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This Week: House

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The Best Of Lo Fi House (limited 3xLP)
Cat: FE 024. Rel: 25 Mar 20
  1. LFHT15 (You Got Trouble) (5:46)
  2. LFHT14 (Pump It) (5:55)
  3. LFHT25 (Acido Funk Del Cencerro) (5:43)
  4. LFHT19 (Out Of Your Mind) (3:47)
  5. LFHT18 (Viollet-le-Duc Acid II) (6:32)
  6. LFHT7 (Acid 22) (4:51)
  7. LFHT21 (3rd Place In The SH-101 Bass Line Championships) (4:15)
  8. LFHT9 (101?s Chirped Pulse Amplification) (5:46)
  9. LFHT4 ( :) ) (8:45)
  10. LFHT12 (The Wizard Of Meudon) (7:19)
Review: As the title suggests, this must-check compilation from TB-303 abuser Chris Moss Acid gathers together the cream of the crop from the Bournemouth-based artist's long running, digital-only "Lo-Fi House" series of EPs. There's plenty to set the pulse racing across the ten-track, triple-vinyl set, from the sweaty ghetto-acid bump of "LFHT14 (Pump It)" and off-key acid psychedelia of "LFHT19 (Out of Your Mind)", to the stomping techno menace of "LFHT18 (Violet-le-Duc-Acid II)", Phuture-esque "LFHT7 (Acid 22)" and the suitably epic, album-closing celebration of wayward electronics, aggressive bass and jacking drums that is "LFHT12 (The Wizard of Meudon)".
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 in stock $45.48
Atlantic Avenue (LP + MP3 download code limited to 150 copies)
Cat: MUJA 010. Rel: 26 Mar 20
  1. The Saunter (intro) (4:50)
  2. Power To The People (5:50)
  3. Take It & Leave (Big Bass version) (5:48)
  4. Come Back & Dance (5:15)
  5. Onyx (5:52)
  6. Hokkaido (5:03)
  7. Gammarth (5:13)
  8. On The Road (feat Elena Shirin) (4:29)
Review: Austrian Demuja lands on his own label with a strong eight track statement of his house intent. It finds the artist broadening his horizons and delving into some proper song writing in the case of opener "The Saunter" which is a big piano cut with great vocals. There's hi-tek Detroit soul on "Power To The People" and warm, deep grooves on the "Big Bass Version" of "Take It & Leave". For more broken beat and lounge flecked vibes, "Come Back & Dance" is excellent and the variation in mood and groove throughout makes this as good for listening as it does for dancing.
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 in stock $16.80
STS371 (2xLP)
Cat: STS 371LP. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. Smoke (3:49)
  2. Hard (6:29)
  3. Snail Shower (5:24)
  4. PB (8:06)
  5. Still Not French (5:13)
  6. Congo (1:57)
  7. SR/WB (5:23)
  8. Breezy (9:36)
  9. 210 (4:16)
 in stock $19.90
Mahogany Brown (reissue) (limited clear vinyl 2xLP) (1 per customer)
Cat: PF 074C. Rel: 26 Mar 20
  1. Radio (7:05)
  2. Sunshine (5:49)
  3. On The Run (7:13)
  4. MEANDNJB (4:00)
  5. Mahogany Brown (5:30)
  6. Me & My Peoples Eyes (feat Lord Imran Ahmed) (7:03)
  7. Stoneodenjoe (4:42)
  8. Joy (feat Taj - part III) (6:11)
  9. Black Sunday (10:49)
Review: Finding and buying original vinyl copies of Moodymann's brilliant second album, 1998's "Mahogany Brown", can be a costly business, so all praise to Peacefrog for offering up this much-needed reissue. Packed to the rafters with classic Kenny Dixon Junior material - see the woozy warmth of "Sunshine", where a children's choir rides a locked-in groove and jazzy electric piano solos, the sample-laden up-tempo bump of "MEANDNJB" and the sublime gospel house workout "Black Sunday" for starters - it's arguably the album that established the Detroit legend's trademark sound once and for all. When it comes to jazz-flecked deep house shot through with references to the history of black American music, there are few - if any - better albums.
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 in stock $29.47
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This Week: House