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Cerwin Vega VE-5M Bookshelf Speakers (pair) (bookshelf speakers (pair))
Cat: 364576 Rel: 21 Aug 09
frequency response 60 Hz - 20 kHz, power 125W, sensitivity 89 dB
Notes: The Cerwin Vega 'VE-5M Bookshelf Speakers' are the VE Series' smallest 2-way family member and pack a serious punch with a 5 1/4-inch woofer providing 125W power handling from 60 Hz to 20 kHz, and 89 dB SPL (1 watt/1 meter) sensitivity.


- Frequency Response: 60 Hz - 20 kHz.
- Peak Power Handling: 125 watts.
- Sensitivity (1w/1m): 89 dB.
- 5 1/4" Midrange with Fiber Impregnated Cone.
- 1 1/4" Treated Silver Mylar Tweeter with Ferro Fluid.
- Video Sheilding.
- Elegant Black-Ash Enclosure.
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 10.875" x 6.1" x 7.2".
- Weight: 7 lbs.

*Preliminary specifications subject to change.
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out of stock $90.13
Cat: 578073 Rel: 19 Jun 15
Westwood style bluetooth speaker with powerful 25watt output & subwoofer
Notes: The Westwood Speaker is a compact and stylish speaker system, with Bluetooth technology, this enables you to play music from your smartphone or MP3 player.

The Westwood can also be used to boost the sound of your GPO record player, offering an additional 25 watts of sound with bass and treble dials, giving you total control of your sound. With vintage cloth style grill, retro metal corner protectors and carry handle you can take it on your travels or have it as a cool looking centrepiece in your room.
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Cat: 561557 Rel: 24 Apr 15
Compact multimedia speaker system with pair of 2.5" drivers, and rugged zinc die cast construction
Notes: Samson's Meteor M2 Multimedia Speaker System is the ideal sound solution for desktops, laptops and tablets. Through the use of premium components, innovative sound design and custom digital signal processing, the full metal Meteor M2 breathes new sonic life into your favorite music, movies and games.

The Meteor M2 is carefully crafted to deliver powerful full-range sound that goes way beyond its compact size. The stereo pair speaker system combines 2.5" drivers and rear-ported passive radiators to produce exceptional low-end performance normally confined to larger speakers and 3-piece systems with dedicated subwoofers.

For those who use their computers and laptops as their primary entertainment medium, the Meteor M2 is ideal. The speaker system is designed not only to dramatically improve volume level over that of your internal computer speakers, but also to deliver a crisp, detailed stereo field in which to enjoy fatigue-free listening. This makes it the perfect choice for extended music playback sessions and watching movies.

As an industry leader in professional audio solutions known for its fidelity and reliability, Samson invites you to enjoy the way music should sound... with the Meteor M2 Multimedia Speaker System.
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Cat: 722941 Rel: 01 Jan 90
***B-STOCK: Box opened, product unused***
Notes: The Tannoy Eclipse Two speakers offer the same unbeatable driver combination as the Eclipse one but in a larger, floorstanding cabinet - providing extra punch and deep bass performance. Suitable for small to medium sized rooms, the Eclipse Two is capable of outstanding musical communication across a wide range of music styles. Ideal for upgrading a budget audiophile system or for use with amplified network streamers, the Eclipse Two delivers a big sound from a relatively compact cabinet.

The Eclipse Two boasts an 18.9 litre cabinet, constructed from heavyweight fibreboard and braced to reduce cabinet colouration. Fitted with the new Eclipse 1.1" HF driver and a single Eclipse 5" mid/bass driver, the larger ported cabinet allows the drivers to best engage with the room for an altogether larger and more fulfilling sound. With power handling up to 200 Watt peak, high 88 dB/watt efficiency and frequency response from 44 Hz to over 32 kHz, the Eclipse Two is capable of creating fine music irrespective of genre or recording format.

With its two-part plinth for additional stability, robust gold-plated speaker terminals and close tolerance components throughout, the Eclipse Two redefines the performance standard for entry-level floorstanding loudspeakers. With its satin black oak finish, subtle trim detailing and removable grilles, the Eclipse Two looks as good as it sounds.

Tannoy's proven heavyweight fibreboard cabinet design is employed in the Eclipse series. Internally braced to minimise cabinet colouration, they can deliver tighter, more tuneful bass. The cabinets are also rear ported to assist deep bass reproduction and keep the front baffle's clean lines.

The 5" Eclipse mid/bass driver offerS unrivalled midband clarity and low frequency performance in its class. The cone is crafted from a light, stiff multi-fibre enriched paper pulp, coated to improved detailing and offering exceptional transient response to give rhythmic music realistic drive and punch.

The 1.1" silk dome tweeter chosen for its accuracy and detail is coated with a layer of nitro-urethane damping which serves to move the 'break-up' frequency much further outside the human range of hearing. Providing high frequency performance which is supremely accurate with smooth top-end extension out to over 32 kHz

Eclipse crossovers include laminated core inductors for exceptional musical detailing. Tannoy's unique differential materials technology compound is used to damp micro vibrations on the polypropylene capacitors, further enhancing Eclipse's musicality and communication.

The Eclipse range is finished to exceptional standards throughout. Finished in dark yet cool satin black oak and equipped with robust gold-plated speaker terminals, Eclipse leaves other budget loudspeakers in the shade.

A dedicated plinth is provided on floorstanding models providing stability and ensuring fast and taut low frequency performance. This is further enhanced with adjustable floor spikes for precise levelling of the speaker cabinet without damage to carpets.
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Cat: 408921 Rel: 29 Oct 10
Notes: The Mercury V1 is a compact stand-mount loudspeaker offering outstanding flexibility and class leading performance. As a front stereo pair the Mercury V1 excels at delivering dynamic bass and the musical articulation of much more costlier designs. Its high current handling is equally at home in home theatre systems where Mercury V1 is easy to drive nature and deep bass punch are compatible with a wide range of AV amplifiers and receivers.

Comprehensively upgraded from previous Mercury stand mount designs the V1 cabinet has been stiffened with revised bracing and is slightly larger to deliver even deeper bass. The new driver array features a new ultra light mid/bass pulp cone, the fastest cone yet to grace a Mercury loudspeaker. The Mercury V soft dome tweeter is engineered to tolerances generally found on much more costly loudspeaker designs, giving the V1 impressive top end extension and a natural, spacious sound.

The Mercury V1 also benefits from an upgraded crossover with high quality components, high purity silver plated wiring and enhanced Differential Material Technology (DMT) damping on the HF capacitors. This high tech engineering, distilled down from Tannoy's high-end loudspeaker designs, ensures Mercury V1 delivers true class-leading acoustic performance.

With its compact cabinet and breathtaking performance, the Mercury V1 is an all round loudspeaker for systems where space is at a premium. As a refined 2 channel stereo music system or as part of a multi-channel home theatre setup Mercury V1 delivers truly outstanding performance and value.

To cater for both modern and more traditional decor, Mercury V1 is available in either sugar maple or dark walnut finish.

Revised internal bracing and chambering on the Mercury V1 has delivered a solid and compact cabinet with very low box colouration. Built from wood pulp and high density fibre loaded board, each cabinet benefits from low frequency port-tuning allowing Mercury V1 to punch out dynamic bass rhythms like a much larger loudspeaker.

The Mercury V1 features substantially upgraded drivers over previous Mercury ranges with a new ultra-light bass/mid driver cone and a high specification soft-dome teeter assembly. The Mercury V delivers fast, dynamic bass with a detailed and fluid high frequency performance. High power handling ensures they can be driven hard with movies and music, yet remained subtle and refined at everyday listening levels.

The more refined Mercury V1 crossover benefits from Tannoy's patented Differential Materials Technology (DMT). The innovative compound is used to mount the crossover's high frequency capacitors, improving damping and delivering smoother and more accurate reproduction through the upper ranges.

Unheard of in a budget loudspeaker design, Tannoy's engineers found that this high quality silver plated oxygen-free copper cable really allowed the Mercury V range to breathe. The result is a more articulate and detailed sound with resolution of fine detail and micro dynamics on par with speakers costing much more.

The Mercury V range (except V4) can be easily wall mounted for convenience and a discreet look in the home. Each unit is fitted with two screw-sockets, securely fastened into the cabinet body for use with a wide range of third-part loudspeaker brackets. In addition to theses mounting sockets the dedicated wall-mount Mercury VR rear speaker comes with twin key-hole mounts for simple and cost-effect screw or bolt fixing flush to the wall.

In response to the demand for products designed to enhance home decor, Mercury V is the best looking Mercury loudspeaker range to date. The clean lines, brushed aluminium trim, subtle branding and choice of sugar maple or dark walnut finish ensure Mercury V speakers look as good as they sound in any home.
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Cat: 575705 Rel: 13 Sep 13
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: *** B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working orders ***

The flagship Mercury V4i is an impressive floor standing loudspeaker with a dedicated plinth, capable of huge scale dynamics and highly detailed top end articulation. Featuring two potent 165 mm (6.5") mid/bass drivers, the V4i is a high-impact design delivering an authoritative performance with power and passion. The new plinth assembly lends the design even greater stability than previous Mercury floorstanders, making bass notes tighter, punchier and more accurate.

Comprehensively upgraded from the award winning Mercury V4, the new Mercury V4i features an all-new magnesium alloy dome tweeter offering an extremely wide bandwidth and incredibly detailed high frequency response. This true Wideband tweeter extends treble to 53 kHz, giving a wide soundstage and more accurate articulation of instruments. The ultra light Mercury mid/bass cones give the V4i a speed and delicacy rarely found in budget floor-standing designs. Revised cabinet bracing, silver plated wiring and enhanced Differential Material Technology (DMT) damping on the HF capacitors lead to a greater refinement across the audio-band and an even more involving performance.

High output levels and an easy to drive load make the Mercury V4i suitable for a wide range of home entertainment amplifiers and applications. At the front of a multi-channel home theatre system the V4i delivers adrenaline fuelled movie action like no other loudspeaker at the price. Yet the Mercury V4i is also an exceptional two channel stereo system for larger rooms, where its authority of presentation is complimented by the detail and accuracy of the mid range and high frequencies.
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Hi-fi speakers
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