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Back Catalogue: Funk/Reediciones

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Doon Chang (clear green vinyl 10")
Cat: F5 400. Rel: 21 Sep 12
  1. Doon-Chang
  2. Gee, How I Miss You
  3. Make You Wanna HOller
  4. Everybody's Somebody's Fool
Intérprete: Juno Recommends Funk
out of stock $9.12
I Believe (7")
Cat: OPAE 1004. Rel: 19 Feb 10
  1. 45 aka Swing-O - "I Believe" (feat Stephanie McKay)
  2. Laidbook - "You Are Music"
Intérprete: I Love 45's!
out of stock $14.58
  1. The 8th Day - "She's Not Just Another Woman"
  2. Lamont Dozier - "Why Can't We Be Lovers"
Intérprete: I Love 45's!
out of stock $5.73
Cat: ACV 071. Rel: 26 Mar 08
  1. Ala Maca - "A Saco Paco"
  2. Los Manguis - "Boom Boom"
Intérprete: DJ 3000
out of stock $7.28
Cat: DS 7011. Rel: 04 Jul 07
  1. Kalyanji Anandji - "Theme Music"
  2. Lata Mangeshkar - "Thoda Resham Lagta Hai"
out of stock $10.37
Cat: GLADHAMP 2003. Rel: 13 Dec 12
  1. Little Annie
  2. I've Got My Man
out of stock $6.24
  1. Average White Band - "Let's Go Round Again"
  2. Ecstasy, Passion & Pain - "Dance The Night Away"
  3. Wet Willie - "Weekend"
  4. Gipsy Kings - "Djobi Djoba"
  5. Foster Sylver - "Happy"
  6. Lemuria - "Hunk Of Heaven"
out of stock $12.49
  1. David Axelrod - "The Human Abstract"
  2. Latimore - "Let's Do It In Slow Motion"
  3. Minnie Riperton - "Baby, This Love I Have"
  4. Gwen McCrae - "90% Of Me Is You"
  5. KC & The Sunshine Band - "What Makes You Happy"
  6. Jimmy Bo Horne - "Dance Across The Floor"
  7. Miami - "Kill That Roach"
  8. Latimore - "Lat Me Go"
  9. Cannonball Adderley - "The Steam Drill"
out of stock $5.20
Cat: TWBTE 034323. Rel: 15 Sep 05
  1. David Axelrod - "The Signs Part One"
  2. David Axelrod - "The Signs Part One"
  3. David Axelrod - "Warning Talk Part Three"
  4. Lette Mbulu - "Pula Yetta" (alternate mix)
  5. Lette Mbulu - "Pula Yetta" (instrumental)
out of stock $8.32
  1. Badder Than Evil - "Hot Wheels"
  2. Lafayette Afro Rock Band - "Congo"
out of stock $7.03
Island Series: Martinique (7" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: SSS 010. Rel: 03 Sep 15
  1. Michel Bagoe - "Oule Colle" (3:31)
  2. Les Hamsters - "Hamsters Frappe" (4:30)
Review: Destination Martinique: Sofrito's Island Series gets lively to the sound of Michel Bagoe and the brilliantly named Les Hamsters. The former lays down a sublime carnival soundtrack with relentless drums and a highlife feel to the guitars while the latter develop the street party feel with rippling drums and tightly plucked guitars. Guaranteed to whisk your dance to another world, just like the rest of the Sofrito discography!
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out of stock $7.03
On The Sly (12")
Cat: TRU 211. Rel: 05 Feb 10
  1. On The Sly (feat Kylie Auldist)
  2. On The Sly (instrumental)
  3. On The Sly (acappella)
  4. Turn It Up (feat Lyrics Born - club mix)
  5. Turn It Up (instrumental)
  6. Turn It Up (acappella)
Review: Australian band The Bamboos have been holding down things on the funky side of town since 2001, gaining fans all over the world with their authentic, dirty funk nuggets. In the same vein as bands like El Michels Affair or Breakestra, these guys are students of the classic breaks that underpinned the sample-hungry glory days of hip-hop. They've also had the incredible honor to back up some of funk's most revered names, notably New Orleans hit-machine Eddie Bo, Syl Johnson and Eddie Floyd.

Ahead of their new album 4 comes single "On The Sly", a perfect slice of mid-tempo joy, which has the same rollicking cowbell-driven vibe as classic UBB staple "Get Me Back On Time, Engine Number 9" by Wilson Pickett. Soulsides MC and singer Lyrics Born joins them on 2nd cut Turn It Up, another popcorn funk winner complete with chicken-scratch guitar parts worthy of James Brown stalwart Jimmy Nolen. Hanging out with the Aussies seems to have rubbed off on the Californian MC, as he even sings "Turn it up mate" at one point! DJ's get taken care of with an accapella and an instrumental too, making this release a good way to put some funk back in your trunk.
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out of stock $8.32
  1. Dena Barnes - "If You Ever Walk Out Of My Life"
  2. L Allen - "Can't We Talk It Over"
out of stock $9.37
Right On (7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: RARO 002. Rel: 06 Mar 17
  1. Ray Barretto - "Right On" (2:43)
  2. Latin Brothers - "Las Calenas Son Como Las Flores" (3:57)
Review: Raroraro rev up the rarity engine once again with this sunkissed Latin double-up. Ray Barretto's heavily sampled (but seldom bettered) "Right On" gets the A: a hammering piano hook, whirlwind percussion and big horns, it's an instant carnival that's still as fearless as it was it was in 1970. Columbia's Latin Brothers' take us five years forward with "Las Calenas Son Como Las Flores". A much more smouldering number with a little more island magic in the horn arrangement, this one builds from sunset to a fiery sunrise. Limited to 200 copies.
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out of stock $8.32
Cat: COL 04343. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Brook Benton - "Think Twice"
  2. Lou Rawls - "A Natural Man"
out of stock $3.12
  1. Psycho Serenade
  2. Back Shack Track
Intérprete: I Love 45's!
out of stock $6.77
  1. Frankie Seay & The Soul Riders - "Soul Food" (Thelonious beat Gillespie edit) (4:34)
  2. Lyn Christopher - "Take Me With You" (Thelonious beat Gillespie edit) (3:28)
Review: If edits are your game then the Galaxy Sound Co is certainly the name. Along other labels like Mukatisuku, these dudes know how to repackage lost and rare soul 7"s, and this new two-headed funk bullet from Thelonious Gillespie is just painfully on target. The first edit is of "Soul Food" by Frankie Seay & The Soul Riders, a moody, dusty percussion bomb brimming with breaks and a grainy guitar accompanied by fine brass waves. Lyn Christopher's "Take Me With You" is pruned and reshaped into a glorious soul ballad with a hard edge, and a driving rhythm led by gliding electronic guitars and an inimitable bassline. Fine work right here.
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out of stock $9.64
  1. Arnold Blair - "Trying To Get Next To You"
  2. Leroy Hutson - "Lucky Fellow"
out of stock $8.32
  1. Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham - "Lover & A Friend"
  2. Roger & The Gypsies - "Pass The Hatchett"
  3. Little Buck - "Little Boy Blue"
  4. Lenny McDaniel & The New Era - "Something Out Of Nothing"
  5. Pat Brown - "The Good Got To Suffer For The Bad"
  6. Eddie Bo - "From This Day On"
Review: Blimey....not one single, not two but three 45's housed as a triple pack of essential re-issued releases from New Orleans label Seven B via the mighty Jazzman label. This package picks out possibly the rarest and best tracks from the label which traverses the genres of breakbeat funk, Northern Soul and original Rhythm n Blues flavour. One highlight for us here at Juno towers is the infectious "Something Out Of Nothing" from Lenny McDaniel & The New Era which starts off with a stompy organ and fierce brass section before a thumping bass and fat beat drums take over the proceedings. Elsewhere there's the amazing Roger & The Gypsies jam "Pass The Hatchett" which starts off with a growling bass, picked rhythm guitar before Roger drops those immortal lines.''Let Me Chop It.. Let Me Chop It'' over b-boy drums. Pure gold!
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out of stock $23.95
  1. Bobby Byrd - "Hot Pants-I'm Coming , Coming , I'm Coming" (2:32)
  2. Lyn Collins - "Mama Feelgood" (4:19)
Review: Soopastole now strikes out on his own eponymous 7' edits series and we must say it's impressive. These are well executed and above all much needed edits so credit to the edit! On the A side "Hot Pants" is an edit of the original track and the "dub beats version" (found only on the Urban release in 1988) starts with the drum break. On the flip we have got "Mama Feelgood" which has heavier drums and the instrumental intro and outro.
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 in stock $10.41
Cat: TPFS 004. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Bohamon - "Save Our Souls" (Bohamon)
  2. Vicky Anderson - "The Message From The Soul Sister" (parts 1 & 2)
  3. Creative Source - "Can't Hide Love"
  4. Leroy Hudson - "Love This Feeling" (re-edit)
out of stock $9.37
Freakdown (12")
Cat: RS 003. Rel: 29 Apr 19
  1. Golden L - "Worth It" (8:08)
  2. Cason - "Me" (4:46)
  3. Leisa - "Fire It" (5:05)
 in stock $9.12
  1. Brazilian Singers - "O Telefone Tocou Novamente" (2:56)
  2. Los Belkings - "Septima Partrulla" (2:16)
Review: The Budabeats imprint is a welcomed addition to the funk and soul reissue game, and this third instalment from the label is exactly what we need to be hearing right now - something upbeat, tropical and rare in its original format. On Side A, you got 1971's "O Telefone Tocou Novamente" by the Brazilian Singers, and it's a wavy, magical psych-funk bombshell in the same vein as Marcos Valle's best work. On the flip, there's a special surf-rock-inspired song by Peru's Los Belkings and, yes, it's from 1969 and still sounding like a total monster almost forty years later. Recommended!
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out of stock $13.28
  1. Brick - "Dazz"
  2. James Walsh Gypsy Band - "Cuz It's You Girl"
  3. Edna Wright - "Oops Here I Go Again"
  4. Lamont Dozier - "You Make Me A Believer"
out of stock $9.37
  1. Bridge - "Crying For Love"
  2. The Showmen - "Our Love Will Grow"
  3. Tommy Navarro - "I Cried My Life Away"
  4. Curtis Lee - "Is She In Your Town"
  5. Little Bobby Parker - "I Won't Believe It Till I See It"
out of stock $5.73
out of stock $7.28
  1. James Brown - "You've Got To Have A Mother" (previously unreleased version)
  2. Bobby Byrd - "Signed, Sealed & Delivered"
  3. James Brown & Lyn Collins - "Let It Be Me" (previously unreleased)
  4. James Brown - "Lowdown Popcorn" (previously unreleased long version)
out of stock $9.12
Dance Man (7")
Cat: JM 071. Rel: 27 Aug 09
  1. Keisha Brown - "Dance Man"
  2. Liz Spraggins - "Dance Man"
out of stock $4.69
Cat: 12SBT 7. Rel: 20 Mar 02
  1. Leroy Burgess - "Heartbreaker"
  2. Logg - "You've Got That Something" (featuring Leroy Burgess)
out of stock $6.24
  1. Cameo - "It's Serious"
  2. Le'O Roy - "Pound For Pound"
  3. Risse - "Give It Up Shake It Down"
  4. Nimbiss - "Feel The Fire"
out of stock $7.03
Cat: FREEDOM 1521. Rel: 22 Dec 11
  1. Oh Wee Baby!
  2. Shout Baby Shout
out of stock $6.77
Me Gusta Boogaloo (limited pink vinyl 7")
Cat: ABN 010. Rel: 21 Apr 16
  1. Carlos Hayre Y Su Orquesta - "Me Gusta Boogaloo" (2:39)
  2. Los Riberenos - "Silbando" (3:05)
out of stock $14.06
Funky Chicken Sampler 6/7 (7" + 45 adapter)
Cat: SDBAN 706. Rel: 05 Nov 14
  1. Leo Cavallo - "Smoke"
  2. Les Helions - "Music & Co"
Intérprete: Rocafort Records
out of stock $9.90
Cat: KEEP 001. Rel: 08 Feb 08
  1. Tom Central - "The World Famous"
  2. Lopez - "Donde"
out of stock $4.16
out of stock $6.77
  1. Change - "A Lovers Holiday"
  2. Ashford & Simpson - "It Seems To Hang On"
  3. Lenny Williams - "You Got Me Running"
  4. Dynasty - "I've Just Begun To Love You"
out of stock $8.32
  1. Charanga 76 - "No Nos Paranan (Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now)"
  2. The Ballagios - "Shorty's Night Out"
  3. Canal (feat La Corte) - "Oye Como Va"
  4. Don Dinero - "Don Dinero"
out of stock $5.20
  1. Johnny Clarke - "Lift Yourself Up" (Ennio Maccaroni remix)
  2. Lynn Taitt & The Boys - "Storm Warning" (Ennio Maccaroni Two Bags Of Grass edit)
out of stock $6.51
  1. Claudette & Ti Pierre - "Zanmi Camarade" (Tropical Treats edit)
  2. Ti Marcel - "Nan Point La Vie" (Siwo version)
  3. Ibo Combo - "Mateau"
  4. Les Lups Noirs - "Pile Ou Face"
Review: Killer new Sofrito 12" with hypnotic Carnival rhythms, DIY electro and vital Compas experiments from the Haitian archives! Lead in the way is a subtle edit of "Zanmi Camarade" from Claudette & Ti Pierre by Stockholm's Tropical Treats crew, this 1979 cover version of the folk song that is quite bewildering, with haunting vocals weaving a spell over a heavy polyrhythmic drum machine groove and arpeggiated synth backing. Just as impressive is the Siwo update of Ti Marcel's rugged, hypnotic Rara track "Nan Point La Vie" is dominated by the single-note 'Vaksin' bamboo flute, which Sofrito call "nature's sub-bass". Holding it down on the B Side is some untreated material, with an Ibo Combo cover of Coupe Cloue's evergreen "Mateau" complemented by a "Pile ou Face" from Les Loups Noirs which was a highlight of the Strut compilation Haiti Direct.
Read more
out of stock $7.55
MBOW 002 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: MBOW 002. Rel: 08 Jul 19
  1. Collins & Casau - "Mighty Poison" (7:18)
  2. Lelu - "Westside Romance" (5:48)
  3. Julio Cruz - "Dancing In The Stars" (4:59)
  4. A Most Wanted Man - "Not Easy To Love" (5:40)
out of stock $11.45
Cat: SED 70001. Rel: 21 Dec 09
  1. Sweet Baby (feat Meli'sha Morgan)
  2. Damn Beauitful (feat Laura Jackson)
Intérprete: I Love 45's!
out of stock $7.28
  1. Dave Cortez & The Moon People - "Happy Soul (With A Hook)"
  2. La Lupe - "Fever"
Review: Heavyweight Latin funk from 1968: In case you're unacquainted, "Happy Soul" is the ultimate super-swing sample source of Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man", and remains the most distinctive cut in Cortez & The Moon People's extensive repertoire. We head over to Cuba for the B-side as La Lupe digs deep with a sun-splashed salsa cover of "Fever". Swelteringly good.
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out of stock $7.81
  1. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - "I Can't Stop" (Kenny Dope's remix)
  2. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - "I Can't Stop" (Kenny Dope's beats)
  3. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - "I Can't Stop" (The 45 Kings Hip Hop Break remix)
  4. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - "I Can't Stop" (The 45 Kings club Break mix)
  5. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - "I Can't Stop" (The 45 Kings original Break mix)
  6. Lucy Hawkins - "Gotta Get Out Of Here" (The 45 Kings original Break mix)
out of stock $0.00
  1. Tullio De Piscopo - "Stop Bajon"
  2. Made In USA - "I Never Gonna Let You Go" (Theo Parrish remix)
  3. Level 42 - "Love Meeting Love"
  4. Gil Scott Heron - "The Bottle" (12" special disco version)
out of stock $18.74
  1. William DeVaughn - "Be Thankful For What You've Got"
  2. Love Unlimited Orchestra - "Move Me No Mountain"
  3. Womack & Womack - "Baby I'm Scared Of You"
  4. Betty Wright - "Tonight Is The Night"
out of stock $8.32
Cat: UNIQ 176. Rel: 31 Mar 10
  1. Reggae Magic featuring Laura Vane (feat Laura Vane - vocal version)
  2. Reggae Magic (feat Laura Vane - dub version)
out of stock $6.24
Cat: UNIQ 179-1. Rel: 13 Sep 10
  1. Diesler - "South Side Morning" (feat Stee Downes)
  2. Laura Vane & The Vipertones - "Roof Off" (album version)
Review: Prolific producer Diesler goes up first on a double sided release on the Social Beats label flipped by Laura Vane & The Vipertones. Diesler gives us a low slung but funky shaker assisted by Dutch vocalist Stee Downes, while ''Roof Off'' from Laura is an urgent drum and saxophone heavy funk belter.
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out of stock $5.73
Shorty (7")
Cat: JBJ 1008. Rel: 07 Oct 10
  1. Vernon Dilworth - "Shorty"
  2. Lucky Millinder - "Who Said Shorty Wasn't Coming Back"
out of stock $7.28
  1. It's Just Begun
  2. It's Just Begun (instrumental)
out of stock $25.26
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Back Catalogue: Funk/Reediciones
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