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Atomnation Vinilo y CD

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Cat: ATMV 101. Rel: 05 Sep 22
Deep House
Can't Scape (4:37)
Everyday Everything (6:56)
Robot Ash (6:10)
The Last Tiger (5:35)
Anatomia (5:49)
Backgammon (6:21)
Intérprete: Rave Energy
 in stock $16.12
Hensa (gatefold white & pink vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ATMV 094. Rel: 24 Jan 22
Minimal/Tech House
Oregelis (3:57)
Chad's RA (5:25)
MAGO (5:24)
Wake Upipo (6:23)
Thwimmy (6:45)
Brittle Clap (2:36)
Ore Ayhun (5:57)
Ano Kyo Ku (5:10)
 in stock $19.09
Demarrage (gatefold LP)
Cat: ATMV 121. Rel: 12 Jul 24
Ritual (3:18)
Breakaway (3:55)
Oxygen (2:52)
Trial Of Truth (4:28)
The Descent (3:06)
Galibier (3:18)
Galibier (Gruppetto) (3:37)
NRG (4:04)
The Final (1:57)
Dreams Of Euphoria (2:26)
 in stock $27.16
Tundra (12")
Cat: ATMV 119. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Gausta (6:13)
Grit (2:37)
The Fells (6:39)
Bleak (5:18)
Whiteout (5:53)
Review: Gidge has been at the heart of the Atomnation sound for a while and now the duo reinforces that status with a new EP that again explores the bratty of bittersweet musical landscapes. 'Gausta' kicks off with some plaintive, heartbreaking chords and heavy rhythms and organic touches, while 'Grit' has acoustic strings and moody chords. 'The Fells' picks up the mood a little with a subtle sense of hope in the drums and sensitivity in the strings. 'Bleak' has another brilliantly forlorn vibe with indie and electronica meeting somewhere in the middle and last of all is the painterly synth mastery of 'Whiteout'.
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 in stock $18.02
New Light
New Light (2xLP)
Cat: ATMV 085. Rel: 06 Nov 20
Deep House
Quasar (5:48)
New Light (6:29)
Stone Shell (6:20)
Perimeter (9:59)
The Cascades (6:41)
Rotate Into Form (5:08)
Over (5:47)
Always Unfolding (4:32)
Seems To Be Getting Closer (9:04)
 in stock $25.80
East Dimensional Remixes
Cat: ATMV 098. Rel: 08 Apr 22
Minimal/Tech House
Far Far Fantastic (Lauer remix) (6:42)
Earlier Forms (Paula Tape Bubble remix) (5:23)
Fishers Theme (Ineffekt Azalea version) (4:58)
Review: We hope you're hungry for some wiggy proto trance magic, because here comes a bang tidy remix package of Sam Goku's East Dimensional Riddims album, which landed on Dutch label Atomnation last year. The A side finds Lauer taking on 'Far Far Fantastic' and making it into a swirling, acid-speckled epic for full tilt, hands aloft, spiritually charged dancefloor awakenings. Breakthrough Chilean talent Paula Tape is busy on the B side with a glorious, melodious version of 'Earlier Forms' which pushes a tough, early 90s vibe that will get you jacking. Then Ineffekt Azalea's version of 'Fisher's Theme' takes things in a more trippy, mellow breakbeat direction without losing that necessary punch for the party people.
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$12.36 SAVE 45%
 in stock $6.80
Invisible Lands
Invisible Lands (limited clear vinyl LP)
Cat: ATMV 120. Rel: 06 Sep 24
Deep House
Day in Night
Confuse Me
Just Want
Dimensions of Rhythm
Look Up
Is This Real
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