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Blast First Petite

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Cat: PTYT 078. Rel: 11 Feb 15
  1. Flowers In The Oven (feat Sarah Smout)
  2. The Polar Bear
  3. Black Dirt On A Hot Day (feat The Upstate Dirt Black Band)
  4. Razorback Hat
  5. The Old Inertia Reel (feat Sarah Smout)
  6. To See The Sea In C
  7. Six, Two, Thirteen (feat Thurston Moore)
  8. Slidey Bit
Review: A legendary figure in British folk and experimental circles, and something of a pioneer of primitive guitar, Michael Chapman's impact is comparable to that of the work of John Fahey across the Atlantic. Yet despite his career starting in the '60s, he's had something of a late renaissance, with his work heralded by the likes of Thurston Moore and Will Oldham, the former of whom appears here. The Polar Bear is the third in Chapman's series of critically acclaimed improvisational and experimental works for Blast First, and continues the good work in style, mixing his unique and potent guitar filigree with minimalist shapes, orchestration, noise and a restless sense of innovation uncommon to performers of 73 years of age.
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Cat: PTYT 087CD. Rel: 18 May 18
  1. Reason To Believe/The Aviator/Postcards Of Scarborugh/Naked Ladies & Electric Ragtime/An Old Man Remembers/Not So Much A Garden More Like A Maze/Rabbit Hills/In The Valley
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MTV 15.05.63 - 12.04.2017 (hardback book + CD)
Cat: 733027 Rel: 21 Jun 19
Limited deluxe hardback book with CD of previously unreleased material
Notes: 260 page, full colour, hardback book full of previously unseen photographs from Mika Vainio's archive and the Vainio family scrapbook, plus contributions from his musical associates, friends and family, unseen texts, a full discography of everything Vainio ever released on his own and in collaboration with others and much much more - including a CD of previously unreleased material.

The book contains a heart-wrenching collection of photographs from the Vainio family archive, a broad range of artistic contributions (text, photographic and visual remembrances) from Mika's artist friends and collaborators, an Updated and exhaustive Mika discography, Jennifer Lucy Allen's unedited transcript for her The Wire magazine 2013 "Invisible Jukebox' - one of Mika's most animated media responses, a variety of Pansonic ephemera from Paul Smith's own Blast First archives, and an album length exclusive CD of previously unreleased Pansonic performance recordings - "Turku Moai - live on Rapa Nui"."
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Blast First Petite
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