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Crush (CD)
Cat: ZENCD 259. Rel: 18 Oct 19
  1. Falaise
  2. Last Bloom
  3. Anasickmodular
  4. Requiem For CS70 & Strings
  5. Karakul
  6. LesAlpx
  7. Bias
  8. Environments
  9. Birth
  10. Sea-watch
  11. Apoptose (part 1)
  12. Apoptose (part 2)
Review: A new album from Sam Shepherd AKA Floating Points is always cause for celebration, but even by his standards "Crush" is rather special. Largely eschewing the ambient jazz soundscape shuffle of 2017's "Reflections - Mojave Desert", it sees the Shepherd showcase his musical dexterity in stunning fashion via cuts that wrap shimmering neo-classical strings around what sound like modular electronics and rhythms that variously touch on broken beat, off-kilter experimental D&B and Autechre-style IDM. Of course there are ambient and experimental soundscapes showcased, but it's the fact that the album contains a swathe of formidably dancefloor-focused cuts in the style that first made him standout that pleases us most. Highlights include recent single "LesAlpx", the dreamy "Anasickmodular" and the "People's Potential" style deep house intricacy of "Last Bloom".
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Scanning (1982-1983)
Scanning (1982-1983) (10xCD box + booklet + poster)
Cat: KYCD 190110. Rel: 30 Sep 19
  1. Sonagram
  2. Nomogram
  3. Polygram
  4. Cycloids I
  5. Cycloids II
  6. Anisotropic Modulations I
  7. Anisotropic Modulations II
  8. Anisotropic Modulations III
  9. Anisotropic Modulations IV
  10. Anisotropic Modulations V
  11. Anisotropic Modulations VI (part 1)
  12. Anisotropic Modulations VII (part 2)
  13. Networks I
  14. Networks II
  15. Networks III
  16. Networks IV
  17. Networks V
  18. Radi
  19. Intermodulation
  20. Allotropic Radi
  21. Inverted Spaces
  22. Counter Radi
  23. Array
  24. Scanned Modulation
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Cat: XL 987CD. Rel: 19 Jul 19
  1. Traffic
  2. Last I Heard (...He Was Circling The Drain)
  3. Twist
  4. Dawn Chorus
  5. I Am A Very Rude Person
  6. Not The News
  7. The Axe
  8. Impossible Knots
  9. Runwayaway
Review: It's taken a while, but finally Thom Yorke's impressive third solo album, "ANIMA", is available on wax (and in a fetching shade of orange, too). A future classic that continues the legacy he started with XL Recordings back in 2006 (with his solo debut The Eraser), ANIMA is well worth picking up, as Yorke and co-producer Nigel Godrich offer up evocative, off-kilter songs built around the twin attractions of the Radiohead man's distinctive vocals and skewed backing tracks rich in layered electronic noise, body-bending sub-bass, discordant synthesizer parts and intriguingly jaunty drum loops. Highlights are plentiful throughout, from the creepy, lo-fi ambient swirl of "Last I Heard (...He Was Circling the Drain)" and "Dawn Chorus" (a blissfully dewy-eyed early morning soundscape), to the low-slung, post-trip-hop hum of "I Am A Very Rude Person" and the fizzing, jazz-fired thrust of "Impossible Knots". Melancholic, yes. Deep and self-effacing, of course. Nihilistic, not really. Percussive futurist sub-pop is back.
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Utility (CD)
Cat: OSTGUTCD 46. Rel: 02 Sep 19
  1. Paradise Engineering
  2. Posmean
  3. Experience Of Machines
  4. Gradients Of Bliss
  5. Hedonic Treadmill
  6. Models Of Wellbeing
  7. Utility
  8. Wireheading
  9. Die-Hards Of The Darwinian Order
Review: Alongside regular studio partner Andreas Baumecker, Sam Barker has released a swathe of admired singles and a couple of on-point albums on Ostgut Ton. Here he returns to the much-loved German imprint with his most significant solo release to date: a debut album of drowsy, sun-baked electronic positivity that expertly melds elements of hazy ambient, dub techno, off-kilter electronica and the classic kosmiche synthesizer soundscapes associated with Tangerine Dream. It's a lot less dancefloor-focused than much of his previous material, but that's not a criticism: indeed, the fact that it's warm, opaque and prioritizes fuzzy, slowly shifting musical movements is the album's greatest strength.
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Voyager: Essential Max Richter
  1. On The Nature Of Daylight
  2. A Catalogue Of Afternoons
  3. Spring 0
  4. Spring 1
  5. Autumn Music 2
  6. Modular Astronomy
  7. Vladimir's Blues
  8. November
  9. Dream 3 (In The Midst Of My Life)
  10. Hope Strings Eternal
  11. Iconography
  12. Circles From The Rue Simon - Crubellier
  13. Infra 8
  14. War Anthem
  15. Lullaby From The Westcoast Sleepers
  16. Sunlight
  17. In The Garden
  18. Broken Symmetries For Y
  19. Mercy
  20. Dream Solo (bonus track)
  21. Path Solo (bonus track)
  22. Beginning & Ending
  23. The Departure
  24. The Inexorable Advance Of Mr Delaney
  25. The Young Mariner
  26. Trigger
  27. Elena & Lila
  28. A Blessing
  29. Ride To Marathon Station
  30. Lamentation For A Lost Life
  31. The Mind's Eye
  32. Where We Belong
  33. A New Generation
  34. On Reflection
  35. Wheels Within Wheels
  36. Your Reflection
  37. & Know The Place For The First Time
  38. A Woman Alone
  39. Our Reflection
  40. Wershe & Son
  41. Miss Sloane Solo
  42. The Departure
  43. I Will Not Forget You
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Jdid (CD)
Cat: CRAM 292. Rel: 15 Oct 19
  1. Staifia (feat Radia Menel)
  2. Electrique Yarghol (feat Hasan Minawi)
  3. Nassibi (feat Amel Wahby)
  4. Club DZ
  5. Rimitti Dor (feat Sofiane Saidi)
  6. Rajel (feat Ammar 808)
  7. Soulan (feat Filles De Illighadad)
  8. Was Was
  9. Ejma (feat Cem Yildiz)
  10. Ras El Ain (feat Rizan Said)
  11. Malek Ya Zahri (feat Cheikha Hadjla)
Review: Three years after delivering a stunning debut album that cemented their position as this century's finest fusionists of Middle Eastern music and analogue electronic music, Acid Arab return with a sophomore set that's every bit as impressive. The basic ingredients remain the same - think Arabic vocals, instrumentation and percussion mixed with heavy drum machine rhythms, raw electronics and mind-altering TB-303 motifs - though the resultant tracks arguably draw on a wider range of electronic music influences. So as well as nods towards acid house and techno, the album also contains throbbing, dancefloor-centric workouts informed by EBM, Italo-disco, new wave, synth-pop and industrial. It's a subtle switch-up, but one wholly in keeping with the French quartet's distinctive vision.
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Tomorrow's Modern Boxes
Cat: XLCD 866. Rel: 05 Jan 18
  1. A Brain In A Bottle
  2. Guess Again!
  3. Interference
  4. The Mother Lode
  5. Truth Ray
  6. There Is No Ice (For My Drink)
  7. Pink Section
  8. Nose Grows Some
Review: When he originally released his second solo album, Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, in 2014, Thom Yorke only made it available as a download via BitTorrent. The paid-for package proved popular, with over a million listeners scrambling to download it in the first week of release. Here it finally gets a physical release (a limited Japanese pressing in 2015 not withstanding). The album is naturally typical of much of Yorke's solo work, blending his fragile and dinstinctive vocals with heart-aching piano motifs, crunchy electronics beats and all manner of weird and wonderful sonic textures. Early reviews stated that it was Yorke's most challenging work to date, but one that just gets better with every listen. That remains a perfect summary of an alluring and deliciously odd collection of tracks.
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Flamagra (CD)
Cat: WARPCD 291. Rel: 24 May 19
  1. Heroes
  2. Post Requisite
  3. Heroes In A Half Shell
  4. More (feat Anderson Paak)
  5. Capillaries
  6. Burning Down The House (feat George Clinton)
  7. Spontaneous (feat Little Dragon)
  8. Takashi
  9. Pilgrim Side Eye
  10. All Spies
  11. Yellow Belly (feat Tierra Whack)
  12. Black Balloons Reprise (feat Denzel Curry)
  13. Fire Is Coming (feat David Lynch)
  14. Inside Your Home
  15. Actually Virtual
  16. Andromeda
  17. Remind U
  18. Say Something
  19. Debbie Is Depressed
  20. Find Your Own Way Home
  21. The Climb (feat Thundercat)
  22. Pygmy
  23. 9 Carrots (feat Toro Y Moi)
  24. Ff4
  25. Land Of Honey (feat Solange)
  26. Thank U Malcolm
  27. Hot Oct
Review: No less than five years since his last mind-busting opus, "You're Dead!", the one and only FlyLo finally returns with a staggering new album. At this point all bets are off as to which direction the visionary beat scene maven will take his stellar sound, and true to form "Flamagra" departs from solid ground quicker than you can shout "lift off". From arrhythmic spirituals to futuristic soul, the Cali man known to his family as Steven Ellison has never sounded freer in his sound. The cast of guest spots is off the charts as well - George Clinton, Little Dragon, Solange, David Lynch and Anderson .Paak are just some of the dazzling talents involved. Need we say more - take a trip once more with one of the 21st century's most visionary producers.
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Athenaeum 101
Cat: SOMACD 121. Rel: 30 Nov 18
  1. 00.00
  2. 00.48.860
  3. 01.26.732
  4. 03.01.039
  5. 05.09.059
  6. 08.02.970
  7. 09.06.831
  8. 12.37.870
  9. 17.33.850
  10. 21.04.158
  11. 24.42.770
  12. 28.02.376
  13. 33.06.534
  14. 37.17.227
  15. 40.42.771
  16. 43.48.118
  17. 47.20.991
  18. 52.02.376
  19. 55.31.484
  20. 101.00.000
Review: It seems that Slam boys Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle are mellowing with age. Their latest studio album - the long-serving Glaswegian duo's sixth in total - dispels with the raging rhythms and full-throttle peak-time anthems in total, instead serving up a range of cuts that all hover around the 101 BPM mark. It's a successful switch, too, with the pair mining their love of deep techno, the sci-fi fuelled melodious futurism of early Motor City techno, and the beat box-powered punch of electro. Throw in some ambient techno headiness and nods towards turn-of-the-90s IDM and you have a sparkling set that suits serious home listening much more than their previous, dancefloor-centric LPs.
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Bimini Road
Cat: ANJCD 071. Rel: 02 Sep 19
  1. Tied Up (feat Steven Klavier)
  2. So Precious (feat KONA)
  3. Clear (feat Nic Hanson)
  4. Jumpin' (feat Niia)
  5. Gary's House (feat Gary Saxby)
  6. You Won't See Me Cry (feat Little Boots)
  7. Trance & Dental
  8. Bimini Road
  9. Whisper In The Wind (feat Black Gatsby)
  10. Juanita (feat Kaleena Zanders)
  11. Lost City
  12. WTF
Review: As the vibrant and colourful cover artwork makes clear, Moon Boots latest album for Anjunadeep - his second following well-received 2017 debut "First Landing" - is a wonderfully kaleidoscopic and positive affair full of cheery, dancefloor-friendly songs and picturesque instrumentals (see the twinkling "Trance & Dental"). The American producer is a master at blurring the boundaries between radio-friendly house, deep synth-pop and nu-disco, and much of "Bimini Road" is based around this accessible and summery musical intersection. There are a few pleasing curveballs dotted across the LP, though, including the title track's piano-heavy Balearic chug and the sunny two-step garage-pop of Gary Saxby hook-up "Gary's House".
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Tropical Cosmic Psychedlic Vibrations
  1. White Wish
  2. Afrobotics
  3. Shockers
  4. She Got Love
  5. Winded Up On The Floor
  6. Moon Life
  7. Easter Island Electric Brain
  8. Psouvenirs
  9. Knockin On Wood
  10. Minimal Vibrations
  11. Lagoland
  12. Straightline
  13. Nova Laser
  14. Walkin' On The Water
  15. Roll
  16. Glass Skeletons
  17. Foggy Twilights
  18. Bells
Review: Dating from tape recordings made between 1996 - 2012, Cosmic Vibrations follows the Tropical Psychedelics (ERS003) album for the label, this time digging deeper in to the mind of Secret Circuit than the more dance flor inspired sounds heard on last years album Tactile Galactics album for Beats In Space. Again we glimpse a melting pot of pyschedelia, techno, balearic and ambient to create an electronic gem, but all done with a wry smile and jesters wink rather than today's penchant of moody seriousness. Life on the US West Coast shines from the album, from opener Out West to She Got Love, sunshine music that couldn't be made anywhere else. It's not all hippy-happy vibes though with Minimal Vibrations and the dub of Straightline taking things in to deeper and instropective territory. However, all things resonate in Eddie's analogue meets kitchen sink synthesis. Layer after layer flats across the album to create a smile-inducing whole. Journeying from the folk guitar of Somnambulation to the minimilism of Glass Skeletons, before bidding a fond farewell in the apt, Bells. This second and fial collection of early cassette works is not an end, but a blessing.
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Who Else
Who Else (CD)
Cat: MTR 096CD. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. One United Power
  2. Wealth
  3. Prugelknabe
  4. Who
  5. WMF Love Song
  6. I Am Your God (album version)
  7. Fentanyl
  8. Wake Me Up When It's Over
Review: Is there a more forward-thinking and proudly distinctive outfit in contemporary electronic music than Modeselektor? Certainly, the German duo's latest album - their first studio set for eight years - suggests that they have few competitors for this crown. Underground but accessible, diverse but consistent thanks to the pair's fuzzy-but-polished production, the set sees them showcase a range of cuts that expertly meld club-friendly beats and sounds - think grime, techno, post-electro, acid house and the punchy-but-rubbery rhythms of UK funky - with skewed pop hooks, oddball vocals, hazy electronics and a big dollop of experimental intent. As you'd expect, the results are little less than superb.
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I (CD)
Cat: SBR 223CD. Rel: 02 Aug 19
  1. I
  2. II
  3. III
  4. IIII
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Animated Violence Mild
Cat: SBR 220CD. Rel: 16 Aug 19
  1. Intro
  2. Death Drop
  3. House vs House
  4. Hush Money
  5. Love Is A Parasite
  6. Creature/West Fuqua
  7. No Dice
  8. Wings Of Hate
Review: On his three previous solo albums as Blanck Mass, Fuck Buttons member Benjamin John Power offered up abstract but enjoyable blends of ambient, drone, IDM and electronics. On "Animated Violence Mild", his first full-length for two years, Power has decided to take a far more dystopian path, blending ear-catching, synth-pop influenced melodies with thrusting, doom-laden techno rhythms, growling aural textures, industrial strength noise and hybrid electronic power-pop. It's an ear-catching affair, with highlights including the boisterous, distorted techno-pop of "House Vs House", the post-apocalyptic power-trance rush of "Hush Money", the hypnotic, maximal ambient movements of "Creature/West Fuqua" and the pulsating intensity of "Wings Of Hate".
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Venus In Leo
Cat: GI 342CD. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. Into The Drama
  2. Mentions
  3. Venus In Leo
  4. You Know How To Make Me Happy
  5. Dream Symbol
  6. Hit 'Em Wit Da Hee
  7. Dying Of Jealousy
  8. New Year's Day
  9. New Year's Eve
Review: Given that five years has passed since the last HTRK full-length, "Psychic 9-5 Club", it's perhaps not that surprising that the duo's new album, "Venus In Leo" sounds notably different from its predecessors. While the pair's emotionally charged, melancholic approach remains in tact, the dubbed-out downtempo pop that marked out "Psychic 9-5 Club" has been replaced by a drowsier, ethereal sound seemingly inspired by a mixture of the Cocteau Twins, The Durutti Column, Massive Attack's "Mezzanine", David Lynch film soundtracks and sunrise-ready, slow motion dream pop. The results are uniformly inspired, with Jonnine Standish's heart-felt, soft focus vocals sounding particularly emotive and evocative this time round.
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Ridmik (CD)
Cat: HYPECD 002. Rel: 04 Apr 14
  1. Ridmik
  2. Stabs Of Regret
  3. Six Eight
  4. Acid Jacker
  5. Acrobot
  6. Acage
  7. Overstand Me
  8. CS 303
  9. Proper Gander
  10. Double Dipper Acid
  11. Vortek
Review: Congratulations to Hypercolour, a label more renowned for its deep and bass-heavy house output, for coaxing a new album out of eccentric veteran Luke Vibert. Happily, Ridmik - the Cornish producer's sixth solo album under his given name, and first since 2009 - is rather good. Sitting somewhere between the deep, Metro Area-inspired synth disco of Vibert's Kerrier District project and his rougher, acid-tinged work, Ridmik ebbs and flows with attractive looseness. At times woozy and melodic (see the starburst melodies and lazy rhythms of "Six Eight" and smooth title track), at others ragged and twisted (the alien 303 funk of Proper Gander), Ridmik is an impressive set of analogue workouts dripping with synthesized soul. Recommended.
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Japanese Girl
Cat: WWSCD 17. Rel: 03 Apr 19
  1. Sayonara
  2. Kuma
  3. Telephone Line
  4. Tsugaru Tour
  5. Funamachi-Uta (part 2)
  6. Oinaru Shiino-ki
  7. Hekoriputaa
  8. Fuuta
  9. Oka Wo Koete
  10. Funamachi-Uta (part 1)
Review: Although not that well known in Europe, Akiko Yano's "Japanese Girl" set caused a stir in the Japanese music scene upon its release in 1976, not least because her vocal style was closer to the intonations of breathy American pop than the more "girlish" approach prevalent in J-pop at the time. Here reissued by We Want Sounds, the album remains something of an unusual but brilliant J-pop classic. Its 10 tracks variously draw influence from country music, reggae, blue-eyed soul, jazz-fusion, West Coast rock, folk and traditional Japanese music, without particularly sounding like any of them.
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Um Dada
Um Dada (CD)
Cat: DAIS 141CD. Rel: 11 Oct 19
  1. Working (You Are)
  2. Prefix Repeat Rewind
  3. It's Not Me
  4. Um Dada
  5. Satellite
  6. Colour
  7. Flashback
  8. Robber
  9. Hollow
Review: Since leaving Cabaret Voltaire in the early '90s, Stephen Mallinder has kept himself busy, first by starting a new career as an academic, and latterly by stints in bands including Wrangler, Hey! Rube and Creep Show. There was always one thing missing from his CV, though: a new solo album. With "Um Dada", he's finally ticked that box, delivering a set that smartly channels four decades of electronic music influences into nine vocal and instrumental mutant pop cuts. It's heavy, trippy, mind-altering and thoroughly absorbing, with Mallinder offering plenty of nods towards the Cabs' 1980s and '90s work, as well as more contemporary influences such as German techno/electro and the sub-heavy rush of fellow Sheffielder Crooked Man.
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A Point Between
  1. The Early Green Outburst
  2. Rising Tide, Nourishing Soul
  3. Inner Island
  4. Falling Apart On The Dreary Field
  5. Obscured Moon
  6. Eruption
  7. Descent To The Hadal Zone
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Electronic Music Masterpieces
Cat: ZYX 558982. Rel: 14 Oct 19
  1. Edgar Froese - "Stuntman"
  2. Tangerine Dream - "Tyger"
  3. Space - "Magic Fly"
  4. Kebu - "Perplexagon" (part 3)
  5. Amethystium - "Treasure"
  6. The Future Sound Of London - "Lifeforms (Path 3)"
  7. Timeactor - "Valley Of The Shadow Of Death"
  8. Splash Band - "The End (Sound)"
  9. Stephen W. Tayler - "Euro Star"
  10. Van Edelsteyn - "Sleep Of The Unrighteous"
  11. Tim Blake - "Across The Sea Of Dreams"
  12. The Passage - "Drugface"
  13. Yello - "Pacific AM"
  14. Kebu - "Deep Blue"
  15. Art Of Noise - "Moments In Love"
  16. Hypnosis - "Chariots Of Fire"
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New Order Presents Be Music
Cat: FBN 60CD. Rel: 14 Feb 17
  1. Quando Quango - "Love Tempo"
  2. Marcel King - "Reach For Love"
  3. 52nd Street - "Cool As Ice"
  4. Section 25 - "Looking From A Hilltop" (megamix)
  5. Nyam Nyam - "Fate/Hate"
  6. The Beat Club - "Security" (remix)
  7. Paul Haig - "The Only Truth"
  8. Shark Vegas - "You Hurt Me"
  9. Marcel King - "Keep On Dancin"
  10. Section 25 - "Reflection"
  11. Quando Quango - "Tingle"
  12. Surprize - "Over Italia"
  13. 52nd Street - "Can't Afford"
  14. Thick Pigeon - "Babcock + Wilcox"
  15. A Certain Ratio - "Bootsy" (Swingfire mix)
  16. Factory Floor - "~ (Real Love)"
  17. Section 25 - "Another Hilltop"
  18. The Other Two - "Inside"
  19. Marnie - "The Hunter" (remix)
  20. Fujiya & Miyagi - "Daggers" (remix)
  21. Tim Burgess - "Oh Men" (02 remix)
  22. Factory Floor - "A Wooden Box" (remix)
  23. Life - "Tell Me"
  24. Life - "Tell Me" (Theme)
  25. Peter Hook - "Lavolta Lakota Theme"
  26. Section 25 - "Knew Noise"
  27. Stockholm Monsters - "All At Once"
  28. The Royal Family & The Poor - "Motherland"
  29. Winston Tong - "Theoretical China"
  30. The Beat Club - "Security" (dub)
  31. Marcel King - "Reach For Love" (US mix)
  32. Thick Pigeon - "Jess + Bart" (remix)
  33. Red Turns To - "Deep Sleep"
  34. Ad Infinitum - "Telstar"
  35. Section 25 - "Sakura"
  36. New Order - "Video 5-8-6"
Review: Between 1982 and 1985, members of New Order spent as much time producing for, or with, other artists as much as recording their own albums and singles. This lesser known side of their output is explored on Be Music, which gathers together cuts from that period - mostly released on Factory Records - alongside more recent remixes for the likes of Tim Burgess and Factory Floor. There are plenty of stone cold classics present, including Marcel King's wide-eyed Hacienda classic "Reach for Love", Section 52's "Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix)", the bubbly, Freestyle influenced synth-pop of The Beat Club's "Security (Remix)" and the throbbing brilliance of "Bootsy (Swingfire Mix)" by A Certain Ratio.
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 in stock $16.05
Elektrisk Guitar
Cat: KALKCD 114. Rel: 09 Oct 19
  1. Pentagonium
  2. Blik
  3. Kottbusser Damm
  4. Gentagelsen
  5. Undergang
  6. I Begrensningens Ubegraensede
  7. Have Af Lyd
  8. Gotenstrasse
  9. Vand
  10. Gisela
  11. Nat
  12. Huset
  13. Ven
 in stock $12.27
Yesterday Was Dramatic Today Is Ok (20th Anniversary Edition) (Remastered)
  1. I'm 9 Today
  2. Smell Memory
  3. There Is A Number Of Small Things
  4. Random Summer
  5. Asleep On A Train
  6. Awake On A Train
  7. The Ballad Of The Broken Birdie Records
  8. The Ballad Of The Broken String
  9. Sunday Night Just Keeps On Rolling
  10. Slow Bicycle
  11. The Ballad Of The Broken Birdie Records (Ruxpin remix II)
  12. Smell Memory (Bix remix)
  13. There Is A Number Of Small Things & The Ballad Of The Broken Birdie Records (µ-Ziq Straight mix)
  14. The Ballad Of The Broken Birdie Records (Biogen mix)
  15. Kronos Quartet - "Smell Memory"
  16. Hauschka - "Random Summer"
  17. Soley - "The Ballad Of The Broken String"
 in stock $18.32
Hands Rest
Cat: KI 020CD. Rel: 23 Jul 19
  1. Tar
  2. Hands Rest
  3. Simple Things
  4. No Need
  5. Integrity
  6. Layers
  7. Foreign
  8. Intimacy
 in stock $11.27
Soliloquy For Lilith (reissue)
Cat: DPROMBX 666. Rel: 23 Aug 19
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
  6. Track 6
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
Review: Steven Stapleton has made countless albums as Nurse With Wound, though few are quite as celebrated as 1988's "Soliloquy For Lilith". As this latest reissue of the lauded set proves, the epic album has lost none of its original allure or lustre. This edition expands on the original version, which contained six lengthy untitled ambient and drone compositions of breathless brilliance, by including two further pieces recorded during the same sessions (tracks seven and eight). Like the other meandering soundscapes, they're dark, avant-garde, intoxicating and exceptionally immersive. In truth, the album is a must-have for all of those who enjoy the more cosmic and atmospheric end of the ambient spectrum.
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Deproduction Live
  1. Names Have Been Changed (Sound/Reading For Incest Porn)
  2. Admit It's Killing You (& Leave) (Sound/Reading For Gay Porn)
 in stock $17.43
Souvenir: A Career Anthology 1979-2019
Souvenir: A Career Anthology 1979-2019 (5xCD + 2xDVD + 84 page hardback book + art prints + poster)
Cat: 7732451. Rel: 04 Oct 19
  1. Electricity (The singles 1979-1987)
  2. Red Frame/White Light
  3. Messages
  4. Enola Gay
  5. Souvenir
  6. Joan Of Arc
  7. Maid Of Orleans
  8. Genetic Engineering
  9. Telegraph
  10. Locomotion
  11. Talking Loud & Clear
  12. Tesla Girls
  13. Never Turn Away
  14. So In Love
  15. Secret
  16. La Femme Accident
  17. If You Leave
  18. (Forever) Live & Die
  19. We Love You
  20. Shame
  21. Dreaming (The singles 1988-2019)
  22. Sailing On The Seven Seas
  23. Pandora’s Box (It’s A Long, Long Way)
  24. Then You Turn Away
  25. Call My Name
  26. Stand Above Me
  27. Dream Of Me
  28. Everyday
  29. Walking On The Milky Way
  30. Universal
  31. If You Want It
  32. Sister Marie Says
  33. History Of Modern (part 1)
  34. Metroland
  35. Dresden
  36. Night Cafe
  37. Isotype
  38. The Punishment Of Luxury
  39. What Have We Done
  40. Don’t Go
  41. Brand New Science (unreleased Archive Vol I)
  42. Dumbomb
  43. Violin Piece
  44. Untitled 2
  45. Cut Me Down
  46. Radio Swiss International
  47. Untitled 3
  48. Weekend
  49. Organ Ditty
  50. Unreleased Idea
  51. Cajun Moon
  52. Guitar Thrash
  53. SMPTE
  54. American Venus
  55. Liberator
  56. Ambient 1
  57. Unused 1
  58. Flamenco
  59. Andy’s Song
  60. Dynamo Children
  61. Flutey
  62. Nice Ending
  63. Messages (live At The Mermaid Theatre, London - 03/02/2011)
  64. Tesla Girls
  65. New Babies New Toys
  66. History Of Modern (part 1)
  67. (Forever) Live & Die
  68. Souvenir
  69. Joan Of Arc
  70. Maid Of Orleans
  71. New Holy Ground
  72. Green
  73. Walking On The Milky Way
  74. Sister Marie Says
  75. Locomotion
  76. Sailing On The Seven Seas
  77. Enola Gay
  78. Electricity
  79. Dazzle Ships (live At The Hammersmith Odeon - 10/05/1983)
  80. ABC Auto Industry
  81. Messages
  82. She’s Leaving
  83. Georgia
  84. Almost
  85. Julia’s Song
  86. Joan Of Arc
  87. Maid Of Orleans
  88. Statues
  89. The Romance Of The Telescope
  90. Souvenir
  91. Telegraph
  92. Radio Waves
  93. Bunker Soldiers
  94. Enola Gay
  95. Silent Running
  96. Electricity
  97. Pretending To See The Future
  98. Stanlow
  99. Messages (DVD1 - BBC TV Performances - The Old Grey Whistle Test 15/04/1980)
  100. Messages (Top Of The Pops 08/05/1980)
  101. Messages (Top Of The Pops 29/05/1980)
  102. Enola Gay (Top Of The Pops 09/10/1980)
  103. Souvenir (Top Of The Pops 03/09/1981)
  104. Joan Of Arc (Top Of The Pops 29/10/1981)
  105. Maid Of Orleans (Top Of The Pops 14/01/1982)
  106. Genetic Engineering (Top Of The Pops 03/03/1983)
  107. Locomotion (Top Of The Pops 19/04/1984)
  108. Locomotion (Top Of The Pops 03/05/1984)
  109. Talking Loud & Clear (Top Of The Pops 05/07/1984)
  110. Tesla Girls (Top Of The Pops 13/09/1984)
  111. So In Love (Top Of The Pops 30/05/1985)
  112. La Femme Accident (The Old Grey Whistle Test 22/10/1985)
  113. (Forever) Live & Die (Top Of The Pops 18/09/1986)
  114. Dreaming (Wogan 27/06/1988)
  115. Sailing On The Seven Seas (Top Of The Pops 02/05/1991)
  116. Pandora’s Box (It’s A Long, Long Way) (Top Of The Pops 11/07/1991)
  117. Pandora’s Box (It’s A Long, Long Way) (Top Of The Pops 25/07/1991)
  118. Call My Name (Pebble Mill 11/12/1991)
  119. Stand Above Me (Top Of The Pops 13/05/1993)
  120. Walking On The Milky Way (Top Of The Pops 16/08/1996)
  121. Enola Gay (Later with Jools Holland 31/05/2013)
  122. Almost (DVD2 - live At Theatre Royal, Drury Lane - 04/12/1981)
  123. Mystereality
  124. Joan Of Arc
  125. Motion & Heart
  126. Maid Of Orleans
  127. Statues
  128. Souvenir
  129. New Stone Age
  130. Enola Gay
  131. Bunker Soldiers
  132. Electricity
  133. She’s Leaving
  134. Julia’s Song
  135. Stanlow
  136. The Romance Of The Telescope (live At Sheffield City Hall - 14/06/1985 - intro)
  137. Crush
  138. Messages
  139. Secret
  140. Tesla Girls
  141. White Trash
  142. Talking Loud & Clear
  143. Maid Of Orleans
  144. Telegraph
  145. Enola Gay
  146. Electricity
  147. The Romance Of The Telescope
  148. Bloc Bloc Bloc (Crush - The Movie)
  149. The Native Daughters Of The Golden West
  150. So In Love
  151. 88 Seconds In Greensboro
  152. Hold You
  153. Women III
  154. Crush
  155. La Femme Accident
  156. Secret
  157. The Lights Are Going Out
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Earth (remastered)
Cat: 478940 0. Rel: 28 Apr 17
  1. Come On
  2. We Are All Uprooted
  3. Sunny Earth
  4. HE-O
  5. Ritual
  6. Let It Happen
  7. The City
  8. My Face In The Rain
  9. Watch Out
  10. A Song
 in stock $5.76
To Believe
Cat: ZENCD 226. Rel: 15 Mar 19
  1. To Believe (feat Moses Sumney)
  2. A Caged Bird/Imitations Of Life (feat Roots Manuva)
  3. Lessons
  4. Wait For Now/Leave The World (feat Tawiah)
  5. The Workers Of Art
  6. Zero One/This Fantasy (feat Grey Reverend)
  7. A Promise (feat Heidi Vogel)
Review: Given the rise in popularity in new school jazz in recent years, it seems a fitting time to welcome back Ninja Tune stalwarts The Cinematic Orchestra. "To Believe" is not only their first album in some seven years, but also one of their strongest releases to date. Opening with the poignant neo-classical/soul fusion "To Believe", the set sees Jason Swinscoe and company attractively saunter between jazz-electronica fusion (Roots Manuva collaboration ("A Caged Bird/Imitations Of Life"), pastoral jazz epics (the sunset ready epic that is "Lessons"), gentle downtempo songs ("Wait For Now/Leave The World"), ambient jazz ("The Workers Of Art") and slowly unfurling dancefloor workouts (killer closing cut "A Promise"). In a word: stunning.
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Glass (CD)
Cat: ZENCD 237. Rel: 04 Nov 16
  1. The Journey
  2. Fall Into Water
  3. Red Glass
  4. Wounded
  5. Oracle
  6. Fuel The Fire
  7. River
  8. Thousand Yard Stare
  9. Paradise
Review: Ryan Hunn AKA Illum Sphere has impressively grown and matured as a producer since making his debut on Fat City back in 2009. His 2014 debut album, Ghosts of Then & Now, was something of a watershed moment, tempering his experimental, bass-heavy dancefloor compositions with a newfound love of cinematic sounds. Glass arguably moves further in the latter direction. While there are some nods towards his club-ready past - see the 4/4 shuffle of "Fall Into Water", or the moody electro bounce of "Fuel The Fire" - it's not the beats that dominate, but rather his evocative chord progressions and IDM style melodies. In fact, it's the more sanguine, ambient inspired cuts, of which there are numerous, that really stand out.
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In No Sense? Nonsense! (Deluxe Edition)
Cat: 019029 5837365. Rel: 02 Nov 18
  1. Galleons Of Stone
  2. Dragnet
  3. Fin Du Temps
  4. How Rapid?
  5. Opus For Four
  6. Debut
  7. EFL
  8. Ode To Don Jose
  9. A Day At The Races
  10. Counterpoint
  11. Roundabout 727
  12. Ransom On The Sand
  13. Roller 1
  14. Nothing Was Going To Stop Them Then, Anyway
  15. Crusoe
  16. One Earth
  17. Legacy (7" mix)
  18. Dragnet (7" mix)
  19. Spies Like Us (alternative mix)
  20. Spies
  21. Ode To Don Jose (7" edit)
  22. Opus III
  23. Lost Innocence
  24. Acton Art
  25. Ransom On The Sand (7" edit)
  26. Debut (7" edit)
  27. Dragnet '88 (7" mix)
  28. Fin Du Temps (Air)
  29. Domestic Disco
  30. Roller 1 (Out-take)
  31. Faberge 12 (Opus For Four)
  32. Theatrical (EFL)
  33. Galleons Of Crusoe
  34. Western (Ode take 1)
  35. Moog & Baboon (Ode take 2)
  36. More Moog & Baboon (Ode take 3)
  37. Judo 3 (Ode take 6)
  38. Sam (demo For Duane Eddy)
  39. Nobody Told Me Anything
  40. Racing
  41. Sweet Reason
  42. Exercise & Pool Montage
  43. Last Chance To Dance (edit)
  44. Ringing In The Ears
  45. Legacy (12" mix)
  46. Dragnet (12" mix)
  47. Dragnet '88 (12" mix)
  48. Spies (Espionoise mix)
  49. 2 Many Thankyous
  50. One Earth (New Mexico mix)
Review: By the time the Art of Noise released third album "In No Sense? Nonsense!" in 1987, the outfit was the sole preserve of sampling pioneer and Fairlight CMI specialist J.J Jeczalik and neo-classical composer Anne Dudley. Between them, the pair produced an impressively experimental, pop-tinged set, with critics praising both Jeczalik's advanced percussion programming and trademark sample collages, and the string-drenched sweetness and layered keyboard work that soundtrack specialist Anne Dudley provided. This "deluxe" reissue could well be the definitive version, featuring as it does the re-mastered original set, alternative remixes, dancefloor-focused 12" versions (something the band always excelled at), demos and previously unheard tracks. Surprisingly, these include previously unreleased collaborations with Duane Eddy and Sir Paul McCartney.
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In Visible Silence (remastered)
Cat: 019029 5837396. Rel: 19 May 17
  1. Opus 4
  2. Paranoimia
  3. Eye Of A Needle
  4. Legs
  5. Slip Of The Tongue
  6. Backbeat
  7. Instruments Of Darkness
  8. Peter Gunn (feat Duane Eddy)
  9. Camilla - The Old, Old Story
  10. The Chameleon's Dish
  11. Beatback
  12. Paranoimia (7" mix - feat Max Headroom)
  13. Legs (7" mix)
  14. Hoops & Mallets
  15. Something Always Happens
  16. Why Me?
  17. A Nation Rejects
  18. Backbeat (reprise)
  19. World War II
  20. The First Leg
  21. Happy Harry's High Club
  22. Chameleon 4
  23. Beddoo-Bedoo
  24. Panic
  25. Camel
  26. Second Legs
  27. Trumpton Boogie
  28. Chameleon I
  29. A Nation Regrets
  30. Legs (Inside Leg mix)
  31. Legs (Last Leg mix)
  32. Peter Gunn (feat Duane Eddy - extended version)
  33. Peter Gunn (feat Duane Eddy - The Twang mix)
  34. Paranoimia (feat Max Headroom - extended version)
  35. Paranoimia (feat Max Headroom - The Paranoid mix)
Review: By the time they released In Visible Silence in 1986, the trio behind the Art of Noise - JJ Jeczalik, Gary Langan and Anne Dudley - had broken free of producer Trevor Horn and ZTT Records' concept-loving media man, Paul Morley. The resultant album was arguably more musically rich and varied than its predecessors, even if their obsession with the creative potential afforded by the Fairlight-CMI sampling computer remained in tact. It remains a hugely enjoyable set, rich in Dudley's neo-classical flourishes, Jeczalik's cheeky sense of humour and ability to spot a killer sample, and Langan's brilliant beat programming and production. This expanded reissue accompanies the original 11-track album with a wealth of obscure, forgotten or unreleased bonus material, including alternative mixes, 12" versions and unlikely collaborations.
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Intérprete: Vincent Inc
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Pink Eye
Pink Eye (CD)
Cat: RBBTCD 1. Rel: 28 Jun 18
  1. Boat Ride Around NYC
  2. The Skipper
  3. Cayll J The Superhero
  4. Sarah's E Is Back
  5. Mario & Soley
  6. Spin Cycle
  7. Karo B Is Not On Love & Hip Hop
  8. Kelly Is On Her C
  9. Luciana Murder Muffins
  10. Five Left
  11. Pink Eye
Review: There was much excitement when Pink Eye, Maurice Fulton's first album under the Syclops album for five years, first appeared online last month. In typical fashion, Fulton hadn't let anyone know it was coming. As with some of his other projects, it's now available on physical formats via German titans Running Back. As with previous Syclops albums, it's wonderfully bonkers and hard to pigeonhole, with the Sheffield-based Chicagoan combining mind-altering electronics, skewed drums, riotous analogue grooves and cheery piano and synthesizer motifs in a variety of hugely impressive ways. There are naturally some suitably filthy club workouts present - check the intergalactic madness of "Sarah's E Is Back", the druggy, afro-tech romp that is "Spin Cycle" and the sub-heavy insanity of "Kelly Is On Her C" - alongside loved-up compositions and productions that indulge Fulton's less discussed often overlooked jazz influences.
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Suspiria: Music For The Luca Guadagnino Film (Soundtrack)
  1. A Storm That Took Everything
  2. The Hooks
  3. Suspirium
  4. Belongings Thrown In A River
  5. Has Ended
  6. Klemperer Walks
  7. Open Again
  8. Sabbath Incantation
  9. The Inevitable Pull
  10. Olga's Destruction (Volk Tape)
  11. The Conjuring Of Anke
  12. A Light Green
  13. Unmade
  14. The Jumps
  15. Volk
  16. The Universe Is Indifferent
  17. The Balance Of Things
  18. A Soft Hand Across Your Face
  19. Suspirium Finale
  20. A Choir Of One
  21. Synthesizer Speaks
  22. The Room Of Compartments
  23. An Audition
  24. Voiceless Terror
  25. The Epilogue
Review: Given his innate ability to craft intensely atmospheric and often fundamentally unsettling music, it seems apt that Thom Yorke has finally got around to producing a film soundtrack. It's fitting, too, that said soundtrack is for Luca Guadagnino's weirdo remake of 1977 Italian horror flick "Suspiria". Yorke nails the brief, delivering a string of chilling, otherworldly instrumentals that not only draw on his well-established love of dark ambient and gruesome electronica, but also foreboding neo-classical movements and sparse, wide-eyed arrangements. There are a smattering of superb vocal moments, too, with recent single "Suspirio" - described by one broadsheet reviewer as "the saddest waltz you'll ever here" - standing out.
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Intérprete: Indian Wells
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Until The Quiet Comes
Cat: WARPCD 230. Rel: 28 Sep 12
  1. All In
  2. Getting There (feat Niki Randa)
  3. Until The Colours Come
  4. Heave(n)
  5. Tiny Tortures
  6. All The Secrets
  7. Sultan's Request
  8. Putty Boy Strut
  9. See Thru To U (feat Erykah Badu)
  10. Until The Quiet Comes
  11. DMT Song (feat Thundercat)
  12. The Nightcaller
  13. Only If You Wanna
  14. Electric Candyman (feat Thom Yorke)
  15. Hunger (feat Niki Randa)
  16. Phantasm (feat Laura Darlington)
  17. Me Yesterday/Corded
  18. Dream To Me
Review: Pitched somewhere between the gritty, propulsive beats of Los Angeles, and the exploratory jazz of Cosmogramma, Flying Lotus's fourth album, Until The Quiet Comes is arguably the most delicate record he's ever produced. Described as a "collage of mystical states, dreams, sleep and lullabies", it steers away from bigger moments, choosing instead to present an understated patchwork of breezy jazz samples, dusty hip-hop beats smeared vocals seemingly inspired by DMT hallucinations. While previous efforts were wildly futuristic at times, Until The Quiet Comes is confidently classicist - and seals Flying Lotus's position as one of our generation's visionary producers.
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Planet Jarre: Deluxe Edition
Planet Jarre: Deluxe Edition (limited numbered 2xCD box + 2 cassettes + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: 190758 70642. Rel: 14 Sep 18
  1. Oxygene 1 (2:19)
  2. Oxygene 19 (2:31)
  3. Rendez-Vous 1 (2:31)
  4. Millions Of Stars (2:31)
  5. Chronology 1 (2:31)
  6. Oxygene 20 (2:31)
  7. Equinoxe 2 (2:31)
  8. Waiting For Cousteau (2:31)
  9. The Heart Of Noise (Origin) (2:31)
  10. Industrial Revolution (part 2) (2:31)
  11. Oxygene 4 (2:31)
  12. Equinoxe 5 (2:31)
  13. Oxygene 2 (2:31)
  14. Zoolookologie (2:31)
  15. Bells (2:31)
  16. Equinoxe 4 (2:31)
  17. Magnetic Fields 2 (2:31)
  18. Rendez-Vous 2 (Laser Harp) (2:31)
  19. Rendez-Vous 4 (2:31)
  20. Chronology 4 (2:31)
  21. Coachella Opening (2:02)
  22. Arpeggiator (2:02)
  23. Automatic (with Vince Clarke - part 1) (2:02)
  24. Exit (with Edward Snowden) (2:02)
  25. Equinoxe 7 (2:02)
  26. Oxygene 8 (2:02)
  27. Stardust (with Armin Van Buuren) (2:02)
  28. Herbalizer (2:02)
  29. Revolutions (2:02)
  30. Ethnicolor (2:02)
  31. Souvenir Of China (2:02)
  32. Blah Blah Cafe (2:02)
  33. Music For Supermarkets (demo Excerpt) (2:02)
  34. Roseland/Le Pays De Rose (2:02)
  35. La Cage (2:02)
  36. Erosmachine (2:02)
  37. Hypnose (2:02)
  38. The Song Of The Burnt Barns/La Chanson Des Granges Brulees (2:02)
  39. Happiness Is A Sad Song (2:02)
  40. Aor Bleu (2:02)
  41. Last Rendez Vous (2:02)
  42. Oxygene 1 (4:50)
  43. Oxygene 19 (4:50)
  44. Rendez Vous 1 (4:50)
  45. Millions Of Stars (4:50)
  46. Chronology 1 (4:50)
  47. Oxygene 20 (4:50)
  48. Equinoxe 2 (4:50)
  49. Waiting For Cousteau (4:50)
  50. The Heart Of Noise (The Origin) (4:50)
  51. Industrial Revolution (part 2) (3:48)
  52. Oxygene 4 (3:48)
  53. Equinoxe 5 (3:48)
  54. Oxygene 2 (3:48)
  55. Zoolookologie (3:48)
  56. Bells (3:48)
  57. Equinoxe 4 (3:48)
  58. Magnetic Fields 2 (3:48)
  59. Rendez-Vous 2 (3:48)
  60. Rendez-Vous 4 (3:48)
  61. Chronology 4 (3:48)
  62. Coachella Opening (3:58)
  63. Arpeggiator (6:17)
  64. Automatic (with Vince Clarke - part 1) (3:01)
  65. Exit (with Edward Snowden) (5:46)
  66. Equinoxe 7 (3:36)
  67. Oxygene 8 (5:24)
  68. Stardust (with Armin Van Buuren) (4:37)
  69. Herbalizer (3:28)
  70. Revolutions (3:26)
  71. Ethnicolor (3:31)
  72. Souvenir Of China (4:02)
  73. Blah Blah Cafe (3:24)
  74. Music For Supermarkets (demo Excerpt) (2:06)
  75. Roseland/Le Pays De Rose (2:04)
  76. La Cage (3:10)
  77. Erosmachine (3:03)
  78. Hypnose (3:27)
  79. The Song Of The Burnt Barns/La Chanson Des Granges Brulees (2:46)
  80. Happiness Is A Sad Song (3:26)
  81. Aor Bleu (5:35)
  82. Last Rendez-Vous (4:10)
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Planet Jarre: Deluxe Edition
Cat: 190758 33792. Rel: 14 Sep 18
  1. Oxygene 1 (Soundscapes)
  2. Oxygene 19
  3. Rendez-Vous 1
  4. Millions Of Stars
  5. Chronology 1
  6. Oxygene 20
  7. Equinoxe 2
  8. Waiting For Cousteau
  9. The Heart Of Noise (Origin)
  10. Industrial Revolution (part 2 - Themes)
  11. Oxygene 4
  12. Equinoxe 5
  13. Oxygene 2
  14. Zoolookologie
  15. Bells
  16. Equinoxe 4
  17. Magnetic Fields 2
  18. Rendez-Vous 2 (Laser Harp)
  19. Rendez-Vous 4
  20. Chronology 4
  21. Coachella Opening (Sequences)
  22. Arpeggiator
  23. Automatic (with Vince Clarke - part 1)
  24. Exit (with Edward Snowden)
  25. Equinoxe 7
  26. Oxygene 8
  27. Stardust (with Armin Van Buuren)
  28. Herbalizer
  29. Revolutions
  30. Ethnicolor (Explorations & Early Works)
  31. Souvenir Of China
  32. Blah Blah Cafe
  33. Music For Supermarkets (demo Excerpt)
  34. Roseland/Le Pays De Rose
  35. La Cage
  36. Erosmachine
  37. Hypnose
  38. The Song Of The Burnt Barns/La Chanson Des Granges Brulees
  39. Happiness Is A Sad Song
  40. Aor Bleu
  41. Last Rendez Vous
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Geometry Of Love (reissue)
Cat: 190758 33892. Rel: 14 Sep 18
  1. Pleasure Principle
  2. Geometry Of Love (part 1)
  3. Soul Intrusion
  4. Electric Flesh
  5. Skin Paradox
  6. Velvet Road
  7. Near Djaina
  8. Geometry Of Love (part 2)
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Safe In The Hands Of Love
Cat: WARPCD 293. Rel: 12 Oct 18
  1. Faith In Nothing Except In Salvation
  2. Economy Of Freedom
  3. Honesty
  4. Noid
  5. Licking An Orchid (feat James K)
  6. Lifetime
  7. Hope In Suffering (Escaping Oblivion & Overcoming Powerlessness) (feat Oxhy & Puce Mary)
  8. Recognizing The Enemy
  9. All The Love We Have Now
  10. Let The Lioness In You Flow Freely
Review: Yves Tumor is undoubtedly an artist with a unique musical perspective. That was evident from his 2016 PAN debut, "Serpent's Head", an album of impossible-to-pigeonhole brilliance that drew on a dizzyingly disparate array of styles. Now operating on Warp Records, he continues to mix and match genre boundaries to suit his will on hotly anticipated follow-up "Safe In The Hands of Love". It's another doozy, with the Turin-based artist offering a thrill-a-minute sound soup that flits from pastoral folktronica, experimental IDM and mangled R&B futurism, to wall-of-sound indie-pop, doom-laden orchestral ambient and blissful, hallucinatory dream-pop. While putting Tumor (real name Sean Bowie) in a stylistic box is impossible, we can safely say that he'll soon be joining the top tier of maverick pop experimentalists.
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Polymer (CD)
Cat: WARPCD 303. Rel: 07 Jun 19
  1. Meds Fade
  2. Los
  3. Maru
  4. Ops
  5. Drowned Sea
  6. The Pale Moth
  7. Dancers
  8. Nurula
  9. Recall
  10. All To Get Her
  11. Dust
  12. Crown Shy
  13. Praze
Review: As Warp gears up to celebrate its 30th birthday, it seems fitting that the label should be putting out a fresh album from one of its longest serving artists. As Plaid, Andy Turner and Ed Handley played a significant role in defining the label's approach to electronic music during the "Artificial Intelligence" era in the mid 1990s. All these years on, they're still capable of crafting fizzing, melodious, off-kilter electronic listening music that defies lazy categorization. "Polymer" is a hugely enjoyable and entertaining set, with highlights including the jumpy beats, post-electro melodies and mind-altering acid lines of "Los", the metallic bounce of "Maru" - a kind of twisted take on Afro-tech that's amongst their most club-ready cuts of recent times - and the disturbed, Autechre-style clang of "Recall".
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The Four Worlds
Cat: WARPCD 296. Rel: 16 Apr 18
  1. Glasspops
  2. Circle Of Fear
  3. Come Let Us (feat Gregory Whitehead)
  4. The Arched Window
  5. SOS (feat The Space Lady)
  6. Parkstone Melody II
  7. Men-an-Tol
  8. The Four Worlds
Intérprete: Emika
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Collapse EP
Collapse EP (CD single)
Cat: WAP 423CD. Rel: 14 Sep 18
  1. T69 Collapse
  2. 1st 44
  3. MT1 T29r2
  4. Abundance10edit[2 R8's, FZ20m & A 909]
  5. Pthex
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All Night Chroma
All Night Chroma (limited CD)
Cat: WARPCD 305. Rel: 04 Oct 19
  1. Voix Celestes
  2. Mutations With Reeds
  3. Flutes With Major Bass
  4. Reeds & Flutes Harmoniques
  5. Mixtures
  6. Bombardes & Cymbel
  7. Flutes
  8. Full Organ
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Needle Paw
Cat: 889854 22662. Rel: 05 Jan 90
  1. Wititj (Lightning Snake) (part 1)
  2. Atari
  3. Crossfire/So Into You
  4. Haiku
  5. Mobius
  6. Molasses
  7. Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)
  8. Atoll
  9. When The Knife
  10. Blackstar/Pyramid Song/Breathing Underwater
  11. Borderline With My Atoms
  12. Homebody
  13. Wititj (Lightning Snake) (part 2)
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Ribbons (CD)
Cat: WARPCD 299. Rel: 12 Apr 19
  1. Beret Girl
  2. The Art Of Living
  3. Before
  4. Curls
  5. Ode To A Nuthatch
  6. Watch The Flies
  7. It's Your Bones
  8. You Couldn't Even Hear The Birds Singing
  9. Pretty Ribbons & Lovely Flowers
  10. Erdaydidder-Erdiddar
  11. Frankincense & Coal
  12. Old Graffiti
  13. Patchouli May
  14. Valley Wulf
  15. Quarters
  16. Under A Lone Ash
Review: It's startling to think Bibio has been comfortably nestled on Warp Records for 10 years now. The folk-leaning beatsmith has taken his sound in subtly shifting directions while staying true to his delicate, melodious identity. On this latest album "Ribbons" he's sounding sweeter than ever, twirling up a 60s reverie of finger-picking guitar and tender vocals guaranteed to bring on sunshine, real or imaginary, no matter what time of year you pop it on. There are some more crooked moments to be enjoyed for fans of the more beat-oriented Bibio sound - "Pretty Ribbons & Lovely Flowers" has a wonderful crunch to it, but for the most part it's a treat to get lost in the pastoral reverie of the album's main themes.
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Oxygene 7-13 (reissue)
Cat: 190758 33852. Rel: 14 Sep 18
  1. Oxygene 7
  2. Oxygene 8
  3. Oxygene 9
  4. Oxygene 10
  5. Oxygene 11
  6. Oxygene 12
  7. Oxygene 13
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Garden Of Delete
Garden Of Delete (CD + 24 page booklet)
Cat: WARPCD 266. Rel: 10 Nov 15
  1. Intro
  2. Ezra
  4. Sticky Drama
  5. SDFK
  6. Mutant Standard
  7. Child Of Rage
  8. Animals
  9. I Bite Through It
  10. Freaky Eyes
  11. Lift
  12. No Good
Review: NYC sound artist and Software label boss Daniel Lopatin is back with his eagerly awaited eighth studio album. A self-proclaimed 'cybernetic rock' album influenced by his time touring with Nine Inch nails and Soundgarden in 2014. There's '"Ezra" which reaches near trance moments, the glitchy R&B digitalism of "Sticky Drama" which features a turn, mid track, reaching a level of mayhem comparable to Shapednoise. There is a moment of what we can only describe as 'indie trance' on the psychotic epic "Mutant Standard". Not forgetting the disturbed nu-gaze of "I Bite Through It", a real highlight on here. Commercial music was said to have influenced the album too. "Freaky Eyes" and "Lift" deconstruct pop music via sampling/resampling and loop points, adding Lopatin's own bizarre intricacies on top. He has undoubtedly become known as one of the most unique voices in electronic music today and this is further testament to his standing. Difficult listening for curious ears.
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The SLP (CD)
Cat: 190759 53132. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. Meanwhile In Genova
  2. Lockdown
  3. ((Trance))
  4. The Wu
  5. Soldiers 00018
  6. Meanwhile At The Welcome Break
  7. Nobody Else
  8. Favourites (feat Little Simz)
  9. Kvng Fv
  10. The Youngest Gary
  11. Meanwhile In The Silent Nowhere
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Metamorphoses (reissue)
Cat: 190758 33862. Rel: 14 Sep 18
  1. Je Me Souviens
  2. C'est La Vie
  3. Rendez-Vous A Paris
  4. Hey Gagarin
  5. Millions Of Stars
  6. Tout Est Bleu
  7. Love Love Love
  8. Bells
  9. Miss Moon
  10. Give Me A Sign
  11. Gloria, Lonely Boy
  12. Silhouette
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Age Of
Age Of (CD)
Cat: WARPCD 295. Rel: 01 Jun 18
  1. Age Of
  2. Babylon
  3. Manifold
  4. The Station
  5. Toys 2
  6. Black Snow
  7. Myriad.Industries
  8. Warning
  9. We'll Take It
  10. Same
  11. Raycats
  12. Still Stuff That Doesn't Happen
  13. Last Known Image Of A Song
Review: Daniel Lapotin's recent rise has been remarkable. Further confirmation of his ascent to international IDM star status arrived via a round of recent interviews to promote Age Of, his 13th album, in which he expressed a desire to record soundtracks for Pixar movies and work with A-list R&B stars. Both of these disparate strands are explored on Age Of, alongside his love of fractured pop, intense and otherworldly electronica, and the kind of grainy, metal-influenced noise more often heard on the releases of one of the album's numerous guest musicians, Dominic Fenrow AKA Purient. One review described the set as bein like a "portfolio" and that's a fair comment; Age Of's greatest strength is the way that it shows off all sides of Lapotin's brilliant musical mind.
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