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Four Weeks: Disco/Reediciones

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Disco / Reediciones

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Retour Au Club Meduse (unmixed CD)
Cat: STLKCD 007. Rel: 19 Mar 20
  1. Lili - "Gitana Morena"
  2. Capco - "No Vayas Al Sol"
  3. Voyage De Charme - "Hotel Des Savanes" (instrumental)
  4. Passion Theatre - "Vacation Day"
  5. Claude Miss - "Paco Ye Adama" (12" extended mix)
  6. Cecilia - "Chocolat"
  7. Nathalie David - "Coup De Foudre" (instrumental)
  8. Jade 4 U - "Rainbows" (Midnight mix)
  9. L - "La Boite A Musique"
  10. Jean-Claude Watrin - "Game City"
  11. Marc Et Frank - "Cap'tain Coke"
  12. De Dion - "Sexy Cola" (Glu Glu version)
  13. Les 36'15 - "Zoulous!" (remix)
  14. Week End Millionnaire - "Exit"
Review: A couple of years ago French crate digger Charles Bals invited us to "Club Meduse", an imaginary Riviera club where the music was always obscure, European and decidedly mid-80s. Here he opens the doors once more, delivering an open-air friendly soundtrack heavy on rare private press gems, overlooked beauties and the kind of cuts that most would consider Balearic (even if they may have been more popular in Italy and France). Highlights are plentiful, from the eccentric instrumental of Voyage De Charme's fretless bass-powered "Hotel Des Savanes" and the soft-focus, flamenco-tinged bliss of Claude Miss' "Paco Ye Adama", to the sun-kissed jazz-funk/synth-pop fusion of Marc Et Frank's "Cap'tain Coke" and the reggae-zouk quirkiness of Les 36 15's "Zoulous! (Remix)".
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 in stock $13.24
Cat: MOCCD 13897. Rel: 05 Mar 20
  1. Put It On The Line
  2. Heroes
  3. Try Me Baby
  4. Every Reason To Smile
  5. Great Danes
  6. The Good Times
  7. You're Gonna Love It
  8. Trip You In Love
  9. Atlanta
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For The Love Of You (unmixed CD)
Cat: AOTNCD 031. Rel: 26 Mar 20
  1. Peter Huntingdale - "Rocking You Eternally"
  2. Christine Lewin - "Juicy Fruit"
  3. Pure Silk - "Don't Let Love Get You Down"
  4. Al Charles - "Outstanding"
  5. Karen Dixon - "I Want To Be Free"
  6. George Posse - "Touch A Four Leaf Clover" (feat Toyin Adekale)
  7. Misses Misty - "Mellow Mellow Ride On"
  8. Trevor Hartley - "The Look In Your Eyes"
  9. Family Love - "Do Me Baby"
  10. Michael Prophet - "Body Fusion"
  11. Michael Gordon - "What You Won't Do For Love"
  12. Simplicity - "For The Love Of You"
Review: Edinburgh's Athens Of The North label is endlessly flawless and this time around they pull together the special lovers rock covers they put out at the end of last year onto a superbly strong 12 track compilation. It arrives just in time for the warmer months and has been curated by Sam Don and overseen by label boss Euan Fryer. Standouts include Christine Lewin's lush take on the heavily sampled "Juicy Fruit" while the lo-fi bliss of Al Charles's "Outstanding" is another one to swell the heart and sooth the soul. For more sentimental moments check Family Love's "Do Me Baby." Overall, though, this is a must buy.
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 in stock $10.13
Cat: EXCDM 66. Rel: 02 Mar 20
  1. Ladies Of The Eighties
  2. Tell Him
  3. He Is Mine Forever
  4. Ladies Of The Eighties (instrumental)
  5. I Knew That Love
  6. It's Easy To Move
  7. Sing Me
  8. Turned On To You
  9. Turned On To You (7' version)
 in stock $11.68
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
  6. Track 6
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
  9. Track 9
  10. Track 10
  11. Track 11
  12. Track 12
  13. Track 13
  14. Track 14
  15. Track 15
  16. Track 16
  17. Track 17
  18. Track 18
Review: For anyone with even the smallest interest in gospel music and its relationship with black American dance music, Joaquin 'Joe' Clausell's "Praise" series of mix CDs should be essential listening. Volume six, subtitled "A Prayer For Peace, Love & Wisdom", is every bit as inspired as its predecessor, with Clausell moving between traditional choral gospel music, gospel soul, and soul-jazz, deep house and disco (including Crown Heights Affair's incredible "Say A Prayer") featuring suitably righteous lyrics. To tie the whole thing together, Clausell has also included a number of inspirational and thought-provoking spoken word samples taken from recordings of preachers and black community leaders. It's a brilliant touch.
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Intérprete: Soul Music
 in stock $16.35
  1. Kindaichi Kosuke No Theme
  2. Yatsuhakamura
  3. Kamen Butoukai
  4. Honjin Satsujin Jiken
  5. Gokumontou
  6. Akuma No Temariuta
  7. Meirosou No Sangeki
  8. Akuma Ga Kitarite Fue Wo Fuku
  9. Mitsukubitou
  10. Inugamike No Ichizoku
Review: It would be fair to say that "The Adventure Of Kohsuke Kindaichi" is a "cult album". While many will have heard snippets of some of its tracks in hip-hop tracks and via dusty disco re-edits (a number have been given the scalpel treatment in the past), few outside of Japan have been able to get the album since it was released way back in 1977. The premise is odd - composer Kentaro Haneda created the disco and jazz-funk set as a soundtrack to a series of detective novels - but the music is superb: a zany but hugely entertaining mixture of nods to various soundtrack styles underpinned by killer disco grooves and swirling orchestral movements. We'd heartily recommend checking out the clips ASAP.
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 in stock $14.80
  1. Circle Of Love (Caught In The Middle) (CD1: Mama Never Told Me)
  2. Cross My Heart
  3. Protect Our Love
  4. Give In To Love
  5. Love Don't You Go Through No Changes On Me
  6. Don't You Miss Him Now
  7. Pain Reliever
  8. You're Much Better Off Loving Me
  9. Fireman
  10. The Weatherman
  11. Have You Met My Friend
  12. Mama Never Told Me
  13. Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye)
  14. Love Has Found Me
  15. Love Ain't Easy
  16. Thank You For Today
  17. Have Love, Will Travel
  18. Cream Of The Crop
  19. Blockbuster Boy
  20. Do The Funky Do
  21. I Was Made To Love Her (Him) (CD2: Do It To The Max)
  22. Hold On To This Feeling
  23. As
  24. Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley
  25. Funky Family
  26. Baby, It's The Rain
  27. Can't Mess Around With Love
  28. My Favorite Song
  29. Hands Full Of Nothing
  30. Moondancer
  31. I've Seen Better Days
  32. Do It To The Max
  33. He's The Greatest Dancer
  34. Lost In Music
  35. Somebody Loves Me
  36. Thinking Of You
  37. We Are Family
  38. Easier To Love (CD3: Reach Your Peak)
  39. You're A Friend To Me
  40. One More Time
  41. Got To Love Somebody
  42. You Fooled Around
  43. I'm A Good Girl
  44. Easy Street
  45. Reach Your Peak
  46. Pretty Baby
  47. How To Love
  48. Let's Go On Vacation
  49. All American Girls
  50. He's Just A Runaway
  51. If You Really Want Me
  52. Next Time You'll Know
  53. Happy Feeling
  54. Ooh, You Caught My Heart (CD 4: All The Man I Need)
  55. Make A Move
  56. Don't You Let Me Lose It
  57. Music Makes Me Feel Good
  58. I Don't Want To Say Goodbye
  59. Super Bad Sisters
  60. My Guy
  61. Lightfootin'
  62. My Special Way
  63. Grandma
  64. Get You In Our Love
  65. Il Maquillage Lady
  66. Everybody's Friend
  67. All The Man I Need
  68. Jacki's Theme: There's No Stopping Us
  69. BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby)
  70. Lifetime Lover
  71. Once In Your Life
  72. Shake Me Down (CD 5: Frankie)
  73. Dream On
  74. Let Him Go
  75. Smile
  76. Bet Cha Say That To All The Girls
  77. Gotta Get Back To Love
  78. Thank You For The Party
  79. When The Boys Meet The Girls
  80. Dancing On The Jagged Edge
  81. Frankie
  82. You're Fine
  83. Hold Out Poppy
  84. The Boy Most Likely
  85. You Need Me
  86. Following The Leader
  87. Peer Pressure
  88. Mama Never Told Me (CD 6: Lost In music - Tom Moulton mix)
  89. We Are Family (Steve Anderson Dmc remix)
  90. He's The Greatest Dancer (Josh Abbey remix)
  91. Lost In Music (1984 Nile Rodgers remix)
  92. Thinking Of You (Ramp club mix)
  93. He's The Greatest Dancer (Brutal Bill remix)
  94. Lost In Music (Sure Is Pure remix)
  95. We Are Family (Sure Is Pure remix)
  96. Frankie (dub mix)
  97. Frankie (club mix)
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Cat: MRBCD 218. Rel: 19 Mar 20
  1. We Did It
  2. Disco Stomp
  3. Barney's Moaning
  4. GG Is Talking
Review: Tireless diggers and world class reissue merchants Mr Bongo have done it again with this one. They discovered The Star Beams when one of their tracks was on a Disco Calypso compilation, then went on a mission to track down the original anymore material from the band, who turned out to be based in South Africa instead of the Carribean. The resulting record is a real gem - disco, funk and jazz all get chewed up and spat out across four fantastically timeless cuts of dance floor dynamite. "Disco Stomp" in particular you might already know as Theo Parrish has been dropping in his sets for time.
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Cat: ZYX 830042. Rel: 10 Mar 20
  1. Dandy - "I'll Be There" (Full Power DJ mix)
  2. Bella & Blue - "A Reason To Love" (extended version)
  3. Derek Simon - "Dance With Me" (12" version)
  4. Gloria J - "Queen Of The Night" (12" version)
  5. Barbara - "Banana Boogie" (extended version)
  6. Donna Luca - "Come On Come On" (extended version)
  7. Oscar - "It's My Life" (extended version)
  8. Irene - "On The Way" (mix version)
  9. Pierre & Franz - "Life In Tokyo" (12" version)
  10. Laurie - "You Can Tell Me" (Pumpkin mix)
  11. Sally - "Harmony" (extended version)
  12. Robert Camero - "Lady Surprise"
  13. Jenny Kee - "Carry On"
  14. Glenn Scott - "Doom Doom Make A Boom"
  15. Michael Dream - "Feel Like Dancing"
  16. Dan Hill - "Joyful Day"
  17. Mr Black - "Mysterious Man"
  18. Sasha - "Don't You Break My Heart"
  19. Max Coveri - "Guy, Guy"
  20. Chip Chip - "Motion"
  21. Thomas & Schubert - "Crank It Up"
  22. Marystella - "Believe"
  23. FCF - "Stop The Funky"
  24. Mark Farina - "Infatuation"
  25. Lilac - "Jump To The Music"
  26. Philip - "Dream Of Me"
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Four Weeks: Disco/Reediciones