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Behringer 302 USB Xenyx Mixer + Tracktion 4 Audio Production Software
Cat: 432793 Rel: 27 Dec 11
5 input mixer with XENYX mic preamp and USB/audio interface
Notes: The Behringer XENYX 302USB is ideally suited for a small home studio or the on-the-go recording enthusiast.

At approximately 4" long and 5" wide (117mm x 135mm), the Behringer XENYX 302USB respects your desk space, while providing an XLR & 1/4" combination socket, stereo USB/line channel plus a dedicated 2-track input.

Don't let the XENYX 302USB's diminutive size fool you, this little gem is loaded with features typically reserved for larger, more expensive mixers. For instance, Behringer equipped the mic input with their XENYX mic preamp, which is legendary for its sonic clarity and high-headroom performance. Behringer also gave the mic and line/USB channels our 2-band British-style EQs (low and high) and provide a 2-track input that can be assigned to either the main mix or phones.

You can even power the XENYX 302USB from your computer's USB port, which is great for capturing the sounds of migratory birds in flight, or for posting your podcast straight to the web. sports announcers, radio and TV reporters will definitely want one of these in their field bag.

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Behringer 802 Xenyx 8 Input 2 Bus Mixer
Cat: 486285 Rel: 08 Apr 13
Premium 8 input 2 bus mixer with Xenyx microphone preamps & British EQs
Notes: Need to accommodate a vocal duo in a hurry? Got a small choir in need of a little projection? The Behringer 802 mixer has everything you need to give a small multi-vocal performance a robust sound.

The 8 input, 2 bus Xenyx 802 has two Xenyx mic preamps with +48V phantom power, making it possible to use two dynamic or condenser microphones. The three-band British EQ is lauded throughout the sound engineering world for its warm, musical sound. You can also use the 802's effects send and return jacks to hook up to an external effects processor. Play music between sets via the CD/ Tape inputs (assignable to main mix or control room/ phones outputs) and record your performance to an outboard recording device via the RCA outputs.

Weighing in at just 2.2 pounds, the Xenyx 802 is the portable, practical way to turn a small performance with multiple vocalists into a sonic gem. Choirs, folk duos, coffee shops and karaoke lounges agree the 802 packs superior sound into small places.
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Studio mixers
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