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Today: Jazz

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Friday 10 July 2020
Cat: MJR 101. Rel: 10 Jul 20
  1. Colour Of Sorrow
  2. Across The Azure Blue
  3. Music Of Our Times
  4. A Veiled Path
  5. White Horses (For Allan)
  6. Illuminated Heart
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Cat: 007559 7921069. Rel: 10 Jul 20
  1. Undertow
  2. Moe Honk
  3. Silly Little Love Song
  4. Right Back Round Again
  5. Floppy Diss
  6. Father
  7. Your Part To Play
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Thursday 9 July 2020
  1. 1224
  2. Sweet Fire
  3. Rahsaan Rahsaan
  4. Cenovis
  5. In Your Quiet Place
  6. Straight Life
  7. Dolphin Dance
  8. Adam's Apple
  9. 5th Of July, Dulong Street
Review: Initially recorded and released in low numbers in 1974, the Boillat Therace Quintet's debut album is a sought-after item amongst collectors of European jazz. Happily, it has now been given the reissue treatment by Geneva's We Release Jazz, with the Swiss combo's original six-track set being expanded via the addition of three previously unreleased tracks recorded during the same period. While these are good - particularly their slick and emotive version of Herbie Hancock's "Dolphin Dance" - it's the original set, with its heady, vibrant and surprisingly funky fusion of modal and soul-jazz sounds, that hits home hardest. It's a terrific album all told and one that you should definitely check out.
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My Greatest Love (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: WRJ 007CD. Rel: 09 Jul 20
  1. Prompt
  2. Gibraltar
  3. Blue Bossa
  4. Le Colin
  5. My Greatest Love
  6. Gemini
Review: It seems fitting that Switzerland's We Release Jazz is reissuing the Boillat Therace Quintet and Benny Bailey's rare 1973 set "My Greatest Love", because it's undeniably one of the most sought-after sets in the Swiss jazz canon. The six tracks touch on modal, hard-bop and soul-jazz, combining traditional acoustic jazz instrumentation with electric piano, guitar and bass. As a result, the album is warm, breezy and intoxicating, with highlights including frenetic opener "Prompt", a stunning, energetic and Latin-tinged cover of Freddy Hubbard's "Gilbraltar", and the simmering, loved-up wonder that is the sublime title track. Closing cut "Gemini", a jaunty, flute-laden affair with a particularly addictive bassline, is also superb.
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Cat: 244104. Rel: 09 Jul 20
  1. 52nd Street Theme
  2. Just Friends
  3. April In Paris
  4. A Night In Tunisia/52nd Street Theme
  5. 52nd Street Theme
  6. Just Friends
  7. April In Paris
  8. Medley 1: Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered/Summertime
  9. Medley 2: I Cover The Waterfront/Gone With The Wind
  10. Easy To Love/52nd Street Theme
  11. Medley 3: What's New?/It's The Talk Of The Town
  12. Moose The Mooche/52nd Street Theme
  13. Lover, Come Back To Me
  14. 52nd Street Theme
  15. Lullaby In Rhythm
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Tuesday 7 July 2020
Once Upon A Time (remastered) (limited SACD with obi-strip)
Cat: UNIJ 1383940. Rel: 07 Jul 20
  1. Once Upon A Time
  2. Black & Tan Fantasy
  3. Fantastic That's You
  4. Cottontail
  5. The Blues In My Flat
  6. You Can Depend On Me
  7. Hash Brown
 in stock $30.80
Heavy Sounds (remastered) (limited SACD with obi-strip)
Cat: UNIJ 1384008. Rel: 07 Jul 20
  1. Summertime
  2. Raunchy Rita
  3. Shiny Stockings
  4. ME
  5. Elvin's Guitar Blues
  6. Rainy Day
 in stock $30.80
That's The Way It Is (remastered) (limited SACD with obi-strip)
Cat: UNIJ 1384039. Rel: 07 Jul 20
  1. Frankie & Johnny
  2. Here's That Rainy Day
  3. Wheelin' & Dealin'
  4. Blues In The Basement
  5. Tenderly
  6. That's The Way It Is
 in stock $30.80
East Broadway Run Down (remastered) (limited SACD with obi-strip)
Cat: UNIJ 1383971. Rel: 07 Jul 20
  1. East Broadway Run Down
  2. Blessing In Disguise
  3. We Kiss In A Shadow
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Monday 6 July 2020
Cat: INAK 9164CD. Rel: 06 Jul 20
  1. Siberiana
  2. Paramour's Lullabye
  3. Mawazine (part 1)
  4. Michelangelo's 7th Child
  5. Gumbiero
  6. Brave New World
  7. Full Frontal Contrapuntal
  8. That Way Before
  9. Fireflies
  10. Destination Gonzalo
  11. Bona
  12. Radical Rhapsody
  13. Strawberry Fields
  14. Mawazine (part 2)
  15. Over The Rainbow
 in stock $8.41
Albert Ayler In Greenwich Village (remastered) (limited SACD with obi-strip)
Cat: UNIJ 1383995. Rel: 06 Jul 20
  1. For John Coltrane
  2. Change Has Come
  3. Truth Is Marching In
  4. Our Prayer
 in stock $30.80
Ascension (remastered) (limited SACD with obi-strip)
Cat: UNIJ 138391. Rel: 06 Jul 20
  1. Ascension Part 1
  2. Ascension Part 2
Review: John Coltrane made many essential and influential albums over the course of his career, but few were quite as revolutionary at the time of release as 1965's "Ascension". Here presented in stunning new sound thanks to a meticulous re-mastering job, the album saw Coltrane abandon the constraints of the quartet in favour of a larger line-up of musicians and a freestyle approach in which each player was given carte blanche to improvise their own solo in turn. It was revolutionary at the time and remains a stunningly loose, ever-changing work that rewards repeat listens. Famously, two different editions, featuring slightly different recordings, were issued back in 1965; this CD edition includes both 40-minute works.
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Kulu Se Mama (remastered) (limited SACD with obi-strip)
Cat: UNIJ 1383933. Rel: 06 Jul 20
  1. Kulu Se Mama
  2. Vigil
  3. Welcome
 in stock $30.80
Transition (remastered) (limited SACD with obi-strip)
Cat: UNIJ 1384046. Rel: 06 Jul 20
  1. Transition
  2. Dear Lord
  3. Suite
 in stock $30.80
Expression (remastered) (limited SACD with obi-strip)
Cat: UNIJ 1383964. Rel: 06 Jul 20
  1. Ogunde
  2. To Be
  3. Offering
  4. Expression
 in stock $30.80
Poinciana Revisited (remastered) (limited SACD with obi-strip)
Cat: UNIJ 1384015. Rel: 06 Jul 20
  1. Have You Met Miss Jones
  2. Poinciana
  3. Lament
  4. Call Me
  5. Theme From Valley Of The Dolls
  6. Frank's Tune
  7. How Insensitive
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Treasure Island (remastered) (SACD with obi-strip)
Cat: UNIJ 1384060. Rel: 06 Jul 20
  1. The Rich (& The Poor)
  2. Blue Streak
  3. Fullsuvollivus (Fools Of All Of Us)
  4. Treasure Island
  5. Introduction & Yaqui Indian Folk Song
  6. Le Mistral
  7. Angles (Without Edges)
  8. Sister Fortune
 in stock $30.80
The John Coltrane Quartet Plays (remastered) (limited SACD with obi-strip)
Cat: UNIJ 1383896. Rel: 06 Jul 20
  1. Chim Chim Cheree
  2. Brazilia
  3. Nature Boy
  4. Song Of Praise
 in stock $30.80
On Impulse (remastered) (limited SACD with obi-strip)
Cat: UNIJ 1383902. Rel: 06 Jul 20
  1. On Green Dolphin Street
  2. Everything Happens To Me
  3. Hold 'em Joe
  4. Blue Room
  5. Three Little Words
 in stock $30.80
Attica Blues (remastered) (limited SACD with obi-strip)
Cat: UNIJ 1384053. Rel: 06 Jul 20
  1. Attica Blues
  2. Invocation: Attica Blues
  3. Steam (part 1)
  4. Invocation To Mr Parker
  5. Steam (part 2)
  6. Blues For Borther Greorge Jackson
  7. Invocation: Ballad For A Child
  8. Ballad For A Child
  9. Good Bye Sweet Pops
  10. Quiet Dawn
 in stock $30.80
Gypsy '66 (remastered) (limited SACD with obi-strip)
Cat: UNIJ 1383926. Rel: 06 Jul 20
  1. Yesterday
  2. The Last One To Be Loved
  3. The Echo Of Love
  4. Gypsy '66
  5. Flea Market
  6. If I Fell
  7. Walk On By
  8. I'm All Smiles
  9. Gypsy Jam
Review: While he would go on to be one of the most lauded jazz guitarists of all time, Gabor Szabo was still a relative unknown when he released his first album on Impulse, "Gypsy '66", in 1965. Backed by the gentle Latin rhythms and bossa-nova tinged easy listening sounds of ten-piece band GaryMcFarland and Co, the album saw Szabo showcase his virtuoso playing while setting out the distinctive fusion style he would later become famous for. As this remastered CD edition proves, it's still a superb set. Szabo's expressive, fluid and emotive guitar playing stands impresses throughout, and in particular on the album's numerous unlikely but inspired covers (see "Walk On By", "Yesterday" and lesser-celebrated Beatles number "If I Fell").
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 in stock $30.80
Let It Go (remastered) (limited SACD with obi-strip)
Cat: UNIJ 1383957. Rel: 06 Jul 20
  1. Let It Go
  2. On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
  3. Ciao Ciao
  4. 'Tain't What You Do (It's How You Do It)
  5. Good Lookin' Out
  6. Sure As You're Born
  7. Deep Purple
 in stock $30.80
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Today: Jazz