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Record bags

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Record bags

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Magma LP100 Profi 12 Inch Vinyl Bag (black, black)
Cat: 254583 Rel: 28 Feb 07
Record bag holds approximately 90-100 records, timeless design, compatible with LP trolley, 3 extra pockets
Notes: The Magma LP Bag 100 Profi is another proven Magma classic. The big storage space (allows 90-100 vinyls), carefully thought out functionality and timeless design turns this bag into a completely reliable companion for the club DJ.
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 2 in stock $106.54
Magma LP40 Bag II 12" Vinyl Record Bag 40 (black, red)
Cat: 409281 Rel: 28 Oct 10
Record bag holds up to 40 records
Notes: This bag which accommodates 40 records and additional accessories, is absolutely perfect for shorter DJ gigs or for the weekly record shopping trip. With a lot of small accessory pockets, the bag can also be used as a multi-functional courier bag for office or leisure time.
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 2 in stock $47.01
UDG Courier Record & 17" Laptop Bag Deluxe (black, orange)
Cat: 433323 Rel: 12 Aug 11
DJ bag for 35 records & laptop
Notes: The CourierBag Deluxe 17" holds approximately 40 records or 35 when laptop is inside. The CourierBag Deluxe 17" is build with firmness in mind and can be combined with an UDG Trolley. The bag is also perfect for daily use as a schoolbag or to take to your work.

It has loads of compartments and features. The bag comes with a comfortable shoulder strap which can be adjusted to the perfect fit and a handle with rubber grips that provides comfort and durability. The bottom comes with rubber slip guards for fabric protection.

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UDG Starter 12 Inch Vinyl Record Bag 50 (black)
Cat: 219244 Rel: 26 May 06
Record bag holds 50 records
Notes: The UDG Starter record bag is a medium size bag that holds approximately 50 vinyl records. It's the perfect budget priced padded DJ bag for the starting DJ and a perfect chance for every DJ to have an original UDG product.
It comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap and 2 hold-all straps that make it easy to carry. Your records will be extra protected by the foam padded PVC reinforced walls.

The UDG Starter record bag is a perfect bag for the starting DJ.
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 2 in stock $63.49
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Record bags
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