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Forest Land
Forest Land (CD in hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: GRSCL 16. Rel: 18 Jan 21
  1. Hunt
  2. Flying Leaves
  3. Downpour
  4. Oak
  5. Ethereal Night
  6. Plant
  7. Cold Ground
  8. Pinecone
  9. Pebble
  10. Morning Dew
Review: There is something faintly unsettling about Forest Land, the debut album from Greyscale Mood Series regular Altone. Musically, the ten showcased tracks are rooted in dub techno and feature many musical elements associated with the style - think deep sub-bass, echoing, reggae style piano riffs, ambient electronics, field recordings and incredible sound design. Yet none of these tracks sound like "dub techno by numbers", something we attribute to the producer's frequent use of off-kilter, unorthodox rhythm patters and metallic, almost industrial percussion sounds. In other words, it may be as atmospheric and - at times - meditative as other dub techno releases, but it's also a whole lot creepier too. An album well worth further investigation.
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Radiant Energy
Radiant Energy (180 gram clear vinyl 12")
Cat: GREYEXP O001. Rel: 22 Jan 21
  1. Marco Cassanelli - "Camden Town" (7:23)
  2. Sibling - "Valhalla" (6:33)
  3. Federsen - "Evolution" (7:32)
  4. Genning - "Q3" (6:18)
 in stock $13.16
Render Series
Cat: GRSCL 11. Rel: 24 Jun 19
  1. Render_001_Primer
  2. Render_002_Proximity
  3. Render_003_Untitled
  4. Render_004_Nue
  5. Render_005_Polypattern
  6. Render_006_Jade
  7. Render_006_Jade (GRIT remix)
  8. Render_006_Jade (Federsen remix)
  9. Render_007_Metro
  10. Render_008_Valve
  11. Render_008_Valve (Sibling reconstruction)
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 in stock $13.28
Echo Train
Cat: GRSCL 15. Rel: 04 Sep 20
  1. Elevate
  2. Catalyst
  3. Aurora
  4. Rain Impulse
  5. Cold Movement
  6. Storm
  7. Echo Train
  8. Winter Clouds
  9. Winter Clouds (Revision)
 in stock $16.02
Archive 01
Cat: GREYARCHIVE 001. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. A1 (6:07)
  2. A2 (6:02)
  3. A4 (4:02)
  4. A3 (6:50)
  5. C1 (9:16)
Intérprete: Kessell
 in stock $13.16
Dub Harmonics
Dub Harmonics (CD in hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: GRSCL 12. Rel: 05 Dec 19
  1. Harmonic 01
  2. Harmonic 02
  3. Harmonic 03
  4. Harmonic 04
  5. Harmonic 05
  6. Harmonic 06
  7. Harmonic 07
  8. Harmonic 08
  9. Harmonic 09
  10. Harmonic 10
Review: Over the course of two albums and a handful of singles, Gradient has showcased a distinctive take on dub techno that emphasizes melodic positivity and aural colour just as much as bass-heavy rhythms and sonic warmth. That trademark sound once again comes to the fore on "Dub Harmonics", which merrily skips between sub-baked dub house ("Harmonic 02"), locked-in peak-time grooves (the smile-inducing goodness of "Harmonic 04"), spaced-out deep space dub ("Harmonic 06") and rolling, early morning dancefloor workouts (the acid bass-propelled "Harmonic 09"). While there are no real surprises or stylistic shifts, there's enough subtle differences to make the album flow nicely, while the ear-pleasing nature of Gradient's sound makes "Dub Harmonics" a very enjoyable listen.
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 in stock $16.02
O Theos Einai Agapi
O Theos Einai Agapi (CD in hard-back book case)
Cat: GRSCL 18. Rel: 30 Jun 21
  1. Cloud Forest
  2. Deep Dimension
  3. Soundscapes
  4. Rare 4
  5. Slow Motion Clouds
  6. Summer Grey Session
  7. Chordalia 2
  8. Rare 3
  9. Summer Vibes
 in stock $15.45
Home (CD)
Cat: GRSCL 14. Rel: 11 Jun 20
  1. Out Of Scope
  2. El Canelo
  3. Emsaue
  4. Home
  5. Domplatz Dub
  6. Aasee
  7. Monasteria
  8. Guntrup
  9. Maestrup
  10. Pentrup
 in stock $16.59
Come Home EP
Come Home EP (white vinyl 12")
Cat: GREYSCALE 05. Rel: 17 Jan 20
  1. Come Home (6:03)
  2. Breathe (5:56)
  3. Cut You Down (5:26)
  4. Breathe (Deepchord Ocean remix) (7:14)
Review: Deepchord label co-founder Mike Schommer is lesser known than his partner Rod Modell, but this new EP on Greyscale could well even things out a little. His third solo EP is a tender dub techno lullaby with distinctive vocals from Milly James. On "Come Home," the dubbed out chords ripple to infinity while James' angelic vocal lingers long in the air above, then "Breathe" slows things right down to a crawl for even deeper listening. "Cut You Down" is impressively cavernous then Deepchord remixes "Breathe" into a frosty and late night roller.
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 in stock $13.16
Dancing Street (Grad U, VRIL mixes)
Dancing Street (Grad U, VRIL mixes) (180 gram white vinyl 12")
Cat: GREYSCALE 07. Rel: 30 Jun 21
  1. Dancing Street (8:04)
  2. Skyscrapers Street (6:54)
  3. Dancing Street (Grad U remix) (8:21)
  4. Skyscrapers Street (VRIL remix) (6:30)
Review: Martin Schulte is the latest addition to the ever-growing ranks of the Greyscale label. He serves up a pair of tunes with remixes from the always in form VRIL and the label's own Grad U. There is a serious dub mood immediately established with 'Dancing Street.' Coated in static and laden with heavy chords, the grainy atmosphere draws you in deep and zones you out then 'Skyscrapers Street' brings a little more light with more airy kicks and shards of synth that puncture the dub fog. The Grad U remix is more techno leaning and forceful as it ups the ante, then VRIL spaces you out with ambient pads and spacious kicks suspending you in a vast cavern of motionless dub.
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 in stock $13.45
Sounds Of Silence
Sounds Of Silence (CD in hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: GRSCL 13. Rel: 25 Feb 20
  1. Wind
  2. Spacechord
  3. Meander
  4. Endless Sonnenuntergang
  5. Sounds Of Silence
  6. A Walk Before Dawn
  7. Don't Give Up
  8. Cold Breath Of Wind
Review: Lithuanian label Greyscale has the kind of sharply focused aesthetic you can really sink your teeth into - they deal in dub techno, tastefully packaged and all bound to the idea of the label name. It's a truism for much in the dub techno oeuvre, where melodies interrupt the flow of billowing reverb clouds and submerged pads. So it goes on this collaborative album from Sibling and Heavenchord, where the immersion ranges from meditative pulses to beatless echo chambers. For anyone who needs a daily fix of cavernous delays and those chords, you won't find a more faithful interpretation of the dub techno sound than right here on this CD.
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 in stock $13.45
This Quiet Earth
This Quiet Earth (CD in hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: GRSCL 17. Rel: 19 Apr 21
  1. This Quiet Earth
  2. The Rivers Are Dry
  3. Waking World
  4. Time As A Theme
  5. Trippy Specs
  6. Two Halves
  7. Cosmism
  8. The Community Of Worlds
  9. Lucy's Sky Dreams
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Mood Compiled
Mood Compiled (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: GRSCLMCD 001. Rel: 05 Mar 21
  1. Zub - "Stranger"
  2. Altone - "Degeneration"
  3. Heavenchord - "Grey Label"
  4. Ayqix - "Pallki"
  5. Dubonautik - "Heightened State"
  6. Altone - "Solar System"
  7. Phobos Child - "Upwards"
  8. Deepcut - "Distance"
  9. Oscpllex - "Variation 7"
  10. EERT - "Stamp"
  11. BOTN - "Liar"
  12. Francisco Aguado - "Symmetry"
  13. Tender H - "Sunsets"
  14. Faserklang - "Misty"
  15. Altone - "Winds Of Chaos"
  16. Dubrovnik - "Ecocene"
  17. Francisco Aguado - "Isotropy"
  18. Genning - "Rings Of Planet"
  19. Heavenchord - "Inner Waves"
  20. Grad U - "Machine"
 in stock $22.88
Mood Compiled 2
Mood Compiled 2 (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: GRSCLMCD 002. Rel: 08 Oct 21
  1. Aura Minimum & Flying Cobra - "Current II"
  2. Francisco Aguado - "Stand Up"
  3. Ke Thu - "U1"
  4. Altone - "Diffused Reflection"
  5. Basicnoise - "Datapulse 3"
  6. Natur - "Dub Nation 3"
  7. Deepcut - "Fractals"
  8. Flying Cobra - "Weave"
  9. Dib - "Quadrans 001.3"
  10. Faserklang - "Simple Soul"
  11. Raytek - "Sweet July"
  12. Francisco Aguado - "Equinox"
  13. Nicolas Barnes - "Dismay"
  14. Deepcut - "Shibui"
  15. Kyrro - "Cedar Wood Bowsprit"
  16. Aura Minimum - "Teleportation"
  17. Jor G - "Ela Konta Mou"
  18. Taras Vinnichenko - "Iron Forest"
  19. Schulz Audio - "Far Out"
  20. Tender H - "Techenie"
Review: We are extremely excited to announce our second double disk compilation retrospect on Mood Series! In 2020 and 2021, Greyscale was full steam ahead on bringing new music to the cherished discography. In fact, in 2020, Greyscale released over 20 EP's just on the Mood Series itself! Something we are very proud of and we wish to thank all the artists who have been involved up to this point. A hearty thank you from all at Greyscale! As 2021 came we wanted to balance that out with a few retrospectives of the journey. And also, to revisit the CD format which we really enjoy doing compilations on. This installment looks back at Mood Series #21 thru #40 with a track from each EP!
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 in stock $22.61
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