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EQT US Vinilo y CD

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Birdsongs: Volume 1-3
Birdsongs: Volume 1-3 (limited gatefold translucent light blue clear vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: EQT 1389991. Rel: 05 Jun 24
On My Mind (Side 1: Birdsongs Volume 1) (3:21)
Heavy Eyes (3:12)
Stripes (2:53)
Taking My Own Advice (3:11)
Barcelona (2:59)
Esperame (2:19)
&&& I Feel Fine (reprise) (2:35)
Bite (Side 2: Birdsongs Volume 2) (2:34)
Chasing Deer (2:53)
Grace (interlude) (1:39)
Beluga Baby (2:35)
Cuff (1:44)
Lo Que Tuvimos (3:02)
Etude Blue (1:33)
Backboard (Side 3: Birdsongs Volume 3) (6:06)
Darkness Of The Night (2:13)
Easy On Them Turns (2:22)
Lianne (1:47)
Sunset (Prelude) (2:58)
Lightning Of July (4:02)
On My Mind (part 2) (1:10)
Amelia (Side 4: Rarities) (2:30)
Pretty (1:49)
Yellow Smile (2:15)
Bajo Vintage Sunburst (1:17)
Untitled 5 (1:26)
Come2ursenses (1:41)
See U In The Fall (1:32)
Win Column (3:26)
 in stock $41.15
All My Heroes Are Cornballs
Cat: 281211 8685. Rel: 28 Feb 20
Hip Hop/R&B
Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot (2:37)
Kenan Vs Kel (3:02)
Beta Male Strategies (3:19)
Jpegmafia Type Beat (0:56)
Grimy Waifu (2:58)
PTSD (2:30)
Rap Grow Old & Die X No Child Left Behind (2:48)
All My Heroes Are Cornballs (3:23)
BBW (1:41)
Prone! (2:42)
Lifes Hard, Here's A Song About Sorrel (1:03)
Thot Tactics (2:46)
Free The Frail (feat Helena Deland) (3:37)
Post Verified Lidestyle (3:38)
Basicbitchteargas (1:14)
Dots (feat Buzzy Lee & Abdu Ali Freestyle remix) (2:21)
Buttermilk Jesus Type Beat (1:04)
Track 18 (3:55)
Review: If JPEGMafia is a great artist name, "All My Heroes Are Cornballs" is an even better title for an album. It's the third from this experimental American rapper and another fascinating insight into his elastic, protean mind. Musically, it's tense, with rock licks and distorted guitars next to sinewy electronics and organic hand claps. The whole record brims with pop references to anime chapters, internet personalities and characters from the DC Universe, pushing and pulling you in many different directions on a whim. It makes for a loose collage, a living and breathing musical sketchbook, and an alluring listen.
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 in stock $33.61
Masego (gatefold 2xLP with obi-strip)
Cat: EQTB 003788901. Rel: 19 Jul 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Black Anime (4:26)
Sax Fifth Avenue (3:13)
What You Wanna Try (2:41)
Afraid Of Water (2:36)
Down In The Dumps (3:03)
You Play With My Heart (3:48)
Remembering Sundays (1:03)
Who Cares Anyway (2:59)
Bye Bye My Love (2:49)
Say You Want Me (3:37)
Two Sides (I'm So Gemini) (2:50)
You Never Visit Me (3:57)
In Style (3:02)
Eternal Sunshine (Fire Pit) (4:17)
Review: A blissful new self-titled, sophomore LP from Jamaican-American rapper, singer, producer and Masego. Bringing together honest and infectious songwriting and raw-but-soft production, this is an indelible addition to Masego already's already-established style and catalogue; one particularly known for the incorporation of saxophone parts between ultra-slick beats a-la collaborators FKJ or Medasin. One imagines hotboxed, closed-door studio rooms and leopard prints, as Masego compellingly explores his emotions a humorous fashion, and across a curt 14 tracks.
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 in stock $60.77
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