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Bella Union

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Deportation Blues (limited silver vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BELLA 748V. Rel: 24 Aug 18
  1. Deportation Blues (4:44)
  2. I'm In A Weird Place Now (4:29)
  3. Hell Or Pennsylvania (4:29)
  4. I'm Desperate (4:08)
  5. When I Think Of My Dog (4:11)
  6. Am I Dead Yet? (5:23)
  7. Midnight Ease (4:56)
  8. Fire In England (3:45)
  9. Until You Kiss Me (3:00)
Review: In the aftermath of the Brexit vote the question on many people's minds is 'what's going to happen'...well an answer for some, at least, was a new BC Camplight album, fittingly named, Deportation Blues. Recording in Liverpool's Whitewood studios, Brian Christinzio is said to have locked himself in a windowless studio and recorded all songs almost exclusively in the dark. With title track Deportation Blues its most illuminating result, the album overall is a more electrified opus, musically speaking, than his previous long players How To Die In The North and Blink Of A Nihilist. Featuring Luke Barton on guitars and synth, alongside guitarist Tom Rothery and multi-instrumentalist/ backing singer Ali Bell, BC Camplight lights it up again.
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God's Favorite Customer (Loser Edition) (limited marbled vinyl LP in alternate sleeve + MP3 download code)
Cat: BELLA 770VX. Rel: 01 Jun 18
  1. Hangout At The Gallows (4:57)
  2. Mr Tillman (3:02)
  3. Just Dumb Enough To Try (3:58)
  4. Date Night (2:30)
  5. Please Don't Die (3:18)
  6. The Palace (4:06)
  7. Disappointing Diamonds Are The Rarest Of Them All (2:23)
  8. God's Favorite Customer (5:19)
  9. The Songwriter (3:41)
  10. We're Only People (& There's Not Much Anyone Can Do About That) (5:01)
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Transangelic Exodus (limited heavyweight purple vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: BELLA 725V. Rel: 09 Feb 18
  1. Suck The Blood From My Wound (4:48)
  2. Driving Down To LA (3:15)
  3. God Lifts Up The Lowly (3:50)
  4. No Place (3:38)
  5. The Great Unknown (2:46)
  6. Compulsive Liar (2:47)
  7. Maraschino Red Dress $8.99 At Goodwill (2:30)
  8. From A Beach House (2:33)
  9. Love You So Bad (3:39)
  10. Come Here Get Away From Me (3:52)
  11. Peel My Orange Every Morning (3:17)
  12. Psalm 151 (1:59)
  13. I Lost My Innocence (3:23)
Review: 'Transangelic Exodus' is Ezra Furman's rock 'n' roll concept opus following the pseudo-autobiographical story of Furman falling in love with a transangel and the two becoming outlaws on the run from the government and mysterious, intolerant and violent figures. Structurally and musically, every song feels like a new chapter as Furman explores a multitude of avenues, drawing strands of genres together to create something simultaneously strange and familiar. It's a stunningly well-formed and considered album, and Furman's storytelling makes for a visceral and thrilling ride, and this is perhaps his best work yet. In a time when values are changing so rapidly in favour of openness and acceptance, but intolerance still has societal footholds, albums that manage to be as joyously compelling, poetically written and acerbically counter-cultural in their message as 'Transangelic Exodus' feel more necessary and relevant than ever.
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Sun On The Square (limited 180 gram clear vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BELLA 789V. Rel: 06 Jul 18
  1. Records From Your Room (2:45)
  2. Green Bus (4:28)
  3. Look Out From Your Window (3:19)
  4. Shadow Of The Pines (4:00)
  5. Buildings In Flower (2:56)
  6. Sun On The Square (3:27)
  7. Light Of Winter (3:52)
  8. Star Of Land & Sea (3:06)
  9. An Idea Of Canoeing (3:40)
  10. Galvanic (2:34)
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For My Crimes (180 gram coloured vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BELLA 803V. Rel: 28 Sep 18
  1. For My Crimes (4:14)
  2. I Can't Listen To Gene Clark Anymore (2:53)
  3. Are You Really Gonna Move To The South (3:31)
  4. Lover Release Me (2:28)
  5. Blue Vapor (3:25)
  6. Interlocking (3:36)
  7. All Out Of Catastrophes (2:03)
  8. Dream Dream Big In The Sky (2:40)
  9. You're Only Harmless When You Sleep (2:38)
  10. Flamethrower (2:22)
  11. Said Goodbye To That Car (2:46)
Review: There's a truly undefinable yet wholly recognizable mood to the music of Washington DC native Marissa Nadler, and in places it's hard to not feel the ghost of Roy Orbison's vibrato coming through the vocals sung here. There's some beautiful duets and overdubbing to be heard from Angel Olsen on an album that Nadler co-produced with song-writer Lawrence Rothman and Justin Raisen, the latter known for his production work with the likes of Santigold, Yves Tumor and Kim Gordon to name a few. It's nigh on impossible to not be cast away by wistful forlornness of the LP and its titles alone express the deepest of melancholy blue in Nadler's music, with none more effectively haunting than the album's title track: "For My Crimes". Be brave.
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Brickbat (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BELLA 865V. Rel: 15 Feb 19
  1. This Must Be Bedlam (2:57)
  2. Village Of The Damned (4:56)
  3. Never Enough (3:59)
  4. Blameless (4:22)
  5. What's Next (4:45)
  6. Hated By The Powers That Be (5:30)
  7. Run For Your Life (3:34)
  8. Heartbeats (3:25)
  9. Everlastingly Yours (4:27)
  10. She's Unreal (5:09)
Review: Home to artists like The Flaming Lips, Father John Misty and Fleet Foxes, the much adored Bella Union label out of London present the debut album of Piroshka. Not to be confused with a much loved Polish delicacy (actually taking inspiration from Little Red Riding Hood), the group is made up of an amalgamation of artists lifted from bands like Lush, Moose, Elastica and Modern English. Opening with the all too familiar squeal of an amp's feedback, an all too groovy backbeat ensues to make any elderly rocker at the back of the scout hall get up and dance. The album casually surfs through a bevy of styles, from weird cosmic '80s synth action that begins in "Never Enough" to the melancholic wild west themes in "What's Next", to even classical, trip hoppy affairs in "Heartbeats". A suitably dreamy debut from Bella Union's next super group.
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Birthday (limited gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: BELLA 846V. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. Theme #1 (2:10)
  2. My Blood (3:28)
  3. Follow The Lights (4:11)
  4. My Work Is Full Of Art (3:06)
  5. Blue (4:02)
  6. Honey (2:45)
  7. Crazy Energy Night (3:24)
  8. Birthday (3:47)
  9. Milk Trust (4:10)
  10. Day Tripper (2:40)
  11. If U Want Me 2 Stay (5:17)
  12. Peachy (3:35)
Review: Bella Union's newest faces are Norwegian group Pom Poko whose best and most steely expressions in press shots go some length to reveal the youthful angst and playfulness of their multicoloured, poppy punk sound. That said, there's glimpses of Mars Volta instrumentation in tracks like "Milk Trust", and "If U Want Me 2 Stay" does a good job at building a wall of noise like My Bloody Valentine would, but really the group's true aesthetic lies within an indie mould intrinsic to Scandinavia while still thrashing about the place with a melee of high energy guitars, drums and rebellious vocals (maybe even some bagpipes in "My Blood") to deliver a album your parents might not get, but the headbands and spray jackets waiting at the door a generation after the Modular wave will.
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Bella Union
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