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Today: Funky/Club House

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Funky / Club House

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Friday 30 October 2020
DMC Chart Monsterjam #45 (Strictly DJ Only)
Cat: DMCMJCHART 45. Rel: 30 Oct 20
  1. 220 Kid & JC Stewart - "Too Many Nights"
  2. Tiesto - "The Business"
  3. Paul Woolford & Diplo - "Looking For Me" (feat Kareen Lomax)
  4. Jack Rose & SK - "Better On My Own" (Billy Da Kid House mix)
  5. Clean Bandit & Mabel - "Tick Tock" (feat 24kGolden - Joel Corry remix)
  6. Lucas & Steve - "Another Life" (feat Alida - PS1 remix)
  7. MK - "2AM" (feat Carla Monroe - Martin Ikin remix)
  8. Secondcity & Paul Woolford - "All I Want" (feat Andrea Martin - extended)
  9. Oliver Heldens - "Break This Habit" (feat Kiko Bun)
  10. That Kind - "One Last Time"
  11. Jax Jones & Au Ra - "I Miss You"
  12. Gok Wan & Craig Knight - "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" (feat Kele Le Roc)
  13. Ofenbach & Quarterhead - "Head Shoulders Knees & Toes" (feat Norma Jean Martine)
  14. Sonny Fodera & Ella Eyre - "Wired"
  15. Marshmello & Demi Lovato - "Ok Not To Be Ok" (Finlay C remix)
  16. Tate Mcrae - "You Broke Me First" (Luca Schreiner remix)
  17. Wilson & ManyFew & Kelli Leigh - "No More Chances"
  18. Sam Smith - "Diamonds" (Joel Corry remix)
  19. Joel Corry & MNEK - "Head & Heart" (Jess Bays remix)
  20. Nathan Dawe - "Lighter" (feat KSI - PS1 radio remix)
  21. Mr Eazi & Major Lazer - "Oh My Gawd" (feat Nicki Minaj & K4mo - Riton remix)
  22. Rudimental - "Come Over" (feat Anne Marie & Tion Wayne - Paul Woolford remix)
  23. Megan Thee Stallion - "Don't Stop"
  24. Little Mix - "Not A Pop Song"
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DMC Classic Mixes Dance Producers Vol 1
Cat: DMCCLASS 88. Rel: 30 Oct 20
  1. Sigala & Friends In The Club (part 1)
  2. Sigala & Friends In The Club (part 2)
  3. Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards Tribute Mix
  4. Avicii Tribute Mix
  5. Jam & Lewis & Wolinski Mega Producers (Volume 1)
  6. Stonebridge Kings Of Dance (Volume 1)
  7. Superstar DJ Producers 2013
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Thursday 29 October 2020
Chapters Of Becoming: Part Two
Cat: VR 201. Rel: 29 Oct 20
  1. Let Me Love You (feat Mike Dunn - Mike Dunn Blackball remix) (5:57)
  2. Amazing Love (5:35)
  3. Lets Get High (Life, Love, Music) (Manoo Touch) (6:55)
  4. Parole Parole (David Morales unreleased remix) (5:55)
  5. Plastic People (7:22)
  6. Figli Delle Stelle (Louie Vega EOL mix) (4:57)
  7. One Dream (Big Game mix) (7:34)
  8. Sodade (Kazukuta remix) (5:07)
Review: Four seriously heavyweight cuts on this one, a various artists classic in the making from Pi Gao Movement. Lost Trax gets down and dingy with 'The Disruptor', a gurgling, menacing mid tempo cut with dystopian feels. Ultradyne's contribution is much more forward facing, with superb drum programming making for a frictionless broken beat groove that is run through with lithe synths. The machines cut loose on manic head wrecker 'Ultradyne' and last of all, 'Deconstructing The Immortals' sounds like the sort of tech Kraftwerk might make if they were now globe trotting DJs.
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Chapters Of Becoming: Part One
Cat: VR 200. Rel: 29 Oct 20
  1. Walking On Thin Ice (Louie Vega, Sebastien Grand, Alex Finkin remix) (6:38)
  2. You Came Into My Life (Ralf Gum & Raw Artistic Soul remix) (5:06)
  3. Bem Ma Mi (Louie Vega remix) (6:29)
  4. Let Me Love You (feat Mr V - Masters At Work mix) (5:22)
  5. Terra Longe (6:24)
  6. Rock The Cradle (5:25)
  7. Lets Get High (Life, Love, Music) (7:02)
  8. Love To Love You Baby (Anane Funky House mix) (4:37)
Review: Anane has become one of the most prominent vocalists in contemporary house music. She mixes up a rare skill with a real sense of glamour and diversity that has also lead her to singing the opening song "One Dream" at Super Bowl XLI with Louie Vega & their group Elements Of Life. Her deep afro house sound has grown ever more essential over the last 17 years and now this album transcends through her evolution of the artist and woman she is today. The double 12" features remixes from Louie Vega, Sebastien Grand, Alex Finkin and many more, which makes it a varied and vital affair.

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Wednesday 28 October 2020
White (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: PPPP 05W. Rel: 28 Oct 20
  1. Minneapolis Pusher (6:21)
  2. Last Dance (7:14)
  3. Smooth (7:28)
 in stock $12.65
Tuesday 27 October 2020
Free Spirit
Cat: SOULDR 001. Rel: 27 Oct 20
  1. Unknown (feat Emanuele Del Carmine & Donny Balice) (6:38)
  2. In The Club (feat Emanuele Del Carmine & Pako Baldassarre) (6:56)
  3. Deep Fusion (feat Pako Baldassarre) (7:54)
  4. Free Soul (6:06)
 in stock $10.24
Monday 26 October 2020
EP 9
EP 9 (12" reeditado)
Cat: DFTD 612. Rel: 26 Oct 20
  1. Dennis Ferrer - "Hey Hey" (Riva Starr Paradise Garage club mix) (7:27)
  2. Ferreck Dawn - "By My Side" (feat Anthony Valadez - extended mix) (5:48)
  3. John Summit - "Deep End" (extended mix) (6:25)
  4. OFFAIAH - "Play It By Ear" (club mix) (6:02)
Review: Given that Defected's multi-arist EP series was designed as a way for vinyl DJs to get hold of some of the imrpint's biggest digital download hits, you'll be unsurprised to learn that volume nine contains some seriously sizable material. Riva Starr kicks things off with a remix of Dennis Ferrer classic "Hey! Hey!" that turns the track into a Moroder style electro-disco throb-job, before Ferreck Dawn delivers some big room vocal house pleasure. Over on the flip, John Summit's "Deep End" is another beefy big room workout built around sweet female vocals and a thickset bassline, while Offiah's "Play It By Ear" is a 21st century update of the muscular, mid-90s MK sound.
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Today: Funky/Club House