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Digital Sting Vinilo y CD

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I Was So Far In I Was Out
I Was So Far In I Was Out (hand-stamped heavyweight vinyl LP in silk screen printed die-cut sleeve)
Cat: DS 006. Rel: 01 May 24
Blood (5:16)
Gateless Brainer (3:29)
Spring Rain (4:11)
Triton (5:07)
Marauder (4:44)
Vexed (4:12)
Digital Tomb (4:06)
Computer Paul (3:32)
Review: "Eclectic digital dub" are the words Digital Sting use to describe the latest from Feel Free Hi Fi. Given Feel Free Hi Fi also run the label, we can take the phrasing as gospel. A few minutes into 'Blood' and you'll be short of any evidence to suggest otherwise, too. Bringing together the timbres, aesthetics and tones that have defined their preceding short form and extended play output, this is a debut album which defines the idea of an amalgamation of sounds. Drawing on their own experimentations, but also a multitude of canons and sub genres, industrial meets weirdo dancehall, meets broken techno, meets spacey stepping beats, meets frog sounds, and then some more. Cinematic, au naturel, yet also born from machines as much as Mother Earth, if you're not hearing this come 10am at one free party this year we'll eat our steel-toed hemp shoes.
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 in stock $21.16
Prophet Noir
Prophet Noir (hand-stamped 12" in screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: DS 001. Rel: 30 Mar 21
Nosferatu (2:06)
Hyena (3:26)
Sorcerer (5:26)
Black Mask (5:51)
Flex (3:06)
Perilous (5:24)
 in stock $19.85
Scenery From Double Glazing
Cat: DS 008. Rel: 01 May 24
Queen G Theme
Pan Pipes Chamber
Sky High
Chaser (dub)
AM To PM (dub)
 in stock $14.29
Time Splitters
Time Splitters (cassette)
Cat: DS 007. Rel: 01 May 24
Roolingz - "Shout" (0:09)
Fearless - "Workin Hard" (2:20)
I Jahbar & Darkchild - "Stream" (3:24)
Longdon - "Careful" (3:15)
RDL Shellah & Tolerance - "Good Good" (2:40)
I Jahbar - "2am" (4:18)
Jah Love Chant (0:25)
G Sudden - "Love Neva Fail" (2:38)
I Jahbar & Darkchild - "Move" (3:11)
Buddydon - "Open Sesame" (5:35)
King Kush - "Choppa Dem Out" (3:28)
RDL Shellah - "Good Ambition" (2:40)
I Jahbar - "Mamma" (3:01)
Nature Provides Chant (0:28)
Darkchild - "Leave Dem Things Alone" (3:09)
1Solar Boss - "Focus" (3:30)
Babylon Fall Chant (0:33)
King Kush - "Big Tundra" (3:01)
Latty - "Stand Firm" (2:51)
Alexander West - "Shout" (0:39)
Alexander West - "Granny Grenade" (2:33)
 in stock $14.56
Artículos del 1 al 4 de 4 en la página 1 de 1
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