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Fragile Germany

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Cat: FRAGILE 4. Rel: 14 Dec 16
  1. That's Desire (feat Ash B) (5:42)
  2. Fast Lane (1986 recording) (4:11)
  3. Anderes Osterlied (2:15)
  4. Here We Are (5:51)
  5. Naive Me (4:59)
  6. Warm Star (Porto/Bogota edit) (4:14)
Review: Fragile is a new project from photographer-turned-recording artist Wolfgang Tillmans. The basic idea is that he's the main vocalist and producer, and is accompanied by a rotating cast of friendly musicians and session players. Apparently, the material on Here We Are was recorded at various points over the course of the last three decades (the high octane "Fast Lane" was recorded as far back as 1986, when he was just 18), and flits between attitude-heavy post-punk, krautrock experimentalism, new wave and, in the case of the catchy title track, early New Order style indie-pop. It's a curious collection, but one that contains a wealth of entertaining and interesting material.
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Cat: FRAGILE 003. Rel: 15 Sep 16
  1. Device Control (6:57)
  2. Angered Son (live with Kyle Combs) (1:44)
  3. Angered Son (with Solo) (2:04)
  4. Make It Up As You Go Along (Salem remix) (2:40)
  5. Make It Up As You Go Along (Daniel Wang & JEEP remix) (8:30)
  6. Make It Up As You Go Along (Daniel Wang & JEEP dub) (5:33)
Review: Renowned German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans made his debut as a producer on the 2016 / 1986 Ep last year and now presents the follow up entitled Device Control. The title track is a serving of slow grinding and sexy pop inflected electro, reminiscent of early noughties acts such as .ADULT or Fischerspooner. The woozy and hypnotic acappella "Angered Son" is a duet with Kyle Combs, performed live. "Make It Up As You Go Along" gets a couple of tremendous renditions: Salem deliver their trademark brand of witch house on their remix, while Berlin's disco hero Daniel Wang teams up with J.E.E.P. for a fabulous deep acid journey (a handy dub version is also included).
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Source (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: FRAGILE 07. Rel: 09 May 18
  1. Source (Roman Flugel mix) (9:28)
  2. Source (15:54)
Review: Acclaimed photographer and visual artist Wolfgang Tillmans seems to be devoting more of his time to music making. Source marks his second EP of the year, following the February release of Heute Will Ich Frei Sein. In its original form (featured on the flipside), "Source" is an epic piece of next level electronic experimentalism, with Tillmans wrapping his own manipulated vocal howls, yelps and other non-verbal noises in fuzzy modular synths and end-of-days electronics. This 16-minute original version comes accompanied by a naturally more dancefloor-friendly revision by Roman Flugel, who places rolling, mind-altering drum machine hits and a rumbling bassline underneath Tillmans' eccentric original elements.
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Cat: FRAGILE 01. Rel: 29 Jun 16
  1. Make It Up As You Go Along (5:06)
  2. Triangle/Gong/What (5:03)
  3. Fascinating This Time (2:42)
  4. Stranger (3:52)
  5. Time Flows All Over (5:33)
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Hamburg Sud/Nee Iyaow Eow Eow (CD + 48 page booklet)
Cat: FRAGILE 05. Rel: 23 Nov 17
  1. Hamburg Sud (part 1)
  2. MMMMM Aah
  3. Hamburg Sud (part 2)
  4. HaHaHaHa
  5. Hamburg Sud (part 3)
  6. Nee IYaow Eow Eow
  7. Hamburg Sud (part 4)
  8. EEEEEEEhh
  9. Hamburg Sud (part 5)
  10. Device Control (intro)
  11. Hamburg Sud (part 6)
  12. It's Completely Changed
  13. Throw A View
  14. Mmmmeehh
  15. Hihihi Hee
  16. Soda Stream
  17. Overdub (Calm To Chaos Jul28)
  18. Morning Return
  19. Make It Up As You Go Along
  20. Device Control
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Cat: FRAGILE 06. Rel: 07 Feb 18
  1. Heute Will Ich Frei Sein (feat Wreck & Reference) (5:53)
  2. Completely Changed (3:23)
  3. On My Own (3:35)
  4. Fast Lane (Justin Strauss & Bryan Mette Whatever/Whatever remix) (8:05)
  5. Tired Car Alarm (1:06)
Review: Although primarily known as a photographer and award-winning artist, Berlin stalwart Wolfgang Tillmans has dabbled in music for most of his adult life. His latest EP - his first for two years - largely explores his love of left-of-centre minimal wave and vintage experimental electronica. It's very entertaining, all told, with his distinctively stylish vocals rising above dusty drum machine rhythms and dirt-encrusted synthesizer melodies. Californian experimentalists Wreck & Reference lend a hand on the superb title track, while Justin Strauss and Bryan Mette give the previously released "Fast Lane" a gently pulsating, dubbed-out, new wave twist. It's a little more dancefloor-friendly than the rest of the EP, but still in keeping with Tillmans' artistic vision.
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Fragile Germany