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Bacalao Vinilo y CD

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Mouna Power
Cat: BAC 006. Rel: 25 May 21
Mouna Power (4:28)
Mouna Power (dance dub) (5:52)
Review: Ever-reliable funk fusionist Bosq has scored another hit here, this time with the help of Favourite Recordings regular Pat Kalla, a talented French poet and singer. 'Mouna Power' is another great example of Bosq's ability to successfully meld together elements of Afrobeat, Afro-Cuban music and tropical grooves, adding layers of colourful instrumentation (bass, keys, horns, guitars and so on). The excellent original version comes backed with a longer, slightly tougher but no less warming and kaleidoscopic 'Dancefloor Dub'. It contains most of the vocals, more percussion and a greater role for the killer bassline and is probably our pick of the mixes
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 in stock $13.50
No Be Today
No Be Today (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BAC 012. Rel: 18 Jun 24
No Be Today (5:16)
I No Dey Play (6:19)
Ose (4:02)
Sonayon (5:54)
Mifon (4:14)
Ipade (4:52)
Miselou (6:14)
Meji Meji (5:42)
Debiteur Insolvable (4:13)
Ajanaku (6:17)
Ariya Tide (4:43)
Robojiyan (4:30)
Review: Medellin-based American Bosq - a renowned musical fusionist with a passion for all things tropical - has been working with Benin-based Nigerian guitarist/vocalist Kaleta on and off for 12 years, with the pair delivering a series of sensational singles. No Be Today is the duo's first collaborative full length, with previous singles being joined by previously unheard cuts across two slabs of wax. As you'd expect given their previous work, much of the music joins the dots between various Afro-Latin styles and similarly vintage Black American dance music genres such as disco, funk and soul. It's an effervescent and effortlessly brilliant set all told, with highlights including pitched-down Afro-funk number 'Ose', glorious Afro-disco number 'Sonayon', Afrobeat update 'Ipade' and scorching Latin dancefloor workout 'Miselou'.
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 in stock $35.09
Meji Meji
Meji Meji (12")
Cat: BAC 010. Rel: 25 Jul 23
Meji Meji (5:42)
Meji Meji (instrumental) (5:42)
Sonayon (5:53)
Sonayon (instrumental) (5:54)
Review: Former Whiskey Barons man Bosq has enjoyed a long working relationship with Nigeria-based, Benin-born guitarist and vocalist Kaleta. We make this the pair's eleventh collaborative single in the last decade and, as with their previous outings, it trumphantly blurs the boundaries between Afro-disco, Afro-beat and Afro-funk. On side A you'll find vocal and instrumental takes on 'Meji Meji, a pleasingly live-sounding affair full of rubbery bass guitar, righteous horns, infectious drums and Kaleta's evocative guitar licks. Over on the flip, they opt for even heavier, life-affirming horn motifs, Afro-disco grooves and more sun-splashed Afro-funk guitars on vocal and instrumental versions of the similarly inspired 'Sonayon'.
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 in stock $16.74
Ipade (limited 12")
Cat: BAC 009. Rel: 31 Jan 23
Ipade (4:53)
Ipade (instrumental) (4:55)
Ariya Tide (4:41)
Ariya Tide (instrumental) (4:44)
Review: American born/Colombia-based producer Ben Woods aka Bosq, and Benin-born vocalist/guitarist Leon Ligan-Majek aka Kaleta follow up on the success of their recent collaboration with Purple Disco Machine, and build on their nearly 10 years of working together with their new Afro disco number 'Ipade'. It features Kaleta's trademark chants and exclamations in a mix of Yoruba and English, over sleek rhythms, a ripping horns section and one funky bassline. Over on the flip, get down deeper into the groove with the lo-slung swagger of 'Ariya Tide'.
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 in stock $15.65
Meji Meji (Folamour remix)
Cat: BAC 011. Rel: 19 Dec 23
Meji Meji (Folamour remix) (4:27)
Sonayon (Disco dub) (5:11)
Review: Bosq and Kaleta's most recent single, an inspired Afro-disco two-tracker featuring 'Meji Meji' and 'Sonayon', has been given the remix treatment. On side A, Folamour successfully re-imagines 'Meji Meji' as a joyous, sun-bright slab of cheery deep house/colourful nu-disco fusion, wisely making the most of Kaleta's infectious vocals, the original disco bassline, and the pair's chirpy horns. Over on side B, Bosq takes over and delivers a delicious 'disco dub' of 'Sonayon'. A little more stripped-back and groove-based than the original nix with breakdowns and special effects aplenty, Bosq makes merry with horns, highlife guitars and more Afrobeat style bass guitar pressure.
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 in stock $15.65
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