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Fly By Night

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Habbanera (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: FBNM 018. Rel: 07 Mar 19
  1. Habbanera (4:14)
  2. Habbanera (Leo Mas & Fabrice remix) (6:13)
  3. Habbanera (alternate version) (6:34)
  4. Habbanera (Leo Mas & Fabrice alternate remix) (6:41)
Review: Over the years, Italian eccentrics 291out have proved tricky to pin down. While their releases are rooted in the spacey end of the jazz-funk spectrum, they also touch on film soundtracks, quirky electronica and meandering progressive rock. This time out they're operating on a Latin tinged jazz-rock tip, with crunchy guitars, fuzz-soaked horns, rubbery bass and eyes-closed electric piano motifs rising above a head-nodding groove. The band's included "Alternative Version" is noticeably wilder and more intense, with a looser beat and a greater number of mind-mangling horn solos. In terms of remixes, you'll find Italian veterans Leo Mas and Fabrice at the controls. Their A-side revision sounds a little like a jazzier take on Italian Balearic rock merchants Almunia, while their flipside "Alternative Remix" is a bounding, peak-time-ready jazz-house workout.
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 in stock $12.18
Kalimba (Calypso Edit) (limited hand-stamped 1-sided heavyweight vinyl 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: FBNMXX I. Rel: 24 Jan 19
  1. Kalimba (Calypso edit) (4:59)
Review: This limited edition, single-sided salvo sees Fly By Night boss Lorenzo Bandeira edit up a mid-'80s chunk of smooth jazz Balearica by American saxophonist Bob Berg. Bandeira wisely jettisons all of the cheesier elements of Berg's original version. Instead, he focuses on the track's rubbery tropical rhythms, calypso-inspired synthesized kalimba melodies, Berg's deliciously dreamy chord sequences and the undeniably glassy-eyed sense of sunrise-inspired release. He's also added some well-placed dub delays here and there, too, transforming the track into the kind of loved-up tropical chugger that probably sounds awesome while watching the sun go down. Bravo Sir!
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 in stock $10.29
Ajos EP (12")
Cat: FBNM 016. Rel: 05 Oct 17
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Jazz Error NYC (5:43)
  2. 2am In Africa (6:07)
 in stock $8.65
Cat: FBNMLP 002. Rel: 01 Nov 18
  1. Franco Delfino - "Onusto" (4:02)
  2. Oscar Rocchi & His Keyboards - "Stars' Sea" (3:42)
  3. King Zerand Orchestra - "Take Eught" (4:04)
  4. Mitridate - "Bolle D'Aria" (3:03)
  5. Complesso Di Livio Chiarizia - "Fast Food" (3:44)
  6. The Astral Dimension - "Eros Stars" (3:40)
  7. Guido Manusardi - "Neve" (3:30)
  8. Orchestra Giampaolo Boneschi - "Oltre Il Dosso" (3:39)
  9. Aleo's Band - "EOE" (2:37)
  10. Fabor's Orchestra - "Soap Bubbles" (3:10)
  11. Jayfield Orhestra - "Black Medusa" (3:04)
  12. Orchestra Giampaolo Boneschi - "Rilassamento" (3:17)
 in stock $17.60
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Fly By Night
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