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Alleviated US Vinilo y CD

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Alleviated US
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Another Side (remastered)
Cat: ML 9001LP. Rel: 20 Jul 22
Deep House
Decision (4:49)
Bye Bye (5:33)
Never No More Lonely (5:31)
Shadows (4:23)
Another Side (5:48)
So Glad (6:19)
I'm Strong (5:20)
A Love Of My Own (5:49)
Distant Planet (5:21)
Feelin' Sleezy (5:08)
Music Take Me Up (6:34)
Mystery Friend (5:05)
Mysteries Of Love (6:28)
A Path (5:38)
Bring Down The Walls (5:37)
Can You Feel It (5:49)
Review: Some 34 years after it's original release, Fingers Inc's expansive debut album, Another Side, remains one of the greatest deep house full-lengths of all time. Here, the album gets the re-master and re-issue treatment, with the original double vinyl set being expanded to a triple to guarantee loud cuts for club play. While there are plenty of well-known Heard and co classics present - "Mysteries of Love", "Bring Down The Walls", "Can You Feel It" etc. - it's actually the long-forgotten album tracks that really hit the spot. It's on these moments - often influenced as much by '80s soul and synth-pop as acid and Chicago jack-tracks - that Larry Heard, Robert Owens and Ron Wilson really cut loose.
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Stomp The Beat EP
Cat: ML 2219. Rel: 24 Apr 13
Deep House
Don't Dis The Beat
Acid Indigestion
Midi Beats
Din Sync (Get Up & Do Your Thing)
Review: ** Repress of the reIssue ** Ooh if there's ever a deep house history lesson wrapped up in a 12" then it's this reissued Stomp The Beat EP from Gherkin Jerks aka the master Larry Heard. The Gherkin Jerks project originally surfaced back in 1988 with this 12" on the Chicago based Gherkin Records label, released anonymously at the request of Heard himself who viewed the Gherkin Jerks material as a creative experiment. Later revealed as the work of Larry Heard, original copies of Stomp The Beat rack up a pretty penny on Discogs so it's good work all round that the producer's Alleviated Records label has teamed up with Clone to release a digitally enhanced version. From the mind bending stereo panning of opening track "Don't Dis The Beat" it's easy to see why the Gherkin Jerks material has been so widely praised - Jamal Moss is a big fan - whilst the general off-key melodics and tough 909 arrangements of what follows still sound futuristic some 15 years on.
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Gherkin Jerks
Gherkin Jerks (12" reeditado)
Cat: MU 2413. Rel: 02 Apr 24
Deep House
Psychotic Fantasy (7:45)
Reznaytor (6:00)
Ecstasy (Full take) (8:25)
Review: Amongst Larry Heard's many, many celebrated achievements in the field of pioneering house music, the Gherkin Jerks tracks have a certain magnetism thanks to their downright nasty rawness. The original late 80s 12"s have been revisited in the past, but now the bonus tracks originally released on a comprehensive 2013 compilation get their own outing, cut to wax for the first time to serve all those who love their foundational house as rough as it comes. 'Psychotic Fantasy' is a dissonant masterpiece of gnarly acid, while 'Rezynator' has a slightly more melodic demeanour alongside its own grubby brilliance. The 'Original Full Take' of 'Ecstasy' is a slow-burning monster of needlepoint 303 tweaking and bludgeoned beats which jacks out for a full eight minutes.
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 in stock $14.57
Loosefingers EP2
Cat: ML 2222. Rel: 03 Jul 14
Deep House
When Summer Comes
Acid Bounce
Transmission X
Review: Alleviated's trawl through the (admittedly limited) back catalogue of Larry Heard's long-forgotten Loosefingers alter ego continues. The three tracks here were originally released back in 2004 on the When Summer Comes EP, and see Heard at his deepest and most sensual. The ten-minute title track is particularly gorgeous, sounding like a blueprint for all those hazy "beach house" releases that followed in subsequent years. Pleasingly, there's some more aggressive, in-your-face material on the flip, with the rubbery "Transmission X" and bold "Acid Bounce" recalling Heard's more robust, acid house-inclined work (Gherkin Jerks, "Washing Machine" etc). In fact, it's these two cuts that make the EP nigh on essential.
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 in stock $15.10
Loosefingers EP1
Loosefingers EP1 (12" reeditado)
Cat: ML 2221. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Deep House
Glancing At The Moon (5:35)
Lamentation (6:48)
Deep Inside (8:26)
Review: Alleviated's Larry Heard reissue series has previously brought us the rough and tough acid of Gherkin Jerks and, more recently, the intergalactic downtempo grooves of his largely overlooked Alien LP. Here, they revisit one of Heard's later aliases, Loosefingers, dusting down and reissuing tracks from 2003's Glancing at the Moon EP. All three tracks are deep, warm and melodious in typical Heard fashion, with the title track delivering a sultry blend of wide-eyed chords, darting electronics, Latin-influenced percussion and tactile keys. "Deep Inside" delivers a hazy, sun-kissed take on soulful house - all jazz bass, sensual chords and gentle vocals. Best of all, though, is the tougher, synth-heavy "Lamentation", which rolls along at a near techno-tempo and is blessed with thrilling bleep melodies.
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 in stock $15.10
Love's Arrival (reissue)
Cat: ML 9013. Rel: 22 Sep 23
Deep House
Praise (7:25)
Riverside Drive (5:51)
Deja Vu (7:04)
Dew Drops (6:22)
Another Night (5:18)
When I Think Of You (6:10)
To Try (5:26)
Loves Arrival (dub) (6:44)
Missing You (Jazz Cafe mix) (6:41)
Havana (6:18)
Until The Last Goodbye (6:34)
Direct Drive (7:12)
Luminous Energy (6:36)
Review: Larry Heard's strain of deep house absolutely lends itself to the album format, and he demonstrated this flawlessly on the 2001 album Love's Arrival. Decades on from his first forays into production at the dawn of house music, Heard's sound slipped into a dreamlike lounge-state which spoke to continued development of his melodic sensibilities. Just stick on 'Praise' and let the sound unfurl around you, full of the aching melancholy which gives his music such power. Like machine jazz funk beaming from another dimension, this is deep house at its very best, as made by one of the true architects of the sound.
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The It EP
The It EP (12")
Cat: ML 2229. Rel: 15 Oct 14
Deep House
Somebody Somewhere
Utopian Dream
Beauty In A Picture
Review: Harry Dennis and Larry Heard began making music together as The IT in the mid-80s, releasing records on D.J International and Black Market until the duo took a break from collaborating in 1990. A staggering 21 years later they resurfaced on proud Chicago DJ and producer Kevin Starke's label, and following that split 12" they now debut on Heard's own Alleviated Records. "Somebody Somewhere" is a classic Chicago house track with pained spoken word lyrics talking about the struggles of life, while "Crying" is deep and kooky in a Perlon kind of way. "Utopian Dream" is piece of street poetry laced with club music that blends electroclash with house, while "Beauty In A Picture" is tribal and bassline driven. Club music doggerels from the street.
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 in stock $15.10
Michael Kuntzman
Cat: ML 2242. Rel: 03 Nov 23
Deep House
Dixie Queen (with Madaline Collins - Stripped version) (6:07)
Jackin' (6:14)
Mystery (For Leo) (6:08)
Dixie Queen (with Madaline Collins - Dripped version) (6:05)
Review: Michael Kuntzman presents a uniquely odd but compelling EP for Alleviated Records, following up his split EP 'The Underground Files 1' from 2016. From opener 'Dixie Queen' to its closing 'Dripped Version', we hear four ultra-hazy, muddy wallops in Memphis house, as if to evoke the feeling of attending a local squat rave while pranged off your nut on sizzurp. Vocal elements pop out of the mix like shared, up-close-and-personal conversational slurrings with new acquaintances you've just met, but the tracks all nonetheless command a beautifully driving surrealism, the star example of which has to be 'Mystery For Leo'.
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 in stock $15.10
Around The Sun: Part 1
Cat: ML 9018. Rel: 20 May 22
Deep House
Around The Sun (6:56)
Drive (5:19)
Touch The Sky (5:29)
Coast Line Paradox (6:32)
Electrostatic Levitation (6:02)
Something's Going On (5:00)
Like The Dawn (6:05)
Pressureize (6:36)
Marrakesh (7:02)
Shimmer (6:24)
Review: Any new album from deep house pioneer and all-round legend Larry Heard is good news, but especially so when it's credited to his best-known and best-loved alias, Mr Fingers. Around The Sun Pt 1 is Heard's first album under the alias for four years and, unsurprisingly, it's as musically expansive, evocative, and atmospheric as they come. Naturally, it's rooted in the warming, dreamy, subtly jazz-flecked deep house style he's been tweaking and improving over decades, with occasional forays into sun-kissed downtempo grooves ('Touch The Sky'), angular acid tracks, Heard's take on dub house (the deliciously deep, micro-house influenced 'Marrakesh') and summery Balearic house ('Shimmer'). All in all, it's another masterpiece from deep house's most significant pioneer.
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 in stock $32.83
Cerebral Hemispheres
Cerebral Hemispheres (gatefold 3xLP)
Cat: ML 9017. Rel: 19 Apr 18
Deep House
Full Moon (6:44)
City Streets (6:31)
Urbane Sunset (6:19)
Sands Of Aruba (4:41)
Tiger Lounge (4:22)
A Day In Portugal (5:29)
Sao Paolo (4:57)
Crying Over You (5:35)
Cerebral Hemispheres (5:42)
Outer Acid
Inner Acid
Spy (4:53)
Stratusfly (5:08)
Nodyahed (6:01)
Praise To The Vibes
Review: If you dig deep house - hell, electronic music full stop - then you should be rather excited by the arrival of Cerebral Hemispheres, the first Mr Fingers album for 26 years, and the first of any kind by the producer behind the alias, Larry Heard, since 2003. As you'd expect, the album is exceptionally good, with Heard's famous musicality and fluid keys-work coming to the fore throughout. While rooted in melodious, huggable deep house, Heard naturally uses the opportunity to veer off in the myriad of different directions, touching on jazz, dub, downtempo grooves, soul, samba, tech-soul, deep acid house and much more besides. It has the feel of a genuine future classic and could well be his strongest album to date. Given his track record, that's a bold claim, but Cerebral Hemispheres really is that good.
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Around The Sun Part 2
Around The Sun Part 2 (limited 2xLP)
Cat: ML 9019BLACK. Rel: 05 Jun 23
Deep House
Were Drowning (9:51)
Tekjazz (6:37)
Love To You (5:26)
Country Rhodes (4:54)
Touch Of Love (5:23)
Rustling Leaves (5:05)
The Icy Air Of Night (5:51)
Invisible (4:06)
Forcefield (4:58)
Supa Kool (4:08)
Review: Larry Heard once said that he stumped upon his trademark dusty deep house sound rather by mistake - he was simply trying to recreate the instrumental disco of his childhood on the limited machinery he had available at the time. Either way, he went on to explore and exploit its most spiritual and spine-tinging aspects across a faultless discography that often looks to the cosmos for inspiration. That is true of this second volume of his Around The Sun album on his own Alleviated Records. It's another fine showcase of Chicago house, deep house, jazz and r&b that is utterly timeless.
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 in stock $24.10
Around The Sun: Part 1
Cat: ML 9018CD. Rel: 20 May 22
Deep House
Around The Sun
Touch The Sky
Coast Line Paradox
Electrostatic Levitation
Something's Going On
Like The Dawn
 in stock $16.94
1969 (12")
Cat: ML 2243. Rel: 17 Nov 23
Deep House
Piccolo JT - "1969" (7:23)
Piccolo JT - "Juke-Joints, Liqour Houses" (6:39)
Rio Love - "My Country" (6:12)
Rio Love - "I'm Not Tough But I'm Tired" (6:13)
Review: Larry Heard offers up a mesmerising history lesson on this collaboration with spoken word artists Piccolo JT and Rio Love, from Sharpsburg, North Carolina and Chicago respectively. There's an educational, empowering purpose to these four tracks, as our hosts guide us through reflections on important Southern social gatherings and overall social observations accompanied by some of Heard's inimitable productions. There's variety to the music as it flows from mellow deep house to bugging melodic techno and back again - as vital as any Alleviated record you care to mention, but with an added message.
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 in stock $15.10
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