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New releases last four weeks: Funky/Club House

Funky/Club House vinyl released in the last four weeks
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Mother Emerge
Cat: SEL 011. Rel: 29 Apr 24
Mother (5:15)
Father (4:51)
Sister (5:51)
Brother (5:13)
Review: It's a numbers game for Selections's 11th release as they welcome 4004 to the label for a sublime four-track outing. 'Mother' is as deep as house music gets and is steeped in US traditions and smoky basement atmospheres with candle-lit chords and fragments of soulful vocals. 'Father' then rides on bumpy drums but swirling Rhodes and dusty hits keep it pure vibes. 'Sister' ups the ante once more with chord vamps and a loopy low end that works you into a steamy lather and finally 'Brother' then cuts loose and dreamy pads and an aching vocal snippet and hints of gospel. Four tasteful house gems, all in all.
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 in stock $14.57
Cat: ALMACKS 03. Rel: 01 May 24
Track 1 (6:23)
Track 2 (5:37)
Track 3 (3:49)
Track 4 (3:32)
Track 5 (4:36)
Review: Mega-exclusive, exquisite house, funk and disco editry from Almacks, who follow up two just-as-delightful introductions to the series with a welcome third. This furtive operation is almost entirely mediated by retailers like us, and is billed as a purveyor of 'tried and tested sure-shots' in very limited runs, whose coveted lipid discs help bolster "community in secret places". Of course, what would be a sense of community without a sense of exclusivity to match? The crux of the art of the five tracks here, though all largely instrumental, is indeed penetrable; all the numbers here home in on the glisteny downtime moments heard on many a classic disco and funk tune, in which time seems to stop, nerves grow tender, and high strings and ghostly vocals take flight. Keep an eye on this series; it reminds us of a funkier-intoned Ghost Phone; 'Track 4' is the real odd highlight.
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 in stock $16.94
Edits Vol 2
Cat: HPR 005. Rel: 26 Apr 24
I Can't Understand It (4:57)
Loleatta Disco Flip (3:03)
Review: Expert record collector, skilled DJ, Moodyman collaborator and beatmaker Andres aka DJ Dez is back not long after the release of his last album with a new 7" on David A-P's Hot Pot Records. He opens up this one with 'I Can't Understand It' which has the exact sort of dusty drums and subtle hip-hop stylings to the groove that you would expect of this storied groove specialist. It will get the floor popping off in no time and on the flip, he shows off his skills on the MPC by chopping up 'Loleatta Disco Flip' with plenty of hefty drum work and a sprinkling of percussion that keeps whitings moving. Another irresistible drop from the Detroit mainstay.
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MINI 003
MINI 003 (7" + insert + sticker)
Cat: APLWAXMINI 003. Rel: 01 May 24
MINI 003 (A) (4:44)
MINI 003 (B) (5:20)
Review: Apparel Wax on Apparel Music records has recently started a 7" series of which this is the third instalment of. These 45 DJ friendly records are sure to be hits with house music DJs and fans both. The music does the talking as the tracks are simply called 'Track 1' and 'Track 2'. The first blends jazz, funk into a house instrumental frenzy that has all the makings of a classic late night success. The second one is quite unusual and unique, adding a broken almost jungle beat that goes great with the piano. This gives us some real early 90s UK rave flashbacks! This versatile 7" should go over great with those who hear it!
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Intérprete: Kisk
 in stock $19.60
Meowfia EP
Cat: B2R 014. Rel: 29 Apr 24
Hustler’s Convention (7:37)
Apollo (7:06)
Fanatic (5:41)
Review: B2 Recordings keeps it classy with another new deep house offering from label head Bengoa. It comes hot on the heels of his last outing here in December but this time all three tracks are straight-up solo cuts with no featured guests. 'Hustler's Convention' is an emotionally intense humid, steamy cut even though the grooves are warm and hypnotic. 'Apollo' has more raw percussion and scratchy drum textures overlaid with trippy vocals and last of all is 'Fanatic,' which pairs leggy bass and drums with more swirling vocal samples and interesting broken beat patterns. Another fine outing from Bengoa then.
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 in stock $12.70
Billy Lo
Cat: CMSR 015. Rel: 10 May 24
Pain (feat Billy Lo) (5:46)
Chill @ 2 (Darren Abrams mix) (4:51)
Let Ur Body Werk (Darryl Tiggs mix) (4:17)
Sho Me Ur Luv (Darren Abrams - Rodney Hightower mix) (6:39)
Flavors (Darryl Tiggs - Darren Abrams mix) (5:24)
Do Ur Thang (Darryl Tiggs mix) (4:35)
Review: Billy Lo keeps it high-class on this expansive new 12" from the French folks at Cosmocities. It is house music that is couched in the traditional US style but with plenty of his own unique embellishments. Importantly, the melodies are meaningful and fresh and add everything from bittersweetness to joy to the dusty, paired back and nicely undercooked grooves. 'Let Ur Body Werk' is the sort of steamy sound that will get close-knit backroom crowds all in a sweat and up close and personal and 'Sho Me Ur Luv' brings a little US garage skip to the analogue drums. Spoken words elevate each tune to work on mind, body and soul in equal measure.
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Intérprete: Paul Starey, Mosaik
 in stock $17.21
Rodeo (limited purple vinyl 12")
Cat: BARN 097. Rel: 01 May 24
Rodeo (feat Mickael Karkousse) (4:16)
First Rodeo (feat Smiles Davis) (5:03)
Kampai (7:06)
Review: You can never second guess what is going to come out of the Studio Barnhus camp and so it is that this is another left of centre 12" from Blende. It comes on limited purple vinyl and opens with 'Rodeo' (feat Mickael Karkousse) which is all ricocheting synths, sleazy vocal sounds and meandering house drums. 'First Rodeo' (feat Smiles Davis) gets more languid and loose with its 80s chords dancing over hiccuping beats that recall the beguiling work of DJ Koze. 'Kampai' closes out with more peak time sounds that are awash in bright chords.
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 in stock $16.42
Enjoy Youth
Enjoy Youth (gatefold pink vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: YSKWN 28LPP. Rel: 16 May 24
You Want My (3:26)
Snap (with Berri) (3:59)
Revived (3:15)
Every Emotion (with Ultra Nate) (3:32)
Boys Etc (3:32)
Heartslap (with Mykal Kilgore) (3:10)
Sweet Release (3:08)
I Don't Know What I'm Gonna Do (3:57)
Down To One (3:03)
Sweetest Waste (3:06)
Keep (3:21)
Enjoy Youth (with Beth Hirsch) (4:07)
 in stock $17.48
Enjoy Youth
Cat: YSKWN 28CD. Rel: 16 May 24
You Want My
Snap ! (feat Berri)
Every Emotion (feat Ultra Naté)
Boys Etc
Heartslap (feat Mykal Kilgore)
Sweet Release
Don't Know What I'm Gonna Do
Down To O
Sweetest Was
Enjoy Youth (feat Beth Hirsch)
 in stock $11.39
Blow Room
Blow Room (12")
Cat: OWRV 009. Rel: 03 May 24
Lust Da House (8:14)
Blow Cafe (7:43)
Blow Ahhh (9:38)
Maxi Iborquixa Sampling At The Disco (4:13)
Review: Bs As deep brings his latest work to Onwards Recordings, through which he transcends time and space through shuffly, serene deep / Chicago house motifs. All tracks here are swanging but soft, tending synaesthetically towards the blue-purple, occupying that thin nave between melancholy and uplift. The mid-section piano layers on A2 'Blow Cafe' are a real highlight, though they're second only to the seductive, addictive hip-house narrative delivered by vocalist Maxi Iborquiza.
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Intérprete: Mosaik, Rafa Santos
 in stock $15.62
Remixed (12")
Cat: PRONTO 011. Rel: 14 May 24
Sunday Queen (Art Of Tones remix) (5:19)
Sublime Mind (Byron The Aquarius remix) (4:37)
Tried For Love (feat Robert Owens - Terrence Parker remix) (8:12)
Walk With Me (Rick Wade remix) (5:57)
Review: Smooth house master James Curd has a bunch of his succulent sounds remixed by a heavyweight roster of remixes here. First up Art of Tones layers in freewheeling synth loops and tough disco claps to his remix of 'Sunday Queen'. 'Sublime Mind' gets the Byron The Aquarius treatment and becomes a cosmic star-gazer with zoned-out pads and sweet beats. Add in some signature soul from Terrence Parker and another perfectly tracky house tool from the always-on form Rick Wade and you have a classy EP.
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 in stock $15.62
Dirty Love EP
Cat: PF 007V. Rel: 23 Apr 24
I'm Coming Out (extended mix) (6:08)
Take Me Up (7:47)
Take Me Up (Gerd Janson remix) (6:56)
I'm Coming Out (instrumental mix) (6:09)
Review: This cultured collaboration between Dirty Channels and Eternal Love extends beyond the Italian house scene with their debut single 'Take Me Up.' Featuring the talented vocalist Mariseya, the track's infectious energy is driven by a captivating piano groove that is very much reminiscent of the artists' deep Italian house roots but with all new style added in. Also featuring is a Diano Ross referencing gem in the form of 'I'm Coming Out' which is a pure house bumper for unadulterated good times. Gerd Janson adds his own touch to his remix and an instrumental is also included.
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Intérprete: Dirty Channels
 in stock $16.42
Beat Generation EP
Cat: FROSTED 207. Rel: 07 May 24
Beat Generation (8:02)
Beat Generation (Horns mix) (5:51)
Fair & Square (7:19)
Mother Of Funk (7:36)
Review: Frosted has pulled off a big one here as they snap up the one and only Chicago house gangster, long-time vinyl advocate and BBQ king, DJ Sneak. His debut on the label goes big, as the man often does, with 'Beat Generation' showcasing his mastery of drum loops and smart filters. It's unrelenting and funky in its own low-key way then a Horns mix brings some extra fun. 'Fair & Square' has an old school feel with sweet little guitar riffs stitched into the arrangement next to yelping vocal as the dusty drums roll on. 'Mother Of Funk' has a deeper feel and will lock you into its warming embrace.

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Intérprete: Paul Starey
 in stock $14.57
Contemporary Part One
Cat: REKIDS 240. Rel: 30 Apr 24
Before You (with ADMIN - feat Apropos) (6:49)
Portamento Track (with Austin Ato) (6:12)
Strings 4 Life (Brian Kage remix) (6:00)
Review: German house mainstay Oliver Dollar knows a thing or two about crafting smooth and seductive sounds, and that's just what he does here for Matt Edwards's Rekids. He opens up this 12" with 'Before You' (with ADMIN - feat Apropos) and layers up the summery beats with spine tinging diva vocals and warming coos that will get the good times going. 'Portamento Track' finds him link with Austin Ato for another feel good and upbeat house cut that is effortlessly cool and sunny. The flip-side features a Brian Page remix of 'Strings 4 Life' that soars though clear blue skies on hip-swinging beats.
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Intérprete: Superbreak
 in stock $14.30
Energy Exchange Records Remixed
Cat: EXREC 004. Rel: 23 Apr 24
30/70 - "Pleasure" (Maytra Roller edit) (4:53)
Energy Exchange Ensemble - "Brighter Star" (Close Counters remix) (6:54)
30/70 - "Acceptance" (Concrete Souls Sikly House edit) (5:01)
30/70 - "Acceptance" (Zeitgeist/Goodmood Sex & Candy Flip) (7:02)
Energy Exchange Ensemble - "Lime Green Skies" (Zeitgeist/Goodmood edit) (4:26)
Review: The Energy Exchange family is one of love and shared creation and so this fourth 12" outing sees them invite the in-house production team and extended crew from the 30/70 collective all remix and rework each other. The sounds are drenched in soul and passion and use house music as a framework to explore happy vibes for the dance floor. A Maytra Roller edit kicks off with some lush broken beats and empowering vocals, then Close Counters remixes 'Brighter Star' with piano-laced energy. Elsewhere is the sublime seven-minute opus from Zeitgeist/Goodmood Sex & Candy who flip 'Acceptance' into a gloriously passionate house classic.
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 in stock $15.35
Fly Away
Fly Away (12")
Cat: SL 126. Rel: 23 Apr 24
Fly Away (feat Kimberly Brown & The Sultra Gospel Singers - extended mix) (5:20)
Never Let You Down (feat Anthony Poteat & LaMay - extended mix) (6:38)
Review: Michael Gray brings his famously soulful sound to this new release on Sultra and it very much taps into a timeless vibe and old school disco feel. The grooves are nice and loose, the percussion is organic and fresh and the vocals, which re-sing a real classic, solar to the heavens next to mid tempo beats. After the A-side extended mix featuring Kimberly Brown & The Sultra Gospel Singers comes 'Never Let You Down' (feat Anthony Poteat & LaMay - extended mix). This one is a little deeper, quicker and funky, but is no less impassioned with its live vocals and lush synth work all bringing the good time vibes.
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 in stock $14.57
The Weekend (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
The Weekend (Record Store Day RSD 2024) (limited translucent blue vinyl 7")
Cat: AMM 828. Rel: 07 May 24
The Weekend (3:15)
The Weekend (Michael Gray Sultra mix) (3:42)
Review: 20 years ago now, Michael Gray secured what you can rightly say was a global and monumental crossover dance hit when he dropped 'The Weekend' in 2004. To mark its 20th anniversary and as part of this year's Record Store Day celebrations, it is making its way, for the first time ever, to a limited edition coloured vinyl 7". This one comes with the celebrated original sleeve artwork and that's not all, because it also includes a previously unreleased 7-inch Version from Gray himself: titled the 'Sultra 7' mix, it comes with live strings and a lush ambient feel that makes this even more essential.
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Intérprete: Paul Starey
 in stock $16.42
High (reissue)
Cat: HOOJ 171. Rel: 09 May 24
High (4:55)
High (Cloud 9 mix - 2022 Revamp) (4:54)
High (Testpress remix) (6:17)
High (Kyle Starkey remix) (6:55)
Review: Hyper Go Go's 'High' white labels hit the scene in 1992, helping launch the Hooj's journey to international recognition.'High' quickly stole the spotlight in clubs with its infectious piano house groove. It emerged fully formed and destined for success. Its timeless appeal and joyful energy remain undeniable, solidifying its status as a classic in the genre. The release, including three mixes including the very special Cloud 9 mix, epitomizes the essence of early 90s dance music and serves as a cornerstone in Hooj's storied legacy.
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 in stock $15.62
Ginzu Edits #2
Ginzu Edits #2 (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: GINZU 002. Rel: 09 May 24
Gil Scott-Heron - "Grandma's Hands" (6:27)
Luther Vandross - "Until You Come Back To Me" (7:52)
Review: Chicago DJ and producer JayCee Indamix is back to take care of the second instalment of the Ginzu Edits series. Up first is legendary New York street poet and soul innovator Gil Scott-Heron whose lovely 'Grandma's Hands' gets a funky rework with some busy broken beats and layers of extra instrumentation. On the flip is another classic, this time from the great Luther Vandross. His 'Until You Come Back To Me' becomes a deep and funky house cut with soaring vocals framed in a soulful groove with lots of special effects adding a contemporary twist.
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 in stock $15.10
Hyperdrama (limited gatefold clear vinyl 2xLP (indie exclusive))
Cat: BEC 5613371. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Neverender (feat Tame Impala) (4:24)
Generator (4:45)
Afterimage (feat Rimon) (4:07)
One Night/All Night (feat Tame Impala) (4:48)
Dear Alan (2:27)
Incognito (6:47)
Mannequin Love (feat The Flints) (1:06)
Moonlight Rendez-Vous (5:36)
Explorer (feat Conan Mockasin) (1:09)
Muscle Memory (1:06)
Harpy Dream (5:36)
Saturnine (feat Miguel) (1:09)
The End (feat Thundercat) (4:07)
Review: French dystopi-dance duo Justice gear up for their fourth full-length album, Hyperdrama. Owing to their towering status as producers and artists, it marks their first album in seven years since 2016's Woman. Unlike the neater fusions of disco and funk that the band have achieved in the past, Auge and Rosnay describe their latest as an embittered battle between the two stereotypes, elaborating that the album 'oscillates between pure electronic and pure disco but you never really get the two at the same time'."
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 in stock $34.94
Cat: BEC 5613372. Rel: 25 Apr 24
One Night/All Night
Dear Alan
Mannequin Love
Moonlight Rendez-vous
Muscle Memory
Harpy Dream
The End
Review: In recent interviews, Justice explained that fourth album Hyperdrama - the wildly successful French duo's first for seven years - was born out of the idea of getting elements of disco, funk and electronic music to "fight with each other" (rather than smoother co-existence). Given the forthright and sometimes abrasive nature of their work, it's an idea in keeping with their career to date. Musically, what we get is a mixture of their usual electroclash and rave-inspired riffs and motifs, and basslines, strings and other instrumentation rooted in black dance music of the 1970s and '80s. When the fusion lands - as it does much of the time - it's a unique and thrilling fusion. For proof, check Tama Impala hook-up 'One Night/All Night', the Italo disco/jazz-funk/electro-house fusion of 'Incognito', and the wonderful slow-boogie mutation 'Saturine'.
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 in stock $13.24
Hyperdrama (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BEC 5613370. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Neverender (feat Tame Impala) (4:24)
Generator (4:45)
Afterimage (feat Rimon) (4:07)
One Night/All Night (feat Tame Impala) (4:48)
Dear Alan (2:27)
Incognito (6:47)
Mannequin Love (feat The Flints) (3:36)
Moonlight Rendez-Vous (2:00)
Explorer (feat Conan Mockasin) (4:09)
Muscle Memory (1:06)
Harpy Dream (5:36)
Saturnine (feat Miguel) (1:09)
The End (feat Thundercat) (4:07)
Review: Hyperdrama is the fourth full length album from the French Duo Justice. Two songs have preceded the album's May release. 'One Night/All Night (featuring Tame Impala)' is destined to be a club hit with its catchy EDM pop appeal. The bombastic electro pulser 'Generator' will also have a strong club appeal to it and you can expect the rest of the album to be just as strong with a production job that's clean and the tracks are powerful. This version comes in a beautifully designed gatefold 2xLP that also includes a sticker.
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 in stock $31.76
Thandaza (12")
Cat: KM 068. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Thandaza (part 1) (7:06)
Thandaza (part 2) (7:07)
Review: Keinemuzik return for a fresh split 12", co-starring production peers Alan Dixon and Arabic Piano on the long-burner that is 'Thandaza'. A brooding progressive cut that glides through sun-upped vocal chants and shuffling percussive elements, the track is a veritable exciter, with Piano's vocals coming off especially charming. Dixon's signature piano line abounds in the breakdown, giving images of cocktail-glassed refractions of beachside fires backclothed by a deep blue ocean.
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Tags: Afro House
 in stock $14.57
Manmancer (LP + insert)
Cat: JSLP 216. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Bigbang Girl (4:10)
Dozy Days (5:12)
Cologne (5:01)
Message In Bubble (5:42)
Capital Highway (3:30)
Manmancer (4:54)
Dance Music (4:47)
Skull Ring (3:36)
 in stock $46.08
My Mind Is Open
Cat: FSITH 4322. Rel: 26 Apr 24
L3ni - "My Mind Is Open" (5:02)
Ian Wallace - "Should I" (4:28)
Review: The second record in Soul In The Horn's debut 45 set delivers two electrifying reworkings that seamlessly blend genres. L3ni's 'My Mind is Open' transforms a moody jazzy track into an elegant house masterpiece. Meanwhile, Ian Wallace's 'Should I' infuses samba elements into a beautiful underground gem, resulting in a cool samba-infused house rework. Both tracks exude a vibrant energy that will undoubtedly get classy 7" collectors excited to have this. Soul In The Horn continues to impress with their boundary-pushing releases, solidifying their reputation as tastemakers in the contemporary music scene.
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 in stock $11.12
Where Love Lives (30th Anniversary Edition) (remastered) (Record Store Day 2020)
Where Love Lives (Classic mix) (6:55)
Where Love Lives (Mo' Knuckles mix) (5:57)
Where Love Lives (cut To The Bone mix) (5:05)
Review: Alison Limerick's 'Where Love Lives' is the sound of a generation, a reminder of one of the most vital cultural movements of the last 100 years. It is a perma-hit that unites all ages, colours and creeds, even now, 30 years after it first got hands in the air and tears in the eyes on dance floors of cult clubs around the world. To mark the occasion it gets a special remaster treatment and 12" release for Record Store Day. The Classic Mix - which is still the best - kicks off, followed by a big piano version from Mo Knuckles and a darker, more stripped back Cut To The Bone mix.
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 in stock $15.62
The Remixes (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
The Remixes (Record Store Day RSD 2024) (limited green vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: MADARTRMX. Rel: 08 May 24
Higher (with Camelphat) (3:27)
Lord It's A Feeling (Goddard remix) (3:20)
If You Wait (Jamie Jones 4Z remix) (3:16)
Baby It's You (Dot Major remix) (3:51)
Dancing By Night (with Sebastian) (3:29)
Hey Now (Arty remix) (5:51)
Flume - "Let Me Know" (feat London Grammar) (3:21)
Lose Your Head (Camelphat remix) (3:32)
Strong (High Contrast remix) (3:12)
Help Me Lose My Mind (with Disclosure) (4:05)
Hell To The Liars (Kolsch remix) (12:37)
Wasting My Young Years (Henrik Schwarz remix) (8:32)
Oh Woman Oh Man (MK remix) (5:34)
Sights (Dennis Ferrer remix) (7:06)
Hey Now (Bonobo remix) (5:48)
Baby It's You (Joris Voorn extended remix) (3:18)
Review: This new long player from Ministry of Sound is their contribution to Record Store Day 2024 and it takes the form of a bunch of mixes of London Grammar's various different tunes. Global house outfit Camelphat feature a couple of times with some nicely emotive and upbeat sounds, 'Strong' gets a jump up drum & bass rework from High Contrast, Henrick Schwarz brings his emo house touch to 'Wasting My Young Years', MK adds some dance-pop sheen to 'Oh Woman Oh Man' and Dennis Ferrer remixes 'Sights' into a tense tech cut with snappy drums.
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 in stock $36.54
Disco Samba (reissue)
Disco Samba (reissue) (red marbled vinyl LP + CD)
Cat: ZYX 212621. Rel: 20 May 24
Disco Samba (extended version - LP)
La Colegiala
La Bamba (club mix)
Lovely Lambada
Ritmo De Samba (Groove mix)
Disco Samba (radio edit)
La Bamba (Mexico edit)
La Colegiala (club edit)
La Colegiala (feat Antonio Ascolino - Air Lovers extended mix)
Disco Samba (extended version - CD)
La Colegiala
La Bamba (club mix)
Lovely Lambada
Ritmo De Samba (Groove mix)
Disco Samba (radio edit)
La Bamba (Mexico edit)
La Colegiala (club edit)
La Colegiala (feat Antonio Ascolino - Air Lovers extended mix)
! low stock $23.83
Melloghettomental (Theo Parrish production)
Cat: SS038 ABCD. Rel: 13 May 24
Can't Keep Running Away (12:41)
U Bring Me Up (5:21)
Why Wait (3:58)
Melloghettomental (8:50)
Review: Theo Parrish has green-lit a couple of back catalogue reissues from his Sound Signature label this month and this one originally came back in 2010 and found him on production duties and Bilal Love on the vocals. The Melloghettomental EP is an archetype Parrish offering - dusty, lo-fi beatdown and house fusions with muted but meaningful chords and aching vocal hooks. You get all that on blissed-out opener 'Can't Keep Running Away', superbly soulful live bass work on 'U Bring Me Up' and heavier, more griding grooves but still sublime vocals on 'Why Wait'. The title cut is an off-grid mix of sci-fi melodies and diffuse chords, shimmering drums and low slub bass. Sublime.
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 in stock $44.48
Lovehrtz Vol 3
Lovehrtz Vol 3 (hand-stamped 12" reeditado)
Cat: LVHRTZ 003. Rel: 03 May 24
Gotta Dance (5:19)
I Need Your Love (6:35)
Review: More edit action from Richy Ahmed and Jansons' hush-hush Lovehrtz project, which has previously seen them given the disco-house treatment to tracks by Gino Soccio and The Supermen Lovers, amongst others. Volume three of the self-titled series opens with "Gotta Dance", a loopy chunky of synth-heavy Euro-disco-goes-house cheeriness rich in undulating electronic lead lines, echoing drum hits, arpeggio style bass and a sparkling female lead vocal. Their Italo-disco influence is explored further on muscular flipside "I Need Your Love", a sweaty late-night affair in which selected male and female vocal snippets, and ear-catching melodic motifs ride a thrusting electronic bassline and all-action mid-80s drums.
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 in stock $10.59
Dignity (Manuel Tur remixes)
Dignity (Manuel Tur remixes) (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: SRP 04. Rel: 22 Apr 24
Dignity (Manuel Tur remix)
Dignity (Manuel Tur dub)
Review: Spaced Repetitions is a new label by veteran producer Manuel Tur who has always been known for his deliciously deep sound. For the imprint's fourth outing, he serves up two versions of a tune by Ingrid Lukas taken from last year's album ELUMELOODIA. The Estonian-Swiss singer, pianist and composer's angelic vocals remain in place up top as the dubby drums roll down low and all manner of icy synths and gassy melodic tinkles pepper the groove and get you into a celestial state of mind. The dub version allows that to come to the fore even more.
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 in stock $14.30
Northshore Obsessions EP
Cat: GHR 003V. Rel: 13 May 24
Blind Energy (6:47)
Blind Energy (Manuel Sahagun's remix) (6:16)
U Got Me (6:17)
When We Want (6:47)
Review: Greenhouse Recordings label head and long-time master of deep house Andrew Macari steps up to his own imprint with a bunch of fine originals. The opener is a deep tech cut with steely drums that are tight and compelling and offset by smooth chords. Manuel Sahagun then steps up to remix and brings a touch of jazz to his chords which swirl around over heavyweight bass rumbles. 'U Got Me' is then a house sound that harks back to the DIY heyday of Nottingham with its bumping drums and lush chord work and 'When I Want' closes out with more fresh synths and an alluring female vocal.
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Intérprete: Superbreak
 in stock $12.98
Harri Poter
Cat: PP 102. Rel: 01 May 24
Skateboarding Is Not A Crime (2:41)
How 2 Please Me (with P Vanillaboy) (5:23)
Elektrassu (4:22)
WORK (with Juicy Romance) (4:35)
Bruce Willis (3:12)
VIP (with LVL1) (2:57)
Cigarrito (3:35)
BDSM (Bliss, Dreams, Soul, Memories) (3:33)
El Crit De L'Shrek (3:38)
Arsa (3:29)
Pretty Otter (3:40)
House Music 2 The World (2:57)
Killersito (+18) (3:17)
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Thinking 'Bout Us
Cat: CSRV 001. Rel: 14 May 24
Thinking 'Bout Us (extended mix) (3:59)
Thinking 'Bout Us (Random Soul extended) (6:09)
Thinking 'Bout Us (UK VIP mix) (3:04)
Thinking 'Bout Us (UK VIP extended) (4:07)
Thinking 'Bout Us (edit) (3:03)
Thinking 'Bout Us (acappella) (3:02)
 in stock $15.62
Cada Vez
Cada Vez (white vinyl 12")
Cat: GR 12121. Rel: 07 May 24
Cada Vez (Grant Nelson vocal remix)
Cada Vez (Avant Garde remix)
Review: First released in 1999 through the titanic Swing City Records, 'Cada Vez' was a fond and well-played cut on the label, one which showed off and continues to flaunt the pan-Latin supergroup's talents. Though they (Adres Lafone, Liliana Chacion, Davide Giovaninni) were at their zenith a four-or-five piece band, most of Negrocan's releases were primed for the club. This release via Groovin Italy hears two fresh remixes from Grant Nelson and Avant Garde, and brings contemporary weight to their original deep-south Latin house forte.
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Bad For Me
Cat: NCM 020. Rel: 10 May 24
Bad For Me (Eddie Fowlkes dub mix) (5:19)
Bad For Me (Ron Carroll club mix) (5:36)
Bad For Me (Emanuell Groove mix) (4:52)
Bad For Me (Mannywya Deep dub mix) (5:52)
Review: The inimitable Santonio Echols/Next Generation have penned many a great soulful house hit and one of them is 'Bad For Me' which now arrives as a remix package on the NCM Label out of Detroit. First up is Eddie Fowlkes's dub which brings nice warm, smeared chords and allows the vocal to pop out of the mix and bring the sunshine. Ron Carroll's club mix has a little more direct energy in the drums, then the Emanuell Groove mix is a funky one with steamy sax notes up top and nice loose drums. Last of all, the Mannywya Deep dub mix slows things right down to a late-night crawl.
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Bar Mediterraneo
 in stock $25.96
Habita (remixes)
Cat: RNTR 067. Rel: 30 Apr 24
Espantapajaros (feat La Perla - Captain Planet remix) (4:27)
Pa'lante (feat Acid Coco - Tigerbalm remix) (5:12)
Cana Brava (feat Nikola - Clive From Accounts remix) (4:58)
Porque Yo (feat Eva De Marce - Jkriv remix) (6:34)
Calla (feat Eneskay - Prince Of Queens dub) (6:03)
Review: Pahua, the Mexican singer, percussionist, producer, and DJ, debuts on Razor-N-Tape with a monumental remix project. Formerly part of the beloved band Sotomayor, Pahua embarked on a solo journey in 2020 which culminated in her acclaimed Habita LP on Nacional Records in 2023. With millions of streams, Habita solidified Pahua as a modern voice in the Latin alternative folk and pop scene and now Razor-N-Tape showcases her sound to global dance floors with remixes by both label staples and newcomers. From JKriv's late-night bass mix to Clive From Accounts' moody nu-disco rendition, each track honours the original while infusing quintessential RNT club-ready vibes.
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Le Voie Le Soleil (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Le Voie Le Soleil (Record Store Day RSD 2024) (llimited hand-numbered blue vinyl 12")
Cat: TOOL 1203. Rel: 07 May 24
Le Voie Le Soleil (Solardo extended mix) (5:56)
Le Voie Le Soleil (Pat Re-flex) (5:57)
Review: Is it just us or has the quality of Record Store Day releases really levelled up in recent times? No longer do we just get unwanted new formats of the tired old classics. Instead we get genuine treasures reappearing, vital reissues popping up and interesting remixes like the one. It finds global tech house titans Solardo adding their own spin to Patrick Prins' seminal 'Le Voie Le Soleil' n the occasion of its 39th anniversary. It's full of mad pianos, euphoric drums and feel good energy that is perfect for festival season. A Pat Re-flex on the flip seals the deal.
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Flashback To The Future EP
Cat: ZEDD 12378. Rel: 13 May 24
Raven Maize - "Forever Together" (Closer To The Source mix)
Pacha - "One Kiss" (Dave's Heavenly Star mix)
Joey Montenegro - "Make A Move On Me" (original Disco mix)
Joey Montenegro - "Can't Get High Without U" (25th Anniversary mix)
Review: Dave Lee's Z Records looks back to go forward as it offers up a spiffing new 12" of contemporary reworks of 4 classics cuts of various vintages from the ZR back cat. Kicking things off in fantastic fashion is a slap bass and wah clav powered take on Raven Maize's 'Forever Together', originally released in1989, this was the first house cut to feature the now iconic keys riff. Dave's Heavenly Star mix of 'One Kiss' (first out in 1991) is pure hip-swinging soulful disco. Joey Montenegro (who could that be?) offers two classic cuts on the flip side. 'Make A Move On Me' (Original Disco mix) sees the crossover hit from 2005 get a Chic like makeover with its zippy leads and timeless diva vocals. Whilst the special 25th Anniversary Mix of 1998's 'Can't Get High Without U' closes things off with some peak time, tension filled, disco house action!
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Collectors Edition 003
Collectors Edition 003 (limited numbered hand-stamped 180 gram vinyl 12" + insert)
Cat: TDRLTD 003. Rel: 08 May 24
Retromigration & Bezzix - "Where Is The Sunshine" (5:57)
Joey Musaphia - "I Miss You" (6:53)
Moodena & Soul Central - "A Glass Of Kool Aid" (5:55)
Sartorial - "Sartorial's Day Off" (6:20)
Review: Whether or not it is the first sign of a reaction to the domination or harder techno in recent years or not we do not know, but there sure is some superbly soulful and feel good house around at the moment. TDR LTD is back with more of just that after two first releases that got us very much locked in for the ride. This various artists' outing kicks off with Retromigration & Bezzix's 'Where Is The Sunshine' which has loose cow bells, glockenspiels, hip-swinging drums and plenty of love. Joey Musaphia's 'I Miss You' brings some funk, there are some blissed-out broken beats on Moodena & Soul Central's 'A Glass Of Kool Aid' and 'Sartorial's Day Off' shuts down with some pumpkin MAW-style and loopy house joy.
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 in stock $18.80
Stereo:type EP 2
Cat: STV 002. Rel: 13 May 24
Welcome (6:53)
I Hear Music (7:08)
5 O’Clock In The Morning (5:46)
Disco Night (7:07)
Review: The fledgling Stereo:type label is back with a sizzling second release and it is the UK's Risk Assessment at the buttons. Once again here his sophomore vinyl outing is all about soul drenched and peak time disco cuts with plenty of passion and character. 'Welcome' has all the funky loops and neat keys you need to get you going, 'I Hear Music' is a real stomper with freaky guitar riffs and '5 O'Clock In The Morning' brings some big diva vocals and plenty of lush strings. Last of all is the steamy hot disco funker 'Disco Night' with its slick filter work and rich bass. Another delicious EP, then.
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Stereo:type EP 3
Cat: STV 003. Rel: 20 May 24
Jump (6:13)
Dreamz (6:56)
Someone Like You (6:18)
Power (5:31)
Review: Stereo:type is keeping busy with a number of releases already lined up from the young and auspicious label. It is UK artist Risk Assessment that has been behind the first couple and is again back in action here with number three. This one kicks off with a slightly deeper disco cut that has a seductive vocal and rousing chords then 'Dreamz' is a nice blissed out roller with magical melodies bringing the richness. 'Someone Like You' is denied by the voice of the one and only Barry White - his buttery baritone riding over loop and funky drums and bass and 'Power' then brings a touch of house to close out.
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Love In Need
Cat: FSITH 4323. Rel: 26 Apr 24
Rockwilder - "Love In Need" (4:53)
King Pros - "You Had To Know" (3:33)
Review: The third release from Soul In The Horn features tracks from Rockwilder and KingPros, the former's 'Love In Need' proving to be a captivating mid-tempo house rendition of a classic tune by the esteemed hip-hop producer, blending the original melody with the soulful rhythms and textures of mid-tempo house. King Pros' 'You Had to Know' is a powerful mid-tempo rework of a very well respected voice. The result is two stunning tracks that demonstrate the versatility and vitality of the genre.
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Run! (LP)
Cat: FTM 202401. Rel: 29 Apr 24
It Must Be Love (Souls Groove mix) (4:14)
Scratchy (Souls Groove mix) (5:49)
I'll Be Waiting For You (Souls Groove mix) (3:56)
Cry For Me (Souls Groove mix) (5:10)
Sad Lady (Souls Groove mix) (4:03)
Run! (Souls Groove Orchestra mix) (4:20)
Old Time Love (Souls Groove mix) (3:40)
Review: Nadyne Rush is an Italian-Haitian singer whose roots lay in exploring jazz. While picking up diverse experiences in Italy and abroad, she collaborated with prominent Italian musicians and notably contributed as a backing vocalist for Dirotta on Cuba and Italian trapper Ghali. Her roster includes partnerships with Mario Biondi, Gege Telesforo, and more. Now, under FullTime Production, 'RUN!' comprises seven tracks inspired by 70s/80s music that blends live instrumentation with horn sections, disco, funk, and house, all meticulously mixed by producer Alex Barattini. This collection evokes strong emotions and reflects on love, motivation, and introspection, all while also being nice and danceable yet contemplative.
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Twilight Voyage EP
Cat: BLURWAX 004. Rel: 07 May 24
Alright, Alright (5:21)
Twilight Voyage (5:55)
Breezy Noon (feat Dwaal) (4:41)
Nostalji (feat Jehan) (4:33)
Kno 2morrow (4:42)
Review: Blur Records brings some eclectic magic to its next release and it's one that gets the New Year underway in essential fashion. Venerated Russian DJ and producer Scruscru is behind the beats and goes deep into everything from disco to jazz, starting with 'Alright, Alright' which is a bust of disco goodness with lively bass. Things get slow and sensuous with 'Twilight Voyage' which comes with a touch of nostalgia then Dwaal features on 'Breezy Noon' and blends downtempo bossa and Afro rhythms. More slow disco delights come from 'Nostalji' with Jehan and then 'Kno 2morrow' gets jazzy with some classy melodies to close things down.

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Fabric Presents Shygirl
Fabric Presents Shygirl (limited translucent yellow vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: FABRIC 219LP. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Angelita - "Club Shy" (intro - feat Shygirl) (3:03)
Shygirl - "Making The Beast" (5:01)
Danny Daze & Jonny From Space - "Sweet Sopt Radio" (Nick Leon dub) (5:34)
Shygirl, Cosha - "Thicc" (3:48)
Rose Gray - "Promise Me" (3:45)
Hudson Mohwake & Nikki Nair - "Set The Roof" (feat Tayla Parx) (4:28)
Elkka - "Dj Friendly" (1:47)
Laava - "Wherever You Are (I Feel Love)" (dance edit) (3:38)
Review: fabric's prestigious presents series is back with another superb entry, this time from Shygirl whose mix marks the start of the legendary London club's 25th birthday celebrations. She is one of five artists seeing up mixes this year and includes some fine and extended versions of some of her recent club favourites as well as forthcoming music from the likes of Danny Daze & Jonny From Space, plus some well-known modern classic cuts from Eliza Rose, Florentino, Jacques Greene and Hudson Mohawke. It's a wild ride through Shygirl's unique sonic landscape that comes on bright acid yellow vinyl.
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Fabric Presents Shygirl
Cat: FABRIC 219. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Angelita - "Club Shy" (feat Shygirl - intro)
Danny Daze & Jonny From Space - "Sweet Spot" (Nick Leon dub)
Shygirl - "Making The Beast" (extended)
Jacques Greene - "Believe"
Rose Gray - "Promise Me"
Shygirl/Empress Of/Kingdom - "4eva" (extended)
Eliza Rose & The Martinez Brothers - "Pleasure Peak"
Hudson Mohawke & Nikki Nair - "Set The Roof" (feat Tayla Parx)
Laava - "Wherever You Are (I Feel Love)" (dance edit)
Club Winston - "Summer"
Kristine Blond & James Hype - "Love Shy"
Guchon - "Piano Bros"
Shygirl/Cosha - "Thicc"
Broosnica - "Love On The Run"
Skin On Skin - "Magic"
TDJ & Vitesse X - "Into Dream"
Elkka - "DJ Friendly"
Shygirl & Kingdom - "F@k€"
Anima - "7th"
George Riley & Hudson Mohawke - "S E X"
96 Back - "Laco" (Metrist Reworm)
Florentino - "Pressure" (feat Shygirl)
Conall - "Up" (feat Coucou Chloe)
 in stock $13.24
The Promised Land/It's All Right
Promised Land (club mix) (5:06)
It's All Right (House mix) (5:54)
 in stock $14.03
Soft Animals
Soft Animals (limited translucent green vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: 843563 168554. Rel: 29 Apr 24
Drinkee (5:00)
Awoo (3:17)
Maradora (4:04)
Hey Lion (3:29)
Moon Tattoo (5:42)
Deja Vu Affair (4:58)
 in stock $35.49
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