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Effects pedals

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Danelectro Billionaire Billion Dollar Boost Pedal
Cat: 676314 Rel: 09 Mar 18
Compact boost effect pedal for electric guitar
Notes: The 'Billion Dollar Boost' reissue of a rare 80's 'hidden gem'. Boosts all frequencies, plus provides pure pre-amp clean with lots of gain. Clean and crisp at 50% or less, but pushes the amp into crunchy bite at 50% or more, this pedal will become your secret weapon.
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DiMavery DP1 Distortion Pedal
Cat: 700851 Rel: 31 Aug 18
Mini distortion effects pedal
Notes: - Distortion from hard rock to metal
- Compact size for more space on the pedal board
- Rugged metal housing
- Robust footswitch
- True bypass
- Controls: Level, Tone, Gain
- Connections via 6.3 mm audio jacks
- AC adaptor not included
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DiMavery TP1 Tube Pusher Overdrive Pedal
Cat: 700858 Rel: 31 Aug 18
Mini overdrive effects pedal
Notes: - Top boost mode
- Compact size for more space on the pedal board
- Rugged metal housing
- Robust footswitch
- True bypass
- Controls: Level, Tone, Gain, Mode
- Connections via 6.3 mm audio jacks
- AC adaptor not included
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Electro Harmonix LPB1 Linear Power Booster Preamp Pedal
Cat: 560334 Rel: 02 Feb 15
Linear power booster preamp effects pedal with true bypass or maximum signal path integrity
Notes: An exact recreation of the original LPB-1 circuit that ushered in the age of overdrive in 1968.

Put the LPB-1 in line with any effect to provide boost and definition.

Improve the gain and saturation of your amp.
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Electro Harmonix Switchblade Plus Advanced Channel Selector Pedal
Cat: 560376 Rel: 31 Jan 15
Advanced channel selector pedal for switching between 2 different output paths
Notes: The Switchblade+ offers a convenient solution to a player’s switching needs. Route your signal to either output A or B, or send it to both at once. Connect a tuner or effects pedal to its dedicated Tuner output. With a fully passive audio path and active LED indication, the new Switchblade+ is your utilitarian sidekick.
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Mooer Envelope Analogue Auto Wah Pedal
Cat: 638137 Rel: 20 Jan 17
Pocket-sized envelope filter/dynamic auto wah pedal
Notes: The 'Envelope' from MOOER is a pocket sized 'envelope filter'/'dynamic auto wah' pedal with big tone and lots of versatility. The sensitivity control allows you to dial in the effect to respond to the dynamics of your playing and the pickups of any instrument in the way you want it to. Exaggerated slap back funk, subtle sultry ambience, static frequency filter effects and many more are all easily obtainable with this little pedal. The 100% analog circuit provides a lush warm sound and the wide range of the controls make the Envelope from MOOER ideal for use with both guitar and bass.


SENSITIVITY - The sensitivity control adjusts the dynamic response of the envelope filter in relation to the input from the instrument. Clockwise makes the pedal more sensitive and responsive to pick attack and makes it easier to open the filter. Counter clockwise makes the pedal less sensitive to pick attack and makes it more difficult to open the filter. Note: Sensitivity is set differently depending on which guitar pickups you use and what the desired response from the pedal is of the user. Recommended starting position is 12 o'clock and adjust from there accordingly

Q - This control changes the Q of the wah effect. Clockwise will make the Q value higher providing a narrow frequency band but a higher peak. This results in a very exaggerated and pronounced wah sound. Counter-clockwise will lower the Q value, providing a wider frequency band and a lower peak. This results in a more subtle wah effect.

DECAY - The Decay Control adjusts the release and closing of the filter. Clockwise gives a longer decay and counter-clockwise gives a shorter decay.

NOTE: This is also dependant on the sensitivity settings and the attack of the instrument.

TONE - The tone control adjusts the overall tone and frequency range of the pedal. Clockwise will give a brighter tone and a higher frequency range. Counter-clockwise will give a rounder tone and a lower frequency range. Counter-clockwise is perfect for using with a bass guitar. Note: When the 'SENSITIVITY' is set to 0, the 'TONE' control can be used as a static frequency filter.
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Mooer Green Mile Overdrive Pedal
Cat: 559025 Rel: 14 Jan 15
Compact overdrive pedal with 2 working modes and true bypass
Notes: Product Features:

- Two Working Modes:Warm/Hot
- Warm: Reconstructs a warm tube drive tone and nice dynamic response of classic tube amplifier. Provides a natural, smooth, creamy overdrive sound
- Hot: More powerful output than Warm mode, mighty crunch tone
- Full metal shell
- Very small and exquisite
- True bypass
- Requires DC 9V Adapter power supply
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MXR M235FC Custom Shop Smart Gate Pro Dual Remote Foot Controller Pedal (B-STOCK)
Cat: 650320 Rel: 18 Mar 15
B-STOCK: Box slightly damaged, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box slightly damaged, product in perfect working order**

This is the foot controller to accompany the MXR M235 Smart Gate
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NUX Boost Core Deluxe Booster Pedal
Cat: 712817 Rel: 29 Nov 18
Booster pedal featuring rotary controls for drive, level, bass & treble
Notes: Now you can drive your amp to boost with the Boost Core Deluxe's gain knob, then sweeten or subdue your treble and bass frequencies with the on board 2-band EQ. Boost Core Deluxe is handy enough as a standalone boost and an EQ pedal. With its analogue circuitry and tone enhancement, Boost Core Deluxe is beyond price. Drive the booster into your favourite overdrive to let it raise the sonic mayhem!
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NUX NCH1 Monterey Vibe Pedal
Cat: 712769 Rel: 29 Nov 18
Features all of the classic Uni-vibe style selections
Notes: NUX Monterey Vibe, born to recreate the grand, yet complex, psychedelic rock guitar sound of the 1960's and 70's. NUX Monterey Vibe, born to recreate the grand, yet complex, psychedelic rock guitar sound of the 1960's and 70's. It features all of the classic Uni-vibe style selections: Chorus, Rotary-Speaker, and Phaser pedal.

We modernized the original 4 stage phaser circuit ( a pulsating bulb surrounded by 4 photo-resistors ) by replacing it with a powerful 32Bit floating DSP to process our custom algorithm. What was the outcome?
A perfect mimic of the complex physical-phenomena of its original analog circuitry. NUX Monterey Vibe generates a truly unique effect tone; a mix of chorus, tremolo, rotary, and phaser.
This unique tone can be found in Pink Floyd's 'Breathe', Robin Trower's 'Bridge of Sighs', and the haunting audio mood created for 'Machine Gun' by Jimi Hendrix.
The earliest Uni-Vibe effect pedal came out in the 1960's. Cutting-edge guitarists were seeking a replacement for the heavy rotary speaker amplifier--configured from a standard amplifier for the electronic pipe organ.

The original Leslie speakers did have a charm of their own, but it was more than compensated for by gaining the phaser effect, and the ease-of-use of a simple pedal configuration. Just like the traditional Uni-Vibe pedal, you can switch between Chorus ( the Uni-vibe effect ) or Vibrato, by simply holding the foot-switch. In Chorus mode, the mix of Phaser and dry guitar signals produces a classic Rotary sound. In Vibrato mode, your pitch modulates between high and low. Both modes yield a rich, vintage vibe at any speed, intensity, or volume.
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NUX NCP2 Sculpture Compressor Pedal
Cat: 747757 Rel: 21 Oct 19
Mini compressor pedal
Notes: NuX Sculpture is a mini compressor pedal with professional performance. Sustain and level controls adjust the compression and output, whilst blend gives the ability to add back in some of the unaffected signal to give a more natural attack. Hold down the on/off pedal to switch between soft clip and clean compression modes. Perfect for long sustain chords and clean lead tones.
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Nux NMP-2 Dual Foot Controller
Cat: 784822 Rel: 15 Oct 20
Dual foot controller
Notes: Dual foot switch controller for on-the-fly control of guitar effects and amplifiers. Dual mono or stereo jack compatible with individual latching/momentary options for each switch. Designed for use with NuX pedals and compatible with many other types of equipment.

LED indicator per pedal
Latching or non-latching selectable
Compatible with NUX Loop Core Deluxe, JTC Drum & Loop PRO and Cerberus

The box for this item contains :

NuX NMP-2 dual foot controller

Power supply: 9Vdc (5.5 x 2.1mm, centre-negative) optional for LEDs
Dimensions: 96 x 50 x 46mm
Weight: 200g
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NUX NOD2 Tube Man MKII Overdrive Pedal
Cat: 712766 Rel: 21 Jan 19
Overdrive effects pedal with rotary drive, level & tone controls
Notes: Genuine tube-like sound that makes it more than your average Tube Screamer!

More gain! That was the overall goal. If you're not playing through a real tube amp, cranked for overdrive, it's difficult to get genuine tube overdrive sound.

The original Tube Screamer pedals used an OP-AMP system, a basic circuitry that became popular for its "perfect amp" attributes. It had no distortion so it had to be overdriven or distorted by re-shaping the signal until it distorts (diode-clipping). Clipping it a little bit gives you Overdrive. Clipping it a lot gives you distortion.

But there's a better way!

Using an FET Transistor System, which already has overdrive and distortion capabilities is a better approach to maintain the genuine sound you get from an actual analogue tube amp. An FET allows you to bring out the harmonic attributes, and break-up the distortion into a finer grit, the way a real tube does.

Now, your leads will sing richer and longer, and your rhythm will be more open and expressive than ever before. It all culminates into an overdrive that is superbly dynamic, with crisp precise clarity that lets players cut through a dense mix, without losing fat mid-range.
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NUX NOD3 Morning Star Overdrive Pedal
Cat: 747760 Rel: 21 Oct 19
Classic overdrive with improved high frequencies
Notes: NuX Morning Star is a blues drive pedal with a twist. Along with standard Drive, Level and Tone controls, holding the on/off pedal engages a Shine mode, which boosts the high frequencies adding sparkle to cut through a mix. Wide ranging gain adjustment offers tones from natural break-up to thick authentic overdrive. Enough range for blues to full-on rock styles.
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NUX NRV2 Oceanic Digital Reverb Pedal
Cat: 712773 Rel: 21 Jan 19
Reverb effects pedal with single rotary knob control
Notes: NUX Oceanic, a reverb effect as vast and deep as its name! Its minimalistic design sails past the competition giving you endless parameter choices with one single knob. Studio-grade hardware performance makes it an essential in your arsenal of effects. Room, Hall, and Square-wave or even Outer-space reverb. It's all there, with a simple twist of a knob. Pressing the footswitch activates a green-light indicator, transforming the DECAY knob into a wet/dry mix control. Demanding guitarists want a reverb that doesn't drown-out their tone, and Oceanic was designed with this in mind. Instead of dull and shallow you'll get a deep full-sounding reverb that's so seamless, you might even forget your jamming with it.

To make Oceanic a great digital reverb pedal, we used a powerful 32-bit DSP to process the complexity of its algorithm. To make it a unique reverb pedal, we programmed loads of studio-sound shaping parameters into that algorithm: Envelope Control, Multi-stage Cascade Diffuser, Multi-band Tone Decay Adjustment, Random Adjustment of Tail-tone Delay, and lots more! We even built in a compressor mould to help fine-tune your reverb dynamics. NUX is, once again, proud to re-define the mini pedal with Oceanic, a truly extraordinary reverb pedal. Oceanic can be switched in between true-bypass and buffer bypass.
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NUX NTU2 HD Pitch Tuner Pedal
Cat: 747771 Rel: 21 Oct 19
Mini pitch tuner pedal featuring dual displays for note information & tuning status
Notes: NuX HD Pitch is a new style of tuner pedal with dual displays for note information and tuning status. The upper display is a high definition screen for geometric visuals which indicate the current tuning status. The lower circular display shows the closest musical note to the pitch. In addition, the HD Pitch has selectable buffered or true bypass modes. Buffered mode is recommended for placing the HD Pitch first in a pedal chain to drive the signal through connected effects and avoid signal loss. A unique and intuitive tool for any pedal board.
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Palmer MI Pocket Booster Guitar Pedal
Cat: 647555 Rel: 02 May 17
Booster effects pedal for guitar
Notes: For guitar players wanting "more" the Pocket Booster is simply perfect. With just a Gain control the pedal is nonetheless extremely versatile: you can use it to increase the volume of an anaemic amp, or slam the front end for more overdrive. Before dirt boxes, the Pocket Booster generates more saturation and compression; placed at the end of an effects chain it provides a lead level boost.

The Pocket Booster works on a 9V battery or optional power adapter, e.g. Palmer PW9V.
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Singular Sound Footswitch + Two Button Footswitch Pedal
Cat: 782710 Rel: 15 Jul 20
Footswitch pedal
Notes: When you pair the Footswitch+ with the BeatBuddy or BeatBuddy MINI it gives you even more control over the beat. Right out of the box you get the ability to trigger accent hits, pause/unpause the beat, and navigate songs, genre, and tempo. However, when used with the BeatBuddy, you can do even more with the Footswitch+ like setting it to act as the main pedal.

But, it doesn't stop there! The Footswitch+ is hands down the best multipurpose 2 button footswitch on the market. It's built like a tank, is more comfortable than a footswitch has any right to be, and offers quiet, momentary switches.
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Effects pedals
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