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AD 93 Vinilo y CD

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on AD 93
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Freedom Doll
Cat: WHYT 062. Rel: 06 Sep 23
Post Rock/Experimental
Ascend (2:49)
A Chew (5:05)
Torture Grove (2:59)
Oceans Of Heat (3:22)
Vacuum (feat Juliana Huxtable) (3:07)
From Hot To Cold (3:15)
This Strange Asylum (3:34)
Banyana (3:11)
Feeling A Type Away (4:31)
Never Apart (feat Juliana Huxtable) (3:32)
 in stock $20.75
Pulso (LP)
Cat: WHYT 068. Rel: 15 Nov 23
Lluvia De Sal (feat El Manantial)
Elle (feat Kabaeushe)
Te Llevo
 in stock $18.42
Whispers From Ancient Vessels
Cat: WHYT 073. Rel: 23 Feb 24
Modern Classical
Speakings I (0:52)
Whispers From Ancient Vessels (4:26)
Shoreline (5:39)
Dream Of The Rood (3:37)
Speakings II (1:04)
You're Mine (4:13)
 in stock $17.64
Coral (12")
Cat: WHYT 071. Rel: 05 Mar 24
Coral (8:35)
Flora (5:45)
Hazel (9:52)
Review: There's something special in the water here. The Knife's Olof Dreijer presents three sprawling tracks on a new EP marking the start of a fresh chapter in his career, with the opener, 'Coral', starting the scoring with a strange and captivating bit of what you might call micro-techno. A lo-fi kind of workout that marries beautiful harmonic tones with a hoover bass in a way that almost calls to mind 'Rainforest' era Mathew Johnson, only more organic and live feeling. Overleaf, so to speak, 'Flora' invites us to sit on a cloud of gentle strings and mesmerising noises, like reliving a precious but now-faint memory, delicate enough to break. Meanwhile, 'Hazel' takes us back down to Earth, its slowly unfolding, muffled steel drum melodies feeling strangely homely while also not of this place, this here and now.
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 in stock $17.64
Bleached Butterfly
Bleached Butterfly (LP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: WHYT 051. Rel: 13 Apr 22
Bleached Butterfly (feat Abyss X) (3:10)
Ceramic Chaos (2:15)
Freedom (1:18)
I'm Not Dead (4:27)
Trance (1:36)
You Know You're Just Like Me (3:25)
Drugs (2:03)
ET (1:35)
Bleached Butterfly (Protest version) (3:21)
World (7:47)
 in stock $19.72
Metallur (12")
Cat: WHYT 078.
Surface Light
At The Bay
coming soon $21.27
064 (12")
Cat: WHYT 064. Rel: 04 May 23
Workahol (8:18)
Casheine (6:53)
 in stock $15.83
Nacre (LP)
Cat: WHYT 070. Rel: 22 Nov 23
Post Rock/Experimental
The Balance
Piles Copse
Of The Source
Stretching Out
 in stock $21.78
Conduit (limited LP)
Cat: WHYT 041. Rel: 07 Sep 22
Etym (4:37)
Mist Through The Bits (2:27)
Permeated Secrets (2:59)
Dial Sqaure (Confront) (3:19)
Night Ride (4:57)
Onus (3:19)
Response (10:06)
Eve (Anwummere) (5:58)
Review: Beneath the grit and, err, grime of UK MC output, there's a highly fertile and imaginative artsy scene making underground stars in cities like London and Manchester. Names like Blackhaine, Icebox Violet, and Novelist have long-since flown flags - to various extents - for experimental tracks that marry rhymes, poetry, abstract musicality and heavy broken beats.

Coby Sey is another for that list, and like the rest, as he explains on 'Permeated Secrets', he "don't care if you like my work". Simply put, these sounds aren't for everyone, they were never intended to be. Instead, they showcase a staunchly British take on urban observation, packed with melancholy, hints of rave, and a love for exploring outsider ends of established art forms - often winding up in places few have been before.
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 in stock $19.72
Brake Fluid
Cat: WHYT 069. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Review: London-based, Australian producer Surusinghe is next up on Tasker's AD93 label with a thrilling mix of worldly rhythms and earth shattering bass. It is only a year since this artist debuted but already she sits at the top table with a sound so physical it cannot be ignored. Breakbeat, techno, bass and more are all chewed up and spat out in her meticulously cross-pollinated sound hybrids. Heavyweight opener 'Bop' has crushing bass and wiggling synths, 'Bet' has hints of UK funky in the drum patterns and flip side joint 'Boka' will twist floors inside out before 'Brain' is a more slow and purposeful full body workout.
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