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Back Catalogue: Funk Soul & Jazz

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Cat: STS 001. Rel: 14 Feb 06
  1. 1Luv - "Black Daylight"
  2. AC Lewis feat Ndidi Cascade - "Tickles" (vocal mix)
  3. AC Lewis feat Ndidi Cascade - "Tickles" (instrumental mix)
Review: This tune quickly became a favourite in the West London broken beat scene and a massive anthem at the legendary "Co-Op" nights.
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out of stock $9.57
Cat: A&R 004. Rel: 12 Jul 06
  1. Family Affair (Ripp edit)
  2. Right Palce, Wrong Time (Al's edit)
  3. Can't Hide Love (Al's extended re-edit)
Review: On the A side you'll find the hard to find live vocal version of "Can't Hide Love", re-edited and re-EQ'd by the A&R crew and extended for maximum listening and dancefloor pleasure. A non stop groove! On the B side, there's a longer version of the classic Sly Stone "Family Affair" and a re-cut of "Right Place Wrong Time" by Dr. John. Enjoy the funk and the versions of these fantastic groovy tunes. Extended pleasure and fatter sounds!
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out of stock $6.38
Cat: BTBC 001. Rel: 15 Nov 13
  1. Humming One
  2. Ask What It Is
  3. Black Cat
  4. Hot Slugs On Acid
out of stock $8.51
Cat: BTBC 002. Rel: 02 Oct 14
  1. The Traveller
  2. The Midnight Jogger
  3. The Blushing One
  4. The Imperfect
out of stock $7.44
Cat: RAF 001. Rel: 30 Apr 02
  1. Tombo In 7
  2. 4
  3. Vera Cruz
  4. Maria Des Mercedes
out of stock $8.51
Cat: RAF 015. Rel: 17 Dec 04
  1. Skindo Lele (SUMO rebounce)
  2. Quem Vai Devolver Meu Dia (Ennio Styles remix)
out of stock $8.51
out of stock $7.44
Vejo O Sol (12")
Cat: RAF 012. Rel: 23 Jun 04
  1. Veja O Sol (Spiritual South remix)
  2. Veja O Sol (original mix)
out of stock $8.51
  1. On & On (vocal)
  2. So Many People
out of stock $7.44
Shack Up (12")
Cat: SJR 057. Rel: 01 Dec 01
  1. A Certain Ratio - "Shack Up"
  2. Human League - "Being Boiled"
out of stock $5.31
Cat: BBB 003. Rel: 18 Jan 08
  1. Dilla Soul Glow
  2. What They Do 2 Get Up
out of stock $13.83
Cat: BBB 001. Rel: 20 Nov 07
  1. Stakes Is Fly
  2. Common 2 Opensouls
out of stock $14.90
Cat: F 003. Rel: 19 Oct 07
  1. By A Friend From Rio (Da Lata remix)
  2. By A Friend From Rio (Lumen Soundsmiths remix)
  3. By A Friend From Rio (JD's original live mix)
out of stock $5.31
Free (12")
Cat: FMR 048. Rel: 27 Nov 06
  1. Free (feat Ten - Off The Main mix)
  2. Free (feat Ten)
  3. Jungle Kitten (feat Ten)
  4. Free - Felize (Salsa version)
out of stock $9.57
Soul 69 (7")
Cat: MPM 012. Rel: 21 Jan 05
  1. Soul 69
  2. Track 2
out of stock $6.92
Chicago (12")
Cat: MPM 022. Rel: 20 Feb 06
  1. Chicago
  2. Fire
  3. Soul'69 (clean cut)
  4. Untitled McDoom'd
out of stock $7.44
Cat: ECB 73. Rel: 10 Feb 05
  1. Techno Powers (original 12" version)
  2. Techno Powers (Harvey's Binary Soul remix)
out of stock $8.51
We (7")
Cat: CHOI 001. Rel: 15 Mar 19
  1. We (5:01)
  2. We (DJ Spinna Journey remix) (4:03)
 in stock $15.17
  1. A Race Of Angels - "Just Begin"
  2. Akwasi Mensah, Dego, Theo Parrish - "It's Just Begun"
Review: All has been quiet at Wildheart Recordings since label founders Theo Parrish and Tony Allen inaugurated proceedings with the soulful double drop of Day Like This, which is understandable given their respective touring schedules. Out of nowhere a second release arrives and finds Wildheart looking back but still being forward thinking with a timely reappraisal of a West Coast gem from A Race Of Angels. The recording alias of Yeofi Andoh, A Race of Angels will be familiar to Gifted & Blessed fans for their Steoples work together and his fragile vocal talents is on full display with "Just Begin". Initially released as part of the ArtDontSleep Presents... From L.A. With Love compilation back in 2007, "Just Begin" is a classy slice of minimal songwriting and gets further blessed by a B Side rework featuring the collective talents of Theo, Dego and Akwasi Mensah.
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out of stock $10.38
Carina EP (12")
Cat: EDREAMS 002. Rel: 01 Feb 12
  1. Carina
  2. Carina (October Full Body mix)
  3. Space Dub Dream
  4. The Ninth Sign
out of stock $8.51
  1. A Seven Nation Army Passing Me By (with Rap)
  2. A Seven Nation Army Passing Me By (featuring Alice Russell)
  3. Breathe A Thin Line
  4. A Seven Nation Army Passing Me By (single version)
  5. A Seven Nation Army Passing Me By (single version with Rap)
out of stock $9.57
Cat: INSANE 012. Rel: 08 Dec 11
  1. Express Yourself
  2. Otis (remix)
  3. Get Up (Sex Machine)
  4. Cali Soul (remix)
out of stock $9.57
out of stock $6.38
Cat: COL 061147. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Boogie Oogie Oogie
  2. Sukiyaki
out of stock $6.38
Cat: SPRO 8821. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Boogie Oogie Oogie
  2. Rescue Me
Intérprete: AJELLO, Juno Classics
out of stock $11.98
Cat: CAP 5132. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. We've Got The Groove
  2. This Love Of Ours
out of stock $3.18
The Rock EP (12" )
Cat: ATOC 001. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Rockin' Dub
  2. Rockin' Vox
  3. Micheal Rocks
out of stock $7.44
Cat: THEP 143. Rel: 13 Aug 10
  1. Baby Please
  2. Trip On Your Lip
Intérprete: Kazahaya
out of stock $15.96
Cat: BROKE 013/AR-002. Rel: 08 Nov 05
  1. Ms Jackson (Ripp's Booty Jamaica rework)
  2. This Is Reggae Music (Ripp's edit)
  3. Funky Nassau (Al's edit)
  4. Lottery Win (Al's version)
Review: Welcome to Volume 2 A & R re-edit and remix collection . You'll find here Outkasts "Ms Jackson" a special reggae version. A classic reggae tune "This Is Reggae Music". Also a hard to find version of Kool & The Gang's "NT Reggaeversion" and a very special dancefloor version of "Funky Nassau". All re-edited and remastered for maximum listening and dancing pleasure! A& R goes in all directions, as long as its funky!
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out of stock $8.51
Cat: AR 005. Rel: 03 Aug 06
  1. Body & Soul (Ripp's rework)
  2. Rockit Music (Ripp's Cover mix)
  3. California Style (Al's extended re-edit)
  4. Rockit Music (acappella tools mix)
Review: Number 5 in the series of great re-edited and reworked versions of classics from the past. Here you get two massive club tunes that will destroy any dancefloor. The A-side holds an afro disco re-edit of the end groove of "California Style" Al's edit is totally different from the original track. Extended for maximum dancefloor pleasure. The B-side is a Ripp complete rework of "Body & Soul" re-timed and re-programmed with a soft kick drum. Originally sampled by UR for "Night Of The Jaguar" this is a killer dancefloor tune for groovy or moody clubs! Also check the Rockit Music cover mix - using the drums from Earth People "Dance" with pads from Bobby Konders "The Poem" and a snippet from Q-Tip to keep the vibe flowing. Strictly for the old school heads!
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out of stock $6.38
Cat: AR 003. Rel: 17 Feb 06
  1. Make Me Believe In You (Ripp's Sister rework)
  2. Make Me Believe In You (Ripp's Brother rework)
  3. Night People (Al's Daytime re-edit)
  4. Night People (Al's Nighttime re-edit)
Review: Re-edits galore with a special "version excursion" for the 3rd A & R release Each side contains two different versions of the same classic funk tune. Classic funk "Make Me Believe In U" rearranged for listening and dancing pleasure, and you can even mix it with other records as it is re-timed! Side B has edits of the classic "Night People" a soul funk boogie shuffler! These are lengthened versions with different arrangements and a re-eqed for a fatter sound.
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out of stock $6.38
EP1 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PW 04. Rel: 26 Nov 18
  1. Persona/Funny Berber (9:57)
  2. Vacation (9:54)
Review: Following an impressive, low-key cassette release on Kitty Play in 2016, Amsterdam-based artist Aan Zee makes the leap to vinyl with this appearance on Pleasure Wave, a label which has already made some waves with releases from g-Marie, Jonny 5 and Miskotom. The Aan Zee sound is a lot to digest, spanning all kinds of cosmic funk, sky-scraping electronics and outernational influences, often all fired off at the same time. Just sink your teeth into "Persona/Funny Berber" for a taste and you'll understand. "Vacation" is equally adventurous, with all kinds of melodic layering and instrument flexing in pursuit of an exotic new brew that doesn't shirk on the groove.
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Intérprete: Blair French
 in stock $8.25
Ludiek (12")
Cat: 14DSRAAR 2. Rel: 14 Feb 01
  1. Doeda
  2. Sig
  3. Brul
  4. Kabunkel
  5. Thatco
  6. Ambi Pur
out of stock $8.51
Re Spoken (12")
Cat: RH 004. Rel: 11 Apr 01
  1. Spoken (Nubian Mindz remix 2)
  2. Spoken (Domu's Broken Dialect mix)
out of stock $8.51
Cat: M4S 19E. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Man To Come (Harco Pront remake)
  2. Ahh
  3. Zonder Nicolette
  4. Zaad
  5. Gm6
  6. Secreet (With Sonar Lodge)
out of stock $8.51
Just Washed That Pig (1-sided 12")
Cat: RHAARD 001. Rel: 03 May 05
  1. Just Washed That Pig (club mix)
out of stock $8.51
Cat: TRA 035. Rel: 01 Feb 19
  1. Jos Vois (Crossroads) (3:17)
  2. Taikausko (Superstition) (3:52)
 in stock $11.70
Cat: TOO 20004. Rel: 21 May 05
  1. George Aaron - "Silly Reason"
  2. The Armed Gang - "Love Shot" (club version)
out of stock $14.90
Cat: HS 029VL. Rel: 08 Apr 10
  1. The Saddest Kiss (feat Anthony Joseph)
  2. Flow Like A River
out of stock $6.38
Abet?! (7")
Cat: TERPIS 20. Rel: 15 May 12
  1. Ab Baars/Ken Vandermark/Paal Nilssen-Love - "Abet?!" (trio)
  2. Mats Gustafsson - "Abet?!" (solo)
out of stock $6.38
For A Real Life & Not Pretend (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: HH 005LP. Rel: 14 Nov 16
  1. I'll Be That Friend (3:35)
  2. Hot Kitchen (3:12)
  3. Good Feeling (3:30)
  4. Halfway To Mexico (3:58)
out of stock $16.24
The Marimba Project (12" promo)
  1. My House
  2. Lazy
  3. My House (Electrolyte remix)
  4. My House (Freestyle Marimba club mix)
out of stock $5.31
Eastern Soul (12" + insert)
Cat: FTN 008. Rel: 05 Apr 18
  1. Wings Of Love (2:56)
  2. Mi Nishkani (2:59)
  3. Yahlel Hawa (2:50)
  4. Im Nin'Alu (2:59)
Review: Israel's infamous Tvsia Abarbanel, a Goddess in her own right, is back on our charts thanks to the ever-impressive Fortuna Records, and the label have once again dug up an impossibly rare independent recording from the 1970s that has rarely ever been seen or smelled by even the most addicted of diggers. Much like the other 1970 recording they reissued back in 2012, Eastern Soul is Abarbanel attempting to mix traditional Yemenite sounds jazz, funk and soul, resulting in a veritablely singular sound throughout. The opening "Wings Of Love" is a moody jazz track made for the dancefloor, but our favourite is the B1, "Yahlel Hawa", an incredible display of traditional Israeli percussion, iconic singing, and the American jazz influence that just ties it all together.These won't last long. Recommended.
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out of stock $22.89
  1. Abdominal - "T-ode" (feat Notes To Self)
  2. Sekoya - "Love's In Need"
  3. Ghislain Poirier - "Pou Ki Sa Dub" (feat Nik Myo)
  4. Apostle Of Hustle - "My Sword Hand Anger" (Circle Reseatch mix)
out of stock $9.57
  1. Abel Lima E Les Sofas - "Corre Riba Corre Baxo"
  2. Abel Lima Des Iles Du Cap Vert - "Nos Maos"
Review: Supreme Cape-Verdean funk from the 70s, two of Abel Lima's most distinctive cuts are re-energised by Sofrito. "Corre Riba Corre Baxo" translates to what comes up must come down... But there's no come down here; pure positivity oozes from every highlife guitar strum and the overwhelming presence of the walking bassline. "Nos Maos" is a tad more subdued as the French and Portuguese lyrics pin down a tight, horn-led Caribbean groove. Act fast: as with all Super Singles, this one is super-limited!
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out of stock $7.19
La Pina Madura (7" + insert) (1 per customer)
Cat: NYCT 7038. Rel: 10 May 18
  1. La Pina Madura (part 1) (4:52)
  2. La Pina Madura (part 2) (4:43)
Review: Abelardo Carbono must be one of Colombia's most legendary artists, particularly for championing the sound of "champeta", a guitar-led style that has come to represent the South American country and its music. The Names You Can Trust imprint comes through with a glorious one-tracker by Carbono himself, alongside his 'Grupo' and, unsurprisingly, the masterful modern production of Quantic. "La Pina Madura" is a beast of a track, all built with percussive glory and the fiery South American zest that is made all the more effective by Quantic's post-production work. Slightly off-kilter and irregular in its shapes, this is undoubtedly a 7" single that you will want to bust out this summer. Blazing hot!

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out of stock $11.18
Cat: ASR 004-12. Rel: 30 Jun 05
  1. The Melodic Tree (Midnite remix)
  2. The Melodic Tree (Soul Ritual mix)
out of stock $8.51
Jupiter EP (12")
Cat: PR 002. Rel: 12 May 07
  1. Jupiter (Outer Space mix)
  2. Jupiter (Mars mix)
  3. Loco Amor
  4. So Funky
out of stock $0.00
Cat: DLP-005. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. AYB Is Back
  2. Beavel Summit
  3. Track 3
  4. Just A Lil' Coke
  5. Freaky Call
out of stock $14.90
Cat: RUG 535T. Rel: 12 Jul 13
  1. All Is Not Lost (Joe Goddard remix)
  2. All Is Not Lost (Bounce mix)
out of stock $8.25
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Back Catalogue: Funk Soul & Jazz
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