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New releases last four weeks: UK Garage

UK Garage vinyl released in the last four weeks
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Follow Me
Follow Me (12")
Cat: CS 043. Rel: 28 May 24
Follow Me (6:34)
Frequency (5:14)
Underwater (6:30)
Review: Burnski and Kelper are two of the hottest artists in the game right now - their output is relentless, and their quality is always high. It is now on the former's Constant Sound that they appear with three fresh new collaborative cuts aimed squarely at the floor. 'Follow Me' has nice hooky drum loops and subtle synth stabs under a seductive vocal. It's fun and functional in equal measure and on the flip things get more naughty with hints of a dirty speed garage bassline under 'Frequency'. The vibe flips again on closer 'Frequency' which has disco-tinged loops and more laidback groves that bring a little warmth and sunshine.
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 in stock $12.93
The Rhythm People EP
Cat: RNV 09. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Marc Cotterell - "96 Is Back" (6:45)
Jason Ward - "The Meaning" (4:48)
J Erazo - "The Pulse" (5:34)
Paul French - "Jump" (unreleased dub) (6:00)
Review: Rhythm N Vibe treats us to four different and equally brilliant garage cuts here from four different and equally brilliant artists. Marc Cotterell opens up with the slinky and dusty drums of '96 Is Back' powered by a rasping bassline. Jason Ward then brings some fresh 90s sounds with a neon baseline and diva vocals on 'The Meaning' while J Erazo keeps it deep and paired back on the sublime 'The Pulse' which is a real late night warmer. Paul French then layers up nice fresh and bumping drum funk on his lovely number 'Jump' (unreleased dub). There is lots to love here on a very useful EP.
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Intérprete: Paul Starey
! low stock $12.93
Haze (clear vinyl LP)
Cat: EMKLP 08. Rel: 28 May 24
(Star Key) (2:39)
Harmony (2:05)
Haze (3:00)
Skip (2:02)
Ache (3:18)
Writer (0:57)
Smoke (2:57)
Waltz (2:13)
4/4 (3:03)
Film (2:34)
Low End (2:18)
Shards (2:09)
Rain (2:50)
Lull (1:44)
Haze (Piano) (1:41)
Traum (1:03)
 in stock $23.75
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: BDE 003. Rel: 20 Jun 24
Faff & Submarine FM - "Groove Is On" (6:11)
Faff & Submarine FM - "Heatstroke" (6:02)
Submarine FM - "Final Fantasy" (5:39)
Faff - "The Dawn Of Break" (5:52)
 in stock $14.77
In The Wake Of Wolves
Cat: CPU 01111101. Rel: 06 Jun 24
I Need You (2:35)
Further (3:13)
GasGas (2:00)
Minds Protection (2:48)
WORKOUT (2:32)
Half Spectrum (3:14)
New Friends (1:40)
Full Spectrum (2:28)
No Self Their Own (2:10)
Mia's Dream (Mea Culpa) (3:25)
Forget Me Not (6:14)
Peter Around Town (2:08)
Mila Stands In A Meadow For The First Time Eating Strawberries (2:49)
Review: Drew Lustman's longstanding FaltyDL moniker makes a welcome return with a debut full length record for the eminent Central Processing Unit label. In The Wake Of Wolves deconstructs Lustman's usual rough dance sound for a less predictable album-length breakdown, retaining his usual arid textures while playing up the more sound-designed and maximalist ends of his craft. In the pithy words of CPU: "This could pass for Four Tet or even Hannah Diamond at points, the steady build of pulsing synths and looped vocals recalling a more mysterious version of the PC Music sound." Whether you totally agree, you'd have to agree FaltyDL has at least taken on something of their contemporary future-pop/digisonic aesthetic and incorporated it into his own; this is most evident on the glassy pirouettes and gladiate complexities of 'Minds Protection', or the tenebrous post-punk descensions of 'New Friends', or many maximized IDM trap-doors and toolroom hard-clips of 'Workout'.
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 in stock $17.68
USB001 (gatefold 2xLP in screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: 505419 7957161. Rel: 20 Jun 24
BerwynGesaffNeighbours (2:06)
Stayinit (4:37)
Leavemealone (3:46)
Baby Again (5:20)
Rumble (2:22)
Turn On The Lights Again (4:28)
Jungle (3:18)
Admit It (U Dont Want 2) (6:27)
Lights Out (4:48)
Leavemealone (Nia Archives remix) (2:59)
Jungle (Rico Nasty remix) (3:34)
Lights Out (HAAi remix) (6:11)
Review: If there is a more hyped artist in the world right now than Fred... again we aren't sure who it might be. The lad who grew up close to Brian Eno and has since worked with him in the studio is a global star who has also collaborated with Four Tet and Skrillex, played all over the world, won various awards and dropped several albums now presses up his acclaimed USB to gatefold double vinyl. It is a collection of his early singles that captures his lo-fi, lived-in, diaristic sounds across a range of experimental electronic styles.
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 in stock $46.43
Keepsake EP
Keepsake EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: DIV 001. Rel: 05 Jun 24
Keepsake (7:58)
Cafe Boogaloo (4:17)
Get The Hell Out (8:11)
Cafe Stalker (5:15)
 in stock $17.41
Supercontinent EP
Cat: K7 444EP. Rel: 22 May 24
Yena (5:52)
Yami (4:48)
Pulgueiro Baile (5:46)
Sistema Baile (6:18)
Review: Kassian serves up some heady and heavy club-ready thrills on this superb new 12" for !K7! It kicks off with hefty broken beats and earth shattering bass that is topped with chopped up vocal stabs. 'Yami' then rides on elastic rhythms with loopy bass and warped synths under gritty percussive textures. 'Pulgueiro Baile' is a jittering rhythm that rides up and down and comes alive with a turbo-charged bassline. 'Sistema Baile"' then shuts down with more rave ready energy and warped drum and bass combinations that are full flavour and muscular and impossible to ignore.
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 in stock $14.77
Takin It Back EP
Cat: PPR 25. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Wanna Be With You (6:33)
Let’s Dance (5:59)
Donny (6:12)
Show Some Love (6:44)
Review: The Plastik People label is a great repository for deep house that is timeless but never tired. Katermurr is next up to prove that point with an EP that transcends the ages. It opens with a lovely throwback Chicago vocal over fresh modern drums. After 'Wanna Be With You' gets you going, 'Let's Dance' brings the party vibes with some busy lead melodies that will get hands in the air old school style. 'Donny' then keeps it deep with some languid grooves and a nice smoky soulful vocal drifting above. Last of all is the more bumping and dusty drums of 'Show Some Love' to close out a classic EP.
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Intérprete: Paul Starey
 in stock $13.20
Zone (12" reeditado)
Cat: PILOT 17. Rel: 17 Jun 24
Zone (5:47)
Good 2 Me (5:35)
The Beat (5:28)
Back Moving (6:00)
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: Kepler is a man on fire right now - well, he has been for some time in fact. As well as serving up a new collaborative outing with Burnski, he has also put together this solo EP for Pilot. 'Zone' is a twitchy tech cut with bleeping melodies over silvery and silky tech drums. 'Good 2 Me' has a naughty shuffle to it as the crisp drums bring the infectious groove and the smart vocals add human colour. 'The Beat' kicks off the B-side with a nice squelchy bassline and some rude-boy sonic signifiers while 'Back Moving' then has a lovely low-slung swaying funk to it.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $13.46
Part Time Hover
Cat: FTD 001. Rel: 18 Jun 24
Tub Remote Viewing (feat Roger Versey) (4:14)
Leximaze (3:30)
The Truth (3:27)
Engrams (3:40)
Dorm Ratz (3:45)
Mirages (feat Roger Versey) (3:53)
Sundayz (3:32)
Synched Thoughts (3:31)
MP Cruiser (feat Roger Versey) (4:29)
Review: After a few excellent releases on Ballyhoo and Analog Concept, MSRG latest Part Time Hover, is now out for the new Netherlands label, Foreign Tech Division. Fans of classic Detroit electro and techno, as well as deep house affionados, will immediately gravitate to these tracks, with comparions to Drexciya, Carl Craig, Space Dimension Controller and Juan Atkins all valid. Fellow techno and electro producer, Roger Versey offers his guest vocals on three of the songs here, giving them a fun, retro sound, a la Egyptian Lover.
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 in stock $15.57
Never Give Weapons To A Man Who Can't Dance
Cat: EGLO 89. Rel: 20 Jun 24
Step Steady (2:06)
Warrior Chant (4:09)
In Me Drum (3:48)
Trample The Beast (4:59)
Right Direction (4:52)
Free Ur Mind (2:16)
Review: Emerging from Liverpool, Sticky Dub brings fresh underground vibes with his unique blend of broken beat, UKG, dub, and hip hop. Rooted in Northern energy, his music fuses electronic and urban influences, delivering dynamic club cuts that resonate beyond Mersey shores and with nods to his herbalist lifestyle. Melodic dub basslines meet lively dancefloor beats here, all infused with Sticky's distinct Scouse vocals and insightful lyrics exploring nature and rhythm. His mantra, "never give weapons to a man who can't dance," underscores his ethos of maintaining spiritual balance through music. Sticky Dub's sound is a testament to creativity and cultural fusion which is why he is making waves with every track he releases.
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 in stock $13.46
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