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New releases last eight weeks: Experimental/Electronic

Experimental/Electronic vinyl released in the last four weeks
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HS 2302
HS 2302 (12")
Cat: HS 2302. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Hold-1 (5:29)
Track 2 (4:34)
Aliasing (5:56)
Hold-3 (5:32)
Windmill (8:24)
Review: Heaven Smile is a Nduja-affiliated label that is back with a second offering that takes a trip into futuristic techno as well as offering up some superb abstract outings. 'Hold-1' is an ambient soundscape that draws you into a filtered synth that pulses as changes shape. 'Track 2' is dubby, techno-leaning house with diffuse chord vamps and 'Aliasing' is a distorted, scruffy collage of broken beats and knackered claps with a fuzzy pulse running through the middle. 'Hold-3' offers another ambient moment to catch your breath then 'Windmill' suspends you in amongst the stars.
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 in stock $15.58
Radial (12")
Cat: RM 2092. Rel: 05 Feb 24
We Need A Medic (5:38)
Trabajador Radial (5:57)
Inconsciente Alfa (5:01)
Modo II (5:25)
Entropie (4:10)
Leer (5:04)
 in stock $25.88
La Nef Des Fous
La Nef Des Fous (12" + MP3 download code in embossed sleeve)
Cat: REGRM 029. Rel: 25 Jan 24
La Nef Des Fous (9:38)
Masques (2) (10:16)
Plurielles (8:21)
Persona (6:10)
Passe´ Compose´ (7:24)
 in stock $24.56
Les Editions Deforce Combipack
Les Editions Deforce Combipack (double 7" box set in luminous screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: LED 004. Rel: 18 Jan 24
Soort Van Nerd (4:49)
Tonder (4:08)
Hoek Van De Laatste Zon (2:38)
A Cause De Vos Merdes (2:14)
 in stock $29.31
Scrapbook EP
Scrapbook EP (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: PSTVLND 002. Rel: 29 Jan 24
142Atavism (4:03)
Track 2 (0:45)
Shallow Focus (5:45)
Hilum (Scrapbook mix) (3:52)
Voicenote (4:22)
Puzzl (5:17)
Track 7 (2:01)
Sad To Meet You (2:31)
 in stock $13.99
Days Gone By
Cat: 100 005. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Save Here (2:17)
DGDG (4:17)
Little Bubbles (3:45)
Give My Word (2:12)
SH U (2:04)
Divit (1:10)
Whistle Blower (3:27)
KREP (2:35)
Side Street (2:39)
Tapehissisthis (3:25)
 in stock $24.56
NX12X (12")
Cat: NX 12X. Rel: 11 Jan 24
Sam Hostettler - "Pointalims" (8:11)
La Leif - "Kyoto" (4:22)
La Leif - "Kimochi" (3:48)
Sam Hostettler - "Opalescence" (9:27)
Review: NX12X is the first in a new series of experimental records from this label and the artists given the keys for the inaugural release are Goldsmiths student and modular synth maestro Sam Hostettler and electronic innovator La Leif who tackle a pair of tracks each. Hostettler's sounds are the moody, heavy ambient atmospheres of 'Pointalims' and the more light and airy li-fi soundscapes of 'Opalescence.' La Leif offers broken beats with a skeletal feel and a burial-style synth aesthetic on 'Kyoto' and then crunchy breaks and fizzing, distorted synth malfunctions of 'Kimochi.'
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 in stock $8.97
Fashion (12")
Cat: KER 008. Rel: 11 Jan 24
Ekki Ekki (5:23)
New World Order (4:08)
One-Minute Silence (1:02)
Elska Meg Nu (1:42)
Oghonfor (9:03)
 in stock $15.83
The Whole Shebang
The Whole Shebang (12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: PHI 24. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Le Reve (3:04)
Strange Side Effects (3:20)
Inglisch (3:25)
Wunsche Guten Flug (2:31)
Razor Sharp Boogie (4:55)
Review: Veteran Swiss born producer Kay Zee (Patrick Hollenstein) and the EP The Whole Shebang is released on Zurich based label Phantom Island. If you are looking for unique electronic music, then look no further than this little slice of wax that is limited to 20 copies. We really like the unique sound in 'Le Reve' with the experimental rhythm that combines dub and electro into a odd but slamming frenzy. Not to be outdone is the quirky electro of 'Strange Side Effects' or the catchy downtempo strangeness that is 'Inglisch'. 'Razor Sharp Boogie' covers the entire B-side with a cool, retro sounding jam. All and all, you have a very special 12" that sounds unlike anything out there. In this day in age, that is very special indeed.
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Intérprete: Lexx, PHANTOM ISLAND
 in stock $30.10
Transitions (Compilation/The Overcom EP)
Transitions (Compilation/The Overcom EP) (12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: FLR 07. Rel: 29 Jan 24
Lassigue Bendthaus - "Transitory" (Anti Matter edit) (3:25)
Lassigue Bendthaus - "Information" (6:12)
Lassigue Bendthaus - "Render" (4:48)
Atom TM - "Kurosawa" (6:04)
Atom TM - "The Overcom" (6:04)
Review: Uwe Schmidt's mammoth artistic stamp has left an indelible mark on electronic music since he first emerged in the 80s as a DIY industrial artist in Frankfurt. His complex, many-sided career has been documented in a new book, AtomTM, the nonconformist virtuoso, which is being bolstered by this mini-compilation from Industrial Complexx and Fill-Lex. The A-side is focused on Schmidt's early work as Lassigue Bendthaus, where he responded to the emergent industrial and EBM phenomenon with a high-definition sound which ranks among the best music of the era. The three tracks sound as relevant today as they were futuristic when originally released. Meanwhile the B-side features two of his most daring works as AtomTM, originally released as The OvercomEP as a digital release in 2022. These angular, experimental studies serve as a neat demonstration of just one place his music has ended up across an accomplished career.
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 in stock $27.20
Open Close Open (remastered)
Open Close Open (remastered) (limited luminous vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: MORR 202EP. Rel: 23 Feb 24
Open (8:54)
Close (7:13)
Open (4:05)
Licht (5:13)
Review: Here we have the remastered edition of Robert Lippok's Open Close Open. Originally released in 2001 on the well-respected German glitch ambient label Raster Noton, the release has built a strong buzz about it. Late last year, the decision was to remaster the EP to the delight of the fans. The first 'Open' is very minimal with a very sparse beat to it. Glitch ambient and the cuts and click style of that period is wonderfully represented by this sound. To most fans of the release, 'Close' is the reason for the buzz. The combination of field recordings, glitch and a beautiful almost movie like soundtrack to it, makes this piece one of the most beautiful ambient pieces in the genre of glitch ambient. Hearing this remastered, really brings out the beauty even more so. This new version also features the very worthy piece 'Licht' to close out the release. It is very fitting that the amazing Morr Music honor this piece by releasing it.
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 in stock $25.61
MSP 01
MSP 01 (12")
Cat: MSP 01. Rel: 08 Feb 24
On A Razor's Edge (8:40)
Bella Di Giorno (4:27)
Endless Vanishing Point (7:24)
Hovergroover (5:54)
 in stock $14.78
Hidden Knowledge EP
Hidden Knowledge EP (180 gram vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: DNO 016. Rel: 06 Feb 24
Where Did You Go (2:28)
Patterns (4:52)
Classics (2:20)
Hidden Knowledge (1:53)
Robert Downey (1:38)
 in stock $15.31
La Lisana Lah
Cat: SOUK 012. Rel: 05 Feb 24
Tib Al Huroof (4:12)
Taqdirahu Anta (3:41)
Dijla Wal Fada' (3:19)
Zyadet Naqs (3:38)
Al Watar Al Wiswas (5:00)
Review: A timely reissue from Souk Records of Muqata'a's brilliant self-released EP from back in 2017. Muqata'a is a key player in the Palestinian electronic scene who has enjoyed - well, earned - a fine upward career arc that has been rooted in a sense of resistance and urgency. Along the way, he's left a unique signature sound and that can be traced back to this 12". Expect glitchy electronics and whirring machine loops, Middle Eastern percussive sounds and a mystic sense of the unknown as it lurches from beat to beat in a densely detailed fashion.
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 in stock $22.71
Mobile Music
Mobile Music (mini CD single)
Cat: IT 032. Rel: 12 Feb 24
Track 1
 in stock $11.61
Dancefloor Classics Vol 5
Dancefloor Classics Vol 5 (10" + mp3 download code)
Cat: RAJATON 02E. Rel: 17 Jan 24
You Don't Know Me Anymore (4:17)
Tenderly (3:39)
Now Let's Wait (4:10)
 in stock $20.06
I've Lost Control
Cat: MT 0035. Rel: 23 Feb 24
I've Lost Control (8:04)
I've Lost Control (Philipp Otterbach remix) (6:33)
Hedesch (feat Decha) (4:47)
Hedesch (feat Decha - Black Merlin remix) (9:07)
 in stock $17.16
Rulers Of This World
Rulers Of This World (limited 180 gram fern green vinyl 12")
Cat: LPY 15. Rel: 12 Feb 24
Scapegoat (feat Milly James) (5:54)
Scapegoat (Pole rework) (5:13)
Deceivers (6:14)
Believers (5:00)
Review: Lempuyang makes it to release number 15 with a devastatingly deep new EP from Deepchord Records co-founder Mike Schommer. He kicks off with 'Scapegoat' featuring the alluring vocals of Milly James which echo out over super slow-motion dub rhythms and icy pads. The Pole rework brings more crisp hits and distant eerie drones over a more pronounced rhythm but one that remains devilishly sparse. On the flip, 'Deceivers' has more hypotonic drive - a fleshy dub stepper to lock in any 'floor and then 'Believers' slows it down to a crawl once more. An essential dub EP that promises no represses.
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Tags: Dub Techno
 in stock $14.78
Schall/Rechant (12" + MP3 download code in embossed sleeve)
Cat: REGRM 030. Rel: 25 Jan 24
Schall (10:44)
Rechant (12:26)
24 Variations (9:24)
Gymel (9:44)
 in stock $24.56
Hide Behind The Silence EP 5
Hide Behind The Silence EP 5 (10" + mp3 download code)
Cat: RAJATON 03E. Rel: 17 Jan 24
Nomen Nescio (4:58)
Synopsis (5:26)
 in stock $20.06
Saffron (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ISO 001. Rel: 09 Jan 24
Carpet Crawler (6:54)
Luficer (6:32)
Saffron (6:06)
Take My Hand (7:03)
Review: Voal is Shoal and Vand and is already a stamp of quality off this one EP alone if you like your techno deep. 'Carpet Crawler' is a great name for a track that is all about bendy bass and warped, low lying synth lines that creep like snakes thorough the undergrowth. 'Luficer' then has a more hiccupping deep tech rhythm that is embellished with spooky and watery sound effects. 'Saffron' is another mind melting trip through bendy techno brilliance and last of all, 'Take My Hand' slows things down and strips things back to more expert atmospherics.
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 in stock $17.43
Holes Of Sinian
Holes Of Sinian (clear vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: SBKT 061DLP. Rel: 18 Jan 24
Fieldia (3:21)
Holes Of Time (feat Oxi Peng) (5:32)
Drifting Nama (2:49)
Blood Child (4:14)
Discrepant Microbial Mats (feat Forrest Gander) (3:55)
Ediacaran Ghost (feat Marina Herlop) (2:55)
Fractal1 (2:02)
Inside-out (3:41)
Fractal2 (4:25)
Conjuring (3:29)
Predator Chorus (feat Batu) (2:24)
Arrival (4:46)
Review: 2024 has begun pretty much as 2023 left off - a shit show on a 23.5 degree axis, hurtling through space on an orbit around a ball of fire which will one day destroy everything on it. And plenty of news suggesting humanity won't be around to see that happen. Perhaps ironically, though, in terms of music it's been incredibly strong, with a slew of excellent albums gracing our shelves in the first few weeks of the year alone. 33EMYBW's Holes of Sinian is one for that list, with the Shanghai producer making a very strong case for futurism. Sonically, then, this all feels advanced, tracks that might pre-empt where dance music is heading next, flitting between the cyber glitchiness of 'Fielda', the deep, Far Eastern ambient of 'Blood Child', and organic, percussive synth-folk-step on 'Holes of Time'. An amalgamation not just of noises, but schools of musical and its history.
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 in stock $24.82
Stasis Sounds For Long Distance Space Travel II (reissue)
Stasis Sounds For Long Distance Space Travel II (reissue) (solar flare vinyl LP + download code)
Cat: PITP 40SOLAR. Rel: 05 Feb 24
Stage 5 (6:03)
Stage 6 (5:32)
Stage 7 (5:36)
Stage 8 (5:45)
Stage 9 (6:09)
Stage 10 (5:42)
Review: Another 18 chapters "of aural anaesthetics" from 36 and Zake, following up their epic work Stasis Sounds For Long Distance Space Travel Part 1, or "continue their journey through the outer reaches of space in hypersleep" as they'd put it. The album comes on unique solar flare coloured vinyl, and as for its contents, well, they're grainy and immersive, widescreen and cinematic, immediately transporting you out into the farthest reaches of space. Perfect for zoning out of everyday life and enjoying some mindful moments to yourself.
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 in stock $21.11
Supercalideepstate (LP limited to 200 copies)
Cat: MINIERA 003. Rel: 01 Feb 24
E-mail Me From Space (10:47)
Melted (2:26)
Disorder New Order (8:28)
Blessed By The Unknown (9:03)
 in stock $18.74
A Trip To Bolgatanga
A Trip To Bolgatanga (limited pink vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: ONULP 154P. Rel: 15 Feb 24
A Bad Attitude (3:40)
Accra Electronica (3:26)
Push Me Pull You (3:48)
I Chant Too (3:58)
Asalatua (4:00)
Passing Clouds (2:55)
I'm A Winner (3:15)
A Trip To Bolgatanga (4:25)
Never Regret A Day (3:35)
Microdosing (3:42)
Review: The musical worlds of Africa, Jamaica and London collide as African Head Charge - the project put together by On-U Sound icon Adrian Sherwood and Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah (of Jamaican heritage but with longtime roots laid down in Africa). Their first new material in 11 years, it's a sonically fascinating mix of cultures and sound approaches, with Sherwood going for subtle, light touches on the dub front rather than the full on echo chamber madness more usually associated with the style. Single 'A Bad Attitude' is a great example of what's going on here - warped around the edges rather than from the core, as philosophical utterings and exotic (to us anyway) instrumentation get into the On-U groove.
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Tags: African
 in stock $24.03
The Castle II
The Castle II (gatefold 2xLP in embossed sleeve)
Cat: MEC 055. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Mars, Afterwards (1:51)
Le Voleur (7:10)
Objet D'Amour (4:47)
Track 4 (3:15)
The Castle (I) (4:07)
Machine D'Amour (4:24)
The Steeple Of Lewdness (8:20)
The Sea (6:49)
The April (Prologue) (2:46)
The April (9:28)
Ray (6:24)
Boy A (4:32)
The Wine Of Heaven (7:59)
The Castle (II) (4:18)
Review: Who, or perhaps what, was Tomo Akikawabaya? In truth, nobody really seems to sure on the answer, other than the fact this mysterious Japanese artists decided to release a serious of incredible synth-driven singles during the 1980s, before vanishing back into the dry ice of whatever smoke machine they escaped from. A musical genie, here only to bestow a limited number of gems on us, and then disappear forever. Swerving interviews and photos doesn't help the search, but The Castle II at least allows us to explore his work in depth, across several tracks. These range from the twisted cabaret weirds of 'Objet D'Amour', to the driving electro-punk of 'Le Voleur', grand and decidedly 1980s-sounding synth rock on 'The April', and New Romantic-esque pop on The Castle (II). Essential stuff.
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 in stock $37.76
Uzun Havalar
Cat: PINGIPUNG 065CD. Rel: 05 Feb 24
Gorunmez Hava
Ay Curudu
Casio Havasi
Ya Evde Korksan
Bir Garip Kan Icme Toreni
78 Yilinin En Uzun Dakikasi
 in stock $18.48
Cat: PINGIPUNG 074CD. Rel: 05 Feb 24
Gizli Duygular
Eciflere Gel
Ablamin Gozleri
Istasyon Plajinda Bir Tren Batti
Felicita Lale
 in stock $18.48
Barbed Wire Halo
Barbed Wire Halo (limited LP + insert)
Cat: OLI 3219843. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Hello Horror (4:51)
Cyanide Tears (6:02)
Review: Ann Robie Bandes batter known as Little Annie, or in this instance, Annie Anxiety, is what one could call a punk rock renaissance woman, cited as a singer, painter, poet, writer, recording artist, pastor, and stage actor, while her ties to Steve Ignorant and Penny Rimbaud of Crass would aid her in becoming an underground Patti Smith of the crust generation. Upon moving to London at the behest of her newfound contemporaries and performing poetry readings at Crass shows across the UK, in 1981 she would release her much adored Bared Wire Halo 7" on Crass Records with the help of Rimbaud. This new expanded LP edition restores the original EP along with bonus content collected from differing compilations contributed to by Annie in aid of differing causes, such as 'Gates of Freedom' which originally featured on the 1985 Here We Go compilation to benefit the UK Miners' strike, and 'Soweto Suntan' which came from the Devastate To Liberate LP released by David Tibet's Yangki imprint and also featured Nurse With Wound, Coil, Current 93 and The Legendary Pink Dots. Anarcho-punk memorabilia at its finest.
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 in stock $24.82
Jorden Forst
Jorden Forst (limited LP + insert)
Cat: DISCREETMUSIC 17. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Jorden Forst (16:44)
Jorden Forst (16:38)
Review: Arv & Miljo's new album delves into radical environmental activism and draws from the Swedish Plogbill movement's early 90s actions alongside Earth First! and Earth Liberation Front. Mixing monologues, interviews, protest songs, and site recordings with raw kosmische synth music, the pair crafts a mesmerising audio collage. Chaotic yet harmonious, disorienting yet soothing, the album reflects dedication, passion, and the spirit of change. Originally a limited CDR release in 2021, it quickly became a highlight in Arv & Miljo's discography. Now on, Jorden Forst offers a multi-faceted journey through environmental activism and the human spirit's resilience.
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 in stock $23.23
It's Trash Now
It's Trash Now (LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: LAIG 1405101. Rel: 15 Jan 24
Myspace 2006 (4:39)
Drug Depressed (1:47)
You Were Not Space Base Approved (5:01)
Day One Archives (2:46)
It's Trash Now (3:56)
YoungOldHead (There For The Changes) (2:58)
Not Coco Butter Enuff (2:25)
Out The Way, In The Mix (3:01)
Levels To This (9:26)
Let's Acknowledge The Fact That You Tried Me (1:43)
We Not Lincoln (2:02)
 in stock $20.06
Vida (LP + insert in fold-out sleeve)
Cat: LPS 249. Rel: 12 Feb 24
Vida (6:45)
Encontro (6:07)
Melancolia (6:46)
Maraba (7:08)
Acuario (6:40)
Alli (6:41)
Angustia (4:23)
Espiral (5:57)
Review: 'Vida' is the latest and most comprehensive collection of Susana Baron Supervielle's electroacoustic works, all of which were recorded between 1974 and 1980. Never heard before, the eight pieces making up this retrospective compilation from Wah Wah are salvaged wellsprings of field-recorded echoes and tape-magnetic delight, providing ample insight into the inner goings-on of the largely Brazil-based musician and electroacoustic composer. Packed with samples from film, and intertexts via Pierre Schaeffer, as well as the cultural intercourse between Paris, Argentina, and Buenos Aires, the overall palette is one of surreal enjoyment and trembly oddness.
Read more
 in stock $29.83
Oxido En El Espejo
Cat: EXOTIC 007CT. Rel: 25 Jan 24
La Luna Me Dijo Esto Detras Del Puente
Cosas De Estos Instantes
Tesis De Nubes Y Conclusiones
Son Quienes Cortan Los Cielos Grises
Las Aves Ya Saben Donde Ir
Oxido En El Espejo
No Te Pierdas En La Pista
Global Transpose
 in stock $15.31
Solos For Spaces
Solos For Spaces (cassette + MP3 download code)
Cat: BEZIRK. Rel: 12 Feb 24
Coil (9:26)
Grain (16:32)
Hold (3:42)
Cleave (2:55)
Cleave (2:49)
Hold (3:52)
Grain (16:40)
Coil (9:29)
 in stock $11.61
Not Ready For Love
Not Ready For Love (cassette limited to 30 copies)
Cat: TIMEDANCELP 004CS. Rel: 11 Jan 24
Rush Of Love (3:12)
Dappled Light (4:16)
Cala Mastella (4:44)
Flakes (4:29)
In The Pines (3:08)
Hot One (2:53)
Antler (feat Isabella Martin) (4:50)
Complaint (2:47)
Broken (3:43)
Zampano (3:00)
I'm His Ex (4:20)
Smaller Things (3:18)
Lasso (3:21)
Moonsistent (3:45)
 in stock $15.83
Cat: CREP 99. Rel: 13 Feb 24
Lingua Franca (10:40)
Anger - Homem E Cadeira Fazem As Pazes (4:07)
Icones Cisma (4:13)
Panorama (3:52)
Canto Meditopia (3:19)
Fluteacoes (2:00)
Big Band (3:55)
Sopun (4:23)
 in stock $19.81
Le Livre Noir Du Capitalisme
Le Livre Noir Du Capitalisme (hand-numbered milky clear vinyl LP + MP3 download code limited to 200 copies)
Cat: SP 036LPLTD. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Et Peu A Peu Les Flots Respiraient Comme On Pleure (3:20)
JLG (2:07)
Hurlements En Faveur De Serge T (2:58)
Le Marin Rejete Par La Mer (3:01)
Derniere Etape Avant Le Silence (4:49)
Dialogues Avec Le Vent (3:24)
Ses Mains Tremblent Encore (1:54)
Ma Contribution A L'industrie Phonographique (2:34)
Geographie Intime (4:54)
Je Suis Vivant Et Vous Etes Morts (4:42)
Mon Royaume (2:35)
Potlatch (1971-1999) (1:59)
Un Souffle Remua La Nuit (1:38)
 in stock $54.92
Ultra Minimal
Ultra Minimal (hand-numbered white vinyl LP + MP3 download code limited to 300 copies)
Cat: SP 035LPLTD. Rel: 01 Feb 24
P N (live) (2:54)
Mi (live) (6:23)
Or (live) (1:35)
Nd (live) (2:22)
I (live) (4:12)
Ho (live) (3:03)
Med (live) (6:49)
U (live) (2:20)
L (live) (3:31)
Deu (live) (3:42)
116 (live) (5:07)
 in stock $47.51
In Electric Time
In Electric Time (LP with obi-strip)
Cat: IARC 74LP. Rel: 15 Feb 24
ElectroComp 101 (1:45)
Seawater Swell (4:31)
For Voices (1:10)
Rococco Rondo (7:29)
A Cloud Song (2:18)
Rhythm Bell (1:45)
Brush With Thin Air (3:50)
Rhythm Serge (1:25)
Static Stone Railway (2:20)
Transparent Spheres (5:12)
Echo Arp Hold (1:09)
In Electric Time (4:17)
Review: International Anthem very quickly solidified its status as one of jazz and experimental music's most interesting labels. It puts out a pretty high amount of releases and next up is Jeremiah Chiu's In Electric Time, which was made on the Vintage Synth Musems's vast collection of classic, rare and staple synthesizers. He set up with no real aims other than to play and see what came out with help from VSM founder and curator Lance Hill. It is a deep dive into experimental soundscapes and intricate compositions with pulsating rhythms and ethereal melodies that ate you into all new realms. Blending elements of ambient, techno, and avant-garde sound seamlessly, this record pushes the boundaries as it explores all new textures and hypnotic rhythms with cutting-edge sound design.
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 in stock $22.98
Safala (LP)
Cat: AAR 001. Rel: 01 Feb 24
3arous (3:52)
Charr (3:41)
Bahr Ghettas (3:44)
Moukassarat (3:35)
Zaybak W Rsas
 in stock $26.15
Aquapelagos Vol 2 Indico
Cat: KRXN 026. Rel: 23 Jan 24
Return To Chagos (9:47)
Trincomalee (6:52)
Nicobar (11:13)
Tuangku (7:06)
Review: Of all the seas in the world, the Indian Ocean is up there with those that invoke the greatest sense of mystery. Filling the rather big bit between East Africa, South East Asia, Australia and Oceana, it's a vast expanse of water known for deceptively dangerous paradise islands, political uncertainty, incredible natural beauty and a somewhat wild west (or east?) seafaring culture. It's a place that feels far less familiar to us here in Britain even than the Pacific, and as such a record that looks to interpret cultures and scenes from this watery region is always going to be intriguing. This is the second thematic volume in the Aquapelagos series, split LPs that focus on societies surrounded by waves, and the communities therein. Mike Cooper and Pierre Bastien's interpretation of the Indian Ocean is mesmerising, and often sounds isolated, hypnotic noises ebbing and flowing, distant calls, percussive details, 'atmos' of bird sounds, oscillations, high pitched feedback. A place that is serene and yet disturbed, often by distinctly human elements.
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 in stock $22.71
Whispers From Ancient Vessels
Cat: WHYT 073. Rel: 23 Feb 24
Speakings I
Whispers From Ancient Vessels
Dream Of The Rood
Speakings II
You're Mine
 in stock $17.95
Kubler Ross Soliloquies
Cat: BLKRTZ 055. Rel: 22 Jan 24
The Double Bong Cloud (Denial I) (7:11)
Straight No Chaser (Denial II) (7:19)
Tough Love (Anger I) (7:11)
Brick Stick Blick Blade (Anger II) (7:26)
Huey Lewis Voters Dub (Negotiation) (7:08)
Things Fall Apart (Depression) (7:45)
With Grand Trepidation (Acceptance I) (7:12)
Mountains From Mole Hills (Acceptance II) (7:20)
Review: Scott Monteith returns with his first solo Deadbeat album in five years having recently collaborated with the likes of Sa Pa, Om Unit and The Mole. As ever, Monteith's long-standing dedication to dubwise experimentation drives his music forward on this new set, and there are some welcome threads that run further back in his career. 'Brick Stick Blick Blade (Anger II)' features a vocal flow from Black Noble Oluokun, who first collaborated with Monteith on the 2007 album Journeyman's Annual. That's but one standout element in an album rich with soundsystem immersion and techno propulsion delivered with the meditative poise that we always expect from Deadbeat.
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Intérprete: Alexis Le-Tan, Mimi
 in stock $26.40
Kwart Voor Straks
Cat: STRLP 071. Rel: 16 Jan 24
Kwart Voor Straks (Deel 1) (2:37)
Kwart Voor Straks (Deel 2+3) (3:52)
AEIOU (2:59)
Turquoise (4:14)
Mantra Voor Mikes (4:24)
Umami (2:53)
Dit Gedicht (1:10)
Intérprete: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $22.98
INRI (Industria Nacional Del Ruido Infinito) (Special Edition)
INRI (Industria Nacional Del Ruido Infinito) (Special Edition) (translucent blue vinyl LP + translucent blue vinyl 7" + poster)
Cat: MOM 046LP. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Viaje Al Sol (4:08)
The Maestro (3:41)
Esferas De Cristal (3:08)
Mama (4:01)
Cascabel (4:47)
Jugetes Rotos (4:28)
Sigilo (2:56)
Orquestra Sinfonica Angustia (4:26)
Toro De Falaris (2:11)
Perdon De Judas (4:44)
Viento Androide (2:48)
Corpus De Sangre (5:09)
Viaje Al Sol (Silent Servant remix) (4:23)
Cascabel (Pedro Vian remix) (4:14)
 in stock $30.62
It Follows (Soundtrack)
It Follows (Soundtrack) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile green marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVATM 311Y. Rel: 06 Feb 24
Heels (1:43)
Title (1:05)
Jay (2:06)
Anyone (1:49)
Old Maid (1:27)
Company (2:29)
Detroit (2:07)
Detritus (3:02)
Playpen (3:33)
Inquiry (2:30)
Lakeward (1:42)
Doppel (2:00)
Relay (2:51)
Greg (2:00)
Snare (3:29)
Pool (2:45)
Father (3:08)
Linger (3:13)
 in stock $32.22
For Instance
For Instance (numbered 180 gram lathe-cut vinyl LP limited to 50 copies)
Cat: KIN 044. Rel: 17 Jan 24
Krakatoa (3:54)
Divide By 4 (3:34)
Extraction (4:01)
Genu Varum (4:22)
Isokinetic (3:23)
Flexion (3:30)
Titicaca (3:59)
873-GDF (4:37)
Hypnodelia (2:59)
Tethered (3:14)
Review: We hope this isn't your first encounter with Kinetik, the impressively consistent Greek electronic label. If it is, we're sure it won't be your last. Exploring the imprint's archives is highly recommended, with arstists including Eric Random, Stephen Malinger, Dataman, Neural Network, Kodokushi, and Fezayafirar all having contributed to this amazing back catalogue of exploratory, often minimal electronic music. While you're in there, Diskinesia's For Instance is bound to come up. Originally released in 2015, listening back now, halfway or so through the next decade, it's lost none of its understated magic. From the subdued stabs and stepping drums of 'Extraction', and the sharp 'lectro breaks on '873-GDF', 'Flexion''s hypnotic, heads down, floor packing vibes and 'Krakatoa', with its low tempo, fade in-fade-out looped tension, it's multifaceted stuff that won't grow old fast. If ever.
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 in stock $26.67
Le Composant Compositeur
Le Composant Compositeur (limited LP + CD + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: FFL 089LP. Rel: 16 Jan 24
Le Petit Geant (LP) (3:40)
Secoue Le Flipeur (3:56)
Flash-Back (3:36)
Bombes Fluo (4:32)
Aurora Bay (3:42)
Choc D'Amour (4:41)
Le Composant Compositeur (8:37)
Le Grand Geant (5:31)
Secoue Le Flipeur (bonus CD - unreleased version)
Generique (unreleased track)
Pile Ou Face (unreleased track)
Sous Le Moi (demo)
Pile Ou Face (Inaudible 1)
Dans Le Dedale (unreleased live)
Le Composant Compositeur (alternate version)
Un Decomposant, Des Composants (unreleased track)
Pile Ou Face (EP version)
Bombe Fluo (unreleased version)
Review: To say Philippe Doray and his Asociaux Associes finished the 1970s with creative fervour would be an understatement. First we had 1976's Ramasse-Miettes Nucleaires, then two years after that there was the equally potent Nouveaux Modes Industriels. Both were heralded as ahead of their time, at the time, bringing together strange, otherworldly pop, spacey prog, prototypes of Krautrock and impassioned poetry. Le Composant Compositeur followed, and in their own words marked the beginning of a new era in the 'Antisocial Associates' project (to use the English translation). It's a marvellous addition to the collection, too, a series of sharp, edgy, mutant pop tracks, weirdo brass experimentation, compressed electro, dubby ideas, and twisted, acid-spiked fairground themes.
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 in stock $28.25
Polarlys (limited 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: MPIORIGINAL 001. Rel: 26 Jan 24
The Evil Eye
The Crazy Passenger
The Death Of Rue Delambre
The Two Tickets
Cornelius Vriens
Katia's Birthday
Wallets Day
Katia's Fortune
Stenberg's Nephew
Hamburg Night
Else Silberman
Intérprete: Mimi
 in stock $31.15
Numerator (yellow vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SCV 11. Rel: 26 Feb 24
All That We Have Found So Far
 in stock $26.40
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