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Hi-fi turntables

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Hi-fi turntables

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Project Primary E Phono Turntable & Jamo DS4 Powered Speakers Music Crate Bundle (black)
Notes: All you need to get started with vinyl. Pro-Ject's Primary E turntable is a good quality entry-level listening deck and it's paired here with Jamo's bookshelf speakers to hook up directly.

Supplier notes:
Project Primary E Phono Turntable:

With a smart tonearm design, Project were able to combine pure sound quality with an easy setup. The Plug & Play design with pre-adjusted tracking force and anti-skating for the included Ortofon OM cartridge has helped to cut costs and is extremely efficient in handling for users.

No compromise in sound: On contraire, the lightweight and low friction aluminium tonearm is optimized for the Ortofon cartridge and will bring out its maximum potential. Also the vibration absorbing feet isolate the turntable from the surface it is place on to deliver the best sound possible. The Primary E Phono is equipped with a switchable phono/line output, so it can be run with a dedicated external phono preamp or with the integrated phono preamp connected to a line input (for example AUX, CD, Tuner, Tape, etc.). With intelligent construction and without needless features we were able to keep the price attractive, despite this product being handmade in Europe.

Outputs: RCA Phono/Line
Speed: 33, 45 (manual speed change)
Principle: Belt drive
Speed variance: 33: 0.8% 45: 0.7%
Wow & Flutter: 33: 0.29% 45: 0.27%
Platter: 300 mm with felt mat
Main bearing: Stainless steel
Tonearm: 8.6" aluminium
Effective arm length: 218.5 mm
Overhang: 22.0 mm
Effective tonearm mass: 8.0 g
Counterweight for mass: 3 - 7 g (supplied)
Tracking force range: 0 - 25mN (18mN pre-adjusted)
Included accessories: Dust cover
Power consumption: 4.5 Watts max
Dimensions: 420 x 112 x 330mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 4.0 kg net

Jamo DS4 Powered Speakers:

The Jamo DS4 wireless bookshelf speakers offer a sleek, contemporary design with an incredible acoustic performance. Wrapped in a white or black stitched leatherette, these speakers accent any home decor. The DS4 wireless bookshelf speakers feature an easy-to-use control pad for volume, pause/play, fast-forward, rewind, and source selection. You can quickly connect your DS4 wireless bookshelf speakers to your TV or computer via stereo analog inputs to bring life to your movies, music and games. There is a also separate USB port which acts as a charging station for your electronic devices.

These bookshelf speakers utilize Bluetoothr wireless technology for music streaming from your phone, tablet or computer. Available in a Black or White Leatherette finish.

Amplifier Power Output: 18W x 2
Frequency Response: 50Hz-20KHz
High Frequency Driver: 20KHz
Low Frequency Driver: 3.5", 8 ohms ,20W
Inputs: Bluetoothr Wireless Technology, AUX in
Accessories: Speaker wire, Aux cable, Power supply
Enclosure Type: Wood and Leatherette
Finish: Black
Dimensions: 178mm H, 114mm W, 190mm D 7.75" H, 4.5" W, 7.5" D
Weight: 4.2kg (9.3 lbs)
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Hi-fi turntables
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