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Street headphones

Street headphones in stock for same day-shipping
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Maxell Classics Headphones With Mic For Hands Free Calling (white)
Cat: 746045 Rel: 13 Sep 19
personal headphones
Notes: Classics are an entry level wired headphone with styling from yesteryear. These on ear headphones are comfortable to wear and will give you hours of music pleasure. The built in mic allows you to take those calls whilst on the move.

With a classics retro design, these headphones offer fantastic sound at an extremely competitive price.

The Classics Headphones include a built in microphone for superb quality hands free calling & the ultra-soft cushioned ear pads and headband, combines design with comfort for an enjoyable audio experience. Classics Headphones are a stylish and great value way to enjoy your music wherever you go.
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 2 in stock $11.40
On Earz Lounge NoisyBoys Headphones (white fushia)
Cat: 416379 Rel: 11 Feb 11
Lounge NoisyBoys headphones with 40mm dynamic drivers
Notes: Get rocking with this Rock-a-Billy NoisyBoys headset.

Equipped with 40mm dynamic diaphragms, the On-Earz Lounge NoisyBoys headset offers excellent sound quality. With a sensitivity of 115 dB, this wired headset is also very trendy, and boast a flashy, hip design. Offering premium comfort thanks to its adjustable headband and softearpads, the Lounge headset is designed for listening to music on the go.
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 2 in stock $20.17
Zumreed Sfit Graphic Headphones (star)
Cat: 361620 Rel: 21 Jul 09
Lightweight headphones
Notes: Zumreed's Sfit Graphic Headphones feature a range of trendy designs while mixing colors and graphic patterns. At the same time it combines the classic headphone outlook, creating a simple fashion but with individual style.

The Sfit Graphic Headphone is lightweight, compact, and convenient with its folding mechanism. The earpads are smooth and soft to stay comfortable on the ears.
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 1 in stock $12.61
Zumreed Sfit Headphones (lime yellow)
Cat: 361612 Rel: 21 Jul 09
Lightweight headphones, slim fit design with folding mechanism
Notes: Introducing the Zumreed color collection, the Sfit headphones are smart and slim and come in ultra stylish colours with mirror finish. They feature simple and convenient white headband with foldable mechanism. You can listen boldly with these style-defining Zumreed headphones.
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 1 in stock $28.96
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