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Back In Stock: Dubstep

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London Bars (Record Store Day 2016) (limited heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: 602547 709448. Rel: 09 May 16
  1. Funny (feat Frisco) (2:59)
  2. More Ratatatin (feat Giggs) (3:18)
  3. Wha Gwarn? (feat Bonkaz) (3:34)
  4. Bigger Man Sound (feat Novelist) (3:21)
Review: Warming us up for their fourth album, Chase & Status applied their studio magic to a 100 percent grime-focused mini-series late last year. Featuring an all-star cast of MCs - Frisco, Giggs, Bonkaz, Novelist - each cut celebrated all the best elements and characteristics of the genre from sparse, instantly hooky beats and seriously witty and sharp wordplay. Now celebrating on the format they should be, grab these limited Record Store Day bars before they shut down.
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 in stock $22.17
Emika (limited 2xLP + free MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEN 156. Rel: 10 Oct 11
  1. 3 Hours
  2. Common Exchange
  3. Professional Loving
  4. Be My Guest
  5. Chemical Fever
  6. Count Backwards
  7. Save It
  8. Double Edge
  9. The Long Goodbye
  10. FM Attention
  11. Come Catch Me
  12. Drop The Other
  13. Pretend
  14. Credit Theme
 in stock $15.25
Cat: ARTKL 013. Rel: 28 Apr 14
  1. Haunted Harmonics
  2. Forces Of Nature
  3. Shottaz
Review: Thelem releases don't come round as often as we'd like... But when they do, they never disappoint. "Haunted Harmonics" sums up the distinctive creativity and production benchmark instantly. Twisted FX and paranoid riffs, it's darkness o'clock and every one's watch has well and truly stopped. Both "Forces Of Nature" and "Obsessions", meanwhile, contribute towards the subby, 160 style jungle flavours that are currently bombarding the dance. Hungry for drums? Look no further than the savage drama of "Shottaz". Each cut charging a different corner of the dance, this is Thelem at his most extensive and accomplished. Well worth the wait.
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 in stock $9.15
Give Dem (1-sided 10")
Cat: THEMOSTHIGH 007. Rel: 12 Sep 16
  1. Give Dem (4:59)
Review: Clandestine version business on a one sided 10" white label as "Give Dem" from Shabba Ranks' gets the 20,000 league deep subaquatic finish it's always needed but never deserved. Processing the vocals for a barbed, subtly demonic affect and emphasising the pure weight of the drums, whoever Themosthigh truly is, they're in a very special place right here.
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 in stock $9.15
Cat: 374097 7. Rel: 05 Aug 13
  1. Ella Fitzgerald - "Too Darn Hot" (Rac mix)
  2. Sarah Vaughan - "Please Mr Brown" (Pontus Winnberg of Miike Snow remix)
  3. Marlena Shaw - "Woman Of The Ghetto" (Flume Jackin House mix)
  4. Astraud Gilberto - "Fly Me To The Moon" (Kaskade remix)
  5. Nina Simone - "Feeling Good" (Bassnectar remix)
  6. Nina Simone - "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" (Zeds Dead remix)
  7. Nina Simone - "I Put A Spell On You" (Pretty Lights remix)
  8. Sister Rosetta Tharpe - "Jercho" (C2C remix)
  9. Billie Holiday - "My Man" (Toro Y Moi remix)
  10. Astraud Gilberto & Walter Wanderley Trio - "So Nice (Summer Samba)" (Azari & III remix)
  11. Dinah Washington - "I've Got You Under My Skin" (DJ Carnage & Victor Niglo remix)
  12. Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto - "Corcovado" (Tokimonsta remix)
  13. Ella Fitzgerald - "Blues Skies" (Maya Jane Coles remix)
 in stock $28.00
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Back In Stock: Dubstep

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