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Colemine US

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Cat: FCLMN 143. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Tiger Trot (3:10)
  2. Enter (4:31)
Review: Leroi's back! Well... He never went away. As a studiosmith and designer his fingerprints are all over many of Colemine's on-point curations, but now we're about to enjoy a whole new tonne of Conroy as he prepares to drop his debut album. These two heavyweight instrumentals set the scene perfectly; "Tiger Trot" looks east for melodic inspiration with a touch of New Orleans in the swampy sweaty delivery. "Enter" hits with more of a jazzier, freeform air as we spiral into trumpet dizziness into deep bluesy introspection and some damn fine breaks from fellow Colemine consistency Rob Houk. Only 300 copies pressed.
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Cat: FCLMN 147. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Sure Don't Miss You (vocal) (2:54)
  2. Sure Don't Miss You (instrumental) (3:20)
Review: Their last single was "Won't Be Coming Back", now comes "Sure Don't Miss You": We're noticing a theme here... And to be honest, we can't thank whichever ex-lover it was who upset this Seattle seven piece enough. Because we are getting some serious soul gold right here! Once again on Colemine, once again rich in harmony, once again with the big instrumentation and enough spring in the guitars and horns for big dance moves; The Dip are fast establishing themselves as a serious player in contemporary funk and they've even thrown in an instrumental to show how tight they are.
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Beyond The Sun (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: CLMN 12012. Rel: 15 Feb 16
  1. Don't Push Your Luck (4:08)
  2. Losin' You (3:55)
  3. No Pain (4:29)
  4. Take You Higher (4:21)
  5. Picture On The Wall (7:42)
  6. When Someone's Love Is Real (2:45)
  7. Interlude (1:18)
  8. Meat Machine (4:02)
  9. People Beyond The Sun (4:56)
  10. Down Down Down (3:52)
  11. I'm A Woman (I'm A Backbone) (4:05)
  12. Sabi (6:23)
Review: Long-established LA funk troupe Orgone re-deliver their 2015 album Beyond The Sun on gatefold coloured vinyl. As if the sounds were beautiful enough... Seven albums deep, the ever-expanding collective (who've backed the likes of Pharohe Monche, The Pharcyde and Plantlife) hone their sound to even tighter, silkier depths. Now rolling with new singer Adryon De Leon, there's a newfound sense of energy and style across the album. From the sweaty, stompy glam-funk grooves of "Someone's Love Is Real" to the smouldering smokiness of "No Pain", Orgone continue to remain in their own universe. If your collection doesn't boast this, now is the time.
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How Do I Talk To My Brother? (gatefold vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CLMN 12021LP. Rel: 05 Oct 18
  1. Try Love (3:49)
  2. Not One More Tear (3:24)
  3. Light Of My Life (2:38)
  4. Art School Girl (3:11)
  5. Can't Get Out Your Own Way (3:24)
  6. You Brought The Rain (2:18)
  7. It's Understanding (3:28)
  8. Dreamin's For Free (3:46)
  9. That's What You Mean To Me (3:10)
  10. How Do I Talk To My Brother? (3:59)
Review: With a father who played piano on some of Terry Callier's greatest records, Ben Pirani has solid soul credentials. He's also previously served up a swathe of superb singles, both as a solo artist and as part of various short-lived Chicago soul groups. Given this history, his first solo album, "How Do I Talk To My Brother", is without doubt something of a gem. Pirani's dream pop-influenced blue-eyed soul vocals naturally take centre stage, rising above '60s -style backing tracks - complete with fuzzy period production - that variously doff a cap to Motown style stompers, Callier style folk-soul, impassioned slow jams (see the sweet "Art School Girl"), and the kind of sun-kissed songs that will have even the most miserable of listeners grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat.
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Colemine US
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