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Dr Bird Vinilo y CD

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Soul To Soul: DJ's Choice
Cat: DBCD 095. Rel: 11 Mar 22
Dennis Alcapone - "DJ's Choice"
Dennis Alcapone - "The Funky Tang"
Dennis Alcapone - "Picture On The Wall"
Lizzy & Dennis Alcapone - "Cry Tough"
Natural Youth - "Jungle Shank"
Lizzy - "Tricks Of The Trade"
Dennis Alcapone - "Wake Up Jamaica"
Lizzy - "Love Is A Treasure"
Lizzy & Dennis Alcapone - "Ba Ba Ri Ba Shank"
Dennis Alcapone & Lizzy - "The Right Song"
Dennis Alcapone - "Engine Engine Number Nine"
Dennis Alcapone - "The Wedding Song"
Dennis Alcapone - "Teach The Children" (bonus track)
Dennis Alcapone - "Mosquito 1" (bonus track)
Dennis Alcapone - "Number One Station" (bonus track)
Dennis Alcapone - "Love Is Not A Gamble" (bonus track)
Dennis Alcapone & Hopeton Lewis - "Judgment Day" (bonus track)
Dennis Alcapone - "Out The Light Baby" (bonus track)
Lizzy - "What A Lala" (bonus track)
Lizzy - "Scrubit" (bonus track)
Dennis Alcapone - "My Voice Insured For Half A Million" (bonus track)
Dennis Alcapone - "Musical Alphabet" (bonus track)
Dennis Alcapone & Lizzy - "The Great Woggie" (bonus track)
Tommy McCook & The All Stars - "Buttercup Version" (instrumental - bonus track)
Tommy McCook & The All Stars - "Wake Up Jamaica" (instrumental - bonus track)
Tommy McCook & The All Stars - "Buck & The Preacher" (instrumental - bonus track)
Earl Lindo & The Soul Syndicate - "Version Day" (instrumental - bonus track)
The Now Generation - "Musical Alphabet" (instrumental - bonus track)
Review: In 1973, and with the U-Roy-inspired 'deejay style' reggae craze at its height, toasters Dennis 'Alcapone' Smith and Delroy Petgrave AKA Lizzy joined forces with engineer Byron Smith to produce an album of brand-new songs based on Treasure Isle's vast archive of Duke Reid rocksteady and early roots reggae 'riddims'. Soul To Soul: DJ's Choice is undoubtedly a landmark reggae album, though this is the first time it's been available on CD. In true Doctor Bird style, this edition of the album has been expanded considerably, with the original set's 12 tracks being joined by 16 further Alcapone and Lizzy tracks from the Treasure Isle catalogue, including plenty of cuts that have never previously been released digitally and a wealth of dub style 'versions' from the flipsides of Jamaican singles.
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 in stock $11.43
Lots Of Love & I
Cat: DBCD 086. Rel: 10 Sep 21
Roots/Lovers Rock
Lots Of Love & I
Feel The Feeling
You Lied
Troubled Woman
My Time (I Deserve)
Unchain Me
Stepping Free
Mash It Up
Ghetto Stays In The Mind
Slow Down (12" mix)
Set Me Free (12" mix)
Movements (12" mix)
The Ghettto Stays In The Mind (12" mix)
 in stock $12.75
Rock Steady With Dandy (Expanded Edition)
Cat: DB2DPD 131. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Keep Them Fretting
Got You On My Mind
Soul Power
Sock It To Me
People Do Rock Steady Let's Do Rock Steady
Rhythm Of The Rain
Rude With Me
Play It Cool
Turn Your Wheel
My Wonderful One
Turn On Your Lovelight
You're No Hustler (You're A Scuffler)
The Operation
A Little More Ska
The Fight
Do You Know
One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer
Maximum Pressure
Rudy A Message To You
Till Death Do Us Part
My Time Now
East Of Suez
Puppet On A String
Have Your Fun
We Are Still Rude
Somewhere My Love
My Kind Of Love
There Is A Mountain
This Music Got Soul
I'm The Mood
That's How Strong My Love Is
Trouble In The Town
Charlie Brown
Ain't That A Shame
Do It Right Now
The Giant March
Sweet Ride
Up The Hill
Tears On My Pillow
Mad Them
I'm Back With A Bang Bang
Jungle Walk
 in stock $13.56
Bitter Sweet/Reggae On Broadway
Cat: DB CD129. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Roots/Lovers Rock
I'm Not For Sale (Sugar Minott: Bitter Sweet)
Give The People
Never Too Young
Be Careful
Right Track
Can't Get Over
Save The Children
This World
Lend Me Your Chopper (Johnny Osborne: Reggae On Broadway)
Can't Leave Jah
Reggae On Broadway
Sing Along
Mr Walker
Rock & Come On
Water Pumping
Folly Ranking
World Needs Love
Live Right
Review: For their latest deep dive into the history of Jamaican music, Dr Bird has decided to deliver two key albums from the formative years of dancehall, both of which were produced by King Jammy and - remarkably - have never made it to CD before. Disc one boasts Sugar Minott's 1979 set Bitter Sweet, a super-sweet and hugely enjoyable collection that added traditional roots reggae style vocals and instrumentation to rhythms and grooves that provided the bedrock of the dancehall sound (for proof, check 'Give The People' and 'Not For Sale'). Over on CD2, it's all about Johnny Osbourne's 'Reggae On Broadway', a more weighty and low-slung affair that nevertheless proved influential to a whole generation of dancehall enthusiasts. 'Lend Me Your Chopper', 'Reggae On Broadway' and 'Folly Ranking' are particularly potent.
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 in stock $10.37
First Time Around (Expanded Edition)
Cat: DBCDD 114. Rel: 21 Oct 22
That's What Friends Are For
Ticket To Ride
Poorer Side Of Town
Loving Pauper
Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)
Little Jeannie
Go On
Let Me Know It
Sad Eyes
Someone To Love
Memories (By The Score) (bonus track)
Mama Say (bonus track)
Feeling Soul (bonus track)
Just A Holiday (bonus track)
Time To Leave Daddy (bonus track)
Close To Me (bonus track)
Let's Make A Baby (bonus track)
I Can't Stop Now (bonus track)
When I Think Of You (bonus track)
Don't Go Changing (bonus track)
Emotion (bonus track)
George Nooks - "Since I Fell For You"
Rudy Thomas - "(Riding On A High &) Windy Day"
Earth & Stone - "Why Girl"
Wayne Wade - "After You"
The Might Diamonds - "Gypsy Woman"
George Nooks - "Working My Way Back To You"
Freddie Mcgregor - "Nice First Sight Loving"
Hugh Griffiths - "Everyday Is Just A Holiday"
Tyrone Taylor - "Just When I Needed You The Most"
Derrick Lara - "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"
David Isaacs - "Gonna Get You"
Jimmy Riley - "Hey You"
Shirley Mclean - "Something Precious"
Nehemiah Heild - "Your Body's Here With Me"
George Nooks - "Sadie"
The Mighty Diamonds - "Party Time"
Hugh Griffiths - "It's Nice To Be With You"
Delroy Wilson - "Got To Get Your Love"
Ruddy Thomas - "Being With You"
George Nooks - "Left With A Broken Heart"
 in stock $12.49
Ska La Rama: Treasure Isle Ska 1965-1966
Cat: DBCDD 107. Rel: 01 Jul 22
Lyn Taitt - "Ska La Rama"
The Zodiacs - "Renegade"
Baba Brooks - "Independent Ska"
Derrick Morgan - "Around The Corner"
Baba Brooks - "One Eyed Giant"
Stranger Cole - "Koo Koo Doo"
Tommy McCook - "Rocket Ship"
The Movers - "Jo Ann" (take 2)
Baba Brooks - "Duck Soup"
Derrick Morgan & Naomi - "I Wish I Were An Apple"
Roland Alphonso - "Nuclear Weapon"
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - "Never Too Young"
Don Drummond - "University Goes Ska"
Stranger Cole - "Run Joe"
Baba Brooks - "Teenage Ska"
Derrick Morgan - "Don't Call Me Daddy"
Don Drummond - "Thoroughfare"
Stranger Cole - "Toy Cat aka My Pussy"
Baba Brooks & His Band - "Vitamin A"
Dotty & Bonnie - "Don't Do It"
Don Drummond - "Stampede"
Stranger Cole & Claudette Clarke - "Seven Days"
The Clarendonians - "You Are A Fool"
Baba Brooks - "Virginia Ska"
The Silvertones - "My True Confession"
Roland Alphonso - "Portrait To Don"
Baba Brooks - "Guns Fever" (take 1)
Stranger Cole - "Always Remember Me" (take 3)
The Zodiacs - "I Can't Do The Ska" (take 2)
Lyn Taitt - "Forty Miles Of Bad Road" (take 2)
Derrick & Naomi - "My Lover Has Left Me"
Baba Brooks & His Band - "Smokey Ska" (take 2)
The Spanishtonians - "You Wish Me Bad" (take 4)
Baba Brooks & His Band - "Alcatraz" (take 1)
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - "Verona" (take 3)
Lyn Taitt & The Comets - "Storm Warning" (take 3)
The Movers - "Oh Misery" (take 1)
Baba Brooks - "Western Flyer aka Road To Nowhere"
Lyn Taitt & The Comets - "Ska La Rama" (alternate take)
The Zodiacs - "Wake Me, Shame Me" (take 1)
Owen & Leon - "Love Me Or Leave Me" (take 2)
Baba Brooks - "Joe Snow Kone" (take 2)
Derrick & Noami - "I Want A Lover" (take 2)
Frank Cosmo - "I'm All Alone" (take 2)
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - "Peace & Love" (take 3)
Baba Brooks & His Band - "The Clock" (take 2)
The Zodiacs - "My Heart Is Aching" (take 2)
Derrick Morgan - "How You Know Your Friend" (take 2)
Duke Reid's Group - "What A Bailing" (take 4)
Lyn Taitt - "Dog War" (take 2)
Basil Caral - "The Army Is Searching" (take 1)
Baba Brooks & His Band - "After A Storm"
 in stock $12.49
United Dreadlocks Volumes 1 & 2
Cat: DBCDD 105. Rel: 17 Jun 22
Roots/Lovers Rock
Gregory Isaacs - "Set The Children Free"
Dennis Brown - "Children Of Israel"
Earth & Stone - "Wicked Have Fe Dressback"
Junior Delgado - "Devil's Throne"
Joy White - "Tribulation"
Dennis Brown - "Whip Them Jah"
Junior Ross & The Spear - "Judgement Time"
Junior Ross & The Spear - "Rastaman Say"
Gregory Isaacs - "Lovelight"
Freddie Mckay - "Marcia"
Gregory Isaacs - "Babylon Too Rough"
Bobby Melody - "Jah Bring I Joy"
Glen Washington - "Rockers Nu Crackers"
Ronald & Karl Charmbers - "Things Not So Nice"
Shorty The President - "No Peace"
The Ethiopians - "Band Your Belly"
Silford Walker - "Jah Golden Pen"
Prince Far I - "Deck Of Cards"
Dennis Walks - "Navel String"
Bobby Melody - "I'll Never Be Lonely"
Leo Graham - "Perilous Time"
Prince Far I - "Tribute To Michael Holding"
Ruddy Thomas - "Close To Me"
George Nooks - "The Creator"
Dennis Brown - "Vineyard"
Cornel Campbell - "Wise Bird"
Ruddy Thomas - "Memories"
Dennis Brown - "Hooligan"
The Afriques - "Cool It Brothers"
Ferris Thomas - "Set Up Yourself"
Junior Byles - "Heart & Soul"
Marcia Aitken - "My Man"
Prince Far I - "Heavy Manners"
Marcia Aitken - "Boy A Love You"
Ruddy Thomas - "Let's Make A Baby"
George Nooks - "Tribal War"
Cornel Campbell - "No Man's Land"
Shorty The President - "Natty Pass His GCE"
Max Romeo - "Stop Picking On Me"
Marcia Aitken - "I'm Still In Love With You Boy"
Trinity - "Three Piece Suit"
Althea & Donna - "Uptown Top Ranking"
The Mighty Diamonds - "Keep On Moving"
Culture - "Two Sevens Clash"
 in stock $14.88
Rocking On The GG Beat 1970-1971
Cat: DBCDD 121. Rel: 15 Jun 23
Cornel Campbell - "Music Keep On Playing"
The Maytones - "Another Festival"
Bird Wing - "Winston Wright"
Trevor & Keith - "Ring The Bell"
Jack & Bill - "They Hold I"
Paulette & Gee - "Willy My Darling"
The Maytones - "Since You Left"
Joseph Leeford - "Soul Music"
Paulette & Gee - "Feel It More & More"
Charlie Ace - "Ontarius Version"
The Maytones - " I Don't Like To Interfere"
Paulette & Gee - " Hold On Tight"
Charlie Ace - "Shock & Shake Version 3"
Cliff & Winston - "Rocking On The GG Beat"
The Maytones - "Cleanliness"
Charlie Ace - "Happy Soul"
The GG Allstars - " Flush"
Trevor Brown - "Mr Brown"
Cliff & Winston - "Minna Hear Me Now"
Val Bennett - "Judgement Warrant"
The West Indians - "Lonely Nights"
The Maytones - "Let The Version Play"
Keeling Beckford - "Groove Me"
Cliff & Winston - "All One Nation"
The GG All Stars - "Want Money"
The Soul Makers - "No Reccommendations"
The Maystones - "Groove Me"
Charlie Ace - "Do Something (Groove Me)"
Gerald McLeash - "False Reaper"
The Ethiopians - "Love Bug"
The Maystones - "Black & White"
Charlie Ace - "Lover's Affair"
Bunny & The Kiemanaires - "Devil's Angel"
The Maytones - "Babylon A Fall"
Cynthia Richards - "A Place In My Heart"
The Ethiopians - "Sounds Of Our Forefathers"
The Invaders - "Got To Go Home"
Vern & Son - "Little Boy Blue"
The Slickers - " Oh My Baby"
Paulette & Gee - "How Long Will You Stay"
Roy & Bim - "Do You Remember"
The Maytones - " Bongo Man Rise"
The Ethiopians - "Starvation"
Winston Wright - "King Of Jamaica"
The Invaders - "Aim In View"
Irving & Cynthia - "You've Got A Friend"
Max Romeo - "Tell Laura I Love Her"
The Maytones - "Run Babylon"
Maxie & Glen - " Jordan River"
Jah Huntley - "Rod Of Righteousness"
Dennis Alcapone - "King Of Glory"
 in stock $12.49
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