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Hard House charts

Bestselling Hard House vinyl
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Taking The French Kick
Cat: KICK 1. Rel: 09 Dec 00
Taking The French Kick
 in stock $5.71
PRGTK 01 (12")
Cat: PRGTK 01. Rel: 16 Apr 21
Praticable (6:16)
Echafaudage (6:27)
Structure (11:36)
 in stock $13.49
Ultrasound (2xLP)
Cat: ASRODU 1. Rel: 17 Dec 20
Wasted (4:10)
Eat Your Mind (5:48)
Rewind Selecta (5:05)
No Longer In Control (5:45)
Off Base (7:42)
Faux Embrace (5:43)
Fuck Life (5:17)
Audio Surgery Helpline (6:04)
Like A Hawk (5:06)
Laughing Gas (4:55)
Tribalism (5:30)
Back Stabber (5:23)
Disco Biscuits (5:21)
1000 Lullabies (3:34)
Ultrasound (3:30)
 in stock $28.81
Molto Crudo
Cat: NSR 001. Rel: 01 Apr 20
Dark Millenium DJ Tool (4:51)
Bad Vein (4:00)
Video Green (Rusty Knife mix) (3:05)
UMS303 (4:28)
Untitledex4 (2:58)
BSIX (2:47)
 in stock $15.05
The Dawn
The Dawn (limited 12")
Cat: MAELT 173X. Rel: 24 Mar 23
The Dawn (original mix) (8:44)
The Dawn (Fergie remix) (6:45)
Review: Tony De Vit is world-renowned for his hand in pioneering UK hard house and trance, second only to his residency at the mythical Trade nightclub in London - and that's saying nawt about his instrumental fearlessness in breaking down boundaries oppositional to the UK gay scene. 'The Dawn' was first released in 1998 as part of the Trade EP, and here hears a well-timed reissue. The track is glitzy, squeezy and gushing with emotion, and features no end of additional production, culminating in an unmatchably electric feel. Remixed by many artists over the years - such as Paul Janes, Nicholson, and here, Fergie - it's evidently one of many tunes to have cemented De Vit's name to blue plaque status (look it up).
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Tags: 90s House
 in stock $16.09
Fright Train (remixes)
Fright Train (remixes) (translucent red vinyl 12")
Cat: SBCL 009. Rel: 12 Apr 23
Fright Train (original mix) (10:28)
Fright Train (4:01)
Fright Train (DJ Ghost extended remix) (6:22)
Fright Train (Mac Zimms remix) (7:12)
 in stock $18.67
The Ultimate Collection
The Ultimate Collection (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: SONI 5873781. Rel: 20 Dec 21
Links Rechts (2:42)
Feest Waarvan Ik Morgen Niks Meer Weet (feat Coen & Sander) (3:18)
Springen Nondeju (2:49)
Bam Bam (Bam) (2:53)
Bobbelen (2:59)
Feestmuts (3:00)
Alaafrojack (2:57)
Lekker Likkie (3:12)
Klappen Nondeju (2:43)
Vrouwkes (2:50)
Total Loss (feat Gerard Joling) (2:52)
Snollebolleke (3:02)
Beuk De Ballen Uit De Boom (2:36)
Feest Oe Fit (1:32)
Op En Neer (Heen En Weer) (2:59)
De Vloer Is Lava (feat DJ Maurice) (2:55)
Daar Gaat Ze (2:55)
Hoempapa (3:17)
Feest Oe Fit 2 (1:39)
Tags: European
 in stock $25.70
Back 2 Butch
Cat: STEP 09. Rel: 27 Dec 23
Stir The Pot, Rock The Boat (6:52)
Loose Lips Sink Ships (6:24)
 in stock $16.09
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