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New releases last eight weeks: Electro

Electro vinyl released in the last four weeks
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RM 12015
RM 12015 (12")
Cat: RM 12015. Rel: 30 Mar 22
  1. A2 - "Open Your Mind" (6:52)
  2. A2 - "Entity" (7:35)
  3. Andy Panayi - "Acidbend" (6:28)
  4. Stopouts - "Pass Go" (8:00)
Review: Always a good week when some new RAND Muzik drops. The Leipzig imprint's brand of understated grooves are on fine display once again on this various artists EP. On RM 12015, feel the low-slung and funky dub of A2's 'Open Your Mind' which they follow up with some moody computer funk on the next track 'Entity'. Over on the B side, Andy Panayi serves up some dusty 303 shenanigans on 'Acidbend' in the vein of classic Cabinet Records and closing it out is Stopouts with the subterranean breaks of 'Pass Go'.
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 in stock $10.93
Acidwerk (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: P303 02. Rel: 20 May 22
  1. Acidwerk (8:05)
  2. Optic Flow (6:17)
  3. Acid (4:56)
  4. Perception Of Time (5:38)
Review: It's time to strap in for another ride around Planet 3030, this time with Acid Synthesis as your pilot. Theer are zero prizes for guessing the style son offer here: right from the opening cut the acid lines begin to warp themselves around you over icy techno pulses. 'Optic Flow' then brings a more rugged 303 line that is stretched and skewed over dubby, bulbous drums and 'Acid' then gets down and dirty with a nice menacing lead and haunting pads off in the distance. Last of all, 'Perception Of Time' cuts loose on far-sighted pads and bendy bass, taught kicks and a nice heady sense of soulful futurism.
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 in stock $15.60
Public Enemy
Public Enemy (1-sided 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: M 22. Rel: 25 Apr 22
  1. Public Enemy (7:55)
 in stock $18.21
Houghton Blues EP
  1. Sounds Like Prince (6:04)
  2. Machines Chit-Chat (6:39)
  3. What Happened To The Stash (7:33)
  4. The Houghton Blues (6:52)
Review: When cult Norfolk gathering Houghton Festival was cancelled in 2019 because of high winds, ARA-U* & Radioactive Man had just bought their booze and were already on their way. After a moment's sadness, they decided to turn bad news into good and head to the studio to work on some tracks. For the next two days, they stayed high on music as their Prophet, 101, 808, 303, and the Juno synths whirred and flashed. Turning a bad situation into a great collection of tracks with their latest collaborative release 'The Houghton Blues EP across two sides of vinyl, serving up pure analogue vibes and raw machine electro funk. The opener ''Sounds Like Prince' is electrifying from the off with its neck-snapping drums and perc and squelchy synth lines. 'Machines Chit Chat' is a deeper cut with cosmic synths, 'What Happened To The Stash' is as dark and urgent as the title suggests. then closer 'The Houghton Blues' brings a sense of machine soul that will melt your heart.
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 in stock $14.05
Red Spider
Red Spider (limited red marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: NBL 011. Rel: 04 May 22
  1. Divorce Reality (6:10)
  2. Echopraxia (5:39)
  3. Herman's Groove (4:36)
  4. Junk (5:45)
  5. Protect Your Head (5:53)
  6. Memory Gene (DJ Friendly version) (5:21)
 in stock $15.60
More Of That Frightful Oompty Boompty Music: Part 1
  1. The Asphodells - "We Are The Axis" (Hardway Bros Scrutton St Via Crucifix Lane remix) (6:34)
  2. Autarkic - "Sleepover" (6:14)
  3. Ruf Dug - "Manctalo Banger" (5:31)
  4. Mehmet Aslan - "Shizowaves" (5:57)
Review: Inspired by the late, great Andrew Weatherall - whom they represented for many years - the Spun Out DJ agency has decided to release a swathe of compilation style EPs showcasing the work of some of their artists. Fittingly, this first volume in the series begins with something Weatherall-related: a deliciously trippy and psychedelic remix of a track by the Ashpodells (AKA Lord Sabre himself and Timothy J Fairplay) from long-time DJ buddy Sean Johnston as Hardway Brothers. It's followed by another raw, razor-sharp chunk of chugging electronic wonkiness from Aukratic ('Sleepover'), a gorgeously colourful Italo-disco bubbler from Ruf Dug ('Manctalo Banger') and a low-slung, post-punk-inspired dancefloor workout from James Savage and Optimo's Johnnie Wilkes and Naum Gabo.
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 in stock $14.31
Colliding Network EP
  1. System Booting (7:14)
  2. Bits & Bytes (6:41)
  3. Colliding Network (8:20)
  4. Data Crash (6:20)
Review: Binary Operator on unknown to the Unknown is always going to get people excited. His debut for the label does not disappoint either: it opens with the lush synth smears and rugged bass of 'System Booting' before cutting a little morellos on 'Bits & Bytes' which is all bleeps and squeals. ON the flipside is maybe the best track of the whole EP for us - 'Colliding Network' is a spacious and roomy electro track that is deeply atmospheric and just as cinematic. The synths are eerie and the bass characterful. Last of all is 'Data Crash' which is a squelchy and sleazy bit of sludgy electro.

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 in stock $13.27
Street Reign
Cat: PNKMN 046. Rel: 03 May 22
  1. Street Reign (6:38)
  2. Tornado Alley (5:20)
  3. Mental Wave (5:30)
  4. Overload (4:24)
  5. Le Quai Des Brumes (5:25)
  6. Abyss (4:11)
Review: After a bit of a quiet recent period, Pinkman is back with a bang here. It comes at the hands-off the venerated Pablo Bozzi who debuts on the label with a mini LP that is well-crafted across all six tunes. He has a real love of 80s Italo sounds which make plenty of appearances here, alongside further influences drawn from things like early 90s Goa as well as hefty bass music. As he flits between all this he never loses sight of the dancefloor and layers in plenty of shimmering melodies and euphoric moments to make each track truly potent.
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 in stock $16.13
Speaking Through Machines
Cat: STPLJCK 006. Rel: 14 Apr 22
  1. All I Know (7:12)
  2. Speaking Through Machines (7:57)
  3. Prescient Dream (7:30)
  4. The Last Question (5:40)
  5. Speaking Through Machines (Consulate remix) (5:17)
 in stock $13.27
Sugary Hills
Sugary Hills (hand-stamped 10")
Cat: NN 01. Rel: 11 Apr 22
  1. Sugary 2096 (Acid mix) (4:59)
  2. Apulian Feelings (5:04)
Review: NOUN Records is a brand new sub-label of the much love Undersound Recordings, and it is all about serving up electronic music exclusively on 10" format. Caramel Chameleon opens up with a couple of tunes that he says are inspired by memories he has of childhood when he would walk on green hills. 'Sugary 2096 (Acid mix)' sure has a nostalgic feel, with its conversational synth leads and subtle acid lines washing over a crisp, punchy electro beat. O the flip is the more downbeat 'Apulian Feelings' with its rasping bassline and gentle, smeared chords bring a cosmic feel. A fine first EP.
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 in stock $13.27
DUMMY 02 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: DUMMY 02. Rel: 12 May 22
  1. Dummy02.1 (5:28)
  2. Dummy02.2 (5:40)
  3. Dummy02.3 (4:00)
  4. Dummy02.4 (5:00)
  5. Dummy02.5 (5:29)
Review: Carpet & Snares' white label Dummy series returns for round two and it's ready for action. Five modern, lean and club-ready bangers split the difference between house, techno and electro Like its predecessor, you won't want to sleep on this one for any longer than is necessary.
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Tags: Minimal | Dub Techno
 in stock $11.19
The Cristal Ensemble EP
Cat: DEAD 001. Rel: 30 Mar 22
  1. Makineado (6:43)
  2. Teknology (6:26)
  3. The Cristal Ensemble Orchestra (7:37)
  4. The Cristal Ensemble Orchestra (TC80 remix) (6:08)
Review: Dead Sound Records is a new label from Berlin that presents its first release here from Uruguayan producer Cosmonaut. The Cristal Ensemble EP takes inspiration from his homeland, featuring some punchy peak time tunes.On the A side, have the wacky retro techno thriller 'Makineado' followed by the strobed-out hypnotiser 'Teknology' which will have you reaching for the lasers. Over on the flip, the title track receives a rework by French electro engineer TC80 who delivers a typically sublime expression in artificial intelligence, which compliments the soulful original version before it in the vein of early Carl Craig.
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 in stock $13.52
Den Haag Acid Pack
Den Haag Acid Pack (12" in die-cut sleeve + MP3 download code limited to 300 copies)
Cat: DOPE 01. Rel: 05 May 22
  1. Tanz Acid (5:27)
  2. Beacon (4:53)
  3. Pingman (4:23)
  4. Zombie Apocalypse (4:28)
  5. Off The Planet (5:11)
  6. Titan (4:19)
 in stock $13.01
Shapes Of The Roots Part 1
Cat: KLNR 11A. Rel: 05 May 22
  1. Breaking Fakes (5:26)
  2. Miami 21 (5:34)
  3. Cyberfunk (6:17)
  4. Russian Roulette (5:25)
Review: Three years ago, D Roots delivered his most potent release yet: a fine collection of deep, melodious and shuffling electro tracks on Dolly entitled Stream of Data. For this belated sequel, the Italian producer has graduated to parent label Klakson, which should give you a good idea what to expect. Like many of the long-serving Dutch label's releases, Shape of The Roots boasts weighty, speedy, all-action electro tracks tailor-made for peak-time dancefloors. Check first spacey and breathless opener 'Breaking Fakes', an insatiably funky and intergalactic affair, before admiring the alien bleeps, non-stop synth bass and crispy machine drums of 'Miami 21'. 'Cyberfunk' is a pulsating slab of electro/techno fusion, while 'Russian Roulette' is propelled forwards by a killer TB-303 acid bassline and crunchy Motor City drums.
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Intérprete: Wes Baggaley
 in stock $12.48
Tone Dropout Vol 10
  1. Dawl - "Andromeda" (5:23)
  2. Escape Earth - "Impact Event" (4:59)
  3. Kiddmisha - "Retrodance" (4:41)
  4. The He-Men - "Evolution 1" (6:16)
  5. Marino - "Rave Alarm" (6:44)
Review: When it comes to retro-futurist, analogue-rich gems inspired by turn-of-the-'90s electronic music, there's no more reliable outlet than Tone Dropout. The label's latest drop - their tenth multi-artist extravagana - is once again packed with cuts that sound like they could have been made in 1990 or '91. Boss man Dawl kicks things off with a cracking fusion of punchy electro and bleep & bass ('Into Andromeda'), before Escape Earth deliver a dash of acid-flecked breakbeat hardcore ('Impact Event') and Kiddmisha explores acid-electro pastures on 'Retrodance'. The body popping fun continues apace on side B opener 'Evolution 1', a punchy electro club cut from The He Men - before Marino draws things to a close via the rumbling bass, skittish breakbeats and moody chords of 'Rave Alarm'.
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! low stock $10.15
The Wetter The Better
Cat: DEEPR 007. Rel: 03 May 22
  1. Deep Penetration (5:12)
  2. DNB Spacedrift (4:31)
  3. Midnight Special (6:13)
  4. Soul Brotha #1 (6:03)
Review: Detroit's Filthiest is Julian Shamou, also known as 313 Bass Mechanics and many other names. His strain of ghettotech is light and airy, with plenty of melodic hooks to nice up the dance, but it's absolutely music to get down low to. He's been prolific on labels like Casa Voyager and Bass Agenda lately, but here he rocks up to Deep & Roll with four refined slices of machine funk. There's a spooky, spaced out but soulful vibe to 'Deep Penetration', while 'Dnb Spacedrift' ups the tempo and lays down hazy pad tones. 'Midnight Special' is a chiller with plenty of weight in the low end, while 'Soul Brotha #1' finishes the EP off with a house tempo roller that could go down a treat in a warm up set.

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 in stock $14.31
Cat: CMDRPXFACE 1. Rel: 22 Apr 22
  1. Forguerit!!!! (8:00)
  2. Invierno Under Command (8:26)
 in stock $11.96
20 (12")
Cat: WHITELOOPS 20. Rel: 15 Apr 22
  1. Hold Your Wig (8:22)
  2. Partway (7:37)
Review: Just who is this Disk / Diskop character behind the Whiteloops series? In the past six years this Dutch label has become a reliable source for wet n' wild rave gear where the boxy punch of electro meets with gnarly acid and 'ardcore stylings. On this latest jam, 'Hold Your Wig' comes in on a slow and funky tempo, but it's no slouch when it comes to wigged out and wobbly party vibes. 'Partway' ups the energy a touch, and threads in plenty of edgy riffs and hooks in a manner which tips somewhere between US big beat a la The Crystal Method and a snappier electro sound palette.
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 in stock $11.96
TPA (12")
Cat: AA 07. Rel: 05 May 22
  1. Kids (4:09)
  2. Bandwagon Esq (3:53)
  3. Seen Ya Skatin' (4:07)
  4. Bandwagon Esq (Facta remix) (4:35)
  5. Kids (RIP Swirl remix) (4:22)
 in stock $15.60
Juicy Class
Juicy Class (limited white vinyl 12")
Cat: JGR 003. Rel: 11 May 22
  1. Freak You (4:37)
  2. Like It Fast (3:53)
  3. Death By Pussy (4:39)
  4. Creme De La Creme (4:32)
Review: bBreakbeats have been back in fashion for a hot minute now. They are reliable vehicles for many things - all out high energy raving or piano laced uplifting joy. We get a bit of all of that more on this new selection of remixes of Andonicus's 'Make You Whole' tune. Dusky go first with a feel good and euphoric sound that is old school in mood but new school in execution. Coco Bryce then deploys some of his masterful jungle breaks for a high energy trip and after a remaster of the big and bouncy original version comes a Smokin Jo dub that is pure fire.
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 in stock $12.48
Loud Mouth
Cat: DB 098. Rel: 14 Apr 22
  1. Loud Mouth (feat Goodmoney G100) (5:15)
  2. Booty Funk (3:49)
  3. Games With WOPR (4:25)
  4. Shut The Fuck Up (feat King Saadi) (3:18)
  5. Shut The Fuck Up (feat King Saadi - instrumental) (3:15)
  6. Godzilla 2020 (Hornstrumental) (2:52)
 in stock $12.23
Dark Planet
Cat: AVD 015. Rel: 15 Apr 22
  1. DJ Godfather - "It's Only Detroit" (5:22)
  2. The Exaltics - "One Direct Line" (3:29)
  3. Flug - "Just You" (dub) (5:57)
  4. Blaktony - "Produkt" (4:36)
Review: Soma sub-label Avoidant Records recently put out a fantastic collection fo electro cuts but it was a digital only release. Now some of the standouts from it get pulled together on this fresh new 12"that joins the dots between Europe and Detroit. DJ Godfather kicks off with some rapid fire 313 electro, squirrelling bass and slick claps then 'One Direct Line' from The Exaltics is more cosmic and blissed out with lush ambient synths. On the flip, Flug goes hard with mad digital patterns and Blaktony layers up jacking drums, corrugated bass and dark hits. Great stuff.
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 in stock $11.96
Parallels (limited marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: SBOX 014. Rel: 04 May 22
  1. Dmitry Distant & Norwell - "Transient State" (5:38)
  2. Dmitry Distant & Norwell - "Visionary" (6:06)
  3. Dmitry Distant & Norwell - "On A Verge Of Veil" (4:13)
  4. Cute Heels - "Kuriyaki Horizons" (7:24)
  5. Cute Heels - "Litua" (3:45)
  6. Cute Heels - "Determinated In Order" (5:56)
 in stock $13.79
Last Heresy
  1. Dmitry Distant - "Equinox" (5:20)
  2. Qphoriq - "Lost Realms" (5:10)
  3. Mule Driver - "Daemonolatry" (3:58)
  4. Reedale Rise - "Frozen Artifacts" (5:53)
  5. Darren Nye - "Dehumanised Population" (5:59)
 in stock $15.35
Unhooked (12")
Cat: UTR 001. Rel: 05 May 22
  1. Unhooked (4:59)
  2. Dust Devil (5:02)
  3. Orange Cat Milk (6:06)
  4. Didgerididn't (7:27)
Review: Over the years, Ed Upton has released an insanely large volume of records as DMX Krew, though his quality level as rarely dipped below "brilliant". While many of these EPs and albums explore his love of electro, he's not averse to exploring sci-fi techno, jacking house and throbbing Italo-disco. 'Unhooked', the track that opens his first 12" of 2022, is deliciously dark and creepy, sitting somewhere between the lo-fi techno of L.I.E.S, the acid-fired rave-era insanity of Aphex Twin and bittersweet dancefloor melancholia. Elsewhere, he peppers a crispy breakbeat with ghostly chords and bubbly lead lines on 'Orange Cat Print', summons the spirit of the apocalypse on doom-laden acid-electro number 'Didgerididnt' and delivers sturdy, mind-mangling electro thrills on 'Dust Devil'.

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 in stock $14.05
Cat: CMDRPX 001. Rel: 22 Apr 22
  1. Do Or Die - "Astral Live" (6:36)
  2. Do Or Die - "Q Plus Plus Plus" (6:57)
  3. Digregorius - "Le Balteleur" (10:20)
  4. Digregorius - "Sonidos Espaciales De Ayer Hoy" (4:34)
 in stock $11.96
SRB 001
  1. Luca Duran - "Lila" (5:25)
  2. Silvan Nicca - "Houbara" (4:58)
  3. Nicola Kazimir - "I Know What You Are" (3:44)
  4. Yore - "Give It To Em" (5:31)
 in stock $13.79
Cat: BLNK 017. Rel: 05 May 22
  1. Psychotronic (5:37)
  2. Over 92 (5:37)
  3. No Idea (6:41)
Review: A genuine slab of history here, as Earth Leakage Trip's 1991 debut single - officially the first ever release on legendary hardcore and jungle label Moving Shadow - finally gets the reissue treatment. The three-tracker is one of the finest (not to mention heaviest) examples of the 'bleep & breaks' sound that combined the weighty bass and bleeps of tunr-of-the-90s Yorkshire techno with the crunchy breakbeats associated with early London breakbeat hardcore. This edition changes the running order, opening with the hallucinatory heaviness, bubbly acid motifs and pulsing bleeps of 'Psychotronic', before dropping sub-heavy shuffler 'Over 92' and finally the ludicrously weighty, alien-sounding electro-bleep creepiness of 'No Idea'. In a word: essential.
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 in stock $15.09
Ex (remixes)
Ex (remixes) (red vinyl 10")
Cat: XTRCTRD 02. Rel: 10 May 22
  1. Bocoming, Giving Up (Years Of Denial remix) (6:11)
  2. I Hope, I Wish (Slaughtered Saint rework) (5:21)
 in stock $18.47
The Wildstyle Fusion
The Wildstyle Fusion (12" + poster)
Cat: SELF 002. Rel: 12 Apr 22
  1. Class Beat (5:15)
  2. Back 2 The Ol' School (5:01)
  3. Wildstyle (5:00)
  4. Rhythm Control (4:44)
 in stock $16.65
Ramona EP
Ramona EP (12")
Cat: FT 003. Rel: 04 May 22
  1. Intro (0:52)
  2. Electrified Chapter (6:10)
  3. Migor (6:01)
  4. Omar - "Ahora Si!" (feat FDEZ) (7:37)
  5. Shanguel (5:27)
  6. Out (0:59)
Review: The third transmission for the Future Tones crew is another slick trip to another dimension. Fdez is one of the label gang and he opens up with some twicthy acid modulations and rumbling bass sounds on 'Electrified Chapter.' It has that classic retro-future video game feel and leads into 'Migor,' which showcases some super slick drum programming and rides on nice bumpy drums. 'Ahora Si! ' (feat Omar) manages to land nice and heavily while keep some fluid synth lines up top and 'Shanguel' closes out with a more stoned and hazy feel, slow broken beats and meandering bass.
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 in stock $11.44
The Sweat EP
Cat: SRTX 035. Rel: 17 May 22
  1. Sweat (Techno mix) (6:46)
  2. Sweat (Electro mix) (5:21)
  3. She Can Get The Strap (6:02)
  4. 606XOX (6:54)
Review: Next on the ever reliable Super Rhythm Trax is a true staple of New York City's club scene - Lauren Flax. The Detroit native is a member of the Brooklyn-based band CREEP with Lauren Dillard, and was also Fischerspooner's tour DJ. On this strong four-tracker, she serves up two versions of 'Sweat'; there's the jacking acid Techno mix up first, followed by some straight-up computer funk on the Electro mix that follows. Over on the flip, go deep into the afterhours on another 303 driven cut 'She Can Get The Strap' before channeling the harder house sounds of mid '90s Chicago on '606XOX'.

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 in stock $11.96
EP 2
EP 2 (12")
Cat: SPEC 024. Rel: 03 May 22
  1. Tolrens State (6:19)
  2. Sag Harbour (4:46)
  3. Cloud Truck (5:53)
  4. Margrethe II (5:34)
  5. Godself (3:04)
 in stock $15.60
Base Control EP (feat Radioactive Man remix)
  1. Forbidden Planet (5:11)
  2. Unknown Frontliner (3:38)
  3. Base Control (3:26)
  4. Base Control (Radioactive Man remix) (6:58)
 in stock $13.01
Holiday In Beta Centauri
Holiday In Beta Centauri (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: INN8 005. Rel: 19 Apr 22
  1. Binary System (7:12)
  2. Arps In Hyperspace (7:19)
  3. Rigil (6:51)
  4. Beyond The Nebula (Holiday In Beta Centauri) (6:06)
Review: "Way back in the 1990s, Mark Hand, Neil Iceton & Jez Nicholl channelled their love of sci-fi-fired Motor City techno into a string of inspired releases under the alias Cubic Space Collective.

After reuniting for a memorable machine jam at Freerotation festival in 2016, Hand & Iceton headed back into the studio for a one-off session and recorded 'Holiday in Beta Centauri', a musical love letter to Mad Mike and the rest of Detroit's most militant futurist techno crew.

Sending us surging skywards via 'Binary System', where lilting lead lines, fizzing electronics and enveloping chords dance atop a snappy, cymbal-heavy drum machine rhythm, before 'Arps in Hyperspace' sees them step things up a notch via layered waves of synths, sparkling melodies and a driving, hyper-speed groove.

The North-East-based twosome then attempt to warm us to the core in the shape of 'Rigil': restless organ stabs, undulating Michigan bass, alien electronics, psychedelic acid lines and Galaxy 2 Galaxy style chords catching the ear. Bringing us gently back down to earth, they complete their deep space mission with 'Beyond The Nebula (Holiday in Beta Centauri)', a bustling electro number full of stabbing analogue bass, star-burst electronics, meditative ambient chords that shimmer full of night-sky melodies.

A fine return to action for this Teesside UR-loving techno twosome... 3,167 miles away in Detroit, their achievement will be noted."

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 in stock $11.44
Carry On In My Name
Carry On In My Name (orange marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: DSRE 13. Rel: 14 Apr 22
  1. Lotek (7:47)
  2. Lion (6:34)
  3. Bassline (5:15)
  4. Carry On In My Name (5:27)
Review: Although he rarely speaks about the project in public, His Master's Voice is the itechno alias of underground deep house producer (and sometime Raw Soul label contributor) Jaines Bomt. Carry On In My name sees the shadowy German producer return to Delsin for the first time in nearly three years. There's plenty to set the pulse racing throughout, from the breathlessly up-tempo, broken techno rhythms and filthy analogue bass of 'Lotek' and the '90s ambient techno-influenced deep space wooziness of 'Lion', to the Motor City electro-futurism of 'Bassline' and the Autechre-at-their-most-melodic flex of 'Carry On In My Name'.
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 in stock $10.40
Level 7
Level 7 (12")
Cat: DB 001. Rel: 06 May 22
  1. Acid Girl (7:38)
  2. Level 7 (6:12)
  3. Shadow Play (9:21)
  4. Shift Shaper (4:41)
 in stock $12.48
Cosmic Flight EP
Cosmic Flight EP (limited 12")
Cat: PBX 34. Rel: 31 Mar 22
  1. Cosmic Flight (K-1 Navigational mix) (5:29)
  2. Cosmic Flight (K-1 instrumental mix) (5:29)
  3. To Fly (Marty Bonds Interdimensional mix) (5:34)
  4. Cosmic Flight (K-1 Bass acappella) (5:07)
Review: Set your radars to the cosmos and prepare for intergalactic take-off at the hands of this new one from K1 and Marty Bonds on Puzzlebox. It's timeless and cinematic electro from the off, with 'Cosmic Flight' (K-1 Navigational mix) layering up neck-snapping drums and bass and squelchy acid lines for you to ride on. Add in some smart spoken words and you have dance floor fire of the highest order. The track also comes as a bass-paella on the flip, while 'To Fly' (Marty Bonds Interdimensional mix) is a more minimal electro cut with lush digital synthesis and smeared astral melodies.

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 in stock $13.52
Number 28: In Tribute To Akira
Number 28: In Tribute To Akira (limited translucent green vinyl 12")
Cat: ER 020. Rel: 14 Apr 22
  1. A Side Movements (13:36)
  2. B Side Movements (14:46)
 in stock $17.43
Elevate EP
Cat: 10010RECORDS 004. Rel: 22 Apr 22
  1. Elevate (4:32)
  2. For My Baby (4:15)
  3. Weirdub (4:36)
  4. Outta (5:10)
 in stock $14.31
Low Frequency Codification EP
Cat: SSL 011. Rel: 30 Mar 22
  1. Low Rider (6:05)
  2. Music Sound Master (6:08)
  3. Sunday At Fashion Show (5:42)
  4. Astralago (5:57)
Review: Mattia Lapucci is a DJ and producer based in Florence, Italy who is founder of the Burbi and BurbiDub labels. His latest release comes courtesy of Barcelona's Twig imprint (a sub label of Seekers) titled Low Frequency Code, featuring four tracks that hark back to the seminal days of house and techno of decades past. Bleepy rave trips are catered for ('Low Rider'), early '90s intelligent UK techno is referenced on the evocative 'Sunday At Fashion Show' and then going ultra deep on the acid-laced closing cut 'Astralago'.
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Trust EP
Trust EP (12")
Cat: LDR 27. Rel: 13 Apr 22
  1. Who Can You Trust (3:22)
  2. Revelations (3:14)
  3. Reborn (5:15)
  4. Condition 1 (5:12)
  5. Slow Bear (5:06)
  6. Condition 2 (2:46)
Review: Veteran Irish producer Lerosa is back with a new one this week on local imprint Lunar Disko. The Trust EP features six terrific tracks all delivered in his singular style. On the A side, it opens up with the experimental synth intro 'Who Can You Trust', followed by the moody, almost John Carpenter-ish soundtrack vibe of "Revelations' and 'Reborn'. On the flip over, he heads to Detroit on the sci-fi electro of "Condition 1" and the acidified computer funk of 'Slow Bear'.
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The Space Mushrooms EP
The Space Mushrooms EP (12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: ALBEIT 007. Rel: 19 May 22
  1. Animal Instinct (5:48)
  2. Time Space Reality (5:14)
  3. Space Mushrooms (6:36)
Review: Life Project is Jason Pearce and D. Foster, an esteemed duo who haven't actually released any new music since 2006. It's good to have them back, here on the cult underground stable that is Albeit Records. Opener 'Animal Instinct' is a stomping tech cut with twisted bass and grubby synth lines. The more squelchy and tripped out 'Time Space Reality' then layers up busted sine waves and spinning hi hats with alien effects and a spaced out minimal vibe. Last of all is the EP highlight - 'Space Mushrooms.' It is a wonky stomper with fresh hits and nice metallic bass that is all bendy and bulbous. The drums get ever more militant and make for a real 5 am classic.
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Circle Of Enlightenment
Cat: LDI 007. Rel: 05 May 22
  1. Memory (5:12)
  2. Breakout (5:01)
  3. Lost In Space (4:59)
  4. Microbot (5:06)
  5. Stars (5:28)
  6. Solaris (5:03)
 in stock $12.18
Stream Of Thoughts (feat John Shima remix)
Cat: CMD 008. Rel: 19 Apr 22
  1. Relinquish (5:24)
  2. Shifting (5:26)
  3. Relinquish (John Shima remix) (7:06)
  4. Close To Zero (5:30)
Review: Mihail P brings us a 4 tracker, including a special John Shima remix. We start with the title track "Relinquish", a nice journey through deep space at a modest tempo. It features electro breaks rhythm patterns and harmonics to send you in to orbit. Following is "Shifting", a more acid tech vibe and straight 4/4 chugger, in line with proper Detroit / UK lushness from the 90's and forward. Flip to the B side for "Reliquish John Shima remix". It's hard to say which track is the peak, but this one's a contender. John Shima is known for his signature bleepy, but danceable sound. He adds layers of synth programming intelligence and great basslines as usual. Finally the B2 "Close to Zero" is the closing tune. Similar to the opener, we find more electro breaks, synth basses and a cool pad to complete the perfect journey.

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Club Tales Ooh Wooh Ooh!
Cat: YOSHI 008. Rel: 07 Apr 22
  1. Meet Me At The Club (4:14)
  2. Fragglez (4:56)
  3. My Posse Beat U Up (4:08)
  4. Nightshift (4:25)
  5. Afterhours (4:30)
  6. Bong Coma (3:58)
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Destroit (12")
Cat: AS 015. Rel: 11 May 22
  1. Destroit (6:25)
  2. Distance (6:23)
Review: Finnish twosome Morphology has released some incredible records over the years - mostly of the intergalactic electro time - but we'd wager few are as sonically sparkling, life-affirming or pleasingly melodious as their latest two-tracker. 'Destroit', the A-side cut, is simply sublime: a far-sighted, futuristic fusion of crunchy, Chicago-influenced machine drums - all snappy snares, tough kicks and fizzing cymbals arranged into a delicious post-electro rhythm - intergalactic chords and bright, breezy electronic melodies that tap into the sci-fi sounds of purist Motor City techno. The duo opts for a warmer and woozier, acid-flecked sound on flipside 'Distance', a classic-sounding chunk of deep ambient techno tailor-made for late nights and early mornings.
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Mr K Edits: Action
Cat: MXMRK 2048. Rel: 19 May 22
  1. Action (5:33)
  2. World Famous (3:44)
Review: Selections is a well established label despite this only being its sixth release. Each one so far has been an on point offering from underground heads and this is no different. It finds Intr0beatz step up with four cuts of well tooled house that is deep and dynamic. 'That Dank' is dubby with slinky drum loops and slightly paranoid pads. 'Move With Me' is more kinetic, with kicking drum programming and warped synths that twist and turn. 'Don't Worry' is even more heavy, with grainy and well swung drums pulling you in while 'Rib Dub' closes with anther well programmed grove that is both warm yet physical. A fine EP.
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Tags: Disco Funk
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Ezzential Electro 005: Space Time Soul
Ezzential Electro 005: Space Time Soul (12" in screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: ERZZ 00536. Rel: 20 May 22
  1. Mothership Transmission (4:03)
  2. Space & Time (4:45)
  3. Departure To Unknown (4:16)
  4. Subduction (4:17)
  5. Subaquatic (4:28)
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Outpost 31: In Tribute To The Thing
Outpost 31: In Tribute To The Thing (limited transparent red vinyl 12")
Cat: ER 019. Rel: 07 Apr 22
  1. Outpost 31 (1:30)
  2. Infiltrate (3:57)
  3. Autopsy (1:50)
  4. The Imitation (3:41)
  5. Hostile Organism (3:31)
  6. Anxious Behavior (1:50)
  7. Energy Matter (3:52)
  8. Flying Logic Probe (1:24)
  9. All That Is Visible (3:49)
  10. Program Terminated (0:53)
  11. Waiting Game (2:19)
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