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Fall Out (feat NAD mix)
Cat: ERC 146. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Fall Out (7:10)
Fall Out (Fresh '86) (6:46)
Fall Out (NAD Discomix) (12:12)
Review: Emotional Rescue's vital Konduko reissue series sadly comes to an end here with a look at the label's final years. In those days it moved away from reggae, disco and boogie towards an enduring electro sound that had a vast and lasting impact on the Miami scene. The biggest tune from that time was when Noel Williams linked with local songwriter Lawrence Dermer aka Der Mer for the track reissued here. 'Fall Out' soon became a hit with its driving electro-funk rhythms. The original sits next to the later Fresh '86" mix as well as a NAD disco mix from Dan Tyler, best known as one of the Idjut Boys. It's an irresistible package of body-popping electro with hooks for days.
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Luminous Machines
Luminous Machines (limited transparent fluorescent pink vinyl 2xLP + download card with 8 additional ambient tracks)
Cat: PLANT43 013LP. Rel: 12 Feb 24
Solar Luminosity (5:16)
Haunting The Depths (5:58)
Luminous Machines (5:47)
Hibernation Base (5:09)
Fixed Point Rotation (6:00)
Alternative Engines (5:29)
Phosphorescent Headlights (6:21)
Inside Is Out (6:14)
Review: Plant43 is the alias of Emile Facey, one of electro's most tireless innovators. He has a vast discography that never fails to prove he can speak through his machines more ably than just about anyone in the game, and certainly within the genre. Luminous Machines comes on his own label and is an album, his eighth in all, of cinematic and futuristic jams written before a gig at Tresor in April this year. 'Haunting The Depths' has an icy minimalism to it, with crisp drums and snappy hits all underpinned by textured bass. The title cut is a restless affair that pings about the stereo field with squiggling lines and loopy breaks and 'Fixed Point Rotation' has a more dark and menacing feel. These are just some of the highlights of another standout collection.

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 in stock $31.64
Direct Hit (including Cignol mix)
Cat: VIS 325. Rel: 15 Nov 21
Direct Hit (7:13)
Direct Hit (Cignol remix) (6:26)
Iris (5:21)
Core Velocity (6:11)
Review: 20/20 Vision has always been a label that sets the bar high when it comes to dancefloor releases - one of Yorkshire's most treasured institutions, to say the least. And while historically the imprint has often been on a tech-y house tip, lest we forget the is the crew that were letting a then-emergent Paul Woolford explore the outer reaches of electro house and breaks way back when, and that attitude hasn't really changed since.

Here the team hand the spotlight to another Leeds name, Alfred, who responds with three original tracks that are punchy, funky, engaging and hugely impactful. Broken beats, subtle rave hoover lines, mind-melting synth arpeggiations and a thoroughly futuristic feeling throughout. Definitely a powerful addition to any DJ's arsenal - the sort of tunes that can marry up well with so many styles and always grab maximum attention.
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Acid Sampler 1.5
Cat: RBACIDEP 15. Rel: 12 Feb 24
Kosmische Conga (5:15)
Echopet (6:30)
Minehead (5:39)
Carinacid (6:04)
Review: Astral techno cosmonaut Space Dimension Controller serves up his vision of acid on this new sampler via Gerd Jansen's Running Back. The storied producer kicks off with 'Kosmische Conga' which has twitchy and sinewy lines lashing about over mid-tempo drums. 'Echopet' has a dubby feel and nice undulating grocers that are coloured with a prickly 303 that gently weaves its way in and out. 'Minehead' gets more manic as the 303s are louder, brighter, and more manic in their approach and 'Carinacid' then slows down to heavy drums and a mutant acid house and techno vibe that is full of late night menace.
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 in stock $13.71
808 Doves
Cat: KNB 01. Rel: 25 Jan 24
808 Doves (5:00)
Crystal Doves (4:44)
Review: Cheesy electro goodness from Canadian edit and remix machine Nick Bike, here indulging the humorous moniker Nicholas Bicicletta for the second of two 7" Kon editions. '808 Doves' comes through with glitzing hits, filter-freqqed lasershots, synth claves, and arpy sixteenths, all chalking up a downtown New York circa 1987 vibe. The free-as-a-bird theme is kept up with 'Crystal Doves', which concocts a sonic landscape picture of cathartic vocal gurgles and subby progressions, all against an epic collage made up of Crystal-Watery recognisance.
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Intérprete: Smoove
 in stock $19.52
Xuntanza Vol III
Cat: FAN 017. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Carl Finlow - "Organoids" (7:02)
Hoax Believers - "Short Circuit" (4:30)
Sound Synthesis - "Vertex43" (4:47)
Univac - "H Beat" (6:58)
Review: There is some serious electro talent on this new EP from Fanzine, starting with now US-based, UK-favourite Carl Finlow. His machines are in fine fettle once more as crisp, kicking electro rhythms are overlaid with bright, silvery, pixelated melodic fireworks on the sublime 'Organoiods'. Hoax Believers get more gritty with the sheet metal snares and in-your-face arps of 'Short Circuit' while Sound Synthesis offers something moody and unsettling on their 'Vertex43'. Univac will make your eyes water with the abrasive textures of 'H Beat.'
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 in stock $15.29
Ceerial Port (reissue)
Cat: WEME 084. Rel: 16 Feb 24
Acid Highway (1:29)
Red DX Acid (4:51)
Acid Whorl (3:28)
Acid Causeway 1 (5:31)
Tough Grugoy Acid (3:35)
Acid Surf Dream (7:40)
Woodlice Acid (4:31)
Review: First released in 2006, 'Ceerial Port' is the ultimate wildcard in the electro profligate Ceephax's towering discography. The seven-or-eight track album does things with the electro form that few of Mr. Jenkinson's contemporaries would dare ever indulge, were it not for this initial fatherly stamp of approval. lead reissue cut 'Acid Whorl' is the foremost case in point, hard-limiting and soft-clipping a cyclonic 'whorlwind' of pitch-whacked acid effluence. Further 8-bit playtimes come in the form of 'Acid Highway' and 'Acid Causeway', recalling the feeling of scouring the outer edges of an Atari Kart game and encountering nothing but rolling, pixelated skies; 'Tough Grugoy Acid' and 'Woodlice Acid' make up the longer wavelengths on the spectrum, stomping and echo-rimshotting to ever-weighty, yet jolly ends.
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Fantasy (feat Jonny Rock Discomix)
Fantasy (4:34)
Fantasy (instrumental) (5:07)
Fantasy (Jonny Rock Discomix) (9:47)
Review: The last of the Konduko series from Emotional Rescue arrives now and quite possibly it is the best of the lot from Noel Williams. His 'Fantasy' saw him work with Larry Dermer aka Der Mer on what is an effective and catchy electro jam that operates at the higher end of the tempo chart with some classic vocoder vocal action to really make it pop. Despite being released originally in 1984 this one still bangs with its emulated TR-808 beats and nagging melodies. The instrumental heightens that and then the Jonny Rock Discomix shuts down with long-form rework that shows why the DJ, editor and all-round amiable bloke is so well regarded.
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 in stock $15.29
Space Is The Place EP
Cat: EMCV 014. Rel: 02 Feb 24
Space Is The Place (feat Djedjotronic) (6:05)
Antigravity System (5:26)
To Another Galaxy (4:28)
Extraterrestrial (4:53)
We Came To Dance (5:08)
 in stock $13.46
New Phonies (remastered)
New Phonies (remastered) (red marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: CWCS 024. Rel: 01 Feb 24
New Object (5:37)
Don't Talk (5:21)
Hand To Phone (5:37)
Your Lies (4:51)
Review: Remastered and reissued with new a new album cover via the Clone West Coast Series, Adult's 'New Phonies' EP first appeared in 2000 as the duo moniker of Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller, two legit electro stalwarts. This is a proper snappy electro EP - of the least sympathetic and most coldly calculating kind - evoking the fright of becoming trapped inside an inescapable subliminal-sonic cybernetic feedback loop, with all human faculties thrown to the wayside. 'Hand To Phone', for example, locks us into a communicative-cybernetic stasis, with spitty acid 16ths betraying the mood of becoming affective chasers of electromagnetic signals, unwittingly carrying out the bidding of our new techno-evangelist overlords. The A-sider 'New Object', meanwhile, with its sizzling 808s, transitional fluctuations and hip-hop vocal refrain - "I need you to accommodate my comunication needs" - touches on several layers of objectification at once: sexual, commodification, loss of the ability to speak. Adult truly dealt with adult themes and embraced their recapture into the machine - now you too can own their New Object.
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 in stock $15.29
The Trial (Ovatow Reshape)
Cat: FR ME. Rel: 16 Feb 24
The Trail (Ovatow Reshape) (11:16)
Piston Rings (remastered) (6:28)
 in stock $15.56
Humans EP
Humans EP (12")
Cat: AFTG 02. Rel: 21 Feb 24
Space Pass Over (6:29)
Clock Moods (5:18)
/Humans (6:14)
Symptomystery (5:32)
Review: Our latest favourite musical non-terrestrial intelligence, Acid For The Grandma, lays down a four-track sonic analysis of what it means to be human. Firstly, we're met with a serene 'Space Pass Over', as this geriatric grey-ette scans our biosphere for signs of life, unintimidated by the threat of interplanetary warfare, governmental misrepresentation or mass panic. Some conflicts break out - documented sonically on twin acid electro expressions, 'Clock Moods' and '/humans', both of which would be worthy of a new Voyager Golden Record - while the descending arpeggiations of 'Symptomystery' evoke the landing of the Grandma's spacecraft and the ultimate coming-back-down-to-Earth, a radical unity of alien and citizen.
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Y01 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: XYY 01. Rel: 29 Nov 21
Track 1 (6:53)
Track 2 (5:54)
Track 3 (5:03)
Review: Having just made a splash with a 12" of adventurous leftfield techno, Intercepts simultaneously emerges as an inventive force in the field of electro too. Again, we get three shadowy producers stepping out at a mean clip, with 'Track 1' running faster than average and revelling in razor sharp edits that split the difference between braindance, d&b and machine funk and come up with dark, sinewy gold. 'Track 2' eschews the kicks and works a few more melodic elements into the mix for a starry-eyed piece with an underlying spookiness. Then 'Track 3' locks into something much more upfront with a chunky lead hook and satisfyingly dirty drums. There's serious flex in the synth work here, suggesting someone that may have been honing their craft for some time already. Electro heads take note - this is something different.
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 in stock $1.05
Trushwax (12")
Cat: UFO 19/TRUSH01. Rel: 14 Feb 24
Trush Your Body (6:48)
Hello Awreibody (7:20)
Quack 1 (5:16)
Tags: Acid House
! low stock $10.03
Cat: VIS 332. Rel: 25 Jul 22
Desequence (6:45)
Downstream (4:59)
Guttural (6:43)
Wavefront (6:01)
Review: Carl Finlow has produced an astonishing catalogue of music over a career spanning three decades, with his discography including hundreds of releases and remixes under a variety of monikers. 'Desequence' is the latest edition to Finlow's expansive productions and a masterclass in electronic music.

'Desequence' kicks off the record with a heavy dose of integalactic funk with interstellar beats rockin' over squelchy bass lines and razor sharp glitches. While 'Downstream' delivers a warped groove wrapped up in Finlow's intricate programming.

'Guttural' is an overwhelming assault of rapid fire elements, forming complex off kilter breaks littered with robotic licks and served over deep, low end bass. 'Wavefront' closes yet another impeccable addition to Finlow's highly accomplished works, with an off planet adventure through extraterrestrial soundscapes.

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000 Baby
000 Baby (10")
Cat: WRECKS 048. Rel: 30 Jan 24
000 Baby (6:41)
000 Baby (OM Unit remix) (6:17)
Review: After many years turning out 12"s, Klasse Wrecks has decided to serve up a first-ever 10" and they give the honour to Mr. Ho. His '000 Baby' is a delightfully widescreen sound - a post-rave mix of comedown electronics, dusty breakbeats and soothing ambient pads with some smart vocal samples drifting like wispy clouds. On the flipside, we're treated to and OM Unit remix that beefs things up and speeds up the drums. The percussion too is more defined and the energy levels ramped up with deft 808 bass and searching acidic leads. A nice yin to the A-side's yang.
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 in stock $14.24
Deep Water
Cat: SNG 016. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Deep Water (5:26)
Still (5:12)
Tempest (4:55)
Arctic (4:46)
Abyss (5:23)
Review: Spanish imprint Sungate has been rolling out the jams for seven years now and next up to head into deep trench waters is the talented Dutch artist Taupe aka Tobias Blankenstein. His five tracks here are sublime, to be honest - liquid explorations of classic Motor City electro with stylish synths and plenty of mediative and melancholic melodies that make you think while your feet lock into the rhythms. The title track is celestial and spaced out, 'Still' suspends you deep in the cosmos and 'Arctic' picks up the pace with more jittery rhythms and silky arps.
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Agogo (12")
Cat: C4R 001. Rel: 14 Feb 24
Deep Agogo (6:49)
Let's Agogo (8:22)
! low stock $13.19
Split Machine Vol 2
Cat: GO 009. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Noamm - "Clone Machine" (5:52)
Noamm - "Scientific Technological Device" (3:39)
Noamm - "Verruckter Wissenschaftler" (3:56)
Brice Kelly - "Beings Of Alpha" (5:18)
Brice Kelly - "If You Don't Think Like Us" (5:17)
Brice Kelly - "Powers That Be" (4:57)
Review: Gladio Operations is on the cusp if hitting double figures and over the course of its first few releases has explored a fine range of electro. This latest transmission from Noamm and Brice Kelly is a second volume in their Split Machine series. The opener from Noamm is all caustic synth modulations and sweet metal snares over a rugged beat. 'Scientific Technological Device' that has more lashing metal textures and bright, visceral synths while 'Verruckter Wissenschaftler' carries on with the same aesthetic but has a more raw and direct groove. Brice Kelly takes care of the flip side with a more lithe and celestial take on electro that provides a great yin to the yang of the A-side.
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 in stock $17.67
Space Threat
Space Threat (limited 12")
Cat: CPU 01111010. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Space Threat (5:20)
Asteroid Attack (5:20)
Flying High (5:03)
Vimana Ride (5:03)
Review: Sheffield's peerless Central Processing Unit welcomes a new signing here in the form of Larinoov. The artists has previously shown great creative nous across releases that suggest he is well versed in classic electro and also loves a good melody. He has dropped them on Craigie Knowes and Rotterdam Electronix in the past and here kicks off with a soundtrack to a trip to the far flung corners of the multi-verse. 'Asteroid Attack' then adds some extra intensity to a similar framework and 'Flying High' then hits a sweet spot in between. 'Vimana Ride' closes with a gurgling bassline that will melt your mind and smart, snappy drum work.
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Celestial Break EP
Celestial Break EP (limited 12")
Cat: 303 08. Rel: 05 Feb 24
Break After Dark (5:25)
Beyond The Break (remix) (5:36)
This Sound (Future remix) (5:01)
Break After Dark (No vocal) (5:09)
Beyond The Beats (3:27)
Review: The propulsive, tectonic Force of Electro is embodied in the eponymous moniker, returning for their its release since 1997 (notable indeed, that the multi-moniker artist should return to this one only now). Six masterclassics in the mode of acid electro beckon us into alternate frenzies, highlights among these experiences being the central banger 'Beyond After Dark' and the lesser-spottable ambi-acid closer, 'Beyond The Beats'.
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 in stock $14.24
When Stars Collide
Cat: IOD 060. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Pure Violence (4:48)
Warming Up (4:13)
When The Distortion Opens (4:42)
Wavy G (5:57)
Sun Ray (4:45)
Colour Index (4:24)
Galactic Cluster (4:34)
Meteor Shower (4:02)
Review: This superb new record from AnD embarks on a conceptual journey inspired by the fusion of granular synthesis, innovative sound design, and rhythmic explorationd within polyphony. It delves into the cosmic phenomenon of star collisions as the artists leverage their background in engineering and explore mathematical intricacies surrounding the timing and impact of stellar collisions. Through a sonic landscape echoing the vastness of space, this record incorporates elements of white noise, fragmented breaks and minimalist synth arrangements that are said to mirror the mental experiences of the listener.
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 in stock $18.98
Techno Pop
Techno Pop (heavyweight vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: STUMM 308. Rel: 12 Nov 09
Boing Boom Tschak
Techno Pop
Musique Non Stop
Der Telefon anruf
House Phone
Sex Objekt
Electric Cafe
 in stock $24.79
Sharevari (12")
Cat: P 928. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Sharevari (vocal) (5:34)
Sharevari (instrumental) (6:16)
 in stock $14.24
Caged (feat Hardfloor remix)
Caged (feat Hardfloor remix) (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: VIS 324. Rel: 20 Sep 21
Caged (Hardfloor remix)
Review: 20/20 Vision present the debut release from Manchester based artists Armec. Following releases for Cultivated Electronics and Furthur Electronix, the Caged EP hits the ground running - with a record that spans heavy club-ready electro and futuristic soundscapes. Complete with a hefty remix from German acid connoisseurs Hardfloor.

'Caged' sucks us down the rabbit hole with dense textures fortified by an infectious groove, vast pads, and bubbling synth lines. The Hardfloor remix of 'Caged' submerges us into an acidic electro trip - fuelled by quirky melodic licks, a menacing low-end and body shaking drums.

On the flip side 'Curvature' is an out-and-out understated bomb. Propelled by a squelching, supercharged bassline which soars over Armec's signature textural landscape, it's reinforced by razor sharp hats and a heavy kick-drum. 'Replicants' is a side-winding, emotionally charged cut that feels truly fresh and forward-thinking. Deep, luscious pads are underpinned by a superbly engineered break-beat driven groove.

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Intérprete: Wes Baggaley
 in stock $6.32
Reversible Dream EP
Cat: BAP 193. Rel: 18 Dec 23
Reversible Dream (6:37)
Unconditional Love (5:45)
Animae (6:23)
Destino Lontano (5:49)
Review: You always know that any new 12" from Bordello A Parigi is going to come doused in electric synth work and bright melodies. Voodoos & Taboos do just that on this retro-future new outing, the Reversible Dream EP. The title cut races out of the blocks, awash with glassy pads and prickly percussive grooves, robot vocals and raw beats. 'Unconditional Love' rides on more lush arps, this time with a slightly more melancholic feel. 'Animae' is a stomping disco-house workout with angular beats and prying leads and 'Destino Lontano' closes out with a brilliantly psychedelic comedown sound perfect for after the rave.
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Intérprete: Rave Energy
Tags: EBM | Acid House
 in stock $16.88
Phonox Nights
Cat: F4 005CD. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Phonox Nights
Cryptic Numeric
Bone Pointer
Infidelity Of Time
Wolves Don't Chase Hope (They Chase Rabbits)
Gates To The South
Church Of Burnt Offerings
Boots & The Pike
One Part Disco
Review: The late great Andrew Weatherall has now been gone more than three years but his legacy will never dim. The sartorial culture vulture did everything from warped ambient to futuristic techno via dark disco chug, and before he left us too soon in February 2020 he was working on one last album with Nina Walsh in her Facility 4 studio. Phonox Nights is named after the London club this music was initially tested in and is everything you expected from Weatherall and more. It has an acid laced title track, synth lines coaxed out by Walsh, slow burning acid house, soot-black dub disco and plenty more, making it one of the best works from this long time creative partnership.
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! low stock $14.24
NDE (reissue)
Cat: RHSTOREJPN 10. Rel: 21 Jun 23
Spinning Spirits (5:51)
Navigations (9:51)
Teaching Of Sphinx (6:31)
Strange Attractor (9:48)
Heliotherapy (4:21)
Higher Flyer (6:03)
Edge Of The End (8:38)
Aero (6:24)
Review: .
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 in stock $30.34
Manasyt vs Sam Lowry
Manasyt vs Sam Lowry (hand-stamped LP)
Cat: B 4024. Rel: 30 Nov 22
Manasyt - "Track 1" (4:53)
Manasyt - "Track 2" (4:57)
Manasyt - "Track 3" (5:29)
Manasyt - "Track 4" (4:28)
Sam Lowry - "Track 5" (3:51)
Sam Lowry - "Track 6" (4:01)
Sam Lowry - "Track 7" (6:12)
Sam Lowry - "Track 8" (3:06)
Sam Lowry - "Track 9" (2:54)
Review: Electro labels don't come much more revered than Bunker outta the Netherlands. This latest 12" missive from the hallowed underground hideout is a face off between Manasyt and Sam Lowry across nine visceral cuts. This sound clash brings plenty of fresh perspective from the Bulgaria and China based artists. There are dark and jacking cuts with eerie sci-fi edginess as well as future horror-movie style sounds and experimental, unsettling electro sketches. Essential stuff.
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 in stock $11.60
Bleeps Breaks & Bass Vol 2 (half speed remastered)
Bleeps Breaks & Bass Vol 2 (half speed remastered) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: MPD 041LP2. Rel: 05 Apr 23
Terra Incognita - "Alien Element" (UK mix) (4:29)
Tek 9 - "Space 91" (3:04)
Boneshakers - "Don't Go Away" (original dub mix) (3:39)
Ubik - "Bass Generation" (6:04)
Break The Limits - "Drums Of Freedom" (6:43)
Techno Excursion - "Come With Me" (5:53)
Trak 1 - "For This II" (4:28)
Three Sons - "First Step" (4:02)
KLF - "What Time Is Love?" (Moody Boys vs KLF mix) (7:31)
Review: Dutch label Musique Pour La Danse present a major new retrospective that selects the best in early 90s bleeps, breaks and bass, exploring the origins of bleep techno and breakbeat rave. Terra Incognita, Tek 9, Boneshakers, Ubik, Break The Limits, Techno Excursion, Trak 1, Three Sons and KLF line up on the tracklisting on this rare and expertly curated collection which promises to save a few otherwise Discogs-directed pennies.
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Intérprete: Manu Archeo
 in stock $38.78
Mirror Counterpart
Cat: PRTR 22. Rel: 20 Sep 22
Mirror Counterpart (7:22)
Unexpected Bahaviour (5:39)
Indeterminacy (6:08)
Stellar Triangulation (5:24)
Alice Matter (8:24)
Cloud Chamber (5:26)
Aestivation (5:37)
Uncertiny Principle (5:10)
Review: This is the third full-length album by veteran Swedish producer Ola Obergman who has been producing since the turn of the millennium on respected imprints such as Skam, Borft and Futhur Electronix. A heavy collection of 808-based fusion in classic Pariter style, Mirror Counterpart is a cohesive effort featuring some truly impressive productions; from the early proto-house sound of the title track, to the Detroit influenced hi-tech soul cuts on the second disc - 'Indeterminacy' and 'Stellar Triangulation' respectively - going into 4/4 robot funk on the second disc with 'Alice Matter' and 'Uncertiny Principle' being the highlights. Superb.
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 in stock $16.88
Pith (12")
Cat: FR 024. Rel: 22 Sep 23
Luctu (5:46)
Tuga (5:41)
Pith (6:19)
Review: Yes! Gerard Hanson returns to Frustrated Funk for more worthy Event Related Potential output! The celebrated rooftop alligator wrestler from Texas operates under numerous aliases - Convexation, Syne Language and Time Light Curve among them - but ERP is our favourite at Juno HQ, more so when it arrives via the superb Frustrated Funk label. Renowned for his emotive strings, Hanson brandishes them in abundance on Pith with lead track "Luctu" all about his compositional skills, as he orchestrates various melodic arrangements without losing sight of the funk. On the flip "Tuga" plays out like a charming ode to electro's classicisms as rasping 808s combine sublimely with the deviant analogue bass as Hanson works his string laden magic. It's left to the final title track for Hanson to adopt a pensive, more contemplative tone which contrasts nicely with the music that preceded it.
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 in stock $15.29
Exit Planet Earth: Silicon 
Exit Planet Earth: Silicon  (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: EPE 06. Rel: 15 Nov 21
Extrawelt - "Hail The Whale" (Coexisting mix) (6:45)
Djedjotronic - "NDE" (4:45)
Ste Roberts - "The Rebirth 2.0" (6:44)
Ivna Ji - "Rescape" (6:19)
Review: 20/20 Vision are exiting planet Earth once again with the latest in their perfectly formed series of electro explorations, as Extrawelt leads the charge with an illustrious slice of braindance-tinted funk titled 'Hail The Whale (Coexisting Mix)'. Djedjotronic follows that up with a bold blast of mammoth synth work which hits pretty damn hard without being pointlessly brutal. Ste Roberts takes a break from his self-titled label run to offer up a freaky foray into acid-speckled territory, and Ivna Ji gets expressive with a rich palette of synths moving in harmony around a sharp and snappy beat.
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 in stock $4.75
Bleeps Breaks & Bass Vol 1 (half speed remastered)
Bleeps Breaks & Bass Vol 1 (half speed remastered) (limited gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: MPD 041LP1. Rel: 06 Apr 23
The Scientist - "Spiral Symphony" (Sample Me mix) (3:02)
KCC - "Def Con Bass" (4:36)
R. Solution - "Blowing My Mind" (4:08)
Biosphere - "Baby Satellite" (5:07)
A Certain Ratio - "Spirit Dance" (5:40)
A Man Called Adam - "Midievil (The Inquisition)" (6:48)
Unique 3 - "Digicality" (4:50)
Hypersonic - "Dance Tones" (Tekno mix) (5:31)
Heychild - "Heychild's Theme" (6:04)
Review: Music Pour La Danse co-founders Olivier Ducret and Eric 'Bunkerheadz' Hart are both massive fans of turn of the 90s bleep & bass and early breakbeat hardcore, so it's little surprise that they've put together an impressive, two-volume showcase of some of their favourites. The collection was mastered by Forgemasters man Rob Gordon, boasts design from Trevor Jackson and sleeve notes from Matt Anniss (author of bleep bible 'Join The Future'), but it's the quality of the track list that impresses most. Highlights include the sub-heavy electro/bleep/breaks fusion of R-Solution's ludicrously rare 'Blowing My Mind', Unique 3's brilliant - and oten overlooked - 'Digicality', a surprise deep bleep shuffler from A Man Called Adam, and Biosphere's incredible 'Baby Satellite'.
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Intérprete: Manu Archeo
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Do You Wanna Dance? (feat Felix Dickinson mix)
Do You Wanna Dance? (5:31)
Do You Wanna Dance? (instrumental) (5:27)
Do You Wanna Dance? (Felix Dickinson Discomix) (9:08)
Review: Emotional Rescue returns with the third (and final?) King Sporty & The Ex Tras releases with the first ever-official reissue of the highly sought after cult boogie jam Do You Wanna Dance? Coming as remastered vocal and instrumental, plus again featuring a special Discomix, this time courtesy of acid-disco slayer Felix Dickinson.

Appearing shortly after the success of the band's only album, Extra Funky, Do You Wanna Dance? pointed the way forward, moving further from Disco and closer to the rising electro-boogie sounds that were sweeping the dance floors. The confident up / jump electro drum programming, slap bass and trademark Sporty guitar chops are propelled by a monster swamp inducing synth arpeggio that sings the funk electric, while hip-hop-shout-outs ride the rhythm. If the vocals are too much for some, then the original Instrumental (dub) is also included for those just wanting that infectious groove.

As many will recall, Do You Wanna Dance? featured on Felix's "Originals" compilation for Claremont 56 back in 2011, so when the King Sporty reissue project was coming together there was only one name to be asked for the Discomix. With a long history of DJing and music production, as well the man behind the Recycled Records, Fools Gold, Urban Myth and Bastedos labels, as well many, many releases on the long running and aptly titled Cynic Recordings, his remix arrives on point.

Teasingly drawn out, his mix switches back / forth between versions, the interplay between vocals, guitar, bass and electro-glide synths hypnotically building, with Dickinson's deftly dubbing tripping it out, making the title's question irrelevant, as mind and feet involuntarily move.

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 in stock $10.55
Clair Obscur
Clair Obscur (limited 180 gram red vinyl 12" in screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: FSR 005. Rel: 26 Jan 24
Cosmic (5:51)
Power (feat Manlia) (5:02)
Nick (5:39)
Play That Game (feat DJ Football) (6:40)
Intérprete: Mimi
 in stock $16.88
Galactic Melt
Galactic Melt (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: GI 138LP. Rel: 08 Jul 11
Cathode Girls
Air Cal
Ether Drift
Galactic Melt
 in stock $22.14
Paula Z Leaving The House Remixes
Paula Z Leaving The House Remixes (clear vinyl 12" + stickers + MP3 download code)
Cat: WHOISPAULA 002. Rel: 30 Sep 21
Train Station Cignolised (Cignol remix) (5:35)
Bang Tang (Vertical67 Bang For The Buck mix) (6:08)
Paula Z Meets Sound Synthesis (Sound Synthesis remix) (6:12)
Train Station (36 Night Train remix) (6:30)
Review: The mysterious Who is a Berlin based artist who releases brilliant music but only sporadically so. They launched their own Who Is Paula label in December last year. That was an original EP which now gets revisited and remixed for the label's second release. Electro don Cignol gets first with a plenty of rueful pad work and leggy drums. Vertical67 's take on 'Bang Tang' is hurried, with bleeping melodies and closely stacked kicks bringing the cyborg-funk. The Sound Synthesis remix is a punchy one that goes deep and Train Station (36 Night Train remix) is lo-fi and thoughtful, with end-of-the-night melodies sending you home in a blissful state.
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Clear (12")
Cat: FAN 216/D 216. Rel: 25 Apr 02
Clear (4:58)
Industrial Lies (6:15)
Review: There's not much that hasn't been said about this amazing electro breadance beauty from Juan Atkins and Richard Davis. Sometime last year it was ripped of by Pharrell and company for Missy Elliot's "Lose Control" and (with the notable exceptions of Kraftwerk, Brian Eno etc.) it's generally been the blueprint for everything techno from '83 onwards. Here we have the original and best version... A must have.
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 in stock $14.24
Ego Tripping (reissue)
Cat: MRB 7165. Rel: 07 Aug 20
Ego Tripping (5:15)
Funky Potion (5:31)
Review: Although they would go on to become one of New York's most iconic hip-hop crews, the Ultramagnetic MC's were fresh-faced newcomers when they first popped up on Next Plateau Records - an imprint better-known for its proto-house and post-boogie releases - in 1986 with debut single "Ego Trippin". As this first ever seven-inch edition proves, it remains a stone cold classic: a heavy, stripped-back "golden era" gem in which the group's multiple MC's aim to get the party started over an iconic beat and weighty electronic bassline. As with the original version, it comes backed by flipside "Funky Potion", a scratch-happy, similarly constructed number full to bursting with effervescent rhymes, crunchy beats and distinctive bass.
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ZMNT 009
ZMNT 009 (12")
Cat: ZMNT 009. Rel: 20 Nov 23
Gravel Pit (5:40)
Ideal Future (5:05)
Acid Thirst (5:57)
Climb These Walls (5:43)
Review: M Parent's penchant for texture is laid bare on this searing and arresting new EP for Zement. It opens with 'Gravel Pit' which sounds like an audio diary from a car-wrecking plant. Twisted metal, fizzing battery acid, and crushed glass all feature over a distorted baseline and broken rhythm. Those same scuzzy sounds define the rest of the EP from the acid-laced 'Ideal Future' to the coruscated funk of 'Acid Thirst' via the caustic intensity of closer Climb These Walls'. An impressively unique offering that very much has its own singularly sound palette.

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 in stock $13.19
Desert Leather EP
Cat: MAD 006X. Rel: 30 Aug 23
Desert Leather
Missing Channel (Static Electricity mix)
Katanga Slide
Portal Vortex
Review: You've heard of Two Shell, but now it's time for Two Cold, whom you almost certainly (and criminally) haven't. A mysterious project blending lo-fi, acid house, and electro, 'Desert Leather' is their latest statement of intentional crunch, spanning everything from dungeon-synthy workouts to bouncy acid oddballs. Most of note is the sonic rubber ball that is 'Katanga Slide', essentially a sports-whistling body-motivator from cyberspace.
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Intérprete: DJ Mau Mau
 in stock $16.36
Detwat (coloured vinyl LP)
Cat: FXHEHITECH 2. Rel: 03 Jul 23
Nu Munni (feat FullBodyDurag) (3:10)
Money Phone (2:11)
Clap That A$$ (2:04)
Shrimp N Grits (feat JMT) (1:49)
Zooted (feat DJKillaSquid) (2:22)
WhyYouFuggMyOpps (feat Link Sinatra, Ciarah) (2:26)
Glitch N Ass (feat Cheapskate Skutta, Dastardly Kids) (3:12)
Birthday Pearls (feat QuikKash) (2:17)
Pocket Pussy (feat Milfie) (1:51)
TakeOffOnnaPorsche (1:59)
TeeTees Dispo (feat Sprng4evr) (2:31)
No Games (feat Nlghind, Dastardly Kids) (2:54)
Review: Is there a more vital label in all of underground electronic music than FXHE? It never ceases to amaze us how Omar S manages to put out so much music of such high quality, mostly of his own making, but also from plenty of satellite producers he lures under his wing. This time we're treated to a rare full-length from someone other than the boss as the Motor City's Hi Tech duo step up with a raw ghettotech workout. These are sleazy tracks with raw production, bumping basslines, high-speed rhythms and plenty of rapped vocals packed with juke and footwork attitude.
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Ionosphere (limited 12")
Cat: THUNDER 007. Rel: 30 Jan 24
First Contact (4:52)
Niburi Ritual (5:30)
Ionosphere (4:04)
No Escape (5:18)
Review: Lake Haze has landed on a wide array of labels from Shall Not Fade to Time Is Now but always his music exudes the same great qualities - electro, acid, techno and prog doused in gorgeous ambient designs. He exhibits that again on this new EP for Atlantic Thunder which kick off with the gurgling synths and tanging bass notes of 'First Contact'. Silky arps are what ensure it takes flight through the cosmos, though. 'Niburi Ritual' has a darker mood and heavier kick patterns and 'Ionosphere' is a supple and lithe electro workout that channels the best of Detroit. A fine sense of menace and end of the world finality then characterises the excellent closer 'No Escape.'
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Intérprete: Rave Energy
 in stock $14.76
Hollywood Cult
Hollywood Cult (gatefold bottle green vinyl 2xLP + stickers + MP3 download code)
Cat: VEYL 040. Rel: 14 Feb 24
Secrecy (4:24)
Holy Wood (5:38)
Generational Trauma (4:28)
Western Malice (4:21)
Shocking Therapy (3:52)
Vessels Wine (4:55)
Peacekeeper Ripper (4:04)
Criminal Rite (4:32)
Spirit Harvest (6:18)
Elite Dungeons
Two Sets Of Rules
No Fetish Without Evil
Hanging Finale
Review: Filmmaker is a multidimensional producer known for genre-bending creations rooted in film culture. With acclaimed releases like The Love Market and Fictional Portrayals already under his belt, he reaches new heights with his latest offering, Hollywood Cult. Across 13 tracks, he crafts a haunting journey that blends synth-driven races, infectious body music, and slow-burning nostalgia. Tracks like 'Secrecy,' 'Western Malice,' and 'Shocking Therapy' evoke cinematic tension and energy and as the album progresses, 'Vessels Wine,' 'Peacekeeper Ripper,' and 'Criminal Rite' delve into intense emotions, while 'Elite Dungeons' and 'Hanging Finale' bring a lo-fi, trance-inducing finale. Hollywood Cult, then, serves as a dark, captivating soundtrack for a new world, inviting repeated listens and immersive exploration.
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Rotating Assembly
Rotating Assembly (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: OMNIA 03. Rel: 27 Jun 23
V/Eight (6:52)
Equiponderance (5:10)
Engine Vibration (6:38)
Enfield (6:04)
Review: The man best known as Convextion assumes his ERP aka Event Related Potential alias for four more next level cuts that find him pushing his electro electronics ever more into the future. 'V/Eight' opens with a melancholic bassline under busy drum programming to get things going. 'Equiponderance' is more complex with squirming electronics, more hefty bass notes and serene background pads adding a third dimension. 'Engine Vibration' is a more gritty mix of busy analogue machinery and star-gazing chords then 'Enfield' closes with optimistic sonics and propulsive bouncy bass to end this cosmic cruise on a high.
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Sirius City
Sirius City (blue vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: AR/RLB 0052. Rel: 04 May 21
Sirius City (5:03)
UFO (4:38)
Call Me, Acid (6:12)
Stars (4:03)
Review: Following on from last year's impressive Redlight debut, Scott Hess is back on his Adeen label with another selection of warm and inventive house cuts splashed with colour and analogue wobbles precision-engineered to catch your ear. Lead track 'Sirius City' leans on a harmonically rich lead line and plenty of off-kilter wriggles to appeal to those who want some cheekiness in their tunes. 'UFO' sports a tasteful acid tweak running in between plush pads and snappy drums, while 'Call Me, Acid' plays around with telephone tropes to make a bleepy jam that will have the ID requests flying in. 'Stars' offers something sweeter to complete the set, spacing out the beats to leave the synths plenty of room to cavort around a celestial name-checking session for deep house dreamers.
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Function As A Meaning EP
Cat: S108 007. Rel: 08 Mar 23
Diet 505 (5:48)
QMD (6:17)
El Ritmo (6:07)
The Right Moment (6:30)
Review: Set the time machine back to the 90s with this new 12" from System 108 out of Holland. It's a collaboration between Lipless and TMP that kicks off with the jacked up old school drums and sirens of 'Diet 505' before 'QMD' sinks down into a deep and moody tech roller with a serene and futuristic feel. 'El Ritmo' is a wild one with manic synth sequences sounding like a computer in meltdown over crispy, prickly tech house drums and finally, 'The Right Moment' layers up warped pads and mad whites into another vibrant and full flavour cut for the peak time. Lovely artwork on this one too.
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Hypothetical Situations (reissue)
Hypothetical Situations (reissue) (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CAL 019LP. Rel: 17 Feb 23
Mermuda Triangle (6:42)
Synchronized Dimensions (6:40)
Me Want Woman's Punani (5:55)
Consequences Of Cloning (5:31)
Solar Pulse (6:23)
Galactic Rotation (6:20)
 in stock $26.37
Support Your Local Record Label: Best Of Ed Banger Records
Cat: BEC 5611761. Rel: 15 Jun 23
Justice - "Dance" (3:30)
Breakbot - "Baby I’m Yours" (3:31)
Busy P - "Genie" (4:24)
Uffie - "Pop The Glock" (3:31)
Cassius - "I <3 U SO" (3:40)
Justice VS Simian - "We Are Your Friends" (4:24)
Myd - "The Sun" (3:25)
Sebastian - "Embody" (3:45)
Mr Oizo - "Positif" (2:58)
DJ Mehdi - "Signatune" (Thomas Bangalter edit) (3:39)
 in stock $18.98
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