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DJ accessories

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AV Link BTTR2 Bluetooth 2 In 1 Audio Transmitter & Receiver
Cat: 730789 Rel: 02 May 19
Bluetooth transmitter/receiver unit
Notes: An amazing and compact Bluetooth device that will open a new world of wireless audio enjoyment both at home and on the move. Simply connect using the audio cable provided to your TV, projector or other audio device and stream wirelessly to Bluetooth headphones, speakers or soundbars. Alternatively connect to a set of traditional headphones, amplifier or in-car entertainment system and you can then pair with your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth devices. With Multi-point support for shared listening, a 10m transmission/reception range and in-built rechargeable battery providing up to 8 hours playback from a single charge, this handy little device really is your perfect Bluetooth partner!

The box for this item contains:

- Bluetooth transmitter/receiver unit
- 3.5mm audio lead
- RCA adaptor lead
- USB charging lead
- User guide
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MRP:$31.12 SAVE 25%
 2 in stock $23.30
Magma CTRL Case 45 Adapter
Cat: 747651 Rel: 16 Sep 19
45 RPM 7" record adapter case
Notes: The new MAGMA 45 ADAPTER-CASE is the perfect storage solution for your Adapters. Thanks to the carabiner hook it can easily be attached to your record bag to avoid that they will get lost in the clutter of your bag.

The Magma 45 adapter case has a practical snap hook with which it can be attached directly to the flat pocket. It can hold two 7 inch single pucks securely from dirt and impacts.
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MRP:$15.56 SAVE 24%
 3 in stock $11.78
Minirig 3 Portable Speaker Silicon Case
Cat: 768237 Rel: 04 Mar 20
silicon case
MRP:$7.07 SAVE 42%
 4 in stock $4.13
Minirig Mini 2 Portable Speaker Padded Case (grey)
Cat: 768235 Rel: 04 Mar 20
carrying case
MRP:$7.07 SAVE 42%
 1 in stock $4.13
Minirig Portable Bluetooth Speaker Charging Cable (USB 5v input & output to 5.5/2.1mm barrel plug)
Cat: 623272 Rel: 04 Mar 20
Replacement Minirig charging cable - 90cm length
Notes: MINIRIG charging cable replacement. For charging your Minirig speaker from a USB power supply.

USB 5v input and output to 5.5/2.1mm barrel plug
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MRP:$7.07 SAVE 62%
 1 in stock $2.66
Murder Capital Keyring
Cat: 652832 Rel: 21 Jun 17
Hand made Murder Capital key hanger
Notes: - 5 cm in diameter, 3 mm thick
- Solid and lightweight
- Hand made in The Hague by the Man with the Laser Eyes!
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$5.21 SAVE 20%
 3 in stock $4.16
Pioneer HDJC70 Replacement Straight Headphone Cable (1.6m)
Cat: 599136 Rel: 31 Mar 16
Straight cable for Pioneer HDJ-C70 headphones
Notes: Replace your damaged cables and continue enjoying excellent sound quality without the expense of buying a new pair of HDJ-C70 headphones.

This cable is designed with the rigours of professional use in mind. The durable plug ensures a tight and secure connection, limiting vibration and loss of signal.
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 1 in stock $45.97
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Raiden Fader Protective Nylon Case For RXIF1 & RXIF2 & VVTMK1 Models
Cat: 684490 Rel: 09 Apr 18
Protective case designed specifically to fit RXI faders
Notes: Protective case designed and tailored specifically for RXI models! Compatible with RXI-F1 and RXI-F2 - will also work as a case for the VVT-MK1.

- Super durable exterior with a padded interior
- Elastic containment straps
- Internal zippered compartment to hold your audio and charging cables.
- Zippered closure
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 1 in stock $20.98
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DJ accessories
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