer is a serious talent. His "Cosmic Cheetah" is an eccentric, synth-laden affair and sounds French in origin. Half whispered, sleazy vocoder vocals ride a chugging and slightly exotic rhythm built around winding synths and fuzzy guitars. On the flip, Honey Soundsystem man Hristo drops another gem; a sinewy, string-laden chunk of dewy-eyed slo-mo soul that sounds like it was designed to soundtrack Balearic sunsets and chilly autumnal sunrises.
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Cat: RL 21. Rel: 18 Nov 15
  1. Napoleon - "Step Off" (4:56)
  2. Roman Bezzina - "I Want You" (Gary Low re-edit) (4:58)
  3. Roman Bezzina - "Fly Away Jack" (instrumental mix) (3:55)
  4. Bent - "Exercise 4" (5:42)
Review: Manchester's Red Laser: look no further for the highest calibre nu disco and edits. Napoleon is back, following up from his great Moogie Wonderland release on Secret Life Recordings earlier in the year. "Step off" is an infectious slice of feel-good, boogie down vibes this side of Bent or Tensnake. Paris' Romain Bezzina actually appears twice; firstly with a sweet edit of "I Want You" by Italo disco legend Gary Low and then with the delightful, summery, slow-mo drifter "Fly Away Jack", a collaboration with Simon Mills aka Napoleon and one half of Bent. Speaking of which, the legendary Nottingham duo appear also with the classic "Exercise 4" taken from their highly praised 2004 album, Ariels.
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Intérprete: Roy Comanchero
out of stock $9.40
Cat: GDR 003. Rel: 29 Aug 18
  1. Natasha Kitty Katt & Dennis Probert - "Master Of The Moon" (5:40)
  2. Edgarrr!
  3. Glitter In The Dark (6:17)
Review: Edinburgh's Natasha Kitty Katt has previously proved to be a more than reliable source of contemporary disco sleaze. Here she returns to action after a 12-month absence with another batch of throbbing, floor-friendly cuts. Chief amongst these is opener "Master of the Moon" - co-produced by regular collaborator (and daddy Kitty Katt) Dennis Probert - which elevates the Winners' underground disco classic "Ready For The Future" to dubbed-out new disco-house heights via new beats, synths and tons of trippy effects. It's a party-starting winner, all told. Similarly impressive is chunky and throbbing flipside "Glitter In The Dark", a bouncy dose of Italo-disco/house fusion rich in thrusting arpeggio bass, glassy-eyed synthesizer melodies and sweaty layered percussion.
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Twisted Katt (transparent red vinyl 12")
Cat: GDR 002. Rel: 09 Aug 17
  1. Natasha Kitty Katt & Twisted Soul Collective - "Twisted Katt" (7:15)
  2. Natasha Kitty Katt - "Cosmic Bitch" (7:17)
Review: Edinburgh's Ghetto Disco Records are back with their second release, a label run by Natasha Kitty Katt and her father. When two creative minds join and bring a modern take on disco, this is the result. Kitty Katt & Twisted Soul Collective 'have aligned forces to bring you an array of ideas, thoughts, sounds and feelings.' Definitely for the disco dancers, you can visualise grooving to this number under a mirror ball. "Twisted Katt" on the A side brings the funk, complete with liquid bassline and breakbeats (hear the drummer get wicked) assisted by a tough four the floor beat for dancefloor dynamics. On the flip is "Cosmic Bitch" with its Salsoul Orchestra style strings section looped up to perfection, over another reliable house rhythm and some nice filter sweeps.
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Cat: WET 1015. Rel: 18 Nov 10
  1. Till It Hurts (original 12" mix)
  2. Till It Hurts (Play It Loud dub)
  3. Push 4 Love (original 12" mix)
  4. Push 4 Love (Son Of Sound dub)
Review: Since discarding illicit disco re-edits in favour of original compositions, Roy Dank's Wurst Music label has barely put a foot wrong. Echoing the revival in interest in New York for off-kilter house, Wurst has thrived by specialising in house music that appeals to the nu-disco generation. This new EP from veteran Brooklyn house producer Henry Maldonado is another great example of Wurst at its best. With Craigslist-recruited singer Javi on vocals, "Till It Hurts" is a nagging underground house/disco singalong that doffs a cap to Funhouse-era Jellybean, Prelude style synth disco and even Wurst's penchant for delay-laden piano riffage. There's also a decent dub for those who prefer instrumentals. "Push 4 Love" continues in this past/present vibe, utilising some excellent Freestyle percussion sounds, classic basement bass and even hookier vocals. The accompanying Son of Sound Dub is, if anything, even better - all Latin Rascals style edits, a stripped down groove and copious amounts of delay.
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Intérprete: Neal Lewis, James Duncan
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You Make Me So Happy (limited 7")
Cat: KCK45 001. Rel: 12 Feb 15
  1. You Make Me So Happy (3:30)
  2. That's Why (4:10)
Review: Extremely limited Japanese only reissue for Daisuke Kuroda label imprint Kickin.
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Cat: FOM 006. Rel: 12 Apr 18
  1. Prayer (demo mix) (4:13)
  2. On Your Side (3:59)
  3. Relax Man (3:40)
  4. Goin' Thru Changes (4:14)
  5. Whatchusay (dubwize) (4:33)
Review: Given the runaway success of the recent reissue of DJ Nature's 1993 gem Necessary Ruffness Volume 1 - an early outing under the alternative Nature Boy alias that has long been regarded as a British deep house classic - it was inevitable that Volume Two would quickly follow. Like its predecessor, the EP is something of a cut-and-paste deep house treat, with the former Wild Bunch member wrapping vocal samples from classic disco, boogie and jazz-funk tunes around chunky, bass-heavy grooves. We're particularly enjoying the rolling late night pressure of "On Your Side", with its relentless bassline and fluttering Mystic Merlin samples, and the Dream II Science smoothness of "Relax Man", though the more disco-fired bounce of "Whatchusay (dubwize)" may well be the premier peak-time treat.
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Cat: FRIGHT 003. Rel: 04 Nov 11
  1. The Crystal Line
  2. Dmitri's Darkness
  3. Galena
Review: A welcome return for the Giallo inspired Fright imprint, resurfacing after a Dracula-esque period of hibernation to reclaim their crown as the king of widescreen, throbbing Italo horrorcore. Having debuted with Gatekeeper and Antoni Maiovvi, Naum Gabo seem like the perfect candidates to continue the Fright story here, with a triplet of productions worthy of soundtracking Argento et al. Proceedings commence with the title track "The Crystal Line" which operates at such a creeping tempo you wonder if 45rpm is still the right speed. Once those crawling synth flutters emerge, the track aligns to a sumptuous thick set throb that sounds unerringly familiar as it pulses across the A Side expanse. "Dmitri's Darkness" provides an upwards shift in tempo, driven by the meatiest of bass lines and seductive of synth refrains with the rhythms aided by subtle vocal pressure. Adhering to the oft spoken saying that the best is saved till last, the Glaswegian duo flex their organ bending skills on the closing "Galena" which is ripe with menace.
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