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Fusion Sequence Vinilo y CD

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Various 1
Various 1 (heavyweight vinyl mini LP)
Cat: FS 001. Rel: 20 Mar 23
Deep House
A Vision Of Panorama - "From The South" (5:13)
Eternal Love - "Sunset Shampoo" (5:21)
Pool Boy - "Icy Dub" (3:31)
Wolfey - "Soma" (4:10)
Laseech - "Forbidden Estuary" (6:12)
Larry Quest - "Room 4 More" (5:29)
Jay Sound - "Reflections Of Love" (feat Josefine) (6:33)
Review: Fusion Sequence is a new offshoot from the Mellophonia label that kicks off with a heavyweight release both literally - its 180g vinyl - and metaphorically. It features seven different artists offering up one track each on what is a widescreen exploration of fresh deep house. They are A Vision of Panorama, Eternal Love, Pool Boy, Wolfey, Laseech, Larry Quest and Jay Sound and between them everything from cuddly depths to more moody late-night deepness is covered on an EP that brings plenty of new perspectives. A fine inaugural 12", then.
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Various 2
Various 2 (180 gram vinyl mini LP)
Cat: FS 002. Rel: 15 May 23
Vanity Project - "Flamingo Heights" (6:05)
Bobby Bricks - "Things I Remember" (4:39)
Pacific Coliseum - "Dream Island" (4:38)
The Variable Club - "Protofeel" (4:11)
Unknown Mobile - "Dog Taxi Hotel" (5:16)
Laseech - "Space Sunday" (4:51)
Sorcerer - "Just For Love" (4:20)
Review: The Mellophonia label offshoot Fusion Sequence won us over with its well-presented and great-sounding first EP, and now a quick follow-up does the same. This one is another various artists affair that starts with some nice futuristic robot disco from Vanity Project. There is more organic and lush Balearic from Bobby Bricks and Pacific Coliseum follows that spine-tingling Ibiza sunset vibe. On the flip side, there is everything from late-night electronic house to lazy disco via Sorcerer's blissed out 'Just For Love' which would entrance any dance floor. There's as much quality as there is variation on this one, which makes it a useful EP indeed.

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Various 3
Various 3 (mini LP)
Cat: FS 003. Rel: 17 Jul 23
Deep House
The Variable Club - "Biorhythms" (5:05)
Alpine DJ - "Pepe Nony" (6:38)
A Vision Of Panorama - "Kissing The Sun" (4:42)
Pete Bandit - "Many Stories" (6:53)
Common Mode - "Bassface" (5:49)
Body Corp - "Take It Or Leave It" (4:40)
Review: There is a wealth of talent on show on the third EP from the Fusion Sequence label which has put together this six-track deep house sizzler. The Variable Club' 'Biorhythms' is perfectly warm and dynamic for cosy backroom moments and Alpine DJ then brings an old school piano feel to 'Pepe Nony' before A Vision Of Panorama zones you out on lush chords and reverential keys on 'Kissing The Sun.' The flipside offers the more dark and heads-down 'Many Stories' while the blissed-out and feel-good grooves return with Common Mode's 'Bassface.' Body Corp shuts down with the slower, seductive sounds of 'Take It Or Leave It' which rounds out a top-class EP.

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