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Eggroll US Vinilo y CD

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13 Chambers
Cat: ER 10013B. Rel: 16 Oct 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Sleep Rules Everything Around Me (3:18)
Suicide Surprise (3:53)
Another Chessboxin’ Argument (3:32)
Ghetto Afterthought (3:18)
Sweet Release (3:06)
Shame On Blue (3:55)
Slow Like That (4:09)
Floating Labels (2:23)
PLO Squared (2:39)
Nowhere To Wait (3:10)
Last Chance For The Clientele Kid (3:20)
Killa Hill (3:11)
Forensic Shimmy (2:51)
Review: A novelty mashup album first released over ten years ago by Doomtree's Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy, Wugazi is an album reflecting the cream of the crop of the cut-and-paste style. An ultra-niche, hilarious fusion of the straight-edge grimoire-punk backing tracks of Fugazi's Instrument, and the lyrical fine-stylings of the Wu-Tang Clan's The 36 Chambers, Otter and Andy deliver a successful and convincing rerub of two of the most rebellious collective spirits in musical history. Now reissued via Eggroll.
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