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Two Weeks: Hip Hop/R&B

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Case Study 01 (gatefold coloured vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: CS 01LP. Rel: 13 Jan 20
  1. Entropy (4:25)
  2. Cyanide (3:13)
  3. Love Again (with Brandy) (3:36)
  4. Frontal Lobe Musik (feat Pharrell) (3:48)
  5. Open Up (4:30)
  6. Restore The Feeling (feat Sean Leon & Jacob Collier) (3:31)
  7. Superposition (feat John Mayer) (4:29)
  8. Too Deep To Turn Back (5:19)
  9. Complexities (3:46)
  10. Are You Ok? (6:42)
Review: Nestling comfortably within the DIY end of the underground music spectrum, Canadian R&B producer/performer Daniel Caesar (real name Ashton Simmonds) has steadily built a sizable online following without ever signing for a record label. "Case Study 01" is the Toronto artist's second self-released album (the first, "Freudian", dropped in 2017) and sees him offer up another set of slick blends of hip-hop, R&B and modern soul. His status as a rising star is emphasized by the presence of Pharrell (yes, the Pharrell) on the superb, Neptunes-produced "Frontal Love Muzik" and the appearance of Brandy on superb duet "Love Again". It all adds up to a pleasingly emotive, well-produced set of songs that impresses from start to finish.
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Cat: MMS 03312. Rel: 16 Jan 20
  1. Half Manne Half Cocaine (3:11)
  2. Half Manne Half Cocaine (instrumental) (3:14)
  3. Zebras Into The Mist (bonus track) (1:25)
  4. Palmolive (feat Pusha T & Killer Mike) (4:07)
  5. Palmolive (instrumental) (3:34)
  6. Night Vision (bonus track) (1:21)
Review: On their second album together, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib got even more complex and deep than on their debut. The celebrated producer and street rapper duo found plenty of fascinating new ground between their disparate styles and the album gave rise to a number of standout tunes. "Half Manne Half Cocaine" is one of them and is served up here next to an instrumental as well as brief bonus tracks "Zebras Into The Mist" and "Night Vision." "Palmolive" features a heart aching vocal cry as well as Pusha T and Killer Mike on the flip with an instrumental.
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It Was A Good Day (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: THROW 701. Rel: 08 Jan 20
  1. It Was A Good Day (4:25)
  2. You Can Do It (feat Mack 10 & Ms Toi) (4:24)
Review: The first missive from the reissue-focused Throwdown imprint takes a deep dive into the bulging back catalogue of West Coast hip-hop legend Ice Cube. Side A offers us another chance to own 1992 hit "It Was A Good Day" a languid, sun-kissed Golden Era jam crafted from elements of a familiar slab of laidback jazz-funk. Over on side B you'll find 1999's "You Can Do It", another once high-profile single featuring additional verses and vocal contributions from Mack 10 and Ms Toi. For those who've forgotten it, the track is a punchier and heavy club cut that utilizes all three rappers' distinctive flows to ratchet up the intensity throughout.
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Intérprete: Osmose
 in stock $11.70
Terminator (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: EB 006. Rel: 14 Jan 20
  1. Terminator (4:21)
  2. Rough Cut (4:31)
Review: Kid Frost's "Terminator" might well have turned 35 this year, but it still sounds fresh and from the future. Often spoken about as a perfect track by real electro heads. It has sleek bassline sounds, a slick DMX beat and flawless Oberheim synth-pads all finished off with a self-built vocoder vocal. Kid Frost's MC work here is as good as any you will hear and helps this tight title track stand head and shoulders above many others. Flip-side "Rough Cut" is just as essential. This tidy 7" is limited so grab one before it's gone.
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Intérprete: Tripeo
 in stock $10.87
It Ain't Hard To Tell (7" reeditado)
Cat: OC 003. Rel: 15 Jan 20
  1. It Ain't Hard To Tell (3:44)
  2. It Ain't Hard To Tell (instrumental) (3:44)
Review: Some fans argue that "It Ain't Hard To Tell" is the best production on Nas' legendary "Illmatic" album. Large Professor certainly did his job in making it pop: the beat is killer, and the whole thing is driven by a Michael Jackson sample of "Human Nature". As if that weren't enough, samples from Stanley Clarke and Mountain are layered in to perfection and the smooth, sweet rolling beat draws you in over and over and Nas' creamy delivery finishes it in style. Flip over for the instrumental and bask in the glow of it all. Classic.
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Black & White (LP + booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: 823 R3. Rel: 17 Jan 20
  1. Mt Keele (3:08)
  2. Cold (3:30)
  3. Over (feat Kerri) (4:07)
  4. Rush (feat Alayna) (4:30)
  5. Flight 99 (feat Masego) (2:54)
  6. What You Need (4:24)
Review: Beat-maker Ta-ku (real name Reggie Matthews) and relative newcomer Matt McWaters are old sparring partners, with the latter appearing on a trio of tracks on the former's 2018 album "25 Nights For Nujabes". They've now spun off their occasional production partnership into a new project, Please Wait. The duo's debut EP is genuinely superb, with the six tracks cutting an attractive, slow motion path between the worlds of instrumental hip-hop, ambient, modern soul, jazz, cinematic soundtracks and Bonobo style sonic bliss. With a rotating cast of guest vocalists swinging by to lend a hand, it's a set that's well worthy of your attention.
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Dans La Legende (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: M 7126. Rel: 09 Jan 20
  1. Da (3:51)
  2. Naha (4:40)
  3. Dans La Legende (3:51)
  4. Mira (3:34)
  5. J'suis QLF (4:31)
  6. La Vie Est Belle (3:49)
  7. Kratos (3:40)
  8. Luz De Luna (3:56)
  9. Tu Sais Pas (3:31)
  10. Sheita (4:17)
  11. Humain (4:37)
  12. Bambina (4:44)
  13. Bene (3:10)
  14. Uranus (4:01)
  15. Onizuka (4:16)
  16. Jusqu' Au Dernier Gramme (5:55)
  17. Je T' Haine (5:07)
  18. Crames (4:08)
Review: Following on from the first ever vinyl release of Le Monde Chico - the first album from French rap pair PNL - QLF France now offer up a reissue of Dans Le legend. Another gold standard of French language rap it still sounds utterly futuristic four years after first release. It swiftly became the most streamed French album in 24 hours on Spotify and went triple platinum the diamond within the year and nay now has sold a million copies. Heart aching, tender and lushly melodic, it is a fascinating listen without without the ability to translate the lyrics.
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The Professionals (LP in die-cut embossed sleeve)
Cat: MMS 034LP. Rel: 16 Jan 20
  1. My House (1:09)
  2. The Pros (1:43)
  3. Payday (3:53)
  4. Give N Take (4:02)
  5. Superhumans (4:21)
  6. Buggin (4:21)
  7. CDP Smackdown (3:45)
  8. Timeless Treasure (3:45)
  9. I Jus Wanna (3:35)
  10. Away Too Long (3:14)
  11. Make Due (3:37)
  12. Tired Atlas (3:01)
  13. Dishonored Valor (3:57)
Review: Having previously collaborated on a number of tracks, the Jackson brothers - AKA leading beat-maker Madlib and rapping sibling Oh No - have decided to join forces as The Professionals. This mix-tape style affair is the pair's debut album and should set the pulse racing of anyone who loves Madlib's dusty, left-of-centre take on hip-hop. They've pulled in a number of guests to spit verses or sing soulful choruses, with the cast list including Chino XL, Elzhi, and Adub. The die-cut artwork - featured only on a limited number of copies - is also a thing of beauty.
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Get Involved (limited 7") (1 per customer)
Cat: JAM45 01. Rel: 08 Jan 20
  1. Raphael Saadiq & Q TIP - "Get Involved" (3:17)
  2. Q TIP - "Vivrant Thing" (3:16)
Review: First released way back in 1999, Raphael Saadiq's Q-Tip-sporting "Get Involved" is a warm and woozy, retro-futurist chunk of soul/hip-hop fusion that harked back to an earlier musical age. It remains an arguably underappreciated dancefloor bomb and here gets the reissue treatment courtesy of the freshly lauched 45 Jams imprint. It comes backed by another stone cold classic from Q-Tip, "Vivrant Thing" - a cut first featured on the flipside of the Tribe Called Quest member's much more celebrated "Breathe Don't Stop" single. It's a little more stripped back than the A-side, with Q-Tip delivering his distinctive flows over a crunchy and fuzzy, Jay Dee produced backing track crafted from samples from an old funk record.
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Cat: DS 702. Rel: 16 Jan 20
  1. Crate Breaks Three (5:02)
  2. Crate Breaks Four (5:20)
Review: Released late last year, Dirty Drum Productions first "Crate Breaks" seven-inch offered up two sides of cut-and-paste drum breaks - with gaps in between - for turntablists to play around with. This second salvo follows a similar blueprint. What you get is a series of celebrated (and in some cases lesser-known) breakbeats lifted from rock, funk and soul records, EQ'd and re-mastered for maximum loudness. These breaks - arranged into loose "tracks" as "Crate Breaks 3" and "Crate Breaks 4" - are clean enough to either sample, or use during turntablist routines. If you buy two copies, you can even "double up" with them and create fresh backing tracks for the MC of your choice.
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Intérprete: Dynamite Cuts
 in stock $9.78
Cat: MI 012. Rel: 15 Jan 20
  1. Yogisoul - "Junipher" (1:54)
  2. Elaquent - "Utopia" (2:17)
  3. Yogisoul - "Slowburners" (2:09)
  4. Flofilz - "Strafzettel" (2:49)
  5. Sraw - "Casio" (feat Kristoffer Eikre) (2:04)
  6. Bluestaeb - "Everyday" (feat The Galactic Suite) (2:48)
  7. Jake Milliner - "Maybe Later" (2:54)
  8. 10.4 Rog - "Groovebox" (4:13)
  9. Shungu - "Dream Discipline" (1:18)
  10. Jabar Ligla - "Frihavnsession" (1:31)
  11. Fredfades - "Rockets" (1:19)
  12. 10.4 Rog - "Une" (2:06)
  13. Jabar Ligla - "Zeon" (1:13)
  14. Brainorchestra - "Go-On" (1:59)
  15. Ol’ Burger Beats - "It's New" (2:18)
Review: Mutual Friends is a third compilation from Mutual Intentions man Stian Stu and is another vital collection of instrumental hip hop beats that cover plenty of ground. Lazy Sunday smoke sessions and sci-fi explorations that drift though the cosmos and jazzy hip hop beats from top shelf contemporary producers such as FloFilz, Bluestaeb and Fredfades, who are all in-house talents and close friends of the label. Sraw's "Casio" (feat Kristoffer Eikre) is a highlight with its squelchy bass and conversational trumpet leads, and it's just one of many golden grooves in this comp.
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 in stock $24.48
Over It (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 837796. Rel: 10 Jan 20
  1. Over It (2:09)
  2. Body (3:12)
  3. Playing Games (feat Bryson - extended version) (2:22)
  4. Drunk Dialing Lodt (2:14)
  5. Come Thru (feat Usher) (2:58)
  6. Potential (2:51)
  7. Fun Girl (1:49)
  8. Tonight (2:55)
  9. Me (2:15)
  10. Like It (feat 6lack) (2:51)
  11. Just Might (feat PARTYNEXTDOOR) (3:26)
  12. Stretch You Out (feat A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie) (2:21)
  13. Off Of You (2:05)
  14. Anna Mae (2:17)
  15. I'll Kill You (feat Jhene Aiko) (2:59)
  16. Nobody Else (3:51)
  17. Playing Games (bonus track) (2:24)
  18. Girls Need Love (feat Drake - remix) (3:51)
Review: "Over It" is the debut album from the US's latest r&b sensation, Summer Walker. Lead singles "Playing Games" and "Come Thru" have already done well in the charts, while the remix of Walker's "Girls Need Love" featuring Drake is another gem amongst many here. Further collaborations with the likes of Usher, Bryson Tiller and 6lack also enrich this album, which is a contemporary take on classic r&b. Smoochy, romantic bedroom grooves and plenty of heart-aching vocals from the Atlanta talent will make you nostalgic about teenage love. Honest reflections on relationship woes crop up often and lend the album an air of depth and credibility that make it all the more essential.
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 in stock $19.85
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Two Weeks: Hip Hop/R&B