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Black Truffle Australia Vinilo y CD

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Black Truffle Australia
Tags: Indian | Italian
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Sagittarian Domain (10th Anniversary Edition)
Sagittarian Domain (10th Anniversary Edition) (limited LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 087LP. Rel: 28 Mar 22
Post Rock/Experimental
Sagittarian Domain (part 1) (14:55)
Sagittarian Domain (part 2) (18:48)
 in stock $25.08
Live 82
Live 82 (gatefold LP)
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 095. Rel: 14 Sep 22
Bergisch-Brandenburgisches Quartett (part 1) (23:16)
Bergisch-Brandenburgisches Quartett (part 2) (22:30)
 in stock $28.50
The Mountains Pass
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 117. Rel: 26 Apr 24
Modern Classical
Northward (2:33)
The Hermit's Peak (12:31)
Violet-Green (9:19)
F2754 (6:20)
Ungulates (3:13)
Review: Olivia Block is back with an album that it is fair to say is her best as well as most ambitious and rewarding to date. The Mountain Pass is a compelling new work from the artist who is a key part of Chicago's vibrant experimental music scene and has been since the late 90s. She has proven prolific over the years and always fuses practices from the musique concrete tradition with her own sense of studio improv, sound installations and orchestral pieces. This album was recorded by Greg Norman at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studio and is the result of distilling works made over the course of three years. They find Block head into all new terrain, at times zoning out with neo-classical bliss, at others working you into a freeform jazz and noise frenzy.
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 in stock $27.19
Mumbai 04 02 1996
Mumbai 04 02 1996 (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 092. Rel: 13 Oct 22
Raga Lalit-Alap (27:40)
Raga Lalit-Dhrupad (10:46)
Raga Lalit-Dhamar (8:17)
Raga Bhairav-Alap (18:58)
Raga Bhairav-Dhamar (11:03)
Raga Alhaiya Bilaval (9:23)
Tags: Indian | Italian
 in stock $37.23
Fiori Chiari Fiori Oscuri (reissue)
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 078. Rel: 23 Aug 21
Light Flowers, Dark Flowers (part 1) (24:43)
Light Flowers, Dark Flowers (part 2) (27:51)
 in stock $24.28
Berlin 1964: Live
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 115CD. Rel: 15 Mar 24
Raga Miyan Ki Todi
Raga Gaud Sarang
Tags: Indian
 in stock $15.57
Berlin 1964: The Lost Studio Recording
Cat: BLACK TRUFFLE 114. Rel: 15 Mar 24
Raga Malkauns (22:07)
Raga Jaijaivanti (24:12)
Tags: Indian
 in stock $29.04
Two Forests/Oceanic
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 111. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Two Forests (19:28)
Oceanic (17:49)
 in stock $26.93
Sturmische Ruhe
Sturmische Ruhe (clear vinyl LP)
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 090. Rel: 17 Aug 22
Sturmische Ruhe (part 1) (12:59)
Sturmische Ruhe (part 2) (15:06)
 in stock $32.48
With Pats On The Head, Just One Too Few Is Evil One Too Many Is Good That's All It Is
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 113. Rel: 05 Feb 24
Post Rock/Experimental
My "Watashi Dake?" Is Definitely Not Included In This Unequal Treaty, Is It? (13:10)
Right Brain, Left Brain; Right, Left; Right Wing, Left Wing. Just How Many Combinations Can Be Made From These? (8:59)
"Critical Consciousness?" That’s Been Abandoned In Corner Of A Shower Room In A 53-storey Apartment Building Inhabited By Extra-terrestrial Lifeforms (11:12)
I Thought I Had Pulverized It Summarily But There Are Just Too Many Who Lack Reality Or Who Are Cowards So I Cannot Change A Thing (14:27)
Still Divided Into Pieces? Let’s Reconnect Them Recognise That You Are A Point & The Longest Line Let It Become Light (21:44)
I Can No Longer Sense That Sacred Feeling Of ExpressionJust The Loitering Of Vulgar Vibrations That Can Only Be Described As A Half-hearted Class Reunion Will You Consent To This? (23:37)
There Are Always Things I Wish To Say But I Can Only Convey Them In This Language August 6 August 9 (16:58)
Review: The heavyweight trio of Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke and Oren Ambarchi return with their 12th and most epic release to date, a triple LP no less. Documenting the entirety of their final performance at the dearly departed Roppongi home of Tokyo underground institution SuperDeluxe in November 2018, the music spread across these six sides splits the difference between the guitar-bass-drums power trio moves and experiments with novel instrumentation that have defined the trio's decade of working together. Containing some of the most delicate music the three have committed to wax since the gorgeous 12-string acoustic guitar and dulcimer tones of the
only wanting to melt beautifully away album, this wide-ranging release also offers up some of their most blistering free rock performances yet.
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 in stock $54.91
Galerie Randolph (B-STOCK)
Galerie Randolph (B-STOCK) (limited gatefold LP)
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 042. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Ohne Titel
Landliches Kouzert
Vier Bruder Auf Der Bank
Blaue Dominante, Ol Auf Kupfer
Susanna Im Bade
Marktfrau Mit Gemuse
Halbakt Im Gegenlicht
Aargauische Kleinlandschaft
Van Der Rande, Massstablich
Goffersberg Mit Traktor
Selbstbildnis Mit Frau Und Sohnen
Ohne Titel
 in stock $17.11
Works For The Ever Present Orchestra Vol 2
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 109. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Modern Classical
Arrigoni Bridge (21:01)
Flips (16:04)
Review: Black Truffle continues to document the late-era work of legendary American experimental composer Alvin Lucier with a second volume of Works For The Ever Present Orchestra from Alvin Lucier. He passed away aged 90 back in 2021 but leaves a fine legacy including these two works which were written for Zurich ensemble The Ever Present Orchestra in 2016. They are drone pieces built around the electric guitar he had begun to explore back in 2013. In his hands, they sound like slow sweep pure wave oscillators and make for suspense sound worlds full of tension and inherent drama. The flip side piece is the more austere of the two.
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 in stock $27.73
Symphony No 107: The Bard
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 104. Rel: 13 Jul 23
I (19:46)
II (21:11)
 in stock $30.62
Traveller Song
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 107. Rel: 20 Sep 23
Modern Classical
Traveller Song (21:14)
Thanksong (13:31)
 in stock $27.73
Guitar Mural 1 (reissue)
Guitar Mural 1 (reissue) (limited gatefold clear vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: BT 076. Rel: 18 Jun 21
Track 1 (17:43)
Track 2 (13:42)
Track 3 (15:05)
Track 4 (16:26)
$34.84 SAVE 33%
 in stock $23.34
Asparagus (Soundtrack)
Asparagus (Soundtrack) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 116. Rel: 02 Apr 24
Asparagus (European version part 1) (16:42)
Asparagus (European version part 2) (15:48)
Asparagus (18:12)
Threshold Music (21:38)
Intérprete: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $45.94
The Leisure Principle
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 106. Rel: 05 Sep 23
Reap What Thou Sow (7:49)
Shadow Came Into The Eyes As Earth Turned On Its Axis (5:44)
Mollusk (5:29)
Wetter (2:48)
Had We But world Enough & More Time (7:17)
Licker (5:24)
 in stock $27.73
Modern Sorrow
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 101. Rel: 05 Apr 23
Modern Sorrow (17:19)
Benevolence (parts I & II) (19:09)
 in stock $21.29
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