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Bumbaclart (reissue) (burgundy vinyl 12")
Cat: HZN 064. Rel: 27 Mar 17
Drum And Bass/Jungle
  1. Bumbaclart (5:58)
  2. Dilate (5:27)
Review: James Evans and Andy Tweedale have not donned the Amoss moniker for a while, with their last EP dropping two years ago. Horizon Music has decided to offer a reminder of their skills by reissuing 2013 single Bumberclaart on burgundy coloured vinyl. The two-tracker remains arguably the duo's best moment. The title track is particularly potent, featuring as it does a punchy combination of druggy, pitched-down rave noises, ricocheting, dub-influenced electronics, rumbling sub-bass, and D&B drum beats that hit home harder than a punch to the guts from Anthony Joshua. Flipside "Dilate" is dark, trippy and tech-tinged; while rock solid and floor-friendly, it lacks the sheer weight of the impeccable A-side.
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 in stock $9.65
Rejected Love (limited 12")
Cat: HZN 091. Rel: 18 Jul 16
Drum And Bass/Jungle
  1. Rejected Love (5:22)
  2. Charybdis (4:29)
 in stock $9.65
Afflicted (12")
Cat: HZN 095. Rel: 10 Oct 16
Drum And Bass/Jungle
  1. Afflicted (5:45)
  2. Virtuality (6:22)
 in stock $9.38
Dead Poets (limited coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: HZN 102. Rel: 03 Apr 17
Drum And Bass/Jungle
  1. Dead Poets (feat Onallee) (4:56)
  2. Virage (6:42)
  3. Tempora (5:37)
Review: Following their divisive rock-spiked slammer on Hospital earlier this year, Need For Mirrors and Reprazents' Onallee collide once again for something a lot more consistent with their previous output; the ice cold introspective space soul of "Dead Poets". Restrained and loaded with a mean drone, it's an instant keeper. As are "Virage" and "Tempora". The former is a slinky stepper laced in churchy echoed-out strings, the latter tricked out in stark safari sound design and big clouds of sci-fi funk. Superb.
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 in stock $9.65
Enough's Enough (limited 12")
Cat: HZN 092. Rel: 08 Aug 16
Drum And Bass/Jungle
  1. Enough's Enough (feat Mc DRS) (5:16)
  2. Poltergeist (feat Mc Sense) (6:06)
  3. Torment (4:54)
 in stock $9.65
Circles Album Sampler (limited blue vinyl 12")
Cat: HZNLP 012S. Rel: 10 Apr 17
Drum And Bass/Jungle
  1. Circles (feat Lucy Kitchen) (5:37)
  2. Homage (feat Visionobi) (5:13)
  3. Voyager (feat Tayah Ettienne) (5:38)
 in stock $9.65
The Yearning (reissue) (limited clear vinyl 12")
Cat: HZN 016C. Rel: 12 Jun 17
Drum And Bass/Jungle
  1. The Yearning (6:48)
  2. Midnight Special (6:10)
Review: Eleven years deep and "Yearning" still sparkles with enough emotive power to stop an entire army in its tracks. Mystical and laced with detailed twists and an ever-developing bassline, this remaster brings all the elements to the fore with serious weight and clarity. The same can be said for "Midnight Special" as its cloud-bursting pads roll out like a hurricane all around you and the deep dream vocal fixes you in the eye of the storm. Timeless.
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 in stock $9.65
Uno EP (12")
Cat: HZN 099. Rel: 13 Feb 17
Drum And Bass/Jungle
  1. Uno (5:43)
  2. In Search Of (6:27)
  3. Tell Me (4:42)
Review: Tag-team dynamite, Villem and Phase follow up their Metalheadz EP last year with this heavyweight three-tracker on Horizons. "Uno" says it all.... A droning, scuzzy bassline flexes up and down over brisk rolling breaks while some beautiful ambient pads creep in from the background, "In Search Of" takes us much deeper down the rabbit hole with a shark-like tech bassline and ghostly vocals. Finally "Tell Me" seals the deal on a springy jungle fix, complete with a breakdown sent direct, recorded delivery, from heaven. Immaculate.
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 in stock $9.65
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