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Eight Weeks: Industrial/Noise

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  1. God With Us
  2. Idiot Pain
  3. Barcelona Telephone Exchange
  4. Freefall
  5. Blood Orange Bargain Day
  6. Behind Closed Doors
  7. Qualk Street
  8. To Hell With The Consequences
  9. Building Jerusalem
  10. Feast Of Trumpets
  11. Virgin Ears, Virgin Eyes
  12. Spanner In The Works
  13. Mystery Dance
  14. White City (bonus track)
  15. Work Rhythms In May (bonus track)
  16. Succubare (bonus track)
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Cat: CTICTVCD 2019. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. T3.2
  2. T3.3
  3. T3.4
  4. T3.5
  5. T3.1
  6. T3.6
Review: Over the last few years, the occasional studio collaborations between Factory Floor's Nik Void and Throbbing Gristle heavyweights Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti have proved to be faultless exercises in industrial music/techno fusion. They're at it again on third album "Triumvirate", a collection of dark, intense and mind-altering concoctions that veers from ricocheting, delay-laden alien funk ("T3.4") and surging, club-ready hypnotism ("T3.2", "T3.3"), to raw, Surgeon-esque assaults on the senses ("T3.5") and clanking, concrete-clad fare that recalls the best of Carter and Tutti's early '80s TG work ("T3.1", "T3.6"). There are few surprises, just a series of angry, on-point instrumental excursions that should delight all of those of an industrial persuasion.
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Cat: SSR 060CD. Rel: 06 Aug 19
  1. Party In The Chaos
  2. Sunset In The West
  3. Transhuman World
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Contemplating Nothingness (hand-numbered CD)
Cat: OECD 272. Rel: 14 Aug 19
  1. Still To Far To Go
  2. Whose Gonna Save My Soul
  3. Chebo
  4. Surrender To The Crags
  5. Self Doubting Trip
  6. Dekotur
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Cat: DAIS 140CD. Rel: 23 Aug 19
  1. Chainsaw
  2. 999
  3. SSSD
  4. Everyone's Dead
  5. Hell
  6. Respite
  7. 1/2 Trash
  8. Grief
  9. Pain
  10. Raw Dream
Review: Chicago-based experimentalists HIDE built their reputation on a handful of releases - including an inspired debut album - built around densely layered sound collages, intense rhythmic snapshots and manipulated electronic noise. On new album "Hell Is Here", the American duo has opted to pursue a slightly different sound, with intense, screamed and - in one bizarre instance - vomited vocals rising above distorted, brain-melting sub-bass, mangled percussion, Nine Inch Nails style guitars and unsettling redlined electronics. It makes for intense listening, but there's little doubt the pair has produced a thrilling piece of work that should find favour with all those of a punky, leftfield disposition.
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Artificial Extinction (Limited Edition) (limited numbered 2xCD box + insert + wristband + gymbag)
Cat: OUT 1025. Rel: 06 Aug 19
  1. Dark Sunday
  2. El Ballet Mecanico
  3. Artificial Extinction
  4. Blinded Race
  5. Shut Me Down!
  6. Psychonaut
  7. Damaged
  8. Breathing Under Your Feet
  9. Cross The Line
  10. Palabras De Sangre
  11. Quiet Zone (In Dead Silence)
  12. Damaged (Hallucinator remix)
  13. Artifical Extinction (Erilaz remix)
  14. Cross The Line (Tragedy Of Mine remix)
  15. Dark Sunday (Luckiid remix)
  16. Cross The Line (Zardonic remix)
  17. Dark Sunday (Poiszon party IV remix)
  18. Shut Me Down! (Kreign remix)
  19. Shut Me Down! (89ST remix)
  20. Palabras De Sangre (Nohycit remix)
  21. Artificial Extinction (Static Of Masses remix)
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  1. Paraponera Attack
  2. Financial Gerontautology
  3. Ochiai Soup 20180210
 in stock $17.34
Noise Mass (CD + booklet)
Cat: RM 4108CD. Rel: 02 Aug 19
  1. Voicematrix (part 1)
  2. Noisematrix (part 1)
  3. Noisematrix (part 2)
  4. Kraft-Ebings Dick
  5. Voicematrix (part 2)
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Cat: OECD 268. Rel: 14 Aug 19
  1. Psalm 1: An Atheist Statement
  2. Psalm 2: The Immaculate Conception Of Lies
  3. Psalm 3: Thank You Oh Lord
  4. Psalm 4: God Is A Dictator (part 1)
  5. Psalm 5: Sermon
  6. Psalm 6: Angelus
  7. Psalm 7: God's Face
  8. Psalm 8: Necronomicon - The Beast 666
  9. Psalm 9: The Pentagram
  10. Psalm 10: Calling All Atheists
  11. Psalm 11: God Is A Dictator (part 2)
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Devour (CD)
Cat: SBR 226CD. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. Homeostasis
  2. Spit It Out
  3. Self-regulating System
  4. Deprivation
  5. Pristine Panic/Cheek By Jowl
Review: Margaret Chardiet's semi-regular album outings as Pharmakon are always worth a listen, if only to recoil at the intensity of her unsettling blends of buzzing industrial noise, paranoid vocal screams, throbbing aural textures, forthright mangled guitar riffs and rusty, razor-sharp power electronics. "Devour" is the artist's fourth album for Sacred Bones and her first new set for two years. It explores similar sonic territory to its predecessors, offering claustrophobic, mind-mangling soundscapes that are creepy, disturbed, awe-inspiring and sonically challenging in equal measures. In some ways, calling out individual tracks as highlights seems pointless: this is a singular, ever-changing work that sees Chardiet escort us on a nightmarish journey through experimental extremes.
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Cat: PFL 228 CD. Rel: 02 Aug 19
  1. Ocean Skin
  2. Overlord Meeting
  3. Sex History
  4. Screaming Eagles Airborne Graveyard
  5. Spreading Rotten Winds
  6. Everything About You Comes From Him
  7. Spring Birds Die In Uniform Pockets
  8. Soul Device
  9. Death Row Messiah
  10. Lie Detector
  11. Airborne Electronics - Breathing The Air Of Dead Men
  12. Die Continually
  13. No Ribs & No Dust
  14. We Must Follow Where The War Goes
  15. Consuming Mythology (I've Been)
  16. Without Resurrection
  17. No Foreseeable Future
  18. Franciscan Friars Hide The Body
  19. Neptune Death Row
  20. Water Skin
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  1. Scatmother - "Dau_uz"
  2. Scatmother - "Hyperborea Nasheed"
  3. Scatmother - "The 120 Days Of Mandschuria"
  4. Scatmother - "War Brothel"
  5. Scatmother - "Sri Krishna-The Metaphysics Of Execution"
  6. Chaos Cascade - "Death Drive"
  7. Chaos Cascade - "Abattoir"
  8. Chaos Cascade - "Pile Of Bones"
  9. Chaos Cascade - "Duct Tape & Daggers"
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  1. Hamburger Lady
  2. Hot On The Heels Of Love
  3. Subhuman
  4. AB/7A
  5. Six Six Sixties
  6. Blood On The Floor
  7. 20 Jazz Funk Greats
  8. Tiab Guls
  9. United
  10. What A Day
  11. Adreanalin
  12. The Old Man Smiled (Alt mix - bonus track)
  13. Zyklon B Zombie (bonus track)
  14. Dead On Arrival (bonus track)
  15. We Hate You (Little Girls) (bonus track)
  16. Five Knuckle Shuffle (bonus track)
  17. Discipline (Berlin) (bonus track)
  18. Persuasion (bonus track)
  19. AB/7A (Alt mix - bonus track)
  20. Distant Dreams (part 2 - bonus track)
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  1. IBM
  2. Hit By A Rock
  3. United
  4. Valley Of The Shadow Of The Death
  5. Dead On Arrival
  6. Weeping
  7. Hamburger Lady
  8. Hometime
  9. AB/7A
  10. E-Coli
  11. Death Threats
  12. Walls Of Sound
  13. Blood On The Floor
  14. Introduction
  15. It's Always The Way
  16. Industrial Muszak
  17. Cabaret Voltaire
  18. Hamburger Lady
  19. IBM
  20. New After Cease To Exist Soundtrack
  21. Whistling Song
  22. Mother Spunk
  23. DOA
  24. Five Knuckle Shuffle
  25. We Hate You (Little Girls)
Review: Throbbing Gristle's second studio album is an essential work that conjures some of the most harsh and nauseating music you can imagine (not a surprise given "Hamburger Lady" is a piece about a patient burned from the waist up and forever contained in a hospital). It was pioneering in texture and technique, and mixes both live and studio recordings into one of the band's most stylistically varied works. Creeping and haunting, confrontational and challenging from front to back, the spoken word samples from children and mutated voices will probably haunt your dreams forever, so listen with caution.
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Radio Code (CD + insert + sponge limited to 199 copies in paper sleeve)
Cat: USHI 011. Rel: 31 Jul 19
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
 in stock $15.52
  1. Dead River
  2. The Curse Of Eternal Life
  3. Come & See
  4. The Boy With Death In His Eyes
  5. In My Skin
  6. We Have Always Lived In The Castle
  7. Empty Comforts
  8. Gallows In Heaven
  9. Not Good Enough
  10. Vacancy
  11. Patron Saint Of Regret
  12. Penance
  13. All This Bleeding
  14. Day Of Atonement
  15. Waiting For The End Of The World
  16. Contempt
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Total Sex (CD)
Cat: SLCD 009. Rel: 23 Aug 19
  1. Total Sex
  2. Phaseday
  3. Dominate You
  4. Politics
  5. Roller Coaster
  6. Ultrasadism
  7. Her Entry
  8. Foreplay
Review: Few acts did more to champion the sound of "extreme noise" than Whitehouse between 1980 and 2009. They famously first set their stall out with debut album "Total Sex", a controversial set whose cover artwork fell foul of censorship due to its explicit content. That artwork has been restored on this first CD reissue since 1994. The music remains gloriously odd, out there and mind altering, offering a drowsy and trippy blend of unsettling electronics, barely audible vocals, hissing noise and modular synthesizer sounds so intense and druggy that they may well be capable of inducing freaky hallucinations. If you don't yet own a copy, grab one of these before they're gone.
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Eight Weeks: Industrial/Noise