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Eight Weeks: Folk/Americana

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2020 (CD)
Cat: WEIRD 120CD. Rel: 11 Oct 19
  1. Civil Servant
  2. The Queen's Head
  3. Two Halves
  4. Jogging
  5. Heart Emoji
  6. Black Triangle
  7. Fulfilment Centre
  8. Fresher's Ball
  9. No-One
  10. Dead Dog in an Alleyway
Review: It's not just in the album title that Newcastle bard Richard Dawson is ahead of his time. His dark sense of humour and sweaty barroom gig sonics break through the noise, identifying, tackling but not seeking to solve the problems currently facing British society. What could be more post-modern than that? The UK right now is a fractured and somewhat broken island struggling to come to terms with its own place in the modern world. It's also filled with people struggling to come to terms with this reality. Focusing on portraits of those lost souls, it's poignant, cutting and lyrically hard-hitting. A bold and mammoth concept for an album, the instrumentation is even bigger, easing up on the blues and folk of his formative years to allow more room for pop to break through. The result is proof that in times of desperation a nation can at least rely on its artists to offer some hope that all is not completely lost.
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Cat: TSQ 5647CD. Rel: 20 Sep 19
  1. Mosses - "Om Ah Hung"
  2. Shane Parish - "Leicester Hwy"
  3. Eli Winter - "Wooden Waltz"
  4. Dida Pelled - "Walkin' My Cat Named Dog"
  5. Kendra Amalie - "Boat Ride"
  6. Matthew Sage - "Camaro Canyon"
  7. Pete Fosco - "Variations On Themes For Blind Dogs"
  8. Fire-Toolz - "World Of Objects" (Guitar edit)
  9. Lucas Brode - "Knots Where Never Was"
  10. Dave Miller - "Seedlings"
  11. Matthew Rolin - "I Used To Sing"
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  1. Blue Sparks
  2. Two White Carp
  3. Snowdon
  4. Slow Rush
  5. Salvation
  6. Red River
  7. Piano
  8. My Friend
  9. BV Kistvaen
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Cat: NOQ 063CD. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. Haven
  2. Coming Down For You
  3. Teal
  4. Cycle
  5. When What It Is
  6. The Fading
  7. The Sway
  8. Awake
  9. Stay All Night
  10. Tell Me Something
  11. High On The Mountain
  12. Any Day Now
Review: If you're looking for memorable landscapes, you'll find few to compete with Iceland. Barren, stark and beautiful, it's at once small, vulnerable and exposed and yet wisen, chiselled, rough and ready. With such magical aesthetics it's only natural the island stamps its own elven personality down on the music it helps create, but at first listen Joan Shelley's latest, constructed in the isolated country, seems to have escaped that spell. Which isn't to say there's not some form of witchcraft at work here, though. Rather than that North Atlantic outpost, "Like The River Loves The Sea" feels born in America's great wildernesses. "Haven" opens the scoring with one of the finest teasers of all time, running at just over one-minute, its plucked guitar strings and Shelley's classic folk tones luring us in to the remaining 12 tracks. All of which are softly spoken, thoughtful and thoroughly enchanting.
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  1. In Search Of Lost Time
  2. Poesia De La Mar
  3. Spanish Inquisition
  4. Zsa-zsa
  5. Josephine Avec Les Yeux Fermes
  6. Motivo Loco
  7. Ei Sham Baofek (feat Erann DD)
  8. Besame Mucho
  9. Sand Of Joshua
  10. Dr Ramirez
  11. Gamla Stan (bonus track)
  12. La Maison Verte (bonus track)
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Cat: CDMH 051. Rel: 08 Oct 19
  1. Slim Redman - "Strut My Stuff"
  2. Bobby Rutledge - "Waitin' In Line"
  3. Freddie Frank - "Haywire Jones"
  4. Leon Tassin - "Get A Move On, Baby"
  5. Joe 'Cannonball' Lewis - "You've Been Honky Tonkin'"
  6. Cliff Shepherd - "Live Live Live"
  7. Bill White - "Leave My Gal Alone"
  8. Tani Allen - "I'm Back In The Army"
  9. Hank Harral - "The DJ Blues"
  10. Weldon Rogers - "Women Drivers"
  11. Lou Millet - "My Inlaws Made An Outlaw Out Of Me"
  12. Tex Cherry - "Dirty Jim Blues"
  13. Roy Harris - "South Of San Antonio"
  14. Ray Anderson - "Living Too Fast"
  15. Chuck Ray - "I May Not Be Able But I'm Willin' To Try"
  16. Chuck Stacey - "You Think It's Funny"
  17. Jimmy Simpson - "I Broke My Heart"
  18. Carl Tanner - "Sweet Talking Baby"
  19. Lee Nichols - "Baby You've Got Everything"
  20. Luke Gordon - "Mustache On The Cabbage Head"
  21. Riley Crabtree - "She Loves Me Better"
  22. Rex Rinehart - "Going Back (To My Baby)"
  23. Roy Aldridge - "It's Not Easy To Forget"
  24. Penny West - "Needle In A Haystack"
  25. Aubrey Bradford - "Get Your Feet On The Floor"
  26. Jimmie King - "Pretty Little Baby"
  27. Hank The Drifter - "Don't You Lock Your Daddy Out"
  28. Riley Crabtree - "Tattle Tattle Tale"
  29. Billy Parks - "Four Leaf Clover"
  30. Jimmie Lawson - "Ole Jack Hammer Blues"
  31. Les & Helen Tussey - "They Went Around"
  32. Chuck Rogers - "Out Of Gasoline"
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400 Miles From LA: 1955-56 (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: LITA 176CD. Rel: 09 Sep 19
  1. Cross Country Bus
  2. The Woman I Love
  3. Five Thousand & One
  4. Lonesome Day
  5. A Lady Called Blues
  6. Five More Miles To Folsom
  7. Fort Worth
  8. The Old Man & His Guitar
  9. Peculiar Guy
  10. Long Black Train
  11. I Guess It's Love
  12. It's An Actuality
  13. Buying On Time
  14. The Country Bus Tune
  15. Long Black Train
  16. Run Boy Run
  17. Big Joe Slade
  18. Son Of A Gun
  19. Georgia Chain Gang
  20. Look At That Woman
  21. Peculiar Guy
  22. The Railroad Song
  23. Six Feet Of Chain
  24. Trouble Is A Lonesome Town
 in stock $16.29
Cat: 007567 8651748. Rel: 11 Oct 19
  1. Highwomen
  2. Redesigning Women
  3. Loose Change
  4. Crowded Table
  5. My Name Can't Be Mama
  6. If She Ever Leaves Me
  7. Old Soul
  8. Don't Call Me
  9. My Only Child
  10. Heaven Is A Honky Tonk
  11. Cocktail & A Song
  12. Wheels Of Laredo
 in stock $10.56
Cat: DC 742CD. Rel: 13 Sep 19
  1. False Flesh
  2. The Evernew Tongue
  3. Europe
  5. A Keen
  6. The Stranger With The Scythe
  7. Actors
  8. Common Clay
  9. Learning Is Eternal
  10. The Untrue Womb
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Threads (CD)
Cat: 300414 1. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. Prove You Wrong (feat Stevie Nicks & Maren Morris)
  2. Live Wire (feat Bonnie Raitt & Mavis Staples)
  3. Tell Me When It's Over (feat Chris Stapleton)
  4. Story Of Everything (feat Chuck D, Andra Day & Gary Clark Jr)
  5. Beware Of Darkness (feat Eric Clapton, Sting & Brandi Carlile)
  6. Redemption Day (feat Johnny Cash)
  7. Cross Creek Road (feat Lukas Nelson & Neil Young)
  8. Everything Is Broken (feat Jason Isbell)
  9. The Worst (feat Keith Richards)
  10. Lonely Alone (feat Willie Nelson)
  11. Border Lord (feat Kris Kristofferson)
  12. Still The Good Old Days (feat Joe Walsh)
  13. Wouldn't Want To Be Like You (feat St Vincent)
  14. Don't (feat Lucius)
  15. Nobosy's Perfect (feat Emmylou Harris)
  16. Flying Blind (feat James Taylor)
  17. For The Sake Of Love (feat Vince Gill)
 in stock $10.45
Cat: 300425 3. Rel: 23 Aug 19
  1. Let It Roll
  2. Fourteen Gears
  3. Mr Lonely
  4. Cheatin' Songs
  5. Put The Hurt On Me
  6. I Love You, Goodbye
  7. Every Song's A Drinkin' Song
  8. 21st Century Honky Tonk American Band
  9. Fast Hearts & Slow Towns
  10. Cheatin' By The Rules
  11. Playboys
  12. Lost In The Night
  13. Gettin' The Feel
  14. Roll Away
 in stock $10.56
Cat: 007567 8651793. Rel: 27 Sep 19
  1. Ronin
  2. Remember To Breathe
  3. Sing Along
  4. A Good Look
  5. Make Art Not Friends
  6. Best Clockmaker On Mars
  7. All Said & Done
  8. Last Man Standing
  9. Mercury In Retrograde
  10. Fastest Horse In Town
 in stock $10.56
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Eight Weeks: Folk/Americana