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(Emotional) Especial Vinilo y CD

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on (Emotional) Especial
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Be Honest
Be Honest (12")
Cat: EES 044.
Deep House
Be Honest (extended mix)
Be Honest (dub)
Be Honest (acappella)
Be Honest (12" dance mix)
Be Honest (Dubplate VIP)
Review: Especial is a label always on a mission to unearth left-of-centre perspectives on club music. This new EP, Be Honest, is just that from long-time friends Lipelis and Arsenii, who are based in Belgrade and New York but seek inspiration in the New York sounds of the 80s and hook up with Gayana for some woozy and lovelorn vocal additions. 'Be Honest' is a dubbed out and swaggering deep disco groove that comes as long, dub and cappella versions on the A-side. The 12" dance mix brings some superb house drums into the picture and the Dubplate VIP is a fresh jungle rhythm. This is an EP with something for all.
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Live From The Multiverse (Infinite 1)
Cat: EES 039A. Rel: 30 Jan 23
Deep House
Intro/Outside (5:21)
Multiverse (6:24)
Concordia (4:42)
Jam X (4:49)
Review: Berlin's Giraffi Dog and (Emotional) Especial have joined forces for a special two part EP series that brings their live set to wax. It came after so many live tours were cancelled during the pandemic and proves to be a great success. The Giraffi Dog sound comes from Max Webber who debuted it with his L'Existence Du Reve album back in 2016 and further drops on the likes of Aiwo Recs and the WARNING label series. Poker Flat and Dessous associate Max Heesen was then brought on board to take the show on the road and thrill crowds with elements of their punk and hip-hop background colouring their breakbeat driven club cuts. These have been recorded live in the studio using drum machines, synths and vocoders and really do capture their pair's live energy.
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 in stock $10.76
Live From The Multiverse (Infinite 2)
Cat: EES 039B. Rel: 12 Jun 23
Deep House
6th Chakra (feat DJ Deflektorschild) (5:31)
King OTN (5:54)
DX Metero (4:51)
Starfather (6:18)
Review: (Emotional) Especial and Giraffi Dog join forces once more to offer up the second installment of their concept EP series. It is focussed on live and studio collaborations and this one comes in two halves: the first half kicks off with '6th Chakra' (feat DJ Deflektorschild) - a fully live deep house and hi-tek soul exploration with mind-expanding synths and Detroit drum sounds. 'King OTN' is a jack dup acid cut ripped with cosmic synth details and 'DX Metero' has sheet metal synths lashing about next to ethereal synths and busted drum breaks. 'Starfather' is a star-facing closer with elegant piano notes dancing over serene grooves. A vital showcase of this essential live artist.
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 in stock $14.80
Where's Your Love Gone? (feat DJ Slyngshot remix)
Cat: EES 041. Rel: 03 Apr 23
Deep House
Where's Your Love Gone? (club mix) (6:20)
Where's Your Love Gone? (demo mix) (5:49)
Where's Your Love Gone? (DJ Slyngshot remix) (7:22)
Where's Your Love Gone? (Synthapella mix) (5:23)
Review: DJ/producer Philip Lauer from Frankfurt has teamed up with Berlin vocalist Dena to create a modern take on Julie Stapleton's soulful house classic, containing multiple versions. Lauer's Hotel Lauer EP on Especial in 2016 cemented his position in the scene, with albums for Permanent Vacation and Running Back. Dena, born in Bulgaria and raised in Berlin, has released electronic dance-pop stylings on Kitsune Music and K7. The EP features a Club Mix, a Demo Mix, a deep tech remix by DJ Slyngshot, and a drifting Balearic version for late summer nights and dawn.
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Sample Commerce Shot
Sample Commerce Shot (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: EES 037. Rel: 21 Jun 21
Deep House
A14 (7:29)
Keylat (6:32)
Sample Commerce Shot (6:21)
Holy Motor$ (6:21)
Review: Odopt have been responsible for some serious, sinewy heaters on labels like Born Free, 777 and Discos Capablanca. That should give you some idea of the kind of sonic sphere they operate in - rugged hardware house with a wavey bite and a playful instinct. It makes total sense then to see them sidle up to [Emotional] Especial with this four-tracker of surefooted deviant dance. 'A14' opens up proceedings on an ominous bassline and plenty of mechanical grind, while 'Keylat' jacks things up a smidge while resolutely wallowing in the muck of Odopt's studio practices. 'Sample Commerce Shot' is the catchiest cut on the record, riding a slinky beat and featuring a powerful lead hook that sounds beamed in from somewhere in a distant galaxy. 'Holy Motor$' finishes the record off on another brooding, death disco groover, bringing things full circle with the nocturnal offerings of 'A14'.
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Intérprete: Alexis Le-Tan
Tags: Dub Techno
 in stock $8.60
Picha (feat Jamie Paton remix & dub)
Cat: EES 046. Rel: 13 May 24
Deep House
Picha (7:22)
Picha (instrumental) (6:42)
Picha (Jamie Paton remix) (6:30)
Picha (Jamie Paton dub) (6:38)
Review: Odopt is back on Especial and this time is in collaborative mode with Sebastian Hoyos aka Sano, who is a regular on the likes of Matias Aguayo's Comeme and Munich's Public Possession. The pair cook up a fine globally-minded club trip that comes with another label return, this time from remixer Jamie Paton. The original 'Picha' first started as a sketch in 2016 then became a demo in 2019 now finally arrives on wax. It's a raw percussive workout with razor-sharp snares and plenty of cowbells. Next to an instrumental comes the Paton remix and it is a trademark deep and dubwise piece of work with widescreen dynamics.
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 in stock $14.80
Eleccio Especial
Eleccio Especial (mixed CD)
Cat: EES 010CD. Rel: 08 Sep 14
Deep House
Goat - "Run To Your Mama" (Cage & Aviary remix)
Baris K - "200"
Baris K - "200" (Ashodells dub)
Jamie Paton - "Ju Know"
Andy Blake & Timothy J Fairplay - "B-Ultras" (Jamie Paton remix)
Khidja - "Mustafa" (Timothy J Fairplay remix)
Blancemange - "The Western" (Cage & Aviary Fear Is Nothing dub)
Scott Fraser - "Ask Your Control" (Richard Sen remix)
Jamie Paton - "Bizarre Dub Feeling"
Richard Sen - "Ghost Train"
Maurice & Charles - "Sofa Love" (Jamie Paton remix)
Inhalt - "Occupations" (Black Merlin "Member" remix)
Khidja - "Abdul" (Juju & Jordash remix)
Review: [Emotional] Especial looks back at the first 9 releases since its inception to provide a
selection or "Eleccio" via a special dubbed out DJ meets studio mix from label stalwart
Jamie Paton. Ever since the first white labels appeared at the end of Summer 2013, [Emotional] Especial
has been busy putting out music that are their own warped take on club music. Mixing the
influences of dub, electro, disco, proto-house, house and techno, a sound appeared without any preordained plan. To celebrate the end of the first series of releases come EES10CD - a DJ meets studio
compilation mix created by label artist, remixer and even in-house designer, Jamie Paton. Freaturing tracks from every EP, including two unreleased remixes are the tight productions
of Richard Sen; the wiggle of Scott Fraser; deep, chugging Cage & Aviary dubs; the Eastern
influences of Baris K and newcomers Khidja; the quirky discoid wonk of Maurice & Charles and finally not forgetting of course, the stand out Timothy J Fairplay touches. Whether
alongside Mr Weatherall, Andy Blake or in solo remix mode, young "Junior"s skills (and name)
grows and grows.
All this is perfectly put together by Jamie Paton, the man who launched the label with his
Bizarre Feeling EP. As well as the inclusion of several unreleased cuts, Jamie has edited the
"selection", adding live studio dubbing, FX and the odd mega-mix to make it truly (E)special.
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 in stock $7.80
Met (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: EES 032. Rel: 03 Jun 19
Deep House
Met (8:20)
Met (dub) (6:48)
Review: Hailing from Tel Aviv and featuring Antinote-affiliated Alek Lee, Project Runaway make good on their initial promise with a sterling club-ready record for [Emotional] Especial. "Met" is a perfect statement of intent - a dynamic peak time record with an urgent, insistent groove peppered with organic percussion, zippy FX and a freaky vocal to get overground and underground party people shaking unanimously. The dub on the flip takes things out to weirder territory for the freak-out crew, without losing sight of the necessary functionality of the track. This is as direct a hit as you could ever expect from [Emotional] Especial, but loaded with bags of personality to satisfy the more curious minds out there.
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Intérprete: Mimi, LEGO EDIT
Tags: Dub | Leftfield House
 in stock $7.80
The Elevated Place
Cat: EES 047. Rel: 28 May 24
Uplifting Trance
U 15 (7:30)
Glint's Pursuit (6:32)
The Elevated Place (6:48)
The Sunken Place (7:15)
Review: Remotif is a fast-rising star with a sound being called 'trance fusion.' He makes his mark again to that end with a new one on Especial that brings more of his modern-day ethnic styles to the driving breaks of techno following outings on the likes of Coymix and Space Lab and sets everywhere from Fabric to Berlin's Warning parties. This one kicks off with 'U 15' which is a busy blend of shimmery timbres and sharp perc, spaced-out pads and psychedelic synths that are ever on the rise. More trance overtones define 'Glint's Pursuit' and 'The Elevated Place' is slick and sleek, ascending and always rising. 'The Sunken Place' shuts down with more slow and percolating dub mutations to round out a superb EP.
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Intérprete: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $14.80
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