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Back Catalogue: Funk/Reediciones

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Cat: SB 7031. Rel: 20 Feb 18
  1. Hard Times (0:30)
  2. Listen To Me (0:30)
Review: Powerful belters from soul supernova Baby Huey. The only solo 45s he cut for Curtom Records before he passed away aged only 26, this was released posthumously and OG copies regularly go for over 200 pounds. Now reissued on Soul Brother, the two sides give you the full fat Huey; "Hard Times" hits with a raw Lee Fields style gravelly, story-telling delivery while "Listen To Me" shows Huey's deft ability to band-lead an all-out rock jam. Raw and emotional, Huey left this world far too soon.
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 in stock $9.59
Movin (12")
Cat: 12SBT 2. Rel: 09 Jun 01
  1. Brass Construction - "Movin"
  2. Banbarra - "Shack Up"
out of stock $5.17
Cat: 12SBT 7. Rel: 20 Mar 02
  1. Leroy Burgess - "Heartbreaker"
  2. Logg - "You've Got That Something" (featuring Leroy Burgess)
out of stock $6.21
Dominoes (12")
Cat: 12SBT 6. Rel: 08 Dec 01
  1. Dominoes
  2. Wind Parade
out of stock $5.17
Cat: 12SBT 4. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. The Sound Of Music ("X-Tended" remix)
  2. Eyes On You
out of stock $5.17
  1. Still Can't Get You Out Of My Heart
  2. Get Up On Living
Intérprete: I Love 45's!
out of stock $9.85
(I Can) Deal With That (limited 7") (1 per customer)
Cat: SB 7020. Rel: 26 Mar 19
  1. (I Can) Deal With That (3:23)
  2. (I Can) Deal With That (Strings version) (3:33)
Review: Straight form the heart of London via the mind of Detroit, the ever-consistent Soul Brother crew have laid down another stellar reissue here through Dee Edwards' gorgeous "(I Can) Deal With That". Originally out on the much-coveted De-To label in 1977, the original mix is a delicate, whaling soul monster that'll melt your heart from its first guitar riff - Edwards' voice is truly magnetic over the slow-burning percussion. There's a more stripped-down 'Strings' version to act as the cherry on the cake - you just gotta.
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 in stock $9.59
Cat: SB 7016. Rel: 05 Nov 14
  1. Sunshine Holiday
  2. Deal With It
Review: Soul Brother present two sublime cuts by Carolyn Franklin, younger sister to Aretha, for their debut appearance on the seven inch format. On top of her significant body of work as a songwriter and background artist for Aretha and several other acts of the 60s and 70s, Carolyn Franklin record four solo albums and several singles for the RCA label. Rare groove heads favour Franklin's fourth LP If You Want Me in particular, issued in 1976 but originally recorded three years earlier, and Soul Brother have licensed two highlights for this 7" which demonstrate Carolyn's range for anyone not familiar with her work. "Sunshine Holiday" is a psyche delight akin to Linda Lewis' "Reach For The Truth" whilst "Deal With It" is pure funk.
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 in stock $8.03
Live For Love (Record Store Day 2014) (limited hand-numbered 7")
Cat: RSD GC. Rel: 26 Apr 14
  1. Live For Love
  2. Love Just Ain't No Fun
out of stock $8.28
Cat: SB 7014. Rel: 16 May 14
  1. Live For Love
  2. Love Just Ain't No Fun
 in stock $8.03
Cat: SB 7025. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Idle Hands (3:48)
  2. Seeds Of Life (feat Eddie Palmeri) (5:09)
Review: Legendary bandleader Eddie Palmieri took a rare groove excursion from his Latin legacy in the early 70s for two albums as Harlem River Drive. Criminally overlooked, Soul Brother have dusted off two of the many highlights from his self-titled debut; "Idle Hands" is a sleazy, Gaye-style message with an almost spoken word quality to the vocals and a smoky wooziness to the horns while "Seeds Of Life" is a real end-of-set belter that rises and rises with tight orchestration between the guitar, horns and drums. Incredible... This can't be slept on this time round.
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 in stock $8.03
Cat: SB 7026. Rel: 12 May 17
  1. God Make Me Funky (3:58)
  2. If You've Got It, You'll Get It (3:02)
 in stock $8.03
Cat: 12SBT 11. Rel: 05 Sep 02
  1. I Don't Want To Be A Lone Ranger
  2. Hustle On Up (Do The Bump) (extended disco version)
out of stock $0.00
Cat: SB 7038. Rel: 16 Jul 19
  1. Dose Of Soul (3:09)
  2. Get Down With Geater (part 1) (3:23)
Review: Repress time: released last year on a limited run of 45s, Chet Ivey's double-A "Dose Of Soul" / "Get Down With Greater" returns to the relief of collectors and funk lovers who missed out. Two of many swelteringly funky gems on his Sylvia Funk Recordings album curated in 2017, "Dose Of Soul" has a raw edge and looseness that's held together with Ayers-style vibraphone chords, while "Get Down With Greater" is much more of a traditional funk jam, with the organ player and bassist playing at their fullest of flavours and Ivey leading in his inimitable 'poisonous' style. Don't sleep!
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 in stock $11.14
  1. I Just Can't Live My Life (Without You Babe) (2:29)
  2. My Heart (Needs A Break) (2:47)
Review: British reissue champions Soul Brother return to democratise a certified northern soul classic. Released 1969 (just three years before Linda died, aged 27), both sides hit hard with raw soul power. "I Just Can't Live My Life" stomps with Stax gutsiness while "My Heart" eases back off the tempo and gives the backing singers and soaring strings a chance to shine with Linda. Original pressings of this have previously passed for over 500 pounds Grab a double-sided slice of history.
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out of stock $8.03
Cat: SB 7037. Rel: 29 Apr 19
  1. I'm A Good Woman (2:24)
  2. I Don't Want A Playboy (2:07)
Review: Longstanding reissue kings Soul Brother flex back to this powerful double A last issued by Cultures Of Soul in 2010. Two of Barbara Lynn's fieriest soul sessions, both released on Tribe in '66/'67 respectively, there's a strong northern stomp to proceedings on both sides. "I'm A Good Woman" is characterised by the driving kicks, tight horns and Lynn's urgent vocals while "I Don't Want A Playboy" comes with more of a traditional soul swing. Sleep on this and, in the words of Babs herself, you'll lose a good thing.
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 in stock $11.14
Too Late (7")
Cat: SB7 007D. Rel: 12 Mar 10
  1. Too Late
  2. Feeling Good
 in stock $8.03
World In A Crisis (Record Store Day 2014) (limited hand-numbered 7")
Cat: RSD BARBARA. Rel: 26 Apr 14
  1. World In Crisis
  2. Give Me Your Love
out of stock $8.28
Cat: SB 7012. Rel: 16 May 14
  1. World In Crisis
  2. Give Me Your Love
Review: Legendary singer songwriter Barbara Mason is represented in the finest fettle on this 1974 reissue. "World In Crisis" first appeared on her Transition album. Complete with warm harmonies and soft cinematic orchestration, her honey-toned sermons cut through the mix with a cool sense of dreaminess. "Give Me Your Love", meanwhile, is a fantastic cover of the Curtis Mayfield classic where here surging emphasis coats the groove with silky come-to-bed whispers. Stunning.
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 in stock $8.03
Cat: SBT 001. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. I Want Your Love
  2. Nightgruv
  3. I Want Your Love (Blacksmith edit)
out of stock $5.70
Cat: SB 7003. Rel: 22 Jun 02
  1. We've Only Just Begun
  2. I'll Do Anything For You
out of stock $10.31
  1. Sharon Ridley - "Where Did You Learn To Make Love The Way You Do" (4:54)
  2. Ralph Graham - "Ain't No Need" (3:32)
Intérprete: Juno Recommends Funk
 in stock $11.14
 in stock $9.59
Cat: SB 7009. Rel: 01 Jun 11
  1. It's Your World
  2. Winter In America
Review: Only 300 copies pressed of this classic Gil Scott-Heron heavy double sider on a limited dinked 45. "It's Your World" is Gil Scott - may he rest in peace - at his funkiest best with an upfront vocal over a driving sax and rhodes- those of you who have seen one or two Gilles Peterson's DJ sets down the years will remember this fondly. "Winter In America" showcases Gil's legendary poetic prose in a meandering, melancholic manner offset by rhodes and flute. Essential.
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 in stock $9.59
Cat: SB 7001. Rel: 26 Sep 01
  1. Run Run Run
  2. Spend It On Love
out of stock $5.44
Cat: SB7 004D. Rel: 12 Mar 10
  1. We The People
  2. Think
 in stock $8.03
Cat: SB 7029. Rel: 26 Jul 17
  1. Cashing In (2:19)
  2. Take A Stand (3:11)
Review: The Voices Of East Harlem were an ensemble of vocalists who for Just Sunshine Records recorded two albums under the direction of Leroy Hutson and Curtis Mayfield. "Cashing In" is one of their most classic songs, a highly sought after track on original 7" fetches a small fortune on the collectors market. First recorded and released in 1973, it has all the hallmarks of a Leroy Hutson composition and an established audience that crosses the boundaries of northern, crossover and modern soul. The song is coupled here with "Take A Stand', another highly regarded and sought after modern soul room dance floor tracks, never previously released on 7" single until now
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 in stock $8.03
Cat: 12SBT 8. Rel: 22 Jun 02
  1. Caveman Boogie
  2. Look Into Tomorrow
out of stock $6.21
Cat: SB 7023. Rel: 15 Jul 16
  1. Hey What's That You Say (3:23)
  2. Always There (5:23)
Review: 40 years young: Wood, Brass & Steel's eponymous debut album enjoys a highly timely reissue and it still sounds every bit as funky ("Theme Song"), soulful ("Working On A Dream") and emotional ("My Darling Baby") as it did in 76. Complete with cult dancefloor hit "Funkanova" and the crossover disco hit "Always There", this LP has aged with real maturity and clout. Considering what the members did next (Tackheads, Sugarhill and Fats Comet) Wood, Brass & Steel was something of a supergroup in hindsight... And this album is where it all began.
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 in stock $8.03
Keep It Up (12")
Cat: 12SBT 5. Rel: 04 Aug 01
  1. Milton Wright - "Keep It Up"
  2. Lj Reynolds - "Key To The World"
Review: "Keep It Up", by Milton Wright, is a seminal piece of spaced-out cosmic soul/boogie.
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out of stock $4.14
Cat: SB 7024. Rel: 16 Feb 17
  1. Touch Me Take Me (3:06)
  2. Love Is All You Need (2:40)
 in stock $8.03
Cat: LPSBCS 10. Rel: 08 May 01
  1. You Keep Coming Back (3:14)
  2. No More City, No More Country (6:43)
  3. Boarding Pass (3:35)
  4. Holes In My Shoes (3:32)
  5. My Little Someone (4:17)
  6. Windy C (5:21)
  7. (Bet You Say) You Want To Make It With Me (4:14)
  8. Don't Let Your Pride Overpower Your Love (4:23)
  9. (And When I Said) I Love You (5:12)
  10. Puppet On A Chain (3:48)
out of stock $15.81
  1. The Message From The Soul Sisters (Parts 1 & 2)
  2. Super Good (Answer To Super Bad) (Parts 1 & 2)
  3. I'm Too Tough For Mr Big Stuff (Hot Pants)
  4. Answer To Mother Popcorn (I Got A Mother For You)
  5. I Want To Be In The Land Of Milk And Honey
  6. If You Don't Give Me What I Want (I Gonna Get It Some Other Place)
  7. Baby Don't You Know
  8. Think (feat James Brown)
  9. Home Is Where The Hatred Is (feat Bossa Nostra)
  10. Once You Get Started
  11. You're Welcome, Stop On By (feat Bobby Byrd)
  12. Don't Throw Your Love In The Garbage Can
  13. Wide Awake In A Dream
  14. You Send Me
  15. I'll Work It Out
  16. You've Got The Power (feat James Brown)
  17. What The World Needs Now Is Love
out of stock $16.58
Cat: LPSBCS 30. Rel: 11 Jul 08
  1. How You Gonna Get Respect
  2. With Your Sweet Lovin' Self
  3. Unwind Yourself
  4. Come In Wit It
  5. Funky Soul Train
  6. From The Love Side
  7. Butter Your Popcorn
  8. Blackenized
  9. Annie Had A Baby
  10. Finger Poppin Time
out of stock $14.50
Anthology (2xLP)
Cat: LPSBJ23. Rel: 15 Oct 04
  1. Celestial Blues
  2. Uhuru Sasa
  3. Drinking Song
  4. Dr Follows Dance
  5. I've Known Rivers
  6. I Wanna Be Where You Are
  7. Juju Man
  8. Sea Gypsy
  9. Gentle Smiles
  10. Music Is My Sanctuary
  11. Carnaval De L'espirit
  12. My Funny Valentine (feat Syreeta)
out of stock $16.58
Cat: LPSBCS 20. Rel: 01 Jul 03
  1. Have A Nice Weekend Baby
  2. The Love We Share Is The Greatest Love Of Them All
  3. There's Nothing In This World That Can Stop Me From Loving You
  4. I Love You More & More
  5. Naked As The Day I Was Born
  6. That's The Reasonn Why (I'll Love You Until The Day I Die)
  7. Shake Me, Wake Me
  8. If We Don't Make It, Nobody Can
out of stock $13.47
Cat: LPSBPJ 34. Rel: 22 Jun 07
  1. Hold Up
  2. Scandal
  3. Keepin On
  4. Midnight In The Streets
  5. It's So Easy (You Can Do It)
  6. In The Moment
  7. Fly Girl
  8. Moment Of My Life
  9. All Into U
  10. Under Da Radar
  11. You Are My Number One
  12. Hello It's Me
out of stock $15.54
Anthology (2xLP)
Cat: LPSBPJ 6. Rel: 22 Dec 01
  1. The Fantastic Aleems Featuring Leroy Burgess - "Get Down Friday Night"
  2. The Fantastic Aleems Featuring Calebur - "Hooked On Your Love"
  3. Logg - "You've Got That Something"
  4. Logg - "I Know You Will"
  5. Logg - "Dancing In The Stars"
  6. Leroy Burgess - "Heavenly"
  7. Leroy Burgess - "Heartbreaker"
  8. Aleem Featuring Leroy Burgess - "Release Yourself"
  9. Aleem Featuring Leroy Burgess - "Get Loose"
out of stock $14.50
Cat: LPSBPJ 8. Rel: 21 Sep 02
  1. Convertion - "Let's Do It"
  2. Convertion - "Sweet Thing"
  3. Fonda Rae - "Over Like A Fat Rat"
  4. Black Ivory - "Mainline"
  5. Black Ivory - "Hustlin' (You Gotta Be Dancin')"
  6. Dazzle - "You Dazzle Me"
  7. High Frequency - "Summertime"
  8. Intrigue - "Fly Girl"
  9. Class Action Featuring Chris Wiltshire - "Weekend"
  10. Dino Terrell - "You Can Do It"
  11. Caprice - "100%"
out of stock $14.50
Cat: LP SBCS2. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. The Common Broken Heart
  2. Since I First Laid Eyes On You
  3. What Do You Want Me To Do
  4. The Best Thing A Man Can Ever Do For His Woman
  5. I Will, If You Will
  6. Somebody New Is Lovin' On You
  7. I'm Serious About Lovin' You
  8. I Don't Need Nobody Else
  9. Just To Let Him Break Your Heart
  10. I'm In Need Of Love
out of stock $15.81
Cat: LPSBCS 17. Rel: 11 Sep 02
  1. Jive Man
  2. Straight Up
  3. Julie I Love You
  4. Fly
  5. Miss Funky Fox
  6. Thoughts Of You
  7. I Love You! I Love You Completely
  8. Rhapsody In Funk
  9. M.F.B
out of stock $13.47
Cat: LPCARLOS 1. Rel: 25 Apr 15
  1. Black Love (5:23)
  2. Mother Of The Future (7:38)
  3. Banks Of The Nile (4:11)
  4. Chana (6:14)
  5. Journey To Enlightenment (10:53)
  6. Good Shepherd (4:18)
  7. Samba Serenade (6:30)
  8. Ghetto Jungle (4:32)
  9. Saxy (5:22)
  10. Mystery Of Ages (7:06)
  11. Uncle Ben & Aunt Jemima (5:12)
  12. Memories Of Coltrane (edit) (6:43)
Intérprete: Juno Recommends Jazz
 in stock $15.81
Anthology (2xLP)
Cat: LPSBPJ 3. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Kudu
  2. Inside You
  3. Involuntary Bliss
  4. Explodition
  5. Acuphuncture
  6. Galaxy
  7. Hop Scotch
  8. Butterfly
  9. Say You Will
  10. Amoroso
  11. Prance On
  12. Open Eyes
  13. Beyond Forever
  14. Movin' On
Intérprete: Elitechnique
out of stock $14.50
  1. Scorpio - "Libra"
  2. Mars In Libra
  3. Anua
  4. Spiritual Awakening
  5. Revelation Realization
  6. Moussaka
  7. Omnipresence
  8. Discoveries
  9. Fusion
  10. Dreams
  11. Inside Out
  12. Exit #1
out of stock $13.47
  1. Return Of The Prodigal Son
  2. Soul Turnaround
  3. Gittin' Down
  4. Latina
  5. Red Clay
  6. Povo
  7. Keep Your Soul Together
  8. People Make The World Go Round
  9. Liquid Love
  10. Gibralter
  11. Little Sunflower
out of stock $15.54
Cat: LPSBCS 21. Rel: 17 Apr 04
  1. All Because Of You
  2. I Bless The Day
  3. It's Different
  4. Coolout
  5. Lucky Fellow
  6. Can't Stay Away
  7. So Much Love
out of stock $13.47
Cat: LPSBCS 26. Rel: 22 Feb 07
  1. Visions Of Paradise
  2. Absolutely Positively Baby
  3. Baby I Love You
  4. Stop Me
  5. Give It Up
  6. Second To None
  7. Won't You Stay
  8. It's Yours Baby
  9. Please Come Back
  10. I Just Got To Know
out of stock $12.43
Cat: LPSBCS 23. Rel: 11 Aug 06
  1. After Hours
  2. Heaven On Earth
  3. Just Me 'N You
  4. She Called Me
  5. Cute As A Button
  6. Love Love Love
  7. I'll Always Be Your Lover
  8. All Strung Out Over You
  9. Not Too Long Ago
  10. Everything I Want I See In You
out of stock $12.43
Mad Cliff (limited heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: LPSBCS 78. Rel: 09 Jun 16
  1. What The People Say About Love (3:03)
  2. I Like It (3:55)
  3. Steal You Away (3:29)
  4. Goin' To The Disco (4:05)
  5. As Much Out Of It (2:52)
  6. Just Another Woman (4:31)
  7. It Takes A Little Time (4:14)
  8. You Can Make The Change (3:06)
 in stock $15.81
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Back Catalogue: Funk/Reediciones
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