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Back in stock: Industrial/Noise

Industrial/Noise vinyl represses and restocks
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Ache (reissue)
Ache (reissue) (limited white vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: 843563142622. Rel: 12 Jun 23
Dying With My Boots On (4:52)
J Q Murder (3:31)
Gums Bleed (2:40)
Mark Of The Ostracizor (4:23)
Exit The Man With 9 Lives (5:26)
Get Out Of My House (5:10)
Wholesome Town (2:19)
Whole Wheat Rolls (4:53)
Kid Hate Kid (3:26)
Instead I Became Anenome (4:39)
 in stock $27.28
Cosmic Assault
Cosmic Assault (opaque red vinyl LP limited to 250 copies)
Cat: CLOLP 5205. Rel: 18 Apr 24
I Condemn You (3:49)
Pounders (4:29)
Rise (5:23)
The Master (5:46)
Cosmic Assault (2:34)
Leaving The Body (3:46)
The Need (3:46)
Eden's Apple (3:46)
No Parking (3:46)
Altered States (3:46)
Military Presence (3:46)
 in stock $29.65
Complete Works (remastered)
Complete Works (remastered) (7xCD + booklet limited to 300 copies)
Cat: MK 7. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Ledge (CD1)
Dog Photos (CD2)
EE: The Welder's Bible (CD3)
EE: The Welder's Bible (CD4)
The Luxury Of Horns (As The Invisible College) (CD5)
Nights (CD6)
Temporal Archeology: Unreleased Manipulations (CD7)
 in stock $137.18
Liaisons Dangereuses (remastered)
Cat: SSLP 06. Rel: 13 Jan 15
Mystere Dans Le Brouillard
Los Ninos Del Parque
Etre Assis Ou Danser
Aperitif De La Mort
Kess Kill Fe Show
Peut Atre Pas
Avant Apres Mars
El Macho Y La Nena
Liaisons Dangereuses
Review: Liaisons Dangereuses self-titled debut album was not an immediate success on its' release in 1981, but its' influence would spread far and wide. Almost entirely made up of synthesized rhythms, chords and melodies - with the addition of stylish vocals from all three band members - it would help define the "electronic body music sound". It quickly became a big record in both Detroit and Chicago, inadvertently helping to inspire the nascent techno and house scenes. Listening again to this reissue, it's amazing how well the music as aged. While heavy on stylish posturing, it still sounds thrillingly futuristic and alien. It should be an essential purchase for anyone with even the smallest interest in the history and development of electronic music.
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 in stock $21.71
The Land Of Rape & Honey
The Land Of Rape & Honey (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 651. Rel: 01 Jan 90
The Missing
Golden Dawn
The Land Of Rape & Honey
You Know What You Are
 in stock $24.35
Rape Of The Vaults: A Collection Of Rare Tracks
Cat: ROTV 09. Rel: 01 May 24
Dead Souls (4:43)
Burn (5:02)
Hurt (live) (4:31)
Down In It (Big Whole mix) (4:08)
Eraser (live instrumental) (3:35)
That's What I Get (4:08)
Twist (demo) (4:47)
Sanctified (Early version) (5:35)
Sucj (live) (5:21)
! low stock $33.10
Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table Of A Sewing Machine & An Umbrella (reissue)
Cat: ROTOR 084. Rel: 22 Apr 24
Two Mock Projections (6:15)
The Six Buttons Of Sex Appeal (13:05)
Blank Capsules Of Embroided Cellophane (28:16)
Review: Reissued via French label Rotorelief on its 35th Anniversary year, Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella is the debut album of trailblazing noise and avant-garde musician Steven Stapleton. Catapulting Stapleton's macabre alias to success in the thin breath of just three through-composed drone pieces, this sonic statement was unparalleled at the time (1979), with its unusual mix of prepared tinkerings, feedback drones and cog-jams famously causing Sounds magazine to momentarily abandon their five-star rating system to specially award the album five full question marks. Absurdly sadistic, the album is also known for its original publication of the infamous Nurse With Wound List in the liner notes, which listed the entirety of Stapleton's influences going into the album's making - some acts named therein were so obscure that many fans speculate as to whether they were invented. An exemplary work of outsider music - or at least, one that is infamous by proxy to the more baneful works of the outsider music archetype - get ready to hear all things spectral over the more sustained tones: chains rattling, chairs squeaking, shakers shaking, even monologues in French.
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 in stock $39.72
Red Room
Cat: MET 1349. Rel: 09 May 24
Crumbs Chaos & Lies
Red Room
Dum Dum Bullet
Does It Hurt Yet?
Trash Temple
Slave To Pleasure
The Sick Man's Prayer
Six Eye Sand Spider
Dirty Mercy
Pig Is At The Window
Body Count
False Flag
 in stock $20.66
Sin Sex & Salvation (remastered)
Cat: ARMCD 094. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Secret Skin
Fuck Me
Rape Robbery & Violence
Fuck Me Hoghunter
Secret Skin (Sex & Salvation)
Brute (Pig version)
Disobedience (Pig version)
Secret Skin (Pig version)
Rape Robbery & Violence (The Hard Pork mix)
Secret Skin (extended Pig version)
 in stock $13.51
Lost Dialogs
Cat: LARAMA 004. Rel: 17 Jan 24
Broken Guru (7:29)
Broken Guru (Passarani club dub) (5:14)
Acidyll Dose (6:43)
Broken Guru (Lory D remix) (6:18)
 in stock $16.42
Lost Archives
Cat: UNRT 001. Rel: 13 Mar 23
Tecnologia (For Red Industries instrumental remix) (4:54)
That's All (For Equitant & Yasmin Gate remix) (5:48)
No More Pain (feat D Vox - For J Cast remix) (4:49)
Dans Mes Yeux (For Millimetric remix) (6:15)
 in stock $14.30
Mass Hysterism In Another Situation (remastered)
Mass Hysterism In Another Situation (remastered) (gatefold 2xLP in embossed sleeve)
Cat: BEDI 20. Rel: 09 Oct 23
Mass Hysterism I (10:06)
Mass Hysterism II (10:14)
Mass Hysterism III (10:02)
Mass Hysterism IV (10:29)
 in stock $39.45
Either (12")
Cat: BLM 003. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Either (6:25)
Neither (5:59)
Either (Hypnoskull remix) (4:51)
Neither (Cervello Elettronico remix) (5:18)
Neither (Tohomiko Sagae remix) (5:13)
 in stock $13.24
Il Punto Di Non Ritorno
Il Punto Di Non Ritorno (yellow vinyl LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: OR 126. Rel: 03 May 24
Il Punto Di Non Ritorno (4:57)
Empire Of Corruption (5:07)
Justice (5:32)
Dead Already (4:45)
Operation Kaos (4:57)
Hunger (3:46)
I Am Broken (4:33)
 in stock $23.57
In E
In E (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 12XU 156LP. Rel: 09 Apr 24
Reel E (20:58)
Reel EE (20:35)
Reel EEE (21:19)
Ladybird (feat Shit & Shine) (19:41)
 in stock $43.42
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