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Caldo Verde US

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Caldo Verde US

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Old Growler
Cat: CAVE 47. Rel: 05 Nov 18
  1. Sugarloaf (9:28)
  2. Born To Hang (5:41)
  3. Starcrosser (2:56)
  4. A Painted Door (1:35)
  5. Wish (4:48)
  6. Tenderfoot/Summit Of The Strange (3:36)
  7. Earth Lift (6:56)
  8. Trampled Under Paw (2:49)
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All The Best Isaac Hayes
Cat: LPCV 052. Rel: 06 Aug 21
  1. San Francisco
  2. Vancouver
  3. Calgary
  4. Winnipeg
  5. Ottawa
  6. Buffalo Valley Rest Area Smith County Welcome Center
  7. Highway 81
  8. Los Angeles
  9. November
coming soon $35.34
Joey Always Smiled
Joey Always Smiled (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: LPCV 050. Rel: 03 Dec 19
  1. Parakeet Prison (16:51)
  2. Joey Always Smiled (6:26)
  3. Rest In Peace R Lee Ermey (6:07)
  4. Nice People All Around (5:57)
  5. 1983 Era MTV Music Is The Soundtrack To Outcasts Being Bullied By Jocks (19:30)
  6. Spanish Hotels Are Echoey (12:11)
  7. The Power Of Love (4:45)
Review: Red House Painters' founder turned-rightly-celebrated solo troubadour Mark Kozelek presents the latest album in his prolific back catalogue, and it's as consistent as ever. Teaming up with violinist and singer Petra Haden for the pair's first joint recording, the seven tracks presented here are as musically accomplished and lyrically evocative as you would hope. From the hypnotic pianos and largely-spoken word delivery of woozy opener "Parakeet Prison", to the (more than likely) biographical (and hilariously titled) "1983 Era MTV Music Is The Soundtrack to Outcasts Being Bullied by Jocks", and its sultry, jazz-inflections, the songs are as confident and assured as they are delicate enough to break, had those responsible been remotely heavy handed. Needless to say, they weren't, with every note and word carefully considered, played and sung with love and thought.
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 in stock $28.83
Yellow Kitchen
Yellow Kitchen (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: CV 044. Rel: 14 Feb 18
  1. Time To Destination (6:06)
  2. No Christmas Like This (7:26)
  3. Somebody's Favorite Song (7:32)
  4. I'm Still In Love With You (4:49)
  5. The Reasons I Love You (3:29)
  6. Daffodils (12:01)
$22.52 SAVE 25%
 in stock $16.88
This Is My Dinner
Cat: CDCV 048. Rel: 28 Mar 19
  1. This Is Not Possible
  2. This Is My Dinner
  3. Linda Blair
  4. Copenhagen
  5. Candles
  6. David Cassidy
  7. Come On Get Happy
  8. Rock 'N' Roll Singer
  9. Soap For Joyful Hands
  10. Chapter 87 Of He
Review: Laid back winter blues tunes have arrived just in time for this year's big freeze. Something of a supergroup, Sun Kil Moon is headed by former Red House Painters frontman Mark Kozelek and takes in other members from US groups Painters, American Music Club and Black Lab. It's a pleasant, doomy and sometimes ironic affair (see the lyrics of "Copenhagen") and if longwinding, free-ish, post-rock is your thing, Sun Kil Moon offer a grungey alternative to the instrumental jazz sessions of The Necks. And with pretty much every song clocking in over 10-minutes long, This Is My Dinner is a wholeheartedly fulfilling listen.
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 in stock $14.54
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Caldo Verde US
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