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Lantern Rec Vinilo y CD

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Lantern Rec
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Get It Right/Standard Man EP Collection (reissue)
Cat: LANR 032. Rel: 14 Jul 23
Get It Right (4:40)
Grip (2:53)
Crow Black (2:20)
Go Funky-doo-lally (3:01)
Standard Man (3:49)
Trash That Blad (3:54)
 in stock $19.27
The Best Of
Cat: LANR 035. Rel: 06 Oct 23
Roots/Lovers Rock
Stormy Night (2:48)
Give Me Your Love (3:01)
Nobody Cares (2:43)
Hey Mama (2:51)
Black Race (3:54)
Suzette (3:53)
Strongest Love (2:41)
Johnny Dollar (3:48)
Lost My Love (3:27)
Come Home (3:21)
Review: Jamaican born singer Roland Burrell had a pretty vast catalogue by the later stages of his career, most of it recorded at the legendary Channel One Studio with the likes of Sly & Robbie, The Tamlins and Winston Wright. They were engineered by dons like Scientist and he went on to work with Lee 'Scratch' Perry. After he produced 'Lonely Man' he went on to some solo acclaim and recorded the hit 'Johnny Dollar' which topped several global charts. That one along with other beats like 'Hey Mama' and 'Stormy Night' feature here on a fine overview of his work.
Read more
 in stock $17.56
Reggae For Lovers (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: LANR 041. Rel: 27 Apr 24
Roots/Lovers Rock
Let's Get It On (3:17)
Sha La La La Lee (2:29)
Oh Girl (2:58)
Tears Falling In My Sleep (5:48)
Something Gotten Hold Of My Heart (5:06)
Foot Steps (dub) (3:31)
Loving Girl (3:30)
Slipping Into Darkness (3:17)
After The Storm (3:00)
Living In The Footsteps (2:44)
A Simple Lover Of A Woman (2:30)
Who Told You (6:00)
 in stock $19.87
Fight Against Corruption
Cat: LANR 023. Rel: 21 Apr 23
Roots/Lovers Rock
Fight Against Corruption (3:49)
Malicious World (3:31)
Trick In The Book (3:18)
Everybody Want Promotion (2:59)
I'm In Love (2:46)
Love Trap (3:37)
The Drifter (4:06)
Go To Tell The People (3:03)
Give Your Love To Me (3:33)
Where I Stand (3:23)
 in stock $21.11
Interstellar Reggae Drive (remastered)
Cat: LANR 018. Rel: 15 Nov 22
Into The Beginning (3:13)
Telstar (3:01)
Interstellar Heavy Mob (5:01)
Plutonian Pogo Stick (3:02)
Venus (Planet Of Love) (2:59)
Cosmic Bust (2:43)
Jumping Jupiter (2:17)
Guns Of The Martian Giants (Guns Of Navarone) (3:55)
Approaching Earth (3:45)
Earth (3:04)
 in stock $22.97
Threat To Creation
Threat To Creation (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: LANR 004. Rel: 09 Sep 21
Chemical Specialist (4:41)
Threat To Creation (3:18)
Eugenic Device (6:04)
Last Sane Dream (3:14)
Painstaker (2:47)
Earthwire Line (4:57)
Ethos Design (3:50)
Final Frontier (5:44)
 in stock $23.23
Rise Of The Heart (reissue)
Rise Of The Heart (reissue) (limited heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: LANR 017. Rel: 02 Sep 22
TV Scene (3:48)
The Look Of Love (4:08)
Yankee (3:07)
Stay (4:32)
Dance It Up (3:48)
My Boss (3:32)
Bless My Soul (3:57)
Fran (3:19)
Blame It On Rio (3:04)
The Rise Of The Heart (4:02)
 in stock $27.98
Eclipsed (Expanded Edition)
Cat: LANR 046. Rel: 16 May 24
Roots/Lovers Rock
Corrupted Society (3:02)
Immigration (3:23)
Six Dead (2:59)
Blood Fi Dem (3:29)
Jah Can't Fail I (3:01)
Come Me Brethren (4:03)
Visions (2:53)
Let Jah Be The One (2:35)
Enjoy Yourself/Have A Good Time (live) (3:26)
After The Rain (3:24)
City Loving (live) (2:49)
Eclipse (5:19)
 in stock $24.56
Original Mr Cool Ruler (reissue)
Cat: LANR 030. Rel: 21 Jun 23
Roots/Lovers Rock
Do It Sweet (3:33)
Love I Can Feel (3:49)
Let Me Go Girl (3:03)
Girl, You Lied (4:01)
Sharon (3:49)
I Want To Foward Home (4:12)
Angel Of Love (3:48)
Sweet Marie (3:49)
All Night Session (3:39)
My Lady (3:46)
Review: Jackie Edwards is like catnip for reggae lovers and the good news is that two of his albums are being reissued. Original Mr Cool Ruler has never been reissued on vinyl before and is a classic from 1983 that was recorded by Scientist and produced by Bunny Lee - two serious heavyweights of the scene. Musicians featured on the album include some of Jamaica's best - Sly & Robbie, Jackie Mittoo, Winston Wright and Earl Chinna Smith. As well as his solo work, Edwards - who had chart-topping singles in Jamaica in the 60s - also worked with The Aggravators and recorded duets with Millie Small.
Read more
 in stock $21.11
Valley Of Decision: The Collection 1973-1974
Cat: LANR 033. Rel: 19 Oct 23
Baby I Love You (2:10)
Cry Not For Me (2:31)
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (2:51)
Why Birds Follow The Spring (2:05)
Love You For More Reason That One (2:29)
Please Leave Me Alone (2:27)
Girl You Can't Be My Wife (2:32)
La La (Means I Love You) (3:04)
You Are Mine (3:35)
The Valley Of Decision (3:52)
I Want You Girl (4:20)
Honey I Love You (2:38)
Review: Jamaican singer-songwriter Alton Nehemiah Ellis OD has been inducted into the International Reggae And World Music Awards Hall Of Fame since 2006 - just two years before his death - which shows how much he contributed to the genre in his heyday. And that was the early 70s, when most of the music on this new album Valley Of Decision: The Collection is taken from. His style was high-impact reggae, often delivered with extra power from superb horn arrangements. For many, he was an important pioneer in the development of what became known as the rocksteady style and as such was known as the Godfather of Rocksteady.
Read more
 in stock $19.00
Fire & Bullets (reissue)
Cat: LANR 037. Rel: 01 Nov 23
Roots/Lovers Rock
Oh No You Musn't Have A Doubt (2:32)
I Don't Know (1:16)
Give The Children Food (2:11)
Broken Heart (2:40)
We Need Help (2:16)
Rizla (5:23)
What Can I Do (3:25)
Love Vibration (3:40)
The Same Folks (2:44)
Go Dey Natty (3:22)
 in stock $25.08
White & Green Place Extra Terrestrial Mix Plus Essential Dance Tracks (Record Store Day RSD 2023)
White & Green Place (Extra-Terrestrial mix) (5:37)
Stretch (7" version) (3:43)
Do It Today (Touchdown version) (4:43)
Building Bridges/Building Dub (12" version) (6:14)
Searching For A Feeling (4:30)
Intérprete: Juno Recommends Funk
 in stock $22.16
Why Can't We Live Together (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: LANR 042. Rel: 27 Apr 24
Why Can't We Live Togheter (feat Janine Rainforth - previously unreleased version) (4:15)
Man Of Tribes (remastered 12" version) (6:40)
Why Can't We Live Togheter (live) (4:36)
Man Of Tribes (live) (5:53)
Mouse 'n Me (live) (4:06)
 in stock $24.28
Cool Runnings
Cool Runnings (limited LP)
Cat: LANR 038. Rel: 19 Oct 23
Roots/Lovers Rock
Cool Runnings (2:54)
Give It To Me (2:54)
I Nah Want Dey Yah (3:21)
Man Ah Kill Man (3:11)
Let Me Remind You (3:08)
Wish I Could Fly (2:38)
Be Wise (3:02)
Show I The Way (2:55)
Selected Train (2:55)
Reggae Party (3:00)
 in stock $25.33
Calling On Youth/One To Infinity Demos & Early Songs (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: LANR 040. Rel: 27 Apr 24
Calling On Youth (demo) (2:58)
Hit & Run (demo) (2:43)
Start Over (alternative mix) (5:33)
Weird (Pathway Session) (4:05)
Walking Through A Storm (original version) (5:58)
One To Infinity (demo) (2:15)
Consequences (demo) (3:34)
Blowtorch (Pathway Session) (4:27)
Anniversary (5:01)
I'm Gonna Be Free (5:10)
Perfect Girl (demo) (2:05)
 in stock $36.70
Now (reissue)
Now (reissue) (limited LP)
Cat: LANR 024. Rel: 18 May 23
Roots/Lovers Rock
Come A Little Closer (3:34)
That All Want (3:50)
The Meddling Crowd (3:26)
I Need Her (3:31)
A Place Called Zion (3:37)
Heaven & Earth (3:26)
The First Time I Saw You (3:24)
Positive Movements (3:22)
Life Spoilers (3:32)
Dirty Streets (3:24)
$21.11 SAVE 25%
 in stock $15.83
Snappy Turns (Record Store Day RSD 2021)
Snappy Turns (Record Store Day RSD 2021) (limited 180 gram clear vinyl LP)
Cat: LANR 001. Rel: 14 Jul 21
Snappy Turns (3:35)
The Object Is To Love (2:15)
You Know (2:36)
Inside (3:47)
At War (5:29)
Death Looks Down (7:28)
The Game Is Over (5:58)
Quagga's Last Stand (7:35)
The Whole World's Down On Me (bonus track) (2:41)
I Live - He Dies (bonus track) (4:56)
 in stock $26.40
Heaven Is My Roof (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: LANR 044. Rel: 27 Apr 24
Roots/Lovers Rock
Funeral (3:15)
Bosrah (3:02)
Heaven Is My Roof (3:26)
Slave Master (extended) (4:19)
Go Down In Silence (3:19)
Gold Diver (3:17)
Go To School (3:19)
Daniel (3:28)
Just One Way (3:09)
Jah Jah Bird (3:23)
 in stock $27.19
Computer Sourire (reissue)
Computer Sourire (reissue) (limited clear vinyl 12")
Cat: LANR 012. Rel: 04 Jul 22
Computer Sourire (6:31)
Dance Boy Dance (5:11)
Computer Sourire (remix) (4:30)
 in stock $22.71
In The Breeze (reissue)
Cat: LANR 036. Rel: 14 Dec 23
50:50 (3:46)
The Change (4:22)
Interlude (2:58)
Landslide (2:57)
Echoplay (3:41)
Sex Without Gravity (2:49)
There Was No Time (3:41)
Clint (3:22)
Alice (Isn't Playing) (3:08)
3 Lines (3:24)
Imagination (2:42)
 in stock $24.28
In Rhythm (remastered)
Cat: LANR 028. Rel: 21 Jun 23
Post Rock/Experimental
In Rhythm (extended version) (3:39)
In Pink & Black (5:50)
Giacometti (3:59)
Giacometti (Wicked mix) (4:01)
 in stock $21.11
Revenge Of The Mozabites (remastered)
Cat: LANR 019. Rel: 18 Jan 23
Acid Tablas (3:40)
World Peace, A Dream? (2:09)
Scully's Reel (1:23)
Bali Citra (3:40)
Scullys Jig (1:44)
Piece Of The World (1:06)
Acid Tabla Dub (2:59)
Ananta Snake Dance (7:03)
Return Of The Mozabites (4:02)
Sanaiscara Saturn (6:09)
Paintings Of A Cave (1:53)
Review: Michael Wadada was the leader of the Suns of Arqa collective which in its time has seen over 200 different musicians come and go. He started it back in 1979 and perfected downtempo and electro-ambient over 40 superb years. There was a great retrospective compilation 'Revelation XVII' put out back after Wadada's sad passing back in 2022 and now comes hits remastered version of their Revenge Of The Mozabites album. It is dub drenched in world music references, Indian tablas, wonderful eastern melodies and even Spanish guitar. It's a real collision of musical cultures.
Read more
Tags: Dub Reggae
 in stock $19.55
Wadada Magic (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Wadada Magic (Record Store Day RSD 2024) (limited turquoise vinyl LP)
Cat: LANR 039. Rel: 27 Apr 24
Brujo Magic (6:08)
Magic (version) (4:20)
Hasheesh (5:30)
City Of Nine Gates (0:37)
The Lesson (2:49)
Steppin' To The Music (6:40)
A Lesson In Trancedance (7:09)
The Step (3:44)
The Heat (3:00)
 in stock $26.14
Dole Age: The 1981 Reggae Collection (remastered)
Cat: LANR 016. Rel: 04 Aug 22
Roots/Lovers Rock
Dole Age (5:56)
Free Speech (4:18)
Run Come Girl (4:14)
Wicked Dem (4:04)
Stride ON (5:56)
Calamity (6:03)
Ah Wah U She (8:54)
Nothing Change (6:25)
 in stock $22.16
Man Ah Warrior
Cat: LANR 027. Rel: 19 Jul 23
Roots/Lovers Rock
Man Ah Warrior (3:12)
Ire Lion (2:29)
I King Zukie (2:45)
Simpleton Badness (2:11)
Archie, The Red Nose Reindeer (2:25)
Summertime (2:19)
Viego (2:43)
Solomon A Gundy (3:03)
Black Cindarella (2:54)
Cally Dolly (3:23)
Message To Pork Eaters (2:58)
Soul & Inspiration (2:30)
 in stock $21.11
Freedom Train (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: LANR 43. Rel: 27 Apr 24
Freedom Train (6:11)
Give & Take (7:24)
Beautiful World (5:21)
Beginning Of The End (4:50)
Long Way To Go (2:30)
 in stock $23.76
Greetings From SGV (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: LANR 045. Rel: 27 Apr 24
Post Rock/Experimental
Blaine L Reininger - "Japanese Dream" (6:43)
Blaine L Reininger - "Bismallah" (4:29)
Stockholm Monsters - "Party Line" (4:17)
Stockholm Monsters - "Militia" (3:35)
Stockholm Monsters - "Dumbstruck" (3:46)
The Durutti Column - "Florence Sunset" (5:06)
The Durutti Column - "All That Love & Maths Can Do" (3:38)
The Durutti Column - "San Giovanni Dawn" (3:56)
The Durutti Column - "For Friends In Italy" (4:42)
 in stock $27.19
Hit After Hit After Hit: The Best Of (remastered)
Cat: LANR 029. Rel: 21 Jun 23
Sharing The Night Together (3:22)
When You Are In Love With A Beautiful Woman (3:06)
Do That To Me One More Time (3:45)
What's Going On (3:25)
Play Something Pretty (3:50)
Love To See You Smile (3:19)
(There's) No Getting Over Me (3:21)
Honey (3:41)
Peculiar (3:35)
 in stock $19.25
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