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Kalita Vinilo y CD

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Kalita
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Rock & Roll Skate
Cat: KALITA 12023. Rel: 22 Jun 23
Rock & Roll Skate (Sax version) (4:49)
Keep On Tryin' (vocal version) (4:59)
Keep On Tryin' (instrumental version) (4:33)
Review: Addmoro were a lesser known Los Angeles-based disco outfit active throughout the late 70s and early 80s, and their sound was unique for its ahead-of-its-time weight and phonk, not to mention a difficult-to-match versatility, both traits evidenced by this Kalita reissue of the obscurity 'Rock & Roll Skate' here, first released on their very own Addmoro Records. The titular A-sider and 'Keep On Tryin' were released originally in 1985, with the former coming as a ploddy but groovy hard-hitter - which could've easily predicted the reams of modern-day producers who would the style on for size decades later (but not quite achieve it so well) - and the latter a surprise-taking curveball in a stumbly-funky, disco-electro mood.
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 in stock $7.13
Doing Our Thing With Pride
Cat: KALITA 73. Rel: 23 May 24
Doing Our Thing With Pride (4:28)
Love Jones Coming Down (4:23)
Review: Kalita Records proudly unveils the reissue of the legendary gospel disco anthem, 'Doing Our Thing With Pride' by the Al-Dos Band, alongside the previously unheard gem, 'Love Jones Coming Down.' Originally crafted in 1976 by William and Elizabeth Robinson in Greenville, South Carolina, this soulful masterpiece captures the essence of uplifting gospel disco, blending seamlessly between tranquil listening and dancefloor euphoria. Originally pressed in a minuscule run of 200 copies on their own Warmer Productions label, the single struggled to find its place amidst the musical landscape of its era. However, its scarcity only enhanced its allure, becoming a holy grail for collectors willing to pay top dollar for a rare original. Following their successful excavation of the band's unreleased album in 2021, Kalita Records now presents this coveted record in a limited-edition 7" picture sleeve single, ensuring its legacy is preserved and accessible to a new generation of music enthusiasts.
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 in stock $17.93
Adzagli (Jungle Funk)
Cat: KALITA 12024. Rel: 20 Jul 23
Adzagli (Jungle Funk) (Mendel mix) (6:14)
Adzagli (Jungle Funk) (5:03)
A Song For You (Ayawa) (Mendel mix) (4:34)
A Song For You (Ayawa) (5:57)
Review: 'Adzagli (Jungle Funk)' and 'A Song For You (Ayawa)' have never before been released on vinyl. Kalita has acquired the rights to do so though so we are now treated to two next-level slices of West African disco from Amsterdam's Kofi Ayivor. They have been taken from his 1981 classic and much sought-after album 'Kofi' and have been cut nice and loud for extra impact. As well as the lively and vibrant, instrument-rich originals, DJ and producer Mendel has cooked up his own remixes of each recording using the original multitrack session tapes. Pure fire.
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 in stock $14.51
Asew Watchman
Cat: KALITA 12019. Rel: 19 Nov 21
Asew Watchman (4:42)
Mabre Agu (3:39)
Asew Watchman (Mendel extended mix) (6:35)
Mabre Agu (Mendel Midnight mix) (5:15)
Review: Kalita Records have secured rights to a first ever reissue of Wilson Boateng's 'Asew Watchman' and 'Mabre Agu' tunes as well as serving up two new extended mixes from Amsterdam-based producer and DJ Mendel for more useful dance floor deployment. Originally privately released in a small run by Wilson himself, these sought after highlife tunes were recorded in London and put out in 1988 and have been pretty much impossible to find ever since. They are phenomenally upbeat and feel good sounds with plenty of highlife melodies, lush synthesizers, disco and boogie beats finished in a truly authentic Ghanian style.
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 in stock $10.80
A Life In The Limelight: Lagos Disco & Itsekiri Highlife 1976-1981
Cat: KALITALP 004. Rel: 31 May 19
Ere Yon (5:04)
Re Hese (4:11)
It's All For You (5:30)
Sogio (3:34)
Gossiper Scandal Monger (5:37)
Iyo-Re (3:47)
Elelemi (3:10)
Review: She may be best known as a TV and radio presenter, but Nigerian star Julie Coker also enjoyed a short but successful music career. She released two albums of note - highlife-focused 1976 debut "Ere Yon (Sweet Songs)" and 1981's more disco-centric "Tomorrow" - both of which now fetch eye-watering sums online. This fine retrospective showcases cuts from both of those sets, with the many highlights including the spacey, delay-laden highlife cheeriness of "Re Hese", the Clavinet-sporting disco-funk-goes-pop bounce of "It's All For You", the low-slung but rising, gospel influenced brilliance of "Gossiper Scandal Monger" and the heavily percussive, off-kilter goodness of album closer "Iyo-Re". You might also notice the intro of 'Ere Yon', which was recently sampled to great effect in Anderson .Paak's "Saviers Road"!
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 in stock $32.18
Prisoner Of My Weakness
Cat: KALITA 12022. Rel: 18 May 23
Prisoner Of My Weakness
Prisoner Of My Weakness (dub mix)
Prisoner Of My Weakness (Waxist mix)
Review: While it's hardly a holy grail release, Billy Evans' 1985 debut single is one of those rare and hard-to-find jazz funk-meets-boogie jams that merits a reissue. The admirable Kalita Records have happily stepped up to the plate and delivered. We got both versions from the original 12": the cheery, synth bassline-powered dancefloor soulfulness of Evans and arranger Al Walters' original mix, and the pair's more thickset, club-ready Dub Mix, which in typical 1980s disco dubs style includes some fine breakdowns and groove-based sections. Dusty-fingered digger Waxist also provides a freshly re-edited take. He stretches out the groove, focusing on the synth-bass, drums, guitars and horns, before dropping in Evans' inspired lead vocal.
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 in stock $13.19
Ultra/Sound (reissue)
Cat: KALITALP 008. Rel: 01 Apr 22
IgG Theme (3:24)
I Still Want You (3:59)
Another Love Gone (3:40)
Daydreaming (7:00)
Funky Music (5:29)
Infusion (8:44)
When I Think Of You (2:32)
Review: The IgG Band was a student medical group from the 80s. They served up superb prescriptions of funk, soul and disco put out a highly sought after record Ultra/Sound that has become a real holy grail for lovers of this sound. It has more than stood the test of time since it was put out privately on band member Clifford Becker's Infusion Records imprint. Their original MO was only to play music to please themselves but by now it has pleased thousands of us. Standouts include the sombre lament of 'Another Love Gone' and upbeat dance floor sounds of 'Funky Music.'
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 in stock $22.14
Reggae Music (reissue)
Cat: KALITA 12016. Rel: 23 Apr 21
Reggae Music (4:53)
Reggae Music (instrumental) (5:55)
Review: This 12" on Kalita marks first ever official reissue of the highly sought after Michael Paul reggae-soul-disco gem 'Reggae Music.' It is something of a megabit that never was after first coming on the New York-based Revolver Records. Since then it has been hard to find, and even if you do find a copy, many are said to have some real sound quality issues. Either way it is now a bit of a grail for a certain sort of DJ so to have it here, remastered and nice and loud, is big news. As well as the languid and steamy original, there is a killer dub version on the flip.
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 in stock $14.24
You're What I Need (reissue)
Cat: KALITA 12021. Rel: 13 Oct 22
You're What I Need (4:20)
Sweet Talk (5:18)
You're What I Need (unreleased 12" version) (7:43)
Review: Now this is the kind of disco-soul we should be propping up. An outsider disco favourite, Sweet Clover's 1979 'You're What I Need' is a creaky, wonky honker of a tune, blending traditionally 'theque-worthy vocals with lo-fi, laboured beat, unusual for productions at the time. Production was handled by writer and producer Willie McClain, a criminally little-known talent behind a slew of acetates backing names like Ernest Rodgers and Arena Allen. The talkbox on the B2, the unreleased 12" version, is sublime. Don't miss out on this mega-weird new reissue from Kalita.
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 in stock $10.80
I Can't Get Along Without You
Cat: KALITA 12011. Rel: 11 Oct 19
I Can't Get Along Without You (6:37)
I Can't Get Along Without You (instrumental) (6:36)
Review: Kalita has already served up some seriously good reissues, but their latest may well be the most essential yet. It's the first licensed reissue of Vance and Suzzanne's sole single from 1980, "I Can't Get Along Without You" - a Larry Levan favourite that was only ever pressed in small quantities first time around. In it's A-side vocal form, the track is a deliciously warm and loved-up duet that mixes rich, mid-tempo New York disco grooves with some of the heady, glassy-eyed musicality of Philadelphia soul. It's genuinely magical - a super-sweet cut that sounds like end-of-night gold. Like the original 1980 private pressing on Vanton Records, the Kalita edition is backed by the similarly sweet, atmospheric Instrumental Mix, but this time we're also treated to a never-before-seen press photo, and extensive interview-based liner notes.
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 in stock $14.24
Borga Revolution! Ghanaian Dance Music In The Digital Age 1983-1992 Volume 1
Cat: KALITALP 009. Rel: 17 Jun 22
Uncle Joe's Afri-Beat - "Eshe Wo Kon Ho" (4:21)
Thomas Frempong - "Mada Meho So" (6:28)
Native Spirit - "Odo San Bra Fie" (5:49)
George Darko - "Medo Menuanom" (12" version) (6:21)
Wilson Boateng - "Mabre Agu" (3:35)
Paa Jude - "Odo Refre Wo" (8:58)
Aban - "Efie Nny" (8:11)
Wilson Boateng - "Asew Watchman" (4:38)
Uncle Joe's Afri-Beat - "Mr DJ" (5:24)
George Darko - "Obi Abayewa" (5:44)
Dr K Gyasi's Noble Kings - "Damfo Agoo/David Akofo/ Obegyaa Nowa/Okwantuni Moboro" (Medley) (13:53)
Review: Were you aware of the burger highlife phenomenon that swept through Ghana in the 1980s? Taking the West African sound of highlife and infusing it with the synths and drum machines of disco and boogie, a vibrant fusion culture emerged with hit upon hit of infectious, funky-as-hell party gear undeniably rooted in African culture. This diligent compilation from Kalita looks to some of the most important artists from this wave of electrified highlifers, including Thomas Frempong and George Darko, and of course looking between the cracks for the more obscure gems that should get even the well-schooled excited to check this one out.
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 in stock $22.14
Borga Revolution! Volume 2: Ghanian Dance Music In The Digital Age 1983-1996
Cat: KALITALP 010. Rel: 09 Mar 23
Atta Frimpong - "Bepo So Dua" (5:50)
Alan Cosmos & His Bam-Baara Soundz - "Soca For Your Pleasure" (7:23)
AB Crentsil - "Mama Dwen Meho" (6:16)
DJ Lawyer Okyere - "Ohia KanNye Ya" (Medley) (7:39)
Alan Cosmos & His Bam-Baara Soundz - "Onua Gyae" (6:02)
Pope Flyne Ackah - "I Think You Are Right (Jepense Que Tu A Raison)" (3:20)
Atta Frimpong - "Yaako" (5:20)
Pat Thomas - "Obae" (6:40)
Mawuli Decker - "Mawu Nafako Nam" (6:59)
Nana Aboagye Da-Costa - "Sikyi" (Medley) (7:13)
Alan Cosmos & His Bam-Baara Soundz - "Yebi/Fontonfrom" (11:58)
Review: Kalita's Borga Revolution compilations are pure joy, tapping into the boom in electronic music in Ghana in the 80s and 90s. The first volume came out last year and carried work from the likes of Thomas Frempong and George Darko. On this second instalment we get a whole host of new names to bring us more of that West African heat, and the hits just keep spilling out. Check the urgent stomp of 'Soca For Your Pleasure' by Alan Cosmos & His Bam-Baara Soundz, or the rugged soul and deadly grooves bursting out of Pope Flyne Ackah's 'I Think You Are Right (Jepense Que Tu A Raison)'. If you were into the first edition, this is only going to bring you more delights from an overlooked corner of Africa's musical history.
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 in stock $20.91
Party Time (Odo Ye Wu) (reissue)
Cat: KALITALP 11. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Wonma Yenko Po (5:38)
Mumunde (3:18)
Yaaya Nkoba (4:48)
Dofo Bi Afre (4:44)
Odo Ye Wu (7:38)
Me Bo Me Zanku Daa (5:54)
Review: Kalita are proud to present the first ever reissue of Papa Yankson's highly sought-after 1989 disco-infused highlife masterpiece 'Party Time'! Showcasing the late Ghanaian superstar at his very best, 'Party Time' encapsulates the blending of deep, rhythmic West African highlife with synthesizers and electronic styles that had exploded during the decade. Now, thirty-five years after initial release and with original copies having reached grail status on the second-hand collector's scene, Kalita brings this phenomenal record back to life, with extensive liner notes detailing Papa Yankson's musical career.
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 in stock $18.58
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