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Limousine Dream Spain Vinilo y CD

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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
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One Long Groove
Cat: NUGNET 03. Rel: 24 Feb 23
Deep House
DJ Bowlcut - "Grooving In Jeju Island" (5:48)
Anadoloo & VTL - "Rolla" (5:40)
Jean Bressan - "Say What" (6:00)
Rewi Da Kooney - "Incognito" (6:32)
Review: Gene On Earth's Limousine Dream label is a relatively recent arrival on the well-established minimal tech house scene, but it's quickly become a trusted source for sparkling early morning magic for those who like classic house touches in their stripped back club rollers. True to the mood, this VA EP is called One Long Groove, and the tracks contained within are all well built to sustain the party for a good long time. That doesn't make them forgettable building blocks mind you - there's vibrant detail and fresh synthesis bursting out of each production, giving you plenty to work with for those never-ending DJ sets.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock $14.53
The Velvet Edge
Cat: LD 009. Rel: 20 May 24
Deep House
Roger Dodger (6:34)
The Paddle (6:30)
Fan Man (7:52)
Only The Phony Will Be Lonely (6:03)
Review: San Fran's new school house tastemaker Gene On Earth is back with a new nugget of irresistible club goodness, this time on his own Limousine Dream which is cruising towards its tenth EP in some style. First out of the blocks is 'Roger Dodger' which is a cosmic and liquid tech groove to get you moving. Then comes 'The Paddle' which is a nice mix of warped and percolating synths and freaky vocal samples that bring the colour. 'Fan Man' is an astral tech house cut that surges on fresh progressive synth lines and last of all is the more kinetic, glitchy and amped up tech of 'Only The Phony Will Be Lonely'.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $14.53
Low Ranger
Low Ranger (2xLP)
Cat: TSOL 013LP.
Minimal/Tech House
The Truth
Pier 23
Disclaimer (Vronski & Roach)
Low Ranger Don't Stop
What You've Made (Ode To Nat mix)
Helm's Deep
Review: Fresh from serving up his first 12-inch single for almost eight years, Studiotek founder Darren Roach - an underground aggravator since the late 1990s - pops up on Limousine Dream with his most expansive release yet. Low Ranger is the long-serving producer's debut album and, in keeping with his previous output, keeps both eyes firmly on the dancefloor. It's a wise move, because there are plenty of genuinely peak-time-ready cuts on display, from the low-slung punk-funk-meets-tech-house flex of opener 'The Truth' and the bumpin' heaviness of 'Pier 23' (whose bassline and beats recall the original 1988 version of '3AM Eternal'), to the deep tech-house shuffle of 'Low Ranger Don't Stop', the dubby and spacey shuffle of 'BB' and the sparkling tech-funk headiness of 'Augusto'.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
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Cat: TSOL 011. Rel: 09 May 24
Minimal/Tech House
No Tantrums (feat MC Pryme) (6:52)
Ochtend Glunderen @ Wildeburg (8:10)
LSD (Love Saves The Day) (8:22)
Ghetto Mind Groove (feat Rocky) (7:16)
Review: Dutch producer Boris Werner's latest EP titled Hypnotherapy, lands at the Spanish label Limousine Dream. The record begins with the chunky house burner 'No Tantrums' that features MC Pryme laying some vocals over the track. 'Ochtend Glunderen' has a great mix of spacey sounds while still remaining focused and directed at a peak time dancefloor. For the second side, 'LSD (Love Saves The Day)' works a hedonistic tribal beat over some top tech house business. Lastly, 'Ghetto Mind Groove' is a clever change of pace that features a nice broken beat. Rocky Mc's over the top and helps get the party started right. Boris Werner is an experienced producer who know what kind of dance music works in the clubs.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $13.99
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