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Cheap Thrills

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Cheap Thrills

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Stamina EP
Stamina EP (12")
Cat: CHEAP 004X. Rel: 04 Sep 08
Electro House
  1. Alarm Bell
  2. Under Your Skin
  3. Zombie Dance
out of stock $7.46
All Night
All Night (12")
Cat: CHEAP 033X. Rel: 12 Apr 11
Electro House
  1. All Night (original)
  2. All Night (Skream remix)
  3. Elevator Music
Review: Jack Beats is the production brainchild of scratch DJs Beni G (Mixologists) and Plus One (Scratch Perverts). Cheap Thrills seems to be Jack Beats perfect match with EP releases in 2009, 2010 and now again in 2011. This time, they have teamed up with Beta Recordings label owner John B whose extensive discography is nothing short of impressive. "All Night" is a belter, an inescapable track riddled with funk and groove, jackin' basslines and a classic sounding vocal. The B-Side boasts a remix from dubstep don Skream, who lifts the vocal and utilises some burning electro synth stabs. "Elevator Music" brings the EP to a close with rubber rhythms, tightly sprung beats and rapid percussion.
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EP 02
EP 02 (12")
Cat: CHEAP 001X. Rel: 05 Mar 08
Electro House
  1. Dibby DJ
  2. My Condition
  3. Bounce That Ass
  4. B-More Forward
out of stock $7.46
Y'All Want Mo EP
Cat: CHEAP 009X. Rel: 22 Jun 09
Electro House
  1. Y'All Want Mo
  2. Whine Ya Body
  3. Y'All Want Mo (Sinden remix)
  4. Hump N Shake
out of stock $6.93
Curse Of The Voodoo Drums
Cat: CHEAP 003CD. Rel: 21 Aug 10
UK Garage
  1. Demdems
  2. Rainbows (feat Blisscotheque)
  3. I Am
  4. Sirens
  5. The Whistler
  6. Oooooooh
  7. Bass Go Deep
  8. Voices In Heaven (feat Ubber Wallya)
  9. Deepah Cry
Intérprete: Detboi
out of stock $12.78
Mars (12")
Cat: CHEAP 003X. Rel: 12 Jun 08
Electro House
  1. Mars
  2. Blood Splashing (Fake Blood theme)
out of stock $5.32
Fix Your Accent EP
Cat: CHEAP 012X. Rel: 21 Aug 09
Electro House
  1. Fix Your Accent
  2. The Dozens
  3. I Think I Like It
out of stock $6.93
Mars (remixes)
Cat: CHEAP 014X. Rel: 02 Nov 09
Electro House
  1. Mars (Jack Beats remix)
  2. Mars (Boy 8 Bit remix)
  3. Mars (original)
  4. Mars (Style Of Eye's Edit To Debit)
out of stock $5.32
Love Burn EP
Cat: CHEAP 016X. Rel: 11 Feb 10
Electro House
  1. Love Burn
  2. Love Burn (Max Morrell 4x4 remix)
  3. Robot Rock (Mighty Mouse remix)
  4. Robot Rock
out of stock $5.86
The Art Of Disappearing
Cat: CHEAP 075CD. Rel: 28 Feb 13
  1. Bears
  2. Lose Control (feat Seasfire)
  3. Worry Crow
  4. Gold (feat Maria Minerva)
  5. Feels Like I'm Coming Down
  6. Mountains
  7. Save Me (feat Austra)
  8. Red Tractor
  9. Mother Protect (feat Niki & The Dove)
Review: Joshua "Herve" Harvey must be getting a little antsy. Having conquered the world with his particular brand of balls-out rave madness, he seemingly pines for something more. Of course, we've been here before; in 2009, at the height of his rise to prominence, he surprised critics by releasing an album of woozy, ambient-meets-experimental indie oddities as The Young Lovers. The Art of Disappearing, his second Herve full-length, comes from a similar place. Earnest, introspective and primarily concerned with atmospherics (think backwards guitars, Radiohead-ish sonics and shoegaze ambience), it's a startling set and a risky move. It is, though, thoroughly enjoyable and should go some way to redefine his reputation; these are not so much Cheap Thrills as deep ones.
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out of stock $9.58
Zombies (12")
Cat: CHEAP 019X. Rel: 26 Mar 10
Electro House
  1. Zombies
  2. Zombies (Franzy Scanner Graveyard remix)
  3. Hot! Drum Attack
  4. Zombies (Franzy Scanner Zombie Dandruff remix)
out of stock $5.86
Blaze It
Blaze It (12")
Cat: CHEAP 017X. Rel: 29 Apr 10
Electro House
  1. Blaze It
  2. Blaze It (Reset! remix)
  3. No Sleep
out of stock $5.60
Pick Me Up Sort Me Out Calm Me Down
Cat: CHEAP 008LP. Rel: 19 Jul 12
Electro House
  1. Glooming
  2. Better Than A BMX
  3. Return Of The Living Dead (Zombies 2)
  4. How Can I Live Without You (Make It Right) (feat Ronika)
  5. Gnarly
  6. Show Me The Light
  7. BMX Bike In June
  8. Night Turns Into Day
  9. Let's Make It Better Together
  10. Blamalama
  11. Happy
  12. The Mirror
  13. Keep Your Head Inside
out of stock $10.60
Baseball Bat EP
Cat: CHEAP 008X. Rel: 05 Jun 09
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Baseball Bat (original)
  2. Baseball Bat (High Rankin remix)
  3. Who Da Champ?
  4. Baseball Bat (High Rankin instrumental)
out of stock $5.86
Ghetto Bass 2 Album Sampler
Cat: CHEAPLP 002X. Rel: 26 Mar 10
Electro House
  1. Cassius - "Youth , Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes" (Reset! remix)
  2. Hot City - "Hot City Bass" (Tropical edit)
  3. L-Vis 1990 - "United Groove" (MJ Cole remix)
  4. Orbital - "Lush" (Herve's Tree & Leaf remix)
  5. The Temper Trap - "Science Of Fear" (The Count aka Herve remix)
  6. Redlight - "Feel So Good"
  7. High Rankin - "Apocolypse How"
  8. Tim Deluxe - "Ripgroove" (The Count remix)
Intérprete: Afghan Headspin
out of stock $12.78
Herve Presents Deep Thrills Volume 1
Herve Presents Deep Thrills Volume 1 (2xCD (CD 1 unmixed, CD 2 mixed by CRST))
Cat: CHEAP 005CD. Rel: 01 Sep 11
UK Garage
  1. CRST - "Hearbeat"
  2. Baxta - "Keep You"
  3. Lil Bo Tweak & Young Lovers - "Keep On" (feat Charlie Sputnik)
  4. Drop Dead - "When You"
  5. Heavy Hearts - "Deeper"
  6. Drop Dead - "Always Love You"
  7. Trevor Loveys - "Strange Paradise"
  8. Heavy Hearts - "House Was The One"
  9. CRST - "Jacare"
  10. Trevor Loveys - "Earthbound"
  11. Baxta - "Love Hound"
  12. Klifton Manner - "Broken Love"
  13. Lil Bo Tweak - "No Stoppin"
  14. Klifton Manner - "Let Me Love"
  15. Trevor Loveys - "Earthbound"
  16. Baxta - "Keep You"
  17. Klifton Manner - "Let Me Love You"
  18. Lil Bo Tweak & Young Lovers - "Keep On" (feat Charlie)
  19. CRST - "Hearbeat"
  20. Heavy Hearts - "House Was The One"
  21. Heavy Hearts - "Deeper"
  22. Klifton Manner - "Broken Love"
  23. CRST - "Jacare"
  24. Drop Dead - "When You"
  25. Lil Bo Tweak - "No Stoppin"
  26. Drop Dead - "Always Love You" (Vip mix)
  27. Baxta - "Love Hound"
  28. Trevor Loveys - "Strange Paradise"
Review: Is Herve bored of releasing noisy, eye-popping, bass-wobbling rave anthems? This compilation certainly gives that impression. While Deep Thrills touches on many of Herve's usual staples - garage, fidgety house, UK funky etc - the melodies are smoother, the beats softer and the grooves deeper. The unmixed first CD is perhaps the stand-out, featuring as it does some excellent, previously unreleased fare from Baxta, Trevor Loveys, Drop Dead (the Hotflush-ish "When You"), Heavy Hearts and Lil' Bo Tweak (the deep boogie-house of "No Stoppin"). Almost as good, though, is the second CD, which offers a delicious mix from up-and-coming UK garage types CRST. A pleasant surprise, if we're honest.
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Intérprete: Monkey Beats, Detboi
out of stock $10.65
Cat: CHEAP 005X. Rel: 16 Oct 08
Electro House
  1. Rikkalicious (club mix)
  2. Rikkalicious (12" version)
Intérprete: Pete Tong
out of stock $7.46
Cheap Thrills Volume 1: A Mix Of Ghetto Bass, House, Dubstep, Electro, B More & Bassline
Cat: CHEAPLP 001CD. Rel: 21 Sep 09
UK Garage
  1. Jack Beats - "UFO"
  2. Fake Blood - "Fix Your Accent"
  3. Project Bassline - "Drop The Pressure" (original v Jack Beats remix - blended by Herve)
  4. Trevor Loveys - "Organ Grinder" (The Count aka Herve's Big B Morgan remix)
  5. Action Man - "Zombie Dance"
  6. Fake Blood - "Mars"
  7. Herve & Kissy Sell Out - "Rikkalicious"
  8. High Rankin - "No Money For Guns"
  9. Herve - "Baseball Bat" (feat Marina Gasolina)
  10. Speaker Junk - "Outside"
  11. Herve & Jack Beats - "Rainstick" (Herve's Monsoon mix)
  12. His Majesty Andre - "Puppets" (feat Bloody Beetroots)
  13. The Glamour - "Rubbin & Bumpin"
  14. Max Morrell - "Seelekio"
  15. Herve & Kissy Sell Out - "Everybody"
  16. High Rankin - "Clarence Baskerville 2"
  17. Jack Beats - "Labyrinth"
  18. Max Morrell - "Seelekio"
  19. Herve & Jack Beats - "Rainstick" (Bushfire mix)
  20. Max Morrell - "Back Yard Riddim"
  21. His Majesty Andre - "Puppets" (feat Bloody Beetroots)
  22. Fake Blood - "Fix Your Accent"
  23. Gigi Borocco - "The Rhythm"
  24. Speaker Junk - "Outside"
  25. Detboi - "Get Low"
  26. Fake Blood - "The Dozens"
  27. Trevor Loveys - "Organ Grinder" (The Count aka Herve's Big B Morgan remix)
  28. Jack Beats - "UFO"
  29. Martello - "Wasted" (feat Herve)
  30. Action Man - "Zombie Dance"
  31. High Rankin - "No Money For Guns"
  32. Project Bassline - "Drop The Pressure" (original v Jack Beats remix - blended by Herve)
  33. High Rankin - "Bubble & Squeak"
  34. Dub Frequency - "Felton Skank" (dub)
  35. Trevor Loveys - "Organ Grinder" (High Rankin VIP remix)
Intérprete: Mixmag, Inthemix
out of stock $14.91
Ghetto Bass 2
Ghetto Bass 2 (mixed 2xCD)
Cat: CHEAPLP 002CD. Rel: 15 Apr 10
Electro House
  1. Passion Pit - "Little Secrets" (Jack Beats remix)
  2. The Glamour - "Love Burn" (Max Morrell remix)
  3. The Count & Sinden - "Elephant 1234" (Reset! remix)
  4. Kill Light - "The Sound"
  5. His Majesty Andre - "Peep Thong" (The Mane Thing remix)
  6. Voodoo Chilli - "Check Out Our Groove" (Ghetto Bass remix)
  7. Fake Blood - "I Think I Like It"
  8. Cassius - "Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes" (Reset! remix)
  9. Hot City - "Hot City Bass" (Tropical edit)
  10. L-Vis 1990 - "United Groove" (MJ Cole remix)
  11. Max Morrell - "Murder Sound"
  12. The Warrior Project (Herve & Stanton Warrior) - "Don't Bring Me Down"
  13. Tim Deluxe - "Ripgroove" (The Count remix)
  14. Herve - "Hot! Drum Attack"
  15. Yolanda Be Cool - "Afronuts" (Douster remix plus Herve beats VIP mix)
  16. Herve - "Zombies"
  17. Orbital - "Lush" (Herve's Tree & Leaf remix)
  18. Herve - "Avenging Angel"
  19. A Made Up Sound - "Rework"
  20. Four Tet - "Love Cry" (Joy Orbison remix)
  21. Joy Orbison - "Hyph Mno" (original mix)
  22. Herve - "No Sleep"
  23. Mele - "Dancer"
  24. R1 Ryders - "Rubberband" (Funkitek mix)
  25. The Others - "King Pin"
  26. Sukh Knight - "Diesel Not Petrol"
  27. Steve Aoki - "I'm In The House" (feat Zuper Blahq - Herve's Burning Down The House remix)
  28. High Rankin - "Occupation Pimp & Gambler"
  29. The Temper Trap - "Science Of Fear" (The Count aka Herve remix)
  30. Nneka - "Heartbeat" (Chase & Status' We Just Bought A Guitar mix)
  31. Redlight - "Feel So Good"
  32. Herve - "Blaze It"
  33. high Rankin - "Apocolypse How"
  34. Sub Focus - "Last Jungle"
Review: Out on his own Cheaper Thrills label, fidget king Herve brings the hard twitchy funk with this second installment of his Ghetto Bass mixes. A perfect bulletin of the best and most hyped tunes of 2010 so far, there's absolutely no filler here and every tune comes thoroughly road tested. Jack Beats' mix of Passion Pit's kicks things off with some serious attitude, backing it up with Max Morrell's mighty mix of The Glamour's Love Burn. For a trademark mix of stuttering bass, hip-hop acapellas and huge build-up's, check out the obscure but incendiary The Sound by Kill Light, a banging tune made even better by some killer drum rolls.

Herve picks out some classy alternate mixes of some recent playlist favourites, such as MJ Cole's standout and thumping mix of L-Vis 1990's already classic United Groove. There's also the Baltimore flavoured Mane Thing remix of the Shalamar-sampling Peep Thong, a hit from last year on Cheap Thrills, as well as Herve's own mix of Steve Aoki's recent In The House, and an exclusive mix of Orbital's Lush. More Herve exclusives include Zombies and Hot! Drum Attack, both of which show a funky tropical influence on the beats with oodles of glitchy bass still present and correct. Douster's mix of Yolanda Be Cool's Afronuts works well alongside these, while a double dose of Joy Orbison ushers in a change of direction into more heavy wobblin' dubstep territory, courtesy of R1 Ryders, High Rankin and Sukh Knight among others. With plenty of bases covered, this is an invaluable collection of some of the most red-hot tunes available today, and should be checked out without delay.
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out of stock $14.91
No Money For Guns EP
Cat: CHEAPER 006. Rel: 22 May 09
Electro House
  1. No Money For Guns
  2. Beak Street
  3. Bubble & Squeak (feat Gyto)
  4. The Tale Of Clarence Baskerville
out of stock $5.86
Occupation: Pimp & Gambler EP
Cat: CHEAP 015X. Rel: 02 Feb 10
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Occupation: Pimp & Gambler
  2. How Many Records (feat Guto)
  3. The Airloom
  4. Top Shelf Obscene (feat Pie)
Intérprete: Temper D, Afghan Headspin
out of stock $5.86
Cheaper Thrills: Sampler 1
Cat: CHEAPER 003. Rel: 27 Feb 09
Electro House
  1. His Majesty Andre - "Peep Thong"
  2. His Majesty Andre - "NRG 555"
  3. Jack Beats - "What" (feat Dyna - dub)
  4. Jack Beats - "What" (feat Dyna - Boy 8 Bit remix)
Intérprete: Luigi Barone
out of stock $6.93
UFO EP (12")
Cat: CHEAP 010X. Rel: 24 Jul 09
Electro House
  1. UFO (K-Hole Bass riddim)
  2. Get Down (VIP)
  3. Labyrinth
out of stock $6.93
Out Of Body
Cat: CHEAP 018X. Rel: 15 Jul 10
Electro House
  1. Out Of Body
  2. Revolution
out of stock $8.52
Organ Grinder
Cat: CHEAP 013X. Rel: 05 Oct 09
Electro House
  1. Organ Grinder (original)
  2. Organ Grinder (High Rankin remix)
  3. Organ Grinder (The Count aka Herve's Big B Morgan remix)
  4. Organ Grinder (Green Money's Lighter remix)
out of stock $6.93
Sampler 02
Sampler 02 (12")
Cat: CHEAPER 015X. Rel: 01 Apr 10
Electro House
  1. Martelo - "Wasted" (feat Herve - Asap edit)
  2. Kill Frenzy - "54321" (Voodoo Chilli edit)
  3. Gigi Barocco - "Pumpin Up The Meter"
  4. Dub Frequency - "Whoop Whoop" (original)
out of stock $7.46
Song With No Word Volume 1
Cat: CHEAP 018X. Rel: 12 Mar 10
  1. Movement 1
  2. Movement 2
  3. Movement 3
  4. Movement 4
out of stock $6.93
Drop The Pressure
Cat: CHEAP 006X. Rel: 03 Feb 09
Electro House
  1. Drop The Pressure (club mix)
  2. Drop The Pressure (dub mix)
  3. Drop The Pressure (The Count's aka The Count of Monte Cristal Conquistador remix)
  4. Drop The Pressure (Jack Beats remix)
out of stock $5.86
The Twelfth Step EP
Cat: CHEAP 021X. Rel: 11 Aug 10
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. The Twelfth Step
  2. Quantum Mechanics
  3. The Twelfth Step (Herve 'Jungle Step' refix)
  4. The Twelfth Step (Mele remix)
out of stock $7.20
Cheap Thrills Sampler Vol 1
  1. Speaker Junk - "Outside"
  2. Herve & Jack Beats - "Rainstick" (Herve Bushfire remix)
  3. His Majesty Andre - "Puppets" (feat The Bloody Puppets)
  4. Max morrell - "Seelekio"
Intérprete: Kid Circus
out of stock $5.86
Hip Rave Anthem EP
Cat: CHEAP 007X. Rel: 30 Mar 09
UK Garage
  1. Hip Rave Anthem
  2. Boom Riddim
  3. Respond To Bass
out of stock $6.93
Love Songs
Love Songs (12")
Cat: CHEAPER 017X. Rel: 26 Mar 10
Electro House
  1. Love Songs (extended loop mix)
  2. Check Out Our Groove (Herve club edit)
out of stock $5.86
Titans EP
Titans EP (12")
Cat: CHEAP 002X. Rel: 23 Apr 08
Funky/Club House
  1. Get On down
  2. All I Need (feat Trevor Loveys)
  3. Streetplayers
  4. Big Byrd
out of stock $6.38
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Cheap Thrills
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